Jul 31

Everyone can be a part of the Be the Change Movement! 

People all over our globe are submitting their Acts of Change –
share what you are doing to make a positive impact in our world!

Notice: What needs to change in my community? 

Choose: What can I do to better the situation?

Act: What will I commit to doing?

Blog Your Act of Change

Criteria for submitting Acts of Change:

  • Positive messages only (including positive language)
  • Celebrate your school and/or community as much as you like!
  • Leave out personal details (phone numbers, emails, etc.)

Submissions will be reviewed and posted on a regular basis.

1,488 Responses to “Blog Acts of Change”

  1. Hosting says:

    Yesterday was our daughters best friends birthday. I believe some of the best acts of change happen when they seem impossible to do. Our weekend was totally full, and we had our weekly datenight, but we knew how much it would mean for our daughter and her friend to have the entire night together to celebrate. So Rich and I took our grandson for a sleep over. We got very little sleep, yet felt good inside to give that gift.

  2. Hebergeur says:

    “Be the Change” challenges it’s members to stop waiting for others to change things and to be the heroes they have been waiting for.

  3. Site says:

    The “Be the Change” Movement challenges it members to commit to doing at least one intentional positive act of change each day for the benefit of others.

  4. Selena says:

    At home, my mother works really hard to make the dinner, wash the dishes and help my sibblings with their homework. Since my father works late at night, she has to do these talks by herself. So, I decided to help her so she has less stress and now she has more time for herself.

  5. Ulyssius says:

    Notice: I don’t play with my dog enough.
    Choose: To play more with my dog.
    Act: To play more with my dog.

  6. joebinne Hupé says:

    I noticed that my parents are very busy during weeknights and my dad is always the one stuck with the job of walking the dog while I am in bed reading. tonight, I will take charge and walk the dog so that my dad can relax a bit in his old age.

  7. Mik Pollock Shepherd says:

    i notice that my dad needs more help after school. so have decided to help him more often

  8. Ella Kramer says:

    Notice- I notice that I am sometime mean with my sister.
    Choose- I choose to be nice with my sister.
    Act- I will think before I speak to her.

  9. Josefin Björnberg says:

    The first step for the act of kindness: At this time, mostly people are very busy in their life and they ignore surrounding people. We need to admire them for communicating. After this, you can discuss with the community about kindness. http://bit.ly/1JZvuAu

  10. admin says:

    You can send it to office [at] challengeday [dot] org

  11. Alyssa says:

    Nev and I helped an elderly cross the street.

  12. Love is the Way says:

    A day ago I went down town and there was a man without a proper coat shivering so i asked my parents if we could get him a coffee so we got him a coffee!!! :)

  13. steve says:

    i saw a teacher spill their coffee and everyone else just walked and laugh by and i stop and help them clean it up of the flour;}

  14. Rizwan S. says:

    I cheered up my little brother and helped with his homework when he was sick.

  15. Lana Komsany says:

    women need to be empowered, so I’m helping empower them by being a role model and being the change :) , and demonstrating leadership , i have a burning torch and I’m helping others light theirs. i commit to be strong to being kind and to be humane!

  16. Thanh says:

    Enrique and Flo were such so awesome, I believe that I overcome my loneliness, tiredness, more opened minded. Thanks to Challenge Day organization for coming to Westerville South High School.

  17. Substance Abuse says:

    There is a problem of substance abuse in my community, the youth is exposed to alcohol and weed.
    they have made it a priority more than their education and it leads to a lot of things, sleeping around and it limits them from their potential to be greater.

  18. Adam Silverstein says:

    CHALLENGE DAY IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER!!!! I can’t wait to do it for the third time!! It changed my life!! HERE WE GO!!!!

  19. Kylie Brown says:

    I had the honor of participating as a adult helper at our local High School here in Willcox, AZ yesterday. This isn’t my act of change but I want to get a picture taken of our football team after a team injury to Jennifer and Jake. It was really moving and I’d like to share this with them! Can you help me out!?

  20. Braeden Mannering says:

    There are a lot of low-income people in my community. Many of them do not know where they will get their next meal. I started something I call 3B or Brae’s Brown Bags. I bring bags of healthy food to places so that everyone has access to healthy food to eat. I started when I was 9 years old. I am 11 years old now and have given out 3,500 bags.

  21. luis hernandez says:

    i helped ms.moore clean the desk in and on top and i helped clean her room

  22. kystasia marshall says:

    Last week I saw some body crying I walked over to the girl and said, are OK? she said, no that a boy over there is bullying me and I said how can i help you. I asked her to come with me to tell boy to leave me alone I said OK. We walked over to the boy I said get behind me I said do you know this girl he said yea that’s the stupid punk I said you know she’s getting sick and tired of you bully her, and i don’t like it either so am going to tell you teacher so please stop, he said OK.

  23. Diamond C says:

    I helped the kids in my class do they math homework . it made me feel helpful & I felt good to help others . & I think they felt grateful

  24. Kyajha B says:

    i helped kwanajah calm down cause she was crying so we went to go take a walk to calm down & she was okay

  25. kwanajahh says:

    i gave out sooo many hugs today!!!!!!!! i was the queen of hugging! ayeee …..

  26. Diamond C says:

    We got a new one on one techer( Mr.Mat )in our class today and i showed him where our classes were at so he would know & i helped him with his schedule

  27. kwanajah oliver says:

    todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i helped some of my classmates with their work in science because i got my work right and they all needed help. so i did my work then helped them…..

  28. kwanajah oliver says:

    today i let my friend najia borrow my comb and i helped her comb her hair because nobody else helped her

  29. kyajha b says:

    i helped my mom cook dinner last night & she had to run to the grocery store so i helped baby sit my little sister

  30. Diamond C says:

    I gave out 2 post its today . 2 to people I didn’t know.

  31. Diamond C says:

    I gave out 3 post its today . 2 to people I didn’t know & 1 to a nice friend of mine

  32. Imara Jackson says:

    I Helped my teacher put up the win win stickers and posters

  33. Mashayla Patterson says:

    i Helped a artistic kid open her locker.

  34. kwanajah oliver says:

    yesterday in mr. ciancurulo math class i helped clean up the classroom because the last class messed it up………………..

  35. Diamond C says:

    I gave out 3 hugs today & put 2 post – its on 2 people locker.

  36. Kendall says:

    i made my old support teacher a list of 26 reasons why she’s fabulous for teacher appreciation week (:

  37. Diamond C says:

    My mom asked me to watch my little cousin while she ran to the store & I helped babysit & give them baths

  38. destinym says:

    I helped my handy caped aunt cook for her and be to eat

  39. destinym says:

    I helped my aunt Wendy clean her house

  40. Diamond C says:

    I helped kwanajah open her locker today

  41. Moet says:

    I helped my little brother with his math homework. I felt helpful. I think my brother felt grateful that I helped him. He was relieved I knew so much about math.

  42. anthony goldy says:

    last week i gave out pencils to all the teachers around the school.

  43. Devin Outten says:

    Yesterday, I helped a teacher grade her papers…Teachers Pet!

  44. samarr fletcher says:

    just yesterday I went to the store and bought my little brother something even though he didn’t ask for it:)

  45. siani martin says:

    I helped Ms.Lotito push the computer cart into Ms.Davis room.

  46. Katherine Romero says:

    Last night, before I went to bed, I helped my younger brother and sister with their baths. Then, I got them both ready with the help of my mom

  47. kwanajah oliver says:

    im from rivera m school and i helped a student clean up her crayons that she dropped…

  48. laurie says:

    Great words of wisdom Veonsia.

  49. laurie says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful act of change Aldahir. Great job Rivera Middle School.

  50. laurie says:

    Wonderful way to make things better for yourself Khymere.

  51. laurie says:

    This is a great notice, what steps do you feel are needed to make this change happen?

  52. Livingston says:

    i would like to change the world because kids in this world are not as educated as others and i would like to change that. I would like to have extra school activities and have kids persuading themselves to go to college and i want to go to college. Hopefully you can understand where i am coming from,
    Thank You

  53. tahlier says:

    we need change the way we dress in our school

  54. Khymere Horton says:

    I can stop hanging with the wrong crowd.

  55. Sincere Owens says:

    Just be yourself and dont get caught up with every incident and stay away from people that get you in trouble and that are trouble themselves

  56. aldahir cucul says:

    i will help a student pick up book. I will like to help other student pick up there book because they might need help picking there books up and we will be friends. I will help anyone that has trouble with school or help with there work. I will like to Celebrate the school of Rievera Middle School of No bully. I saw this girl name Rashel and her book where in the floor and i help her pick it up.

  57. veonsia hall says:

    If you are kind other will be kind to you.So in the end treat people how you want to be treated.:D

  58. Amiri Cosme says:

    i helped an old lady cross the street when she almost fell and i took her to the hospital with my mom to see if she was alright

  59. Mrs. Smart says:

    I encouraged a student who looked down and out. I spoke words of kindness hugged them and prayed for them.

  60. Omerlyn Feliz says:

    I helped a woman in wheelchairs get inside the grocery store and carry her groceries

  61. Rayna C says:

    I gave a hug to a person at school who was going to a scary doctor’s appointment. She was worried about it all day. I told her that I was thinking and praying for her!Evey since Challenge Day at Rivera, we have been trying to think about others in a different more positive light!

  62. Imara Jackson says:

    I helped a student with his math work in class and help him understand how to figure out the answers

  63. imara jackson says:

    i helped a artistic student open his locker.

  64. Barbara says:

    Oh my. Again, I wish to be the change. Right now. Right here.

    Having just read the post that “Carragian” made on here on November 1st, 2014, I wish to thank her….. To thank her on behalf of ALL of us that have ever faced bullies in our lives. I spent the better part of my middle & high school years being spit upon, pushed down the stairs…called horrible names….tormented, really. And just like that boy, I was afraid to tell (I did it once, & the consequences were… well, let’s just say that they were not good). Oh Carragian…. where were you when I needed you? There are not nearly enough Carragian’s in this world! I stood up for others that were being bullied, but I was already in the dog house, but YOU took on the bully, even though you had friends! Friends… we never know who is a true friend until you see how they treat you after something like this. I don’t know if you just acted without thought to consequences you might face personally, or if you thought it through beforehand, but either way, you ARE my hero! And if I were still in school today, I would have been HONORED to call you “friend”! Thank you for your act of kindness……………from the bottom of my heart.

  65. Barbara says:

    I belong to a non-profit peer run agency (artreachheals.org), that puts on skits, plays, stand-up comedy & parody songs, to help bust the stigma(prejudice) surrounding Mental Illness. One of my favorite shows is at the local collage every six months- We go just before the nursing students are starting their psych rotation. Most of the content in those shows is directly related to Mental Illness. Afterwards, We have a Q&A. We list our diegnosis’, whether or not we have ever been hospitalized, have a therapist, or take meds. These students are made to feel comfortable enough to ask some really touchy questions…. and believe me, we answer them! I KNOW their eyes are truly opened, and they go on to be much better nurses.

    ArtReach has a “Music Showcase” every year. They have a walking club, 3 writing classes (poetry, script writing, & song writing), and an art class….all of which I am involved in! With their encouragement I have written two songs for social change (drug abuse & homelessness), and I am getting really excited about the future (I haven’t felt that in MANY years)! And all that writing? I am working towards publishing children’s books, a book of poetry, a CD of lullabies, and one about social change topics.

    We keep hearing “be the change”. As far as I am concerned, ArtReach IS the change – in the Mental Health community where I live. The have helped so many people, and continue to do so on a daily basis. I can not say ENOUGH about this wonderful organization, and I am so honored to be a part of it! ArtReach has caused a huge change in my life….DEFINITELY a change for the better, and I try to pay-it-forward every day!

  66. Kimberlee says:

    One thing I try to do as a Study hall Teacher at our High School is for our new kids that join us, to seat them by students I know will take the time to get to know them and help them feel more comfortable here. All kids need to know they are appreciated.

  67. refiloe moloi in south africa says:

    being a youth leader promoting change.If we don’t unite and fight who will??#the vessel of change#hpe ur programme will one day cum to SA.luv ur programme

  68. Nathan Surace says:

    why don’t u go to schools an talk to the parents who don’t want their child sitting next to kids like me and my brother. Because we might get them to play in the mud ,and they might get dirty.

  69. Nathan Surace says:

    My family moved here in august.Since then my mom has become really depressed, an my little brother has no friends, an neither do I this neighborhood judges first an that’s it ,making my mom never want to leave her room is said. Why is this ok?

  70. ambr stacy says:

    I love how you guys go to schools and teach kids okay to show their emotions. Today was great I learned that yeah life is not going to go the ay want it but there are other going through the same thing as you. My life was never perfect and I never opened up like I did today and I just want to say thank you for teaching me and many others that is okay when ever to just share.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Our dishwasher broke, so before school one day I washed the dishes before I went to school. My dad was away so it helped my mom.

  72. Philipé says:

    I was at my acro class and the teacher needed help so I took some students and helped out.

  73. yzerman says:

    i took three loads of wood to my uncle’s cabin because he lives on my famliy’s property and he has a wood stove.

  74. Dana says:

    My dish washer broke. I decided to let my parents have a break so I did the dishes.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Aunt Brenda your my world , thank you for just being you. My 1 and only new years resolution is that u always stay real & true that’s my wish

  76. Rachel says:

    Yesterday, you guys came to my school. I would just like to thank you for coming. It was a very eye-opening experience and not at all what I was expecting. It was strangely beautiful to connect with the teachers in that way. I never really thought that adults have their problems too. It was nice to be heard and understood by adults and for them to hold my opinion high even though I’m “just a kid.” I’m working on stopping my harsh judgement when I barely know the people. I’m not one to say my judgements out loud, but I don’t want those thoughts running through my mind anymore. Once again, I would just like to thank both of you for giving me such a positive experience that I will never forget and I will cherish what I learned that day forever.

  77. Emily says:

    I stopped supporting the consumption of meat. Animals are here with us, not for us. It’s their world too

  78. Adam Silverstein says:

    I am doing Challenge Day today at my school for the second time. Last year’s was one of the very best days of my whole entire life, so I am beyond excited. This is just such an amazing experience and I love every second of it. Also I’m going to be a teen leader today, so I’m really excited for that. This is going to be so great. I am ready for another one of the BEST DAYS EVER!!!! :D

  79. liquea says:

    I will like to be a real role model on peoples life and give them hope and strength to let them know life is what you make it skys the limit

  80. sean says:

    i liked challenge day beacause the people i missjudged i get to seen there real self and i noticed that im not alone people saw and the people i met have the same problems and i swore on that day i would look at people with kindness and respect

  81. Randy Kaneen says:

    I wrote a fiction novel, the substance of which is being the change. (In fact Gandhi is quoted at the beginning) It is about the world of what is and the world of what could be.

  82. Mackenzie says:

    I Noticed that my school lacks student unity and would benefit from opportunities for students to step out of their comfort zones and make new friends so I Chose to Commit to starting a club at my school called The Fleming Islamd Breakfast Club inspired by the movie “The Breakfast Club”.We organize social events that all students are invited to, so that they and their parents know that it’s a safe and welcoming environment in which they can make new friends that already have one thing in common with, their high school. The majority of these events benefit local causes such as the food pantry or things at our school. Our Mission is to teach students that they aren’t a princess, mathlete, criminal, jock, or basket case, we’re all Golden Eagles.

  83. Sarah says:

    My entire life I e dealt with having to grow up EXTREMLY fast and not being in a stable family or having people who really love me and care about me. Challenge day today showed me that it is okay to open up to people about his and to get support and find people who truly love and care about and aren’t going to put me down 24/7.

  84. Sally says:

    I danced in public for the first time in my life!!

  85. Carragian says:

    About two days ago I stud up for a boy that was getting bullied just because he was sitting somewhere not bothering anyone and this one girl keep telling and threating to hit him with her book bag if he didn’t move and I told her to STOP because she wouldn’t want anyone to do that to her so I got in between the boy and the girl and stopped her from hitting him. The girl who was being the bully was just being really mean and saying very hurtful things like no one cares and no one likes you and MOVE ! I felt very bad for him as I calmed the situation down I asked him do other people bully him and he said yes and he says that he doesn’t speak up and tell a teacher or a trusted adult is because he is scared that if he tells that he will get punished even more by the bully for telling and I told him well the only way that the bullying is going to stop is only if you SPEAK UP and I also said you can tell a teacher and if they keep bullying you just know that I will stand up for you and all my so called friends thought that when was defending him that I was being a prude and they where laughing at the situation I don’t want to be named the hero I just wanted him to feel that someone did care.

  86. GDB says:

    i’m a little scared. i’m going to challenge day tomorrow and i don’t like dancing or hugging and stuff. i hope it will be good for me, but i’m a little panicked. i do need some life changing, i don’t have any friends. and i have a brother who i love but he is hard to live with sometimes

  87. Siyanda says:

    High im siyanda 29 years old man from capetown .i want to make change in the townships ,i want to keep kids buzzy in the sport becouse its the only way to keep them safe and to take them far in the future.in our townships there are no sportsfields no sport equipments .kids under 14 years they start commiting crime,they are in drugs becouse they are always around the community its worse during the holidays.im woried becourse im raising 2 little boys they love soccer but there are no field to watch them kicking the ball,so i have a plan to keep all young ones safe and buzzy ,its hard for me to make this possible becourse its too much for me to make work not for me but for kids.i want to make change please help me make it true.

  88. jake says:

    thanks for comeing to pchs paris il high school flo and chris come angain to see her new school or not dont care thanks for comeing have a safe trip back

  89. Drea says:

    I told a women who was driving her motorcycle that her bag on the side of her motorcycle was open so that her books wouldn’t fall into the middle of the highway.

  90. Ceres says:

    I rang my friend and told her how much i love her and how important she is to me!

  91. Natalie Lange and Melody Duarte says:

    Volunteered in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa to reform education

  92. Dalen says:

    thank you guys for coming to heritage high challange day haas helped me realese. I am not alone. Aand that I have people just like me. And the act of change I will be doing is being a friend to someone. who needs it and respecting women

  93. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for coming to our school, I really appreciate it a lot even though I’m still going her the hard times at home I’m trying to focus on the good things even though sometimes they still even bring me down into tears, but crying gets you threw things and makes you feel better about yourself :) thank you you are an inspiration.

  94. Alicia says:

    Loving, Caring, Sharing. My initial goals are to get a program into all our community/county schools with regular training and “challenges”… I started “STOP Bullying in Jefferson County MO Schools” and in less than 24 hours had 1,000+ following and getting involved. This has to be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and all I’ve done is provide parents and teachers a place to collaborate in our community together and bring the cyber bullying to a halt and the positive chain reaction through social media… our first challenge is a Parents Challenge to take a picture with their kids and an ANTI BULLY SLOGAN and post is their profile picture, instagram it, pinterest it, and tweet it and make it go viral.

  95. Leslye says:

    Michelle and Ev came to my school today & i immediately feel better, spread the love.

  96. Kylie Melton says:

    Challengeday came to Watertown Highschool today. When I first heard about it I wasn’t sure what we would be doing, and I didn’t even think to research it and see what it was about. I got up that morning, my usual rutein, just the plain ol’ Kylie. Arrived at the Highschool to wait for the bus to arrive. Still wondering what this whole day was going to be like. Challengeday was the best thing that Watertown Highschool could have done. Nontheless, what anyone else could do. In a matter of a schcol day I watched a huge group of students walk into a room as the normal people I see at school. Everybody sat by there friends, and everybody only talked with there friends, and im sure judged others with there friends, even in the matter of the 10 minutes we were there, but by the time we all walked out, it was almost like we were all knew people. It takes a strong power to have a group of teenagers that all go to the same highschool cry in frount of eachother, open up and share there stories. Teachers were involved just as much as the students were. I still have not re couped from this afternoon. I have a really hard story, and I have lots of friends, but I have always held everything in sense I was little. I put on that face they talk about, and no one would have known till today. I had the courage to speak in frount of everybody. Challengeday should go to every school, for every grade! I think it REALLY makes a big difference. If everyone just loved, just think how this world would change. Were not all DIFFERENT were all just our own person. No one is the same? So how can there be any differences? Challenge day really changed me. It just made me that much stronger, in more than one way. Made me look up, gave me that last push I needed to finally be myself. Jennifer with the Challengeday group was with us today, and she really inspired me to join this team. I have that strength to were I just want to help people that feel the same as I do. I will never forget today, and one day I’d like to be able to be on the Challengegroup team.

  97. Jannae Rodriguez says:

    Azhi and Flo came to my school yesterday (Febuary 5, 2014). I’m super happy that I went to it. At first, it was all icebreaker and everything. My anxiety was over the roof but I’m glad I had friends there. Well anyway, they started to go very deep with things. Then I just was crying rivers at the end of the day. I honestly don’t know how to explain what happened, but I’m just glad I went to it. I’m glad that I’m not alone in what I’m going through, and even to the people I don’t know what you’re going through or something I’m always here if you need anyone to listen. What I learned at this Challenge Day was that we’re all the same even if we judge people just by the looks or bully people for X and Y reasons, but you know what? You are NOT alone with the things you’re going through. You may have a broken up family, being bullied at school or work, etc. but there are people who care about you. I believe one of my friends, close friends actually told me that people care for you, not just because it’s mandatory but it was their CHOICE. So if you feel like no one cares for you, that’s a total LIE. There is at LEAST one person that cares for you. And I will tell you, that I will care for my friends even though we don’t talk much or we don’t know each other much. I will ALWAYS care for you. So I have a challenge for EVERYONE. Little children, teenagers, and even adults, this challenge is for everyone. All I want you to do EVERYDAY is just to give a high five or even a hug or even just a smile to someone. You know what they say, smiles are contagious! And it might also make their day, you never know :) I love you all and yesterday just got even better. I was told that I saved one of my friends life soooo many times, and it just surprised me. I actually SAVED someones’ life. Saving someones’ life is just a very blessed thing for me to do. I just, I’m just speechless about this. I just love you all so dearly <3

  98. Brianna Jackson says:

    Pam & Ev came to my school today, Twin Lakes Academy Middle and I can say they did just what they were there to do. I came in feeling separated from everyone and at the end I really felt safe like we were all one big family no matter what we’ve been though, no matter how we look, or who we hang out with. I feel confident in myself, because now I know I’m not alone in anything. When we played cross the line, I knew I was just like everyone else. Not one person came across that line alone and that made me feel really warm inside.

  99. Juwairiah Syed says:

    Challenge Day first came to my school three years, when I was a sophomore. Since then, we have created a class called “Be the Change,” in which we work towards creating a healthier, more inviting and positive campus atmosphere and environment for all of our students and staff. I am proud to be here today as one of the three directors of Be the Change this year. We have also created a Be the Change Facebook page, as well as Instagram account, and Twitter account for our students, and all others!
    Palos Verdes High and the Challenge Day Organization have helped shape me into the person I want to be. I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m working on it.
    Our Facebook page is called “Sea Kings Being the Change,” you are absolutely welcome to like it! We post positive thoughts and ideas quite frequently. As the one behind the page, I know that not all the kids at my school probably know about it or even care about it, and it has gotten to the point where I sometimes question continue running the page, but there are those few moments when I see a student like a post or status, and I know that even if the other students aren’t liking or sharing or commenting, at least they’ll see it. Hopefully at least seeing it puts a little bit of positivity and ease into their hearts.
    I am so thankful for Challenge Day, I would not even know where to begin in terms of properly thanking this organization. Thank you. May we all be the change (:

  100. marilyn wengert says:

    My heart is heavy when I find anyone without a warm coat, with such a colder than usual winter in South Jersey this season. It is impossible to stop thinking about until the mission is accomplished, so to speak. Finding, as is the norm for me, if something is not right I just simply, cannot ignore it, no matter the topic, or the consequences I may face from actions that must be taken. Fore if we all stepped out of our “comfort box” and stood up for the masses rather than a chosen few, how great the outcome could be! Give the “underdog” an opportunity, and amazement would and could follow!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Love,Marilyn

  101. gabby lottman says:

    I LOVED challenge day. now I’m not gonna lie I balled my eyes out for one specific activity which was the cross the line game. I crossed for almost every single one of those choices and my best friend and I didn’t even know some of that stuff about each other so it was a very emotional thing to do. I loved writing the letter to someone. the one thing that really got to me was ” If you knew who I really am” that got to me because I had to tell them about my life which isn’t really all that good. Having people there that you could just hug whenever you needed to. adults, friends, even people you didn’t know. Challenge Day I believe has changed me as a person and also taught me that its ok to tell people about your life.

  102. Lelouch says:

    im gonna start to draw more :)

  103. Conrad says:

    I read to my little sister

  104. Ted says:

    Yesterday, I let my big brother pig out on my halloween candy because whenever he trick or treats, he only fundraises and doesn’t get any actual candy.

  105. walter white says:

    I like to be nice to other people but I have not dun a very big thing but I do open the door for people often.

  106. HaidenXD says:

    Yesterday me and my friend Mack walked home from hockey instead of getting a ride with his parents.

  107. Walter Smith says:

    Every day i hold the door for all my classmates to leave the room.

  108. Mack says:

    Yesterday I walked home from hockey with my friend harden instead of getting a ride with my parents.

  109. Dagmar says:

    Last night I cleaned the kitchen for my Dad.

  110. Jordyn says:

    The other day I helped my little brother with his homework and I plan on doing it again.

  111. Tianna says:

    Heyyyy Buddies, I just wanted to let you all know I spent my shopping money in Vancouver on a homeless guy. I got him a large poutine and a tea in front of Wendy’s :) You should all try it,and be an act of change.

  112. DEMS FEELS says:

    I helped cook dinner for my family…… Yay

  113. cody simpson says:

    eh mate, on halloween me and my friend invited a random trick or treators to come in and have a dance party! but they got freaked out and ran away,

  114. StephenXD says:


    I bought my classmate a drink today in school and I didnt expect anything in return :)

  115. Cassis says:

    Every morning before school, when i go to the pool to train, i make sure to say hi to all the lifeguards and staff. Since they all say hi back, i find it makes training easier and the day more happy.

  116. Cole Sinclair says:

    Hi my name is Cole Sinclair and two days ago I gave my little brother a hand with his halloweeen costume

  117. Nikki says:

    My act of change was giving my parents money for food and everyday needs because my parents don’t have enough money,

  118. Sarah Wyatt says:

    I started going to school again. Like a good student.

  119. Lenny says:

    I started making new friends

  120. Benny says:

    My act of kindness was helping my family clean the house. :)

  121. Dashtin Pash says:

    I cleaned my room…

  122. Alyse says:

    Since my, my brother, and his fiancé are all sick with the same symptoms, when I woke up this morning, I disinfected every doorknob and light switch in our house. That way we can prevent the spread of germs to each other and to our parents.

  123. Meredithe Mullen says:

    With the rise in bullying and tragic results, I have been spreading the word about Chalenge Day. I have not seen you all spotlighted on TV since Oprah. Let’s get you on network and cable to promote you awesome program !!! Dateline,20/20, Today show and the like. Let’s spread the Challenge Day message everywhere ! What do you say ?

  124. Courtney Norris says:

    I arrived to challenge day today as an American Sign Language interpreter. I left as a better, more in touch, and completely embraced and enlightened individual. Challenge day is so amazing. As a 27 year old I wish I had the opportunity to experience this kind of unity more often. I never got this kind of support, understandin or listenin ear as a youngin. Now only am I completely inspired to be a part of this organization ; I am so confident and ready to be the change. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience your presence. You all are way more of a bigger impact then you’ll ever give yourself credit for. You matter. Please don’t ever stop. If you get me finding you personally can count on me.

  125. Gabriel Dioso says:

    My name is Gabriel Dioso and I live in Jacksonville Florida. I attended Challenge Day on September 18,2013.
    My leaders Katie S. and Chris C. really brought something out in me and a lot of my friends. I learned that we are all different and unique but that we can overcome those differences and really look past that into who we are on the inside. All it takes it for all of us to take 1 step. To take that step outside of our comfort zones.If we can take that step,… then nothing is impossible. WE can BE THE CHANGE!!!

  126. Cheyenne Leo says:

    Hi! I’m Cheyenne and I am forcing change into my own life. I spent most of my life in hiding after being sexually and physically abused outside the home. when it became too much for my single mom to protect me where we lived, we moved across the province to protect me. Now, I have realized that all they did to tear me down, only gave me Armour and now I am a published Horror Author and Fashion designer, building my following! I am dedicated to learning how to be brave and hope that by doing so, I can help others who lived life in a cage.

  127. Oriental Stallion says:

    Hi, my name is Oriental and my aunt and I live in Chattanooga, TN. We have decided to start an organization called Diamonds N Da Rough :is an organization for underprivileged youth. We want them to be able to shine like the diamonds that they are through the world that they live in. We will also help the youth with overall health, appearance, emotions, academics and spiritual needs.

  128. Lungile says:

    Good day,

    I am a young adult and i am interested to feed all eldery people, widows and orphans in my community, take care of them,give them groceries every month and clothes that they need, help them with their studies and help those who finished matric to enrol at the university, start projects that will keep them off the streets.

  129. Briana says:

    Hi I’m Briana and I live in Hickory North Carolina I attended Challenge Day in South Lyon, Michigan in 2011 and it change my life getting my feelings out and knowing that I wasn’t the only one with problems I felt that I was trying to put all the attention on me. However I realized then that if I focus everything on myself for all the attention I wasn’t sharing that attention to give to other people that need it more than me.

  130. Michelle says:

    I am a parent who participated in the Lynbrook HS challenge day. A community on Long Island. It was one of the greatest, eye opening experiences I have ever had. I didn’t know what to expect when i went in except for the little that i had seen on tv and utube. It is a mind blowing experience. I believe it has opened up the students eyes to realize they are more alike than different despite their upbringings, ethnic background, religion or color of their skin. It taught empathy, they were vulnerable and you felt the love for one another by the end of the day. I believe the students will see the the world with different eyes now. I am a huge believer and wish that every school could experience Challenge Day.

  131. Lucelle says:

    Hey, I’m Lucelle and I live in Johannesburg South Africa, this show caught my attention and I know that we can use this program here in SA and would like more info on how I can start this program in our schools, I am an optimist and
    I want to be involved in helping
    Young adults, so I can do my bit for my beautiful country.

  132. Jessica Danielle says:

    My best friend is suicidal. she cuts herself…everyday. she’s like my sister and i’m watching her die over and over again every day. i love her so much. i started @This_IsYourSign on twitter to help people like her. She inspires me to help. i wish she knew how much i loved her. how much she is loved in general. I’ll keep on trying to help her, even if i become hated for it. even if she keeps trying to push me away. I’m doing this because i care.

  133. Dimpho says:

    Hi my name is Dimpho my surname is Mofokeng I live in South Africa and id like to start with saying your show touched me so much by just watching it,it changed me as n persone.I am a senior at my school and im deputy headgirl.I am kind of the loner but by just looking at me you wouldn’t tell and I ddnt realise this until I watched your show.Like so many of the kids that are on your show I have my share of trouble the everyday things that I go through one wouldn’t say by just looking at me.I hate the fact that kids at school don’t really bother to get to know the real me all they care about is being friends with the deputy headgirl and I hate that I could go on and on about what im going through because people don’t try to get to knw the real me.When I watched you guys and you opened my eyes its my final year in school but half of the kids there I don’t even know one can see the pain in their eyes but I don’t rally ask.We greet each other like we not going to the same class all we care about is gossiping and making fun of others not knowing what they go through each and everyday.There is so much bullying and race issues at our school it makes me so sad and wanna break down because an inviroment like that is not healthy for anyone.My parents are sick both of them and both very serious sicknesses and one wouldn’t say that by looking at me I hide it deep inside.Its so sad really because I would have loved to get to know some of the kids in our school if not all its the only school in the town that we live in but you wouldn’t say there is so much hate and no LOVE.Im a victim of bullying nor my parents know or my “school friends”and id like to share it but where do I begin?Thank you so much for doing what you do it touches people around the globe.I am really sad you guys are only in America because if I could cry by just watching you imagine what would you guys have done for our school….I know that if wishes where allowed to come true mine would be for you guys to come to my school and inspire us because I know we need it,I know the teachers need it there is really no Love in my school#Much love and respect Challenged day#

  134. mcdonal says:

    as 4 me,ma yr resolution is 2 mk change in ma community,me nd ma friend hv a plan of hw to start a suport group or an organisation that works for the community,since i saw chanlenge day im inspired to be that change,but nw hw do i start if not the similar but atlist gv me guide line to reach out.what you are doing deserves a stan ovation love you programme a lot

  135. Cheyanne W. says:

    My view on my school and the other students that goes to my school changed on 2/27/13 with the help of Kekoa and Michelle. You two was such and inspiration and I want to thank you for making such a positive impact on not just me but the other kids that attended as well. You showed us that we are not that much different at all and that we all go through things that is hard in life but we can overcome it together. I will cherish every moment of that day but the part I felt was the most powerful was “crossing the line”. When we had to crossed the line on the most difficult things that really opened my eyes beacuse it shows that even though our life may look grand on the outside its not what it all cracked up to be behind closed doors. But the love and support you felt while crossing that line is amazing and I hope we can all pay it forward some how. I also hope that the great feeling that we felt and the love that we felt won’t fade away but stay with us through out our life through the good and the bad. And that will be the real Challenge. ( I want to thank all the teachers and principls that made that day possible and I hope that one day we can let every kid in our school experience what I did on that day)

  136. Siobhan Magnus says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend Challenge Day my senior year of high school in 2008. Since then, it has been a goal of mine to do what I could to make sure more kids get to experience this life-altering program. In 2010, I came in sixth place on season 9 of American Idol. This exposure leant me the opportunity to do all sorts of things I never had before! I knew I still felt strongly about advocating against bullying. I am so proud to say that I was recently able to establish a fund in my name, along with the Cape and Islands United Way, that will help Cape Cod schools host the Challenge Day Program, which in my opinion is THE most effective tool against bullying! I released a vinyl 45 of “Old Cape Cod,” originally by Patti Page, with a B side of my song “Pure Inspiration,” a song I wrote about my experiences with bullies in middle and high school. 50% of all proceeds from sales of this record will be donated to the Siobhan Magnus Challenge Day Fund, which I have created to make sure that there are funds enough for all Cape Cod schools to host their own Challenge Day program! I will not rest until EVERY public school student on my home peninsula of Cape Cod is mandated to attend Challenge Day. If we keep at this, we could change the whole world. For more information on my personal efforts and how you can help Cape Cod school children, go to http://www.siobhanmagnus.com or follow me on Twitter, @SiobhanMagnusAI

  137. Shannon Hylton says:

    Kekoa and Michelle were my leader for Challenge day. I love them both. Challenge day is awesome, I mean I never thought that I would open up to anyone. When we had to cross the line I think everyone about cried, but it was nice and we got to bond with one another. The day after Challenge the kids that where in my day at school, we see each other and we give each other the biggest hugs ever. Challenge Day is Amazing.

  138. Ashley Ann Fennema says:
  139. Skyday (Ginger...of of the loves and creators of the Challenge Day website) says:


  140. Missi Radday says:

    Notice: The thing that needs to change in my community is communication. With technological advances, the world no longer communicates effectively, it allows bullies even more ways to harm others, etc. Also, many people feel they have no one to communicate.
    Choose: What can I do to help? Well, first off, I talk to people, not just text. I do not use many websites such as twitter, facebook, myspace, tumblr, etc where online bullying occurs daily. Most importantly, I let everyone know i’m ALWAYS there for them, no matter whom.
    Act: My commitment to this problem is to follow through with what i’ve chosen to do and to start a club, teen life or more challenge days.

  141. Shawkat Ismail Hassan says:

    Every day I try positively ,to be not the man of yesterday.

  142. Angelo says:

    Brittney i saw the show im from south africa and you made me cry i would really like to chat with you and be your friend..i have a phone number 0843026751

  143. Jen Duarte says:

    After my schools Challenge Day, we started our Be the Change Club meetings the first meeting we had over 100 kids, the 2nd meeting we had over 50 kids and we elected students leaders by the students saying “If you really knew me…you would know this.” It was overwhelming the amount of students that wanted to commit to making a change in our school and the 8th graders that want to leave their school better than they found it.

  144. Dana says:

    I went to Challenge Day in 7th grade at East Cobb middle School two years.There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about that day. When I tell you that that day is going to be emotional, don’t take it lightly, but it will be worth it at the end. The tears will open your eyes. Also the chicken biscuits were good.Then when we crossed the line that is when everything got real.

  145. Hannah Katniss says:

    Well.. My teacher made us make a card for someone. It ether had to be a clear, apoligie or a thank you. I wrote to my daddy and i never relly got along with him… witch is really sad.. cause you know, its my dad. so i wrote a car to him and we both said sorry and now i his little girl again :)

  146. Love and Hope says:

    Today I had challenge day at my school. It was an eye opening experience. I was surprised that there are people who care a lot about our society. It’s just a small step in the right direction. It was an emotional day that changed everyone in the room. I will take and pass on what went on in that room and I will take that as a challenge. My Aunt had literally saved my life. Without her I would be six foot underground. She has meant the world to me. I have had two “mothers” but they were never really a mom. Just a title. They have never filled the shoes. They have never showed me any love. I am 14 and my Aunt has been a true mother to me. I love her so much and I would never wish anything bad upon her. She means everything to me and without I am nothing. I am so thankful for her. I really want to give back to her by healing and giving her love back to her and everyone else. Depression really kills the senses. You are in the dark and you can’t see the light. You hear only negative comments instead of positive. You can only feel pain instead of love. Depression isn’t just a mental illness, it affects you physically too. I have suffered from it for a very long time and I’m ready to let go and not let it define me. I’ve had problems with self-injury. People have called me a cutter, faker, and an attention seeker. I would call myself coping in a negative way to relive the pain from all the crap in my life. I would never change anything though. What has happened to me has affected me for who I am today. ~most parents teach their kids what to do, mine taught me what not what to do. I know this is all mumbo jumbo and all disorganized but this is me. This is my true thoughts and what I have thought about challenge day. If only it happened sooner before I made the choices I did. But then again everything happens for a reason. So maybe the reason was because I wouldn’t understand anything they are saying back then. I had a problem believing that things will get better, but once I started to believe, things changed and started to get better. But let me tell you this, it wasn’t a walk in a park, it took courage and strength to change bad habits but it was all worth it in the end. I still battle myself everyday, but I start to believe I can win the battle even more each day. Please listen and start believing that you are worth it and it does get better. Keep trying, never give up, and give it your all. Once you have given it your all, find support so there are people to help push aways the negativity from your life. Trust me, it helps. Suicide is never the answer. It may end your pain but your pain only passes on to the people around you who truly do love you. i will ptomise you that. If you really cared you would never want that on another soul. Thanks for reading and I care about every single one of you. Thank you Shawn and Nayenneda. I know I spelled both of your names really wrong but I hope you get the point. It would really cool if you read this. I was a girl with a neon yellow sweatshirt at St. Agnes. I love you!

  147. Savannah says:

    My School Had The Oppurtunity To Be Able To Participate In Challenge Day. That Was The Greatest Experience I Have Ever Had. 12/06/12 Was The Day That Changed My Way Of Viewing Everything Every Way. Our Leaders Pam And Ev Were Amazing. They Are Amazing People And Are 2 People I Will Always Look Up To<3 Challenge Day Made A Difference To Everyone Who Attended. When People Pass By Other People In The Quad, We Hold Up The "I Love You" Sign And Hug Everyone We Can. My Heart Feels More Feelings Than Ever Before And I'm Glad For It. I Lowered My Water Level And Now Show My True Self Instead Of Putting On A Fake Version Of Me. Thanks Challenge Day For Helping Me, And My School View Our Ways Of Thinking And Looking At Others Differently<3 We Love You<3

    All My Love, Savannah<3

  148. Marty Ward says:

    I am celebrating including “If you really knew me” in a presentation last night at a college where I was presenting on Eliminating Bullying by Creating Confident Kids to student who are studying to be social workers. It set the tone for the evening of more open communication. Thank you for introducing this concept and suggesting using it as a way of connecting on a real level. Learning disabled, dyslexic, I shared for the first time how difficult school was for me as a child. I told them how as an adult with two children when I heard the school bus come rumbling down the road to pick up my kids, I would still shutter. One student share she was “mean,” one shared about being abused. Each gave at least a bit below the waterline. It is a start for all of us to know what is possible.

  149. Alyse! says:

    My friend and I have had Tuesday Date Afternoons/Date Mornings since we met at BTC last month! We always make it work. We usually FaceTime, except for the one week where my area was hit by a hurricane…but I was still able to read her texts! It’s been so encouraging to have space for each other, and to KNOW I’m going to get and give love!
    I also gave a modified session to one of the kids I tutor…it was different because it was over text, but I could tell from his responses that he needed it. I am so proud of him for letting me know why he was so angry! :-D

  150. Carrie Thibodeau says:

    After attending Challange day, my heart grew twice in size. I realized, that i was a bully. But getting everything off my shoulders and actually hearing what was going on in the life of the people I once bullied was heartbreaking. I really came to appreciate everyone and love them for who they are. I’m Carrie Thibodeau, and if you really knew me, you’d know that challange day seriously changed my life!

  151. Alicia Nowicki says:

    Because my heart is still wide open, I have been able to see others, who I before thought were critical of me, as pure love doing the best they could. As a result I could connect to them heart to heart, see their beauty and any conflict is melted away.

  152. Brenda says:

    If you can’t talk to your parents, find another adult in your life to talk to. We love you teens and are there to support you! Even though someone looks like they have the “perfect” life, no one has a perfect life. We are all human, have hurts, just like you. You are strong and will get through this. Please please please ask for help! And I commit to Notice, Choose and Act as your advocate and listener. Thank you Torrey Pines High School foundation for sponsoring this incredible event!!
    I attended yesterday, and learned so much about what teens are going through. Then, when I went to the bank, the teller was cold, so I gave her the piping hot coffee I had just bought myself (but hadn’t drank of course!). She was so happy. One easy act that showed her I care.
    San Diego

  153. Alyse! says:

    After attending this weekend’s Next Step, I’m having a DATE NIGHT with one of the friends I met. It’s actually a date morning for her, and a date afternoon for me, and is taking place in CA and NJ via FaceTime! But you know, it is what it is. We are making it work!!!!!

  154. bre hardy says:

    i participated in challenge day when i went to school, ever since then i have worked hard to help any new school i go to, this year im a senior and hope to leave the school following the example i have tried to show.

  155. Mark says:

    I got a tattoo that says “Be the Change…” Yeah!

  156. anthony mcdaniels says:

    well i am stating to get people open in school it all started in dean. well i now go to nc. i want them to get people to talk more

  157. Zelda van Tonder says:

    Im from South Africa.
    10 September 2012 22:21 pm i told and promise myself this…
    Determined to dedicate my life helping suicidal people., depressed people., those who lost everything and feels like its not worth it. HOPE (hold.On.Pain.Ends)

    i was wondering if you guys will ever come over here.?? i know there’s a lot of schools that can use people like you in their life.

  158. Barbara Hankins says:

    Just wanted to share……I just had a mom who works at the elementary school where I am the nurse tell me that after she and her husband took her whole family to watch our free community showing of the documentary “Bully”, her 10 year old son told her that he wanted to start a Anti-bullying club at the middle school. He went to the vice-principal and she told him that he needed to make a proposal to the student council. He wrote a speech, presented it, and it was approved. She said he told them that one of the main reasons kids get bullied is that they are alone. If they have a club, then no one will need to be alone!!!!

  159. Nona says:

    I am working on a daily basis to be a more nonviolent and kind person. I start with praying and/or thinking positive thoughts about my friends and loved ones. The other day a friend called me and was down, depressed and her back hurt. She was feeling very lonely. I talked with her on the phone until I could finish some chores around the house. Then I drove to her house to visit her. She was in terrible pain. I massaged her back and she felt better. As she is a recovering alcoholic, it was important for her to make a positive connection with someone. On that day, she connected with me and she did not have to use alcohol to drown out her pain and loneliness. She now calls me for help whenever she needs a listening ear and a good friend. She is not drinking, one day at a time. It is very gratifying to realize that by reaching out and loving another person, it can have a profound effect on them and contribute to their becoming more peaceful human beings.

  160. Elizabeth Clark says:

    I have plenty of friends on the internet. Some I don’t even know, but today a girl started to make posts that concerned me and I messaged he to ask if she was okay and she said she wasn’t okay she was going to kill herself. I proceeded to send her messages telling her to call me or the suicide hotline, telling her not to kill herself and why. She made a post saying she wasn’t going to do it.
    This is certainly not the first time I’ve talked someone down from killing themself, and it’s certainly not the last.
    My message is to remember that everyone is fighting some kind of battle, so reach out.

  161. Rebecca Baker says:

    Two of my best friends and I, fed up with the misunderstanding, racism, and general fear that the international community tends to feel for one another, have decided to hitchike, couchsurf, and generally vagabond-travel throughout the entirety of South America. One form of change is simply exposing yourself and those around you to new ideas and experiences–in this way, growth, learning, and understanding can occur. Along the way, we will trek from Columbia to Patagonia, then back north again to Venzuela. We will be making a handheld, cinema-verite style documentary as well, showing people in our various countries (I am American, along with one of my friends, and our third party member is French) that travel and communication with other “kinds” of people is not only possible-it is absolutely necessary if we ever want global change and tolerance to occur. Basically, we want to remind anyone watching our movie that, as Gandhi so famously said, you have to “be the change you want to see in the world”.

    If you are interested in helping us carry out this goal, check out our current Kickstarter campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/simulacraandcerveza/the-proverbial-thousand-miles

    To follow us in general throughout the whole process (as well as having access to some really cool photos that we will be uploading along the way) check out our blog: http://simulacraandcerveza.blogspot.mx/

  162. Summer says:

    So I’ve seen this in America on MTV, and I believe it should be an experience every school in Australia should experience, I have always wanted to do this it would be such a good experience, I mean all the bullying that happens around my school scares me, I don’t know what’s happening with the students around me and either does anyone else, I really like all the people at my school senior year to experience something like this. I am in my senior year and the stuff going on with some of the people without other people know, all the bullying -and lies scare me, I believe this experience would form/re-form friendships, and give everyone an open mind about life, and other peoples lives, please come to our school! ;) . This would seriously help make mine an my classmates last year a good amazing year.. <3

  163. Melinda says:

    I recently moved to a different school and a different town. The school is huge but of course i miss my own. Before i left we were set on having challenge day. I heard about it from the class above us and they said it really helped them and that it really changed their attitudes. I was really looking forward to it and then i left :( But coming to this school i had my mind set on bringing the idea of Challenge day up but i never did. Even though it sat on my mind forever i still just brushed it away. Recently, bullying has been in my view for the past months. Girls crying, people getting pushed into lockers and fights over stupid stuff like rumors. I came to the conclusion of standing up and of course i started to get bullied too. But instead of becoming the bully im going to get the bully to become someone like me :) A person who stood up for what they believed in and reached out to the students and administrators to start challenge day beginning next year ! Im being the change :)

  164. Melinda says:

    I recently moved to a new school and new town. Before i moved, my old school brought up the idea of challenge day and what it does. Prior to that, they have been doing it every year for some time now and had plan to do it with our class. But, sadly i didnt get the chance to do it because of my relocation. Bullying goes on still and i dont like it. Challenge day sat on my mind ever since i been to my new school and from what i hear, it did wonders for my old school. I wanted the opportunity and now im going to get it, along with other students! I decided to talk to my principal about next year and how challenge day should be something to look into. It took me a minute but im done sitting around and watching people get bullied and watching girls cry because they been told that they’re not pretty enough. So now im going to be change and stand up for whats right. Challenge day look out for me when i come :)

  165. Logan says:

    Bullying has become a serious problem especially in the USA. Almost daily I read or hear of students committing suicide as a result of the deleterious effects bullying has had on their lives. I was never a victim or perpetrator of bullying.Hence, I do not know the the depth of pain that this reprehensible practice has on individuals.

    I have resolved never to be a passive observer should I see acts of bullying.Often, bullies themselves have been victims of bullying. What I find incomprehesible is : Why would anybody who had been hurt by bullies
    would themselves perpetrate the same crime against another being? I am now studying psychology to answer questions on this degrading act. We ,as animals are the most vile and vicious creatures. No other animal
    is so destructive. No other animal is so filled with hatred. No animal premeditates avengence to the extent that we humans do.Once I saw a picture of monkeys discussing humans and the words below said,”Isn’t it a disgrace that those animals (referring to humans) evolved from us?” How true!

  166. Rev Ken James says:

    I was at Challenge Day at J.F.K. HIGH in CLEVELAND, OHIO today, it is a wonderful program for our teen and adults. We believe the impact of this program will have an effect on our community. Thank God for the committment of this organization. May God Bless them as they have been a blessing to us. My church along with others in our community will have a follow up gathering next month and invite those that participated this years Challenge Day to come and celebrate the changes in there lives.

    Rev. Ken James Cleveland Ohio

  167. Hopelynne Foster says:

    I am getting involved in school programs such as KOM wich is a kick off mentor
    For the upcoming freshman class. This is a group that helps freshman to have
    Someone to talk to, if they need help around the school or if they are beeing picked
    On or bullied. I am also a member of a new group that just recently was brought
    To our highschool. Challenge day. This made me realize that there are kids and
    Adults out there that need help and support and I know some of the stories I heard
    During this event were tradgic and unbelieveable. If that were a close friend, family,
    Or sucnificant other I would not stand back and watch. So why is a stranger any
    Different? Me speaking up could save a life. Could stop a teenager from committing
    Suicide because of a nasty text or enternet post. I could stop a horrific melt down by
    A student causing deadly harm to the bully I could be the change! And I WILL be the

  168. Brittany Almond says:

    I was in foster care for 6 years of course life sucked!! While in our small groups of 5 or 6, we were doing the part where we would compliment others in our group. Well this boy did a compliment for me. He said that he thought I was amazing because I went through a ton of hard crap and Im still here smiling at people and being kind to everyone I meet, and just having a positive attitude about everything. The part that stuck with me the most was that he said that he looked up to me. So I guess my point is that if you see somebody in your school that is eating lunch by themselves to go over and have lunch with that person, talk to him/her and just get to know that person.

    To all of the people that I met at Challenge Day I told them that if they ever want to hang out and talk about whatever that I am here for them. It makes me feel good to help people as much as I possibly can!!!

  169. Kyle Craft says:

    I have been to five challenge days and they always are a treat. Im Kyle Craft and I play violin and study modern and classical languages. For many years, I have been bullied, put down, and teased just for being me and for playing my violin. Why? At Challenge day, that all change, I finally can be myself. A musician traveling the world speaking different languages. I am a musician that doesn’t discriminate at all. I treat all people equally. Doesnt matter if people are tall, short, wear glasses, musicians, play sports, bi, straight, gay, or whatever. In my concerts, everyone is welcome and treated equally. I commit to giving hugs, lots of love, and support :)

  170. Kristine Arquiza Bello says:

    Hii Guys i just wanna say Thank you for coming to my school you guys realy change us specialy me. The first I realy dont wanna come but im realy curious So when i gt there They realy change me. Im A bully girl before when i was in 15 yrs old Im in a fight Always and ditention My mom told me Why im doin that why im doing this im tired seeing my family crying on me and i tried to be a good person and i did..But now im 18 Be the change realy change me more they help me more . I learned that being a bad person is not gonna help you being a succesful Person/girl. You guys are totaly rock. Thank you!! :)

  171. Connie says:

    I love what you do. I am blessed with a career that allows me to care for people in the hospital. But I also serve with about 200 young women between the age of 12 and 18. I also have a teenage daughter whom I love with all my heart and I wish that all of the teenagers I know could go through the Be A Challenge program. I think it would make schools, workplaces, lives less stressful and more accepting if this type of workshop was held everywhere.
    I write a blog about my effort to change the world. I want to become a Challenge day leader in my community. I want to see this program in my workplace and schools in the area.

  172. Dalton says:

    thank you so much for what u guys did. I went yesterday and it changed my life for the better. since then I really want to try to become a leader after I turn 21. I really want to be able to help people myself. I had A person I thought I never be friends with come up and aplogize to me and people make sure that I was ok and i told him if we can forget bout the past then later came up to aplogize to me. I got the chance to go up to a girl thats like a lil sister to me and say thank you on the mic in front of alot of ppl and I cant do tht. You guys really helped and I am glad I got to meet new people and I never ever thought that I be able to let out what I got inside I cried but after I felt alot better I knew that I aint the only person going through problems. I ment and talk to ppl I thought I never talk to really. The leaders were great and I am glad I got the chance to live this experience.

  173. sarah croucher says:

    RICHMOND HIGH SCHOOL !!! thank you guys so much for coming to our school. i have noticed a big differance in other students additudes and for the most part people are more understanding and are actually trying to get to know each other befor they judge p. thank you so much because you have made a differance in my life and i dont feel like im going threw my struggles on my own any more

  174. Spalding A. says:

    I am in Lake Tahoe skiing. I walked over to the grocery store, and when I came out there was a young couple who asked if I had any spare change for the bus. I said “no” and kept walking. They seemed so kind and gracious, and I couldn’t get them out of my head, so 10 minutes later I walked back over. They were still there counting the change they had gotten. I apologized for blowing them off and asked them what they really need. They said they need $4 for the bus because their friend failed to pick them up 3 hours ago. I gave them $20 and told them to get some food as well. I told them when they get the chance to help someone else to pay it forward. They were so grateful. Keep Josh & Caitlyn in your thoughts and prayers. I am so blessed!

  175. Tami M says:

    I am a single Mom with two young girls. We decided to cut our “extras” in life (cable tv, going out for dinner, any non-essential) and started buying, making and bringing food to the homeless on State Street in Madison, WI about 5 months ago. We go every Saturday at 3 and have gotten to know several people, last week we were able to send a young man to a fresh start in life in Dallas TX, this week we fed 60 people…including women and children, we also bring medical supplies and dog treats, give hugs to anyone who wants them… and are known as the “angels”… we have been able to get more people involved and the main thing we want to accomplish from this weekly trip, is show the homeless people in our town that they are not forgotten, and that they are cared about and worth the effort. Love to you, we hope more people see how easy it is and start doing this too.

  176. Geniere says:

    Was originally investigating this special products by using google when I stumbled with your web-site. An amazing amount of money amazing articles and other content on below. Unquestionably a single for my favs. Lance

  177. Miss Mona says:

    Gilroy High! Thank you Ev and Gina Today I am going to continue to build new relationships, watch for those who are sitting alone, pray for those for are hurting and hungry. Work as hard as I possibly can to keep the fire going with our new Challengers! Activities on and off campus to encourage the community to sponsor and donate to the possiblity of having Challenge Day twice a year at the local high schools.

  178. Miss Mona says:

    Gilroy High! Today I am going to continue to build new relationships, watch for those who are sitting alone, pray for those for are hurting and hungry. Work as hard as I possibly can to keep the fire going with our new Challengers! Activities on and off campus to encourage the community to sponsor and donate to the possiblity of having Challenge Day twice a year at the local high schools.

  179. Miss Mona says:

    Today I am going to continue to build new relationships, watch for those who are sitting alone, pray for those for are hurting and hungry. Work as hard as I possibly can to keep the fire going with our new Challengers! Activities on and off campus to encourage the community to sponsor and donate to the possiblity of having Challenge Day twice a year at the local high schools.

  180. Courtney Dwyer says:

    i am a high school student and I live in Australia . Recently, my teachers were asking us about our futures , and honestly, I was scared to tel, them about what I ant to do when im older because I didnt want anyone to laugh, but now i realise for my dream to work, i have to speack my mind. so hear it is: i want to help teens and start a program like challenge day over here in Australia!

  181. Erin Barcellos says:

    I work at the local Boys and Girls Club in my community and I am inspired by Challenge Day’s vision of creating a world where every child feels safe, loved and celebrated. I notice that there is a lot of bullying and kids feeling hurt and isolated within the club, and that is something that I would like to see change. I can help create change in this situation by demonstrating positive leadership and encouraging the kids to fulfill their own potential. I am committed to listening to each child and opening myself up to being aware of and meeting their needs. I also am committed you giving compliments and hugs and well as creating a new norm where they can do that for each other!!!

  182. Haley says:

    Well at my school there is no bullying, but no people well some and pick on kids and I once was bullied and was called suicidal and the person wouldn’t stop. Now I remember watching “If you really knew me” And now I just want everyone to be respectful, but half of the school is. I just want it to stop!!

  183. Christina says:

    I was an adult participant in Challenge Day last week and it changed my life….forever. I was blown away by the loving support the awesome team leaders brought to the room, Jake and Echo are amazing!! The kids got so much out of the program and from what I’ve been hearing small changes are happening at the high school, Kids who weren’t friends before are friending each other on facebook and saying hi to each other in the hallways. I believe in this program so much and will forever be thankful for how it changed my life.

  184. tree maintenance bloomington indiana says:

    I took my copy of the movie to work for some of my co-workers to watch and it seemed all were shaken. We are a group who largely came from a re-hab program that allows you to rebuild parts of your life, and employment is one. We all felt this can be a picture that can be appreciated in a drug treatment setting. I’m over 50 and a jaded fellow, and I remain disturbed by this story. This story scared me and gave me hope by reading about you. Dawn I can only say I celebrate your survival of this awful experience. I suspect there is an inner strength inside you that is formidable. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself on this site.

  185. Candice Kelley says:

    Im a 19 year ld college student who lives on their own. I can honeslty say i have had my fair share of talking crap and gossiping about other people just to feel the need of revenge. my mission in life to become someone who dosent just choose to help others and make a difference , i wanna BE that difference. I have been in foster care for 8 years. i was 9 years old when i saw my dad hit my mom for the LAST time. i havent seen my dad since i was 11 , i didnt understand for a long time WHY he would choose to hurt my mom and well my family. i have 1 older brother and 2 younger brothers 1 sister. My mom was suffering with bi-polar and hepatits C. so she gave my little sister up for adoption and tried to deal with me and my brothers. my little brother has Autism. my dad not only choose to do crack and hurt a innocent girl but he choose to leave us behind which hurt me alot. i LOVE my dad to death and nothing will ever change that. But i know whats right and whats wrong and he did wrong. My momk is the STRONGEST woman i know taking care of us threw ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. shes my hero. I’ve had my fair share of regrets due to depression i ened up cutting myself but you see i have alot of people telling me how do you live threw all of that wanna know my answer? SMILE. yes i have had alot of issues growing and never got that “normal” childhood alot of people i know have had but at the end of the day im okay. i SMILE because i deserve to. i see my family every weekend and more, theyre amazing. Right now i am in college for cooking but my real goal is to be a child & youth worker so i can help another child or teen see past the hurt and look for that one bright light. i always tell the people in my life “Cry if you need to but when your done , turn that frown upside down because everything will be okay”.

  186. juju says:

    So in my school, theres a ton of bullying centered around LGBTQ (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and questioning). Being bisexual, i felt scared to go to school or ride the bus, because of how many kids would call us names, slam us into things, trip us down the stairs, or take our things. I set up a GSA (gay-straiht alliance) && it has grown from 2 people to 30 now. im less afraid to go to school knowing that i can talk it out at GSA with my peers and teachers. so many kids have congratulated me on doing something about the bullying and it makes me happy to know that some kids are mature enough to appreciate differences of everyone(:

  187. Candyce says:

    Well, I bought a complete stranger breakfast. I applauded the cook, even though the people in the restaurant looked at me funny. I taught my children the hand signal for love, and watched as they spread the message throughout the school. I hugged the mailman, a perfect stranger. I gave more stuff to someone who needed it more than me. I told the checker at the grocery store that she is beautiful. I took extra time to write “thank yous” to my friends and family. I put my child in the mirror and told him he is perfect and that our differences are what makes us beautiful.

  188. Jasmine Whitehead says:

    Yesterday(2/16/12) I went to challenge day, i went there saying to my self that im not going to open up this isnt what i do i have more problems than anyone then we started to play games and get to now one another and then we got into groups and then i was opening up then we did the trust line and i passed more of them than i thought that i would i passed every single one except for three lines. I cryed so much in my life just thinking about my problems and every one elses problems. Before everyone got into groups we were listening to jeniffers story and ev story it was so bad that i almost thought that my problems werent as bad then we got into groups and i heard everyone elses story and i felt bad when we did the trust line even my friends crossed when i didnt thats when i knew that life goes on dont let people put you down everyones amazing. (Jeniffer,and ev you guys are amazing thank you for showing me that )

    From a small town called Waterford!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

  189. Becki says:

    At are school we started a be the change club! Visit are website! http://www.Challenge2Change.webs.com

  190. Candyce says:

    Gave some useful things to a needy family, I pick up trash everywhere I go and am a positive role model for my children. My child has earned the friendship award 2 years in a row for her capacity to be kind and compassionate. Two different teachers recognized this quality about her. She is 6 years old. I said thank you to a person who has made me jump through hoops to get my child’s needs met, even though I feel these things are his entitlements. I listened to a friend as she told me the story of her past and the difficulty she faces with being the mom she wants to be for her 5 children. I took her to lunch and shopping because she is selfless for her family and often sacrifices her own needs to meet the needs of her children. I made sure my children know they are heard, valued and worthy of their own self love. It’s only been 2 days since the workshop and I am still reeling from the awakening, love.

  191. Tanja Rojas says:

    In Salado Junior High most kids go through alot, from the pushing in the halls, to the name calling on the way to the bus,money is also a key subject to popularity. I would like to make a change in my school by being the first to come out and say we need something like this. We all need to come down to earth with one another. This might be hard, but for some, its in need very much.
    we have clicks throughout our school, the “it” girls/guys, the normal kids, the kids with no friends, the outcast, kids with a hard past, the nerds, the jocks, and of course the kids that cant “afford” to do anything with any one else. Ive gone through almost every group, it sucks being in each one, you have to worry about something diffrent for each one.
    So,as you can see our school needs a down to earth change, i honestly think that Challange Day will help us.

  192. Andrew Ashley says:

    Today i went through challenge day. I did not no what to expect but i kept telling myself i wouldn’t cry. When i crossed my first line it was very emotional i and many people around me started to cry and hug each other. That experience i will cherish forever. The tears we cried and hugs we gave helped us all get closer together. The tears we cried went tears of sadness but they were tears of strength that helped us have a greater bond no matter what they looked like or how they acted.

  193. Tara says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Malvika and Sean for leading the Challenge Day I attended 1/25/12! I am a Social Worker in graduate school working towards my Masters degree and I attended the day as an adult volunteer. The most significant aspect of the day for me was having the opportunity to witness how supportive the young people in my small group were with each other. Not a single person hesitated to give a sincere hug or a kind word when it was needed. Thank you for bringing this program to our school! I commit to continue to engage young people in FUN, healthy, and productive ways!

  194. Mel says:

    Today i saw a pack of lollies just sitting under a tree.
    i went up for a closer look and saw the had been injected with drugs. it was in a bad area of my country town
    so i picked them up and disposed of them. if i hadn’t of a little child could of eaten them and get sick because
    of being hooked on the drug. even though i aam only sixteen
    i am trying to change the way high school is in new Zealand. new Zealand has a
    high rate of teen suicides because of what happens at high school
    and how they are treated. i myself am sick because of my life at school. i want
    to make a difference so nobody has to go through the things i and many other
    teens have been through.

  195. Laura says:

    Yesterday I picked up some empty cans that were lying on the street and threw them into a litter bin.

  196. Olivia Dasher says:

    I enjoyed challenge day a lot. At my school (Jordan Middle School) a lot goes on, and a lot of things are said to each other. Most of those things are rumors, rude comments, nasty language, and name calling. I don’t like it… at all. But challenge day made many people in my school change, and notice that hurting people is very wrong. I love that there is something like this. Other wise… I would have never gotten my emotions out properly. I used to think that keeping my emotions and feelings locked up inside was okay. I now know that it is not okay, and that once you get through all of your feelings; you end up feeling happy again. Challenge day is a great thing. Thank you so much you guys! I love you all, and I will BE THE CHANGE!

  197. Alana LaCoste says:

    Well.. for an act of change I have been nicer to people and not been all crabby, and I’ve made alot of new friends since then :D

  198. Ben says:

    When I went to Tim Hortons yesterday I gave the cachier 5 dollars to pay for the next persons drink!:) good ideas on youtube XD

  199. lyndsey says:

    i was at Mt. Sima during x-mas break and there was guy who is on the freestyle team and he wanted to go skiing but his dad didnt and the guy didnt want to go alone so i asked him if he wanted me to go with him and he is sure. His name was Steven and he didnt leave me and he waited unlike i thought he would.

  200. Annie Johnsgaard says:

    I was babysitting for my neighbour who had just broken up with her long term boyfriend and she was going out to a party at her friends house. I noticed that she had a big pile of dishes on her counter and she has no dish washer. So after I put her kid to bed, I did them all for her and left before she noticed,so she wouldn’t feel bad.

  201. Samuel says:

    I helped my brother do small things that I knew he didn’t want to do as Acts of Change.

  202. Frances says:

    After getting a ‘ Pay it Forward ‘ card, I carried it with me for when I needed it. The day after I took the card with me again and bought a bottle of Ice Tea, tied the card to it and just put it on the machine with a note, ”No worries, bought new.” I went to look after half an hour and it was gone! That made me quite happy.

  203. Jonathan Lamarche says:

    For an act of change, I think I’ll shovel the driveway this weekend.

  204. Laura. says:

    I’m always gunna be there for anyone not just my friends when they need me. to talk or anything :)

  205. Ashley says:

    The other day, it was FREEZING cold and my friend had to walk home, so I offered to give her a ride to her house. She was very grateful

  206. mark williams says:

    after being a student leader in challenge day i have been thanking people for simply being themselves

  207. Brenda Guevara says:

    Challenge day was a good experience hopefully i do it all over again during high school :D

  208. iGaming says:

    I’m stopping by to show my school pride! Dude! We are sooo cool

  209. Samantha says:

    Well today was the first day after challenge day and it is also the first day bully/harassment free! :) im hapy

  210. samantha bailey says:

    WOW!!! i had challenge day last year and this year was even harder! thanks to angela and jon i dont think i am going to be bullied any more…..hopefull! :)

  211. Nicky Diehm says:

    Very impressive, are u posting more updates soon?

  212. Nick Hadley says:

    This was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened! After this i now realize how many people are going throught the same things i am. i know that people do care and that people are there for me. i encourage everyone to go out and be the change. Notice. Choose. Act. also if you really knew me you would know that my stepdad died in a motorcycle accident when i was 9 and that my mom then lost her job and that she became addicted to drugs…but she went to rehab and we are doing better…although even to this day she does not have a job nor does my dad but i still smile everyday of the week becuase of my amazing friends who have helped me through all of it! i thank you for coming to grnat high school!! i never thought that such a small town could have such and impact i am soo happy!!!

  213. Gabe says:

    I never knew one day could change me forever. Before Challenge Day, I was alone. I was depressed, fake, and enclosed in a hard shell that wouldn’t break. My past took control of my body and owned me. Constant negativity took over my life, I was a wreck. I cut myself, tried to kill myself, reverted to drugs and alcohol because that was the only way I knew best. I never imagine people that I thought wouldn’t accept me for the real me after they heard my story as much as my school peers did. I was hugged and loved for a change, I felt human, I felt the real me. For once, I wasn’t someone trying to fit in, making fun of others to make myself feel better. This truly impacted my soul and heart. I feel so free, and brave. Because, it took alot to do what I did today. It took a lot to open up and pour my heart to my “family circle”. This leaves a permit message upon my heart, and mind. Be the change you want this world to be. You can do it. We together can make this world a better place.

  214. Michelle Maina says:

    i really appreciate challenge day it changed my life more than i thought it would before challenge day i was pretty new i didn’t know anyone really and i was to afraid to talk to everyone and people saw me as antisocial but after this i met some really awesome people and have made some great friends that i could have for life :) thank you :) Angela and Sean and The wholf Be the change organisation

  215. Heide Ammerman says:

    I like the valuable knowledge you be offering for your articles. I can bookmark your blog and have my youngsters test up right here generally. I’m quite positive they will learn a number of new stuff here than anyone else!

  216. Claude Poellinetz says:

    Normally I don’t learn article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very great post.

  217. maddi busby says:

    I am a freshman at Midland high school, and we are having a serious problem with bullying with is leading to suicides, we have had 6 suicides in the past two. months. We need to stop it! The girls are the worst they call each other names when walk down the halls. And we r sick of it.

  218. Christina Barrios says:

    Challenge day showed me that I am not alone. It gave me a feeling that someone out there cares and I am grateful to know that angels like you all exist on God’s earth. Becuase of you, I’ve been inspired to make a song called Much Love that tells people to change their attitude and think about friendship besides bullying others for fun.

  219. Mariah Robinson says:

    Last year in 2010 i had the best time at Challenge Day, I just had to go back again! The one who opened my eyes the most was Vinny, such a wonderful man! Im so happyim going this wednesday, I hope i get to meet amazing people just like i did last year! Challenge Day saved my life, all i have to say is thank you, so much!

  220. Marcellus Hizkiya says:

    This is a pretty good site, good job!

  221. M. Raine says:

    I am going to attempt taking everything I’ve learned from the episodes and talk to my principal and see if we can have our own day, to help improve the lives of our students.

  222. Harley says:

    Yesterday when Challenge day came to my High School, it thought that all we were going to do was just talk about our emotions, but when one of the challenge day leaders talked to our group of 100 students, he told us that we won’t be crying the whole time! Right when we walked through the doors of a church, a line of adults were waiting there for us to come through! they formed a tunnel and some of them were dancing to the pumped-up music that they had going! At that moment, i knew that it was going to be a LOAD of fun! i was right, i had the time of my life there!! The games that we were playing were fun! And now that i went to Challenge day, i feel ‘lighter’ now that i was able to let out my emotions that I haven’t been able to let out for gosh, the last 7 months!! cross the line, was hard for me to do, but i did it! and i really LOVED how much love there was in the room from every one!!! i’m blessed to have gone to the Challenge Day Program! Thanks, Migs & Jon! u both did a VERY good job!! :) nearly every one i saw this morning that was @ the program, they were giving hugs to others in the hall!!! :) God bless u!!

  223. Deja Mack says:

    Sean and Kattie came to my school in Connectinut city of Bristol and they change everything. I thank them for everything they did. We needed this in our school and its better for us to come together and help each other out and letting us feel like were not alone (: and i really thank them for that, i wish they were around more often but i give them much loveee <3

  224. Melissa says:

    It has been 2 months since Tony and Echo came to my school and I must say it has changed for the better. People are a lot kinder to each other and there is a minimum amount of bullying. I still look back on Challenge day and it still warms my heart. I would do it again in a heart beat. Thank you Tony and Echo you guys are amazing!

  225. A Mom who's learning... says:

    I was headed home after walking my son to school and saw loads of trash…so much plastic…stuck in the drain grating right next to the lovely symbol that alerts us that the drains dump directly into the ocean. I was not equipped with gloves or a trash bag, but saw trash bins on the curb awaiting pick-up. I recently watched a documentary entitled “Tapped” and have had been learning more and more about what’s happeing with much of the plastic we make and use briefly in our world today…it frequently ends up in the ocean and never goes away :( . I couldn’t just walk by and let this pile and another at the upper drain complete their journey into our ocean. I hooked my son’s stuffed puppy (he likes to ‘walk’ it to school like the other kids…but has allergies to real dogs)on my shoulder and picked up the trash opening each tied up plastic bag filled with even more plastic boxes of donuts, cookies, misc. items and sorted them into trash/ recycle / and some greens waste. Curious the looks you get when you’re digging in street trash, but all I could think of was the quote “Be the Change”! If I don’t want it in the ocean it’s not enough to just stop using so much plastic, I need to take action and get dirty making a difference if that’s what it takes. Decided to look up the quote after it cycled in my head and found your site :) . Cheers!

  226. Nikole from Denver says:

    In my school community, neighborhood community and just every where I go I’m going to smile at everybody! No matter what dirty looks i get or how many smiles I get back! I feel everybody needs a smile and a positive attitude to go with it!! :D So spread the smiles! :)

    Love; Nikole G.


    WOW!!!! This was one of the most incredible things I think I have ever seen. By far the most moving experience. I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Challenge Day in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. To have 100 kids walk into a room with every type of personality you can imagine and watching them change to become 1 group of kids that honestly cared about each other at the end of a 6 hour period…. AMAZING!!!!!!! It took me 3 days to get my own emotions straight. This program just opens yours eyes to so many things. It will change you forever. You cant hide here. You will see the fake faces removed and real faces put on right in front of your eyes. To think that every kid in the room crossed “THE LINE” at least once. To see the hurt on there faces, the tears, the concern that fellow classmates had these issues, their eagerness to reach out and want to help and support each other, was so overwhelming. I would never thought 100 children could all have personal issues. It made me realize that i had my own issues that had to be addressed. I was the guy in the “MAN BOX”. I found myself raising my children the same way. Just a FYI it will stop!. I can go on all day about this day. There is just to much to list. Unless you have experienced a Challenge Day you will never understand the true meaning of change. This program is priceless. It has changed me forever. I am currently working hard to get the school where my children attend to book a Challenge Day. Chris and Jennifer Thank you, You are amazing people. Please anybody who reads this, please If you have a opportunity to participate in a Challenge Day I promise you it will be the best 6 hours you ever had.

    Eric L.

  228. April Barrier says:

    My name Is April Barrier, I’m 20yrs old and I graduated high school this June at the age of 20.My mother passed away when i was only 9yrs old for myth abuse and my older brother and i were put in Forster care many times before we finally got to be with my dad again. this is My Life Change story of what happened to me on the Challenge day. It was my senior year when my councilor at school who told me about The Challenge Day.When she told me that there would be 100 other kids who were like me and knew how I felt i was excited, it was a day off from school(haahaa) but also i was gonna be around people who understood me. But when I walked into the room I was shocked to see alot of people I didn’t like or get along with. I was confused and didn’t understand why their were there. I thought “These people have no idea how I feel or know what i’m going through.” I found a group of my friends and talked with them for awhile, but when it started we were separated and I was a little uncomfortable that I was with people I didn’t like. We started out with silly games that were ok, but them it came for the Across The Line Challenge. Thats when it got deep, it was one of the most hardest things for me to do. When the be the change people asked us questions like “Have you ever had a person in your family pass because of drug abuse?” or “do you know someone who was in a drive by?” it was hard for me to walk over to the line and face everyone else see whats happened to you. All you think is “I wonder what they think about me?” one of the last few questions was really hard and hurt me so much to do,”Have you ever been in or are in now, in a foster care home?” I remember I was crying my eyes out because of all the memory’s of being in and what was everyone thinking. I had my eyes shut when i was walking over to the line. It felt like a thousand Needles were going into my chest. I opened my eyes when I got to the other side. There were only 5 other people standing next to me and I knew one of them I was shocked and they were crying too. I looked up at the crowd, I couldn’t believe it they were all crying too everyone was even the tuff guys were crying. When we walked back over I was still Crying, when I felt someone Grabbed me tight. It was a guy in my First period who I had often had fights with over stupid crap. He was crying and holding me. He said to me “It’s ok I’m here, I feel you and I’m so Sorry!” The tears wouldn’t stop from flowing from us. I hugged him back and told him it was ok and that I was sorry too. After that it was over and we all had a chance to say something to everyone, I did as well I said to everyone there that….”I wanted to thank everyone for being honest and supportive, and I’m Glad to say now that My Name is April Brianna Barrier and I’m going to Graduate At 20yrs old and I’m not afraid to say it anymore!” A guy came up to me as we were being dismissed and said “Your my hero.” I smiled and thanked them. I will never forget that day, it changed my life and the way I think about everyone and that I know I’m not Alone in this at all. Thank You Be The Change you guys really helped me out.

  229. Tyler Jo says:

    when i went to challenge day at my school last year i thought it was going to be this lame boring thing where u listen to ppl talking about feelings, but it was amazing, i learned new things about ppl that i would have nvr thought i would know, it changed my life and opened me up to listening to my friends, and for me to become friends with many ppl, it opened me up to tell my story, and that is something that not even my best friends new about me…so it helped me very much, thank u guys for coming, and i cant wait for u guys to come back cuz i will be the first one sigh up! :)

  230. Rachel LaMar, J.D. says:

    I wanted to share this blog that I wrote after experiencing the program yesterday: http://tinyurl.com/6nzhf5c.

    I am still blown away by the day, and I am touched to the core. Thank you for such an amazing, life-altering experience. What you do is hands-down the best program around to teach teens about equality, humility, respect, and so much about themselves – who they are and whom they wish to be. I can’t say enough about this experience, only that I wish every child could have the opportunity to live it.

  231. Abby says:

    My friend Katie and I are starting groups of Christian people to hang out with. We want to inspire people to keep up their faith and continue their walks with Christ. Our high school is full of people who don’t walk the walk for Christ. We are trying to spread God’s word and keep support groups for people in need. We’re creating a group to stand up for God. Who is with us?

  232. Lakota Bell(Riverdale)Ohio says:

    Challenge Day really helped me open up to the bully’s and I said what I had to say to all of the kids that I’d rather be friends then to have enemies till I Graduate,because in the long run when you have school reunions to go to it’s not going to matter anymore unless the people live close by you for the rest of your life but you hope they don’t.I even opened up about my father.Thank you Tony and Malvika oh so very much come again to the school we miss you!!!

  233. Emma Michelle says:

    I come from a high school of about 800 and I think that as a result of the tiny size, people are always in others business. So gossip and harsh rumors are spread to much because everybody knows each other and wants to be on top of their game. but this game is not a good game. this game hurts so many and i am even a first hand account of this, as well as many friends… I wish challenge day would come this town and help us!

  234. Denmark FFA - Wisconsin says:

    For Halloween the Denmark FFA Trick-or-Treated for Canned Food items and was able to collect and donate 993 pounds of food to our local food pantry. Not only does our community greatly appreciate our efforts but the members have a FUN time during this activity!

  235. stefani humm says:

    You helped us out greatlyat the Meade county high school and now we need ur help at north harden high school in Hardin county, the school really needs ur help, there is a lot of bullying and the teacher r not doing anything to stop it and help the problem…..the other day one of best friends friend shot himself and didn’t make it…all because he was being bullyed and no one would help, please….hear my call, help the north Hardin high school..they need ur help

  236. Anne Marie says:

    I believe every highschool needs a challenge day. Im not in highschool but im planning on organizing a challlenge day at my old high school. im organzing volunteers to assist then i will talk to my vps from my school. This is amazing and it can impact so many people, everyone needs this. Since i can’t get them to come here, id like to be the change.

  237. Ruby Caldera says:

    Wayne County High School needs this it feels to me like our school is falling apart.

  238. Mansur says:

    always be there for the people that need me need most to listen and give advice.

  239. Cricket says:

    I gave away furniture to a young couple today

  240. Lauren says:

    Challenge Day changed Calhoun High School! Big, huge, thanks to Tony and Echo for being incredible leaders! Calhoun loves you!

  241. Stephanie Garcia says:

    This year, the high school that I attend has been having serious issues- from fighting and bullying all the way to discrimination. Me and a small group if friends decided to take a stand and start up a club that will bring these issues to everyone’s attention and show them that they can live a better life just by treating others the same they would like to be treated. After a year of jumping through hoops to get this club started, “Be the Change” was born. We’re hosting a small challenge day for a select group of troubled students who need that extra attention. We’ve already seen major differences in our school and cannot wait to see what the future will be.

  242. lynne kaska says:

    I’m starting a new non-profit organization to raise awareness for people living with Multiple Sclerosis, to raise funds for cutting edge research, and to bring hope to those living with MS.

  243. Michael Redd says:

    I have never went to “the real deal ” challenge day. However my academy instructor for UB had made our own version of it. It was a great inspiration for me and for most of the campus. we had 100 people and 12 groups….. unfortunately it was as big i wouldve liked it to be…. everyone including me felt the weights of our personal burden lifted and we had gained access to our peace and tranquility and we were allowed the right to enjioy other people company more not out of pity but out of sympathy. Sympathy for our fellow students and it showed that the people we believe dont know what we have been through….. well it turns out that they do and they have felt the same pain maybe more and we as a people as a commnity, a nation nad the people of the world need to wake up and realize that we ARE NOT ALONE

  244. Melissa says:

    Challenge day came to my school september 12-15. It was only for the freshman and wow it changed a lot of our attitudes towards eachother. My experience with challenge day was tough. I shared things with others that I have never shared before. And I thought that the speakers were amazing.
    At the beginning of the day I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. When I walked into my gym that morning I was not excited I didn’t want to be there at all. But once we started playing games I decided to give it a chance. I had a blast! When we got into our “small family groups” I was not thrilled because I had two people that I thought I couldn’t share with. So when the speaker told us to close our eyes and think I started crying and those two people we the ones that hugged me and were trying to make me feel better. So we all shared and I realizes that those two people had been through so much. We all hugged and were trying to cheer one another up. After lunch we all had a chance to say something on the mic and I was suprised about what people had to say. We all got into our circle and it was time to play another game called cross the line this game made me realize that some people are going through the same things i am and im not alone. In the end of the day I got really close to people id never Imagine being close to. I apoligezied to people
    I should have a long time ago. And lastly it changed me and the way I see people. I would do challenge day again in a heart beat! Thank you so much!! It changed my life!

  245. Allison Ball says:

    Challenge day came to my school today, Sept. 12. It was amazing. Not only did I realize who else has things in their life who make them who they are today, but having those people who you never thought could have a thing in common with you support you and realize how bad your life is. I got to let things out about myself that I never dreamed of telling anyone in fear of never being understood and Challenge day helped that. I have a lot of new friends and other who will just sit down and talk to me without judging me and it feels great. I would encourage everyone to do this, even if they thought it was dumb, because when it was over and we were telling people on the bus about it, there were kids that said it was stupid and they weren’t going to do it. We didn’t argue with them though. If they went for themselves, they’d know. I cannot say how much this changed my life for the better. I had this girl that I had been fighting with for almost 2 years go up onto the mic in front of everyone and call me up to apologize for all the things she did to me after I let her into my home when she was having her own home problems. It felt great hearing the “popular” kids relate to what I was going through and making the challenge to support me as I supported them through whatever life throws at us.

    Last, I stopped blaming myself for the death of my grandmother who committed suicide 3 years ago on Sept. 30. Thank you for reading. This day was life changing and totally worth it. <3

  246. Jules D says:

    I have made a change by starting the process of being a youth mentor in my Childrens school, My youngest is nearly two and I feel with my life experiences I maybe able to help at least one Child who is moving on to high school. My four Children are wonderful caring Kids and try to look after mates as best they can. So I feel my life has meaning teaching these kids who they really are what they can achive in life and show them most people have troubles in life and probably feeling very much the same as them. I was a troubled teen and learnt from my mistakes I was lucky to have good people with me I want to give that feeling to someone that they can be what ever they want to be have have the life they wish they had in a fairy tale. xxoo love you fantastic job Keep the change going and maybe they will pay us back when we are old and frail lol.

  247. Deyan says:

    Since seeing the first episode on MTV Europe i just knew i wanted to have a Challenge Day in my school and that also i need to make a change in my life. I needed to show myself and to show others that being cool means being yourself and being a good person. Since i live in a country (Bulgaria) where Challenge Day is almost an unknown programme i decided to make something crazy. I decided to create something like a small seminar lasting for about 2 hours after school and including a lot of the elements of Challenge Day. I gathered around 30-40 freshmen and talked to them about Being the CHANGE. The student councelor was also there and i thought i effected the kids. The thing is that the one week later gossiping was still there, harrasment was still there and everyone was once again devided into cliques and groups. I became really sad but that is when i realised that it’s impossible to become a good person in a day or to change yourself in a day or a week. Change comes slowly and willingly. The most important thing is that we never give up on ourselves and on others. After i read the book (Be the Hero you’ve been waiting for) and watched all of the episodes of If you really knew me i decided to follow my dream and to help others for the better. Nowadays i continue to work on changing the world and changing and accepting myself. I’m no fool – i know it will be hard to do it and it probably won’t happen by the time i die but what i want to tell you is to not be afraid to BE YOURSELVES and to BE GOOD,KIND,LOVING towards others, no matter if they are different than you. There are no bad people, only bad choices. So make a good choice and change the world. That will be the greatest thing to do.

    Thank you for reading! Love you guys! I’m here for you

  248. Brooke says:

    when i was twelve i told a girl on my soccer team that i didnt like her. i was rude and made her cry. four years later i saw her at the gym and i walked straight up to her and apologized. because in my heart i knew what i had done wasnt right reguardless of how long ago it was. and i knew i wouldnt get another opporitunity. even if she didnt remember, had already forgiven me, or worst, was still felt hurt by it, i knew that i would never feel right about it as long as i lived. i was proud of myself and i havent felt that way in a while.

  249. Bobby de Vries says:

    This september I’m starting at a new school and my personal change will be that when I see that somebody is alone, feels alone or thinks he/she doesn’t fit in the school or class, I will make him/her clear he/she does and I will pay attention and make clear that I’m there and I’m going to try other people to think the same way.

  250. Jennifer says:

    I was in Catalina this last weekend and met a woman that has been very sick in her body and feeling very lonely. And my family and I took her out to dinner and at the end of the 2 dyas of hanging out she said that it was the first time that her body wasn’t bothering her and felt like it was a blessing to have met us and we felt like it was a blessing to meet her. We brought each other so much love and joy that never would have happened if we never said “Hello”.

  251. Gabrielle says:

    I left the living the change workshop and I left with goals in mind. I had came to the workshop to help me make a decision but I felt my “decision” was forced by my mom. So my act of change was I went home and talked to my mom about the whole workshop experience and I tried explaining to her boyfriend what it was. I sat us three in a circle and suggested we did “If you really knew me” and I told my mom the feelings or anger, hurt and resentment I had towards her for hurting me and making me feel the way i did.

  252. Ammu says:

    This is not really an act of change, but I just want to say thank you. Thank you, Challenge Day organization, for providing me with an opportunity to get these messed-up, bottled up feelings and emotions out.
    I was an emotional eater. I used to sneak food just comfort myself and ease the other emotions I had. I used to be teased about how I looked. I did not have a very high self-esteem. I had practically no self- confidence.
    But after Challenge Day, I see myself getting much more stronger, and I’ve taken up community service as a way to avoid that pest of a desire for food. I’ve lost a lot of weight (in a good way, don’t worry) and feel much more confident about myself.
    God Bless,

  253. Sarah says:

    I have watched,”If You Really Knew Me” on MTV and it has changed how I act against “verbal violence.”
    I have seen many people get hurt within the days that I was feeling the same, in that same situation. So just in my last year if junior high, if I saw someone getting bullied I would stop it and protect them. I felt proud of what I did but still, not accomplished enough because the my city isnt like that. They are against the change and I will try my best to change that.
    Notice:The acts of violence, drugs, and abuse.
    Choose: I choose to be the peacemaker for most fights.
    Act: Staying that way and changing the world around me to be peacemakers too.

  254. Courtney says:

    I live in LA and I have been thinking of a way to get you guys to come here.I’m about to go into High School and all my friends are changing their style because they want to be “in the crowd” in High School.To be honest I don’t like the idea of them changing just to be accepted..Our school has drama,bullys,and alot of people who think of themselves to be higher then everyone else.I know alot of kids in my Middle School currently that have thought of suicide,and I have helped them through it.I want to start a program in my community for troubled teens and anyone who just needs a place to go to have people they can trust.I hope one day you guys will be able to come to my school.because I believe it will really help alot of kids.I am actually watching the show right now and crying because it is so touching(:! Thanks for inspiring me to change my community and to help me get ideas to help.
    Love Courtney<3!

  255. Sarah Clarke says:

    Living in the uk challenge day isn’t something that happens over hear but i think personally my school would benefit. I’ve pretty much left as of wednesday as that is my final exam but this past year i’ve mentored and worked with a year 7 form and they really have changed me for the better. They are wonderful people with vibrant personality’s who are scared of other years, as my school is very set in the years are years and must stick together and the cliques within the years must stick together and it really aggravates me! I wish challenge day would come here because i know the area i’m in needs it, not just my school. Every child at my school should be thought of as an individual but as the same time the same as everyone else, bullying really shouldn’t be an issue but it is so i think it’s time for a change!

  256. maria p says:

    I liked challenge day because i liked how the people whom were in there supported us.

  257. Kassidy BeTheChange Rambone' says:

    i go to Lakeside
    Chris Foster came to my school with angelia
    they were awesome..
    everyone told me that Challenge dat was and inside fun day
    but.. that was sooo much better
    i am sooo happy i desided to show up
    i reached out and got reached out to by soo maany people
    i am happy and proud
    i felt it was a place where i didnt “have to” but could open up
    and i did i changed
    im feel im a better person
    im will start to live
    soo much more beneth my waterline thanks to those 2
    best day of my life!
    -Kassidy <3

  258. kimberlee says:

    In March of 2007, I participated in a challange day workshop at my high school that needed it more than I can express. That day is engraved in my memory as one of the most uplifting and eye opening experiences of my life. Unfortunately it has been many years since Challange day made an apperance, and everyone that remembers Challange day has now graduated. The school has gone back to its old ways, cliques, bullies, kids threatening each other. Quite literally today, there was a fight in the ravine just outside my house, and I had to call the polive to break it up. My father went down to the ravine to do whatever he could, but its never enough. Last year, and young man was run over in front of my house because of a lost fight/argument. Thank god my father is as paramedic and we were able to help the young man injured BY ANOTHER TEENAGER!!!

    Things have not chagned in that school, and the fights have only escalted into intense violence. The violence is nwo disrupting my calm quite neighbourhood and this HAS TO STOP!! Today is another day for change. My entire family has spoken to our local RCMP and we are setting up a neighbourhood wide meeting to discuss ways to prevent these acts from occouring again.

    Challange day changed my life, and I am excited and willing to do almost anything to change my community. Thank you SO INCREDIBLY much from the bottom of my heart. I now have the power to do good in this world, and that is all thanks to the support of this program.

    Forever Greatfull,

  259. McKaya says:

    I had a challenge day in march. Kakoa, and Gina came to my middle school. I had a very good day that day. It was kind of sad too. Challange Day really changed me. Kakoa and Gina, YOU ARE THE GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, AND YOU GUYS ARE VERY NICE TOOO! Are school change in a good way becase of you two! I loved to go to enother challenge day! – McKayla

  260. Ryan Joesif says:

    its almost been a week since our school has gotten the privilege to have challenge day come and work their magic and I can say that there is already a sinifigant change and on of my personal chang I am very proud to say that I sought out and found my sisters ex and in stead of doing things that out of respect of this orginazition i will not say those words. But i walked up to him and simple as it was i forgave him for the things he put my family through espesially my big sister. I now relize that the anger and the hate I kept inside to reminde really just kept me angry and obsessed and thanks to challenge day that weight is finnaly off my back and i can just stand strait and smile, because without them I could have ended up in prison or worse. and i just wanted to thank all thatare a part of such a wonderful thing.

  261. dominique zamora says:

    beacuse of the challenge day today i came home and apollijized to mi mom nd mi dad for mi behavior towards them going threw challenge day was like a wake up call for me nd many people have it wors than i do

  262. Teresa says:

    I am starting a Be the Change Club at our Middle School this Wednesday in preparation for Challenge Days next fall. I am blessed to be accompanied by a small group of High School Students to initiate the Notice Choose and Act movement! The group I am working with has never participated in a Challenge Day… Our last Challenge Day in the school system 2007 and since then I Noticed that bullying was an unspoken topic existing in everyday life and then saw Tom Brokav’s special about intolerance in America and was inspired to take action in our schools. I made a choice…and am taking some action…I hope this little stone makes a ripple in our community. I am scared and excited at the same time! Take risks and make change!

  263. Karen Gonzales says:

    Hello – I attended Challenge Day with my Son last year. He didn’t realize that I was going to be there. When he saw me I was a little nervous that he would be upset but it turned out that he welcomed me with a big hug. Our relationship from the age 15 to 17 years of age has been the biggest challenge of my life as Parent. He refused to let me in and lived with his Father full-time. I wasn’t a part of his life until the day he was arrested this past August, 2010. He is currently in jail and awaiting trial. Since his arrest he has opened up his heart to me. He has apologized to me for being absent in my life. We have been working on our relationship while in jail. This is not what I had planned for my son but I’ve realized that its not my journey to walk it his. Gosh, I wish his life lesson didn’t include the harsh reality of jail life. He is the youngest in there and he misses his freedom every second of the day. My son has expressed to me all of the signs of the formula for change by how he is showing up in jail. Even though I can’t see him in action his stories tell me that he is making the most of his situation by choosing to follow the rules. That has been my son’s biggest challenge as a teenager is to “follow” simple rules. He has admitted to me that he is the only person to blame for choosing jail as his journey. He realizes that he will be in there for a long time so he needs to get through this and come out a better man. Being real… Right now I’m watching from the sidelines with so much fear and anxiety that he will remain safe and come out with the belief in himself that he can be his own success story. I’m grateful for our relationship today and that I can be his sounding board. He can call me or when I visit him he can share his feelings with me and I can just listen opening with an open heart. These moments when they happen mean so much to me that I have the tools to listen and not get caught up in the “what if’s” should have’s etc..
    I hope some day my son can write a book or mentor teens as he has so much to share. His personality and leadership abilities are uplifting. I’m not saying this just because he is my son I’m saying this because he is a passionate young man who stands out. When he pours his heart into something it shines. I’ve seen it before and I’ve watched others watch him with amazement. This is because my son when he was 15 years old was sent to a residential boarding school for troubled teens. His seminars were similar to challenge day but with much more intensity for a period of several days. It was breath taking to hear from his seminar leaders how he stood out how he opened up. Anyways, challenge day for me is a reminder of how much everybody needs to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone..

  264. Debbie Reiley says:

    I volunteered at my second Challenge Day at my son’s school. This time he came too. He absolutely loved it. There is a lady across the street from my boyfriend who’s lawn hasn’t been mowed in weeks. She has to hire someone to do it since her husband left. She can’t really afford to do this. At first my son was going to mow her lawn to make $10 to put towards a child he is sponsoring from Tanzania, but instead, he looked at me and said he wanted to do it as an act of kindness. The best part was the lady was not home. He mowed her lawn and put one of those “You’ve just received an Act Of Change/Pay it forward” cards on her door for her to find when she comes home. Her lawn was over 5″ and it was his first time mowing a lawn. But, he really enjoyed doing it for her. I am saving up money because we both want to attend the Next Step workshop to continue Be The Change in our community.

  265. Tammy says:

    I have promised that my 3 young children and their peers will be experiencing Challenge Day and I hope to get the program going in our community so that I can move on to other local school dristricts in my area as well.

  266. Brittany jones says:

    Challenge day was a life changing event for me. Now I look at life and relize not everything is bad. Challenge day also helped me understand people in my school. I was in foster care for 5 years and I’ve relized life isn’t so hard, yeh there is going to be ups and downs but that’s all part of life. Durning my 5 years of being in foster care I got taken away from my three younger brothers, I thought that if I was in an unsafe place then they would be safe, but it turns out I was wrong. They were with a new family that loves and cares for them:) All 4 of us are in a safe place and no longer in foster care:):) But challenge day helped me alot! If challenge day comes back to Snohomish high school I’m going:) Thank you for helping me and changing my life<3

  267. Gina says:

    I have started complimenting people anywhere I am. I walked up to a lady in the grocery store and told her that the colour of her shirt looked gorgeous on her. She was so surprised but I could tell it made her day. I am going to take every chance I get to step outside my comfort zone and share little bits of love with others.

  268. Jen Clark says:

    My students in our BTC team came up with an AWESOME idea! Before spring break, they want to have an Easter egg hunt. There will be eggs hidden throughout the school during the day, stuffed with slips that are printed with daily challenges on them. When a BTC team member spots a student living out their found challenge, they’ll win a prize! We are so pumped for our fun, motivational, spring event!

  269. Jenna says:

    I helped an elderly man find items at the grocery store and made sure he found everything he needed. He was so thankful!

  270. Thatseptamom says:

    Today I am hosting a meeting to start a special education PTA in our school district :)

  271. Katie says:

    I just wanted to say that this organization is amazing and is doing a great job with every school. I’ve watched most of the MTV “If You Really Knew Me” show and let me tell you that it has really changed my outlook on everyone. It’s changed me so much that I want to go to college to become a councilor or a therapist, maybe even be apart of “Be The Change” organization. Keep up the great work guys!!!!!

  272. kathryn says:

    I went to challange day in prinville oregon,, i heard the storys devin and jake told and i related ti them alot. Today i standup for who i am and people around me. i am pround to say that i have changed and it is because of challange day.When the crossing the line part came it really shocked me because some of tthe biggest coolest kids in school steped over the line on things i never thought theyd of gone threw. I want to say thanks you to devin and jake for coming to my school and helping us make a change.

    kathryn- oregon

  273. Desirae says:

    I attend challenge day March 2nd the day before my birthday, i attend fort vancouver high school it was hard for me, my mom has a deadly deases, i may have it my self i live everyday with a smile but i dont feel like a smile inside, my meds dont make me feel like my self, i feel diffrent, my brother is a drug addict and got kicked out my brother is the reason why i was so stroung but i dont know what ill do with out hes strength, God i pray to you that children like me dont go thru this to.

  274. kendall moreno says:

    you guys have seriously changed my life, im kendall moreno. and i will never forget you both for helping my school. it was an awesomething that you could do to make Lasalle Peru a better high school!!!! thank you so muchh!!!! come again soon:)

  275. grmomm says:

    On March 8, 2011, as an adult, I volunteered a day for Challenge Day. Probably the most fun and soul-seeking day I have spent in a long time (I’m 66 yrs. old) Many of the young people didn’t like the idea at all……after the first day, what a change in attitude. Our two presenters surely caught the attention of all of the 8th graders. I originally thought that this was a good idea for the children, but everyone, teachers, administrators, retired volunteers totally took back to our community an amazing amount of “stuff”. Communication, communication, communication! Great job!

  276. I  you guys! says:

    I wanted to give a shout out to Kekoa and Gina! I love you guys, you were amazing leaders at our challenge day. You two were very understanding
    , supportive, and loving. I couldn’t have asked for better leaders! Thank you for coming to Gwinn middle school! 

  277. Amazing experience says:

    Challenge day was hands down, one of the best days of my life. Our leaders were AMAZING! Even though we only knew them for a certain amount of time, you could tell that they genuinely cared about each and every one of us. They shared their life stories with us, which really made a connection between us all. What they shared, and my fellow classmates shared was very touching. Challenge day was the best thing that has ever happened to our school. Even a week after, people are treating each other with respect, kindness, and love. I am so grateful for this program, and the leaders! Thank you for making a difference in not only my life, but everyone else’s as well. Much love to you all! 

  278. just a friend says:

    I was part of a challenge day at my school, and it made me relize that there are people that I can help, that need help, and so I made a promise that I would protect everyone and I am going to keep it and I am using you to keep me to my promise . thank you for being there for me.

  279. Jasmyn A. Hollingsworth says:

    If you really knew me, I left 4 school’s in the past two years because I was constantly bullied. And the bullying led to me doing druugs like Meth and Heroine because it was the only thing that would make me feel better. My family was always picking on me about being bullied. But Meth was always there to make me feel better. But I got caught doing it so I stopped doing it. Then I moved to another school where I wasn’t bullied and I made alot of friends so now I am 9 months sober :)

  280. serge says:

    Hi my name is Serge. I am sixteen years old. I attend Fort Vancouevr High School. I heard good things about challenge day but Idid not go the first day and the second day I wanted to go it was pretty much filled up. Many of the people that went said it was the best time they ever had. They said may people cried and told the stories that were buried deep inside them which they could not rveal until they were there and hearing other peoples stories. The next time my schol will have a CHALLENGE DAY I will sign up and invite all my firnds. Cause we thought that we were to cool to go but people like us went there too. My friends just came back from visiting poor countries liek Africa, Mexico and other places. They were telling us how our money that we put together abd donated so they can help them out. The rich people in Africa had brick houses but the poor people had mud houses. They get a cup of some kind of corn mixed with milk and water one time a day so they can have enough calories to move around and persue life. hey also have lots of bananas there with some they just eat, some they fry and boil to make some other type of food. When my friends came they brought food and groceries for them and ask a group of kids who were poorly dressed if they ever got food brought to there village and they said that they never had that done for them. when they tasted the normal white bread our frinds brought them they ate it sparingly like it was something big. THere beds were on the mud and a little of hay sprinkled on the ground and a piece of dirty cloth for there pillow. Also there are 120 foster kids gathered form all the villages. they live in a house that a grandma left them for that perticular reason. So that the little children could have a roof over there heads. When my frinds left Afica and after they visited all of the other poor countries came back home they were looking over there houses and not believing that they have a house, a bed, clean water, fresh food, healthy family car(s) etc. if you have extra money that your throwing away and you could help out poor people and one day if you will need help it will come back in return intoyour life when you will be in need. Be thankful for everything and dont take it for granit. Thank GOD for everything.

  281. Mike Weiss says:

    My name is Mike. I am a teacher and I have been to Challenge Day four times and Next Step once. I use many of the things I learned in Challenge Day and Next step in my classroom on a daily basis, but I also take it outside the classroom. I try to say hi to as many students take pass my classroom each day as I can. I also will ask to see the manager at a restaurant after I have had a good meal to let him know that my server did a good job. They are usually surprised as they rarely hear that. I am the change.

  282. anonymous person says:

    :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  283. Alex says:

    Heyy, my name is Alex i am 15 years old and i just want to say thank you…The people for challenge day came to Fort Vancouver high school, i was very sad because i didnt get the chance to go but i have gone to something like this and i can just say that all the people that went are and were very affected by it. the tears were none stop, and its was way cool, no one was afraid to be them self, to express themself and thats way cool, so i just want to thank you for all that you have done, changing the lifes of so many young teens that cant explain how they feel, so i just thank you for opening us up to the world, to get out our feeling and to communicate better with other people, thank you

  284. Johny Love says:

    Hi mi name is Johny Love. I just had a chalange day at my school, but ended up not going. sad day:,( i wish i could have.

  285. anonymous person says:

    this week i am feeding my neighbors fish while she is in Hawaii.

  286. tanya says:

    dont judge any event or person before you get to know them:)

  287. Any Naumus says:

    Life changing experience…

  288. Desirae says:

    Hi, my name is Desirae i am 15 years old and i attend fort vancouver highschool, at challenged day it help me open up to people let me face my challenges. When i was 6 my mom was digenoised with chrohns deasies every day my mom fights for her life, somedays youll never know that shes sick. When my mom dies i will be the one that watches over my little brother and sister. My moms always sick, sometimes mostly in the hospital. My dad has no part of me, my older brother is know were to be found, so when she passes ill be the grown up i have been since i was 6, it wont be diffrent i just wont have nobody shoulder to cry on, ill have to be tuffer and be a leader. Challenge Day showed me that through everythings that happend, I am strounger then i should be, and even when im sad i shouldnt put it out on my bestfriend i should just keep my head up high, cause again its just another day, that i need to make more exciting, cause there will never be a day like this again.

  289. Anonymous says:

    challenge day really helped me and made me think. I am very happy i did it n will never go back to my old ways!

  290. Tash says:

    Hi, I wathced If you on knew me on MY+TV around 3 months ago, and I absolutely loved it. I live in NZ, and we have the same issues here too. I would love to be apart of an organisation like this, and hope to one day travel New Zealand and do the same inspiring work you all do. Thank you for the grat work you do.

  291. bouazzaoui says:

    Hello im from Morocco and i wana do a chalenge day in my school i tolk with my Teacher a bouht that’s and she supporte my and all our teacher in school they wana be the change i just pls need a Direction and Some Advice becaus now i do my best to know how i can do it in my school for being the change thank you so much
    thank you :)

  292. Khris graham says:


  293. Rachel says:

    Hi, my name is Rachel, I am 26yrs old and I live in Australia. I watch my first few episodes of ‘If you really knew me…’ on MTV today and I feel majorly INSPIRED!!! Growing up I was bullied from the age of 7yrs old because I have a rare form of O.C.D that caused me to pull out my own hair including my eyebrows and eyelashes. Sadly I was constantly staired at and teased, I was the girl who parents didnt want their children around because of my appearance. Other kids and adults alike treated me as if I had the plague, and at 7yrs old that was an extremely painful thing to go threw. I was bullied throughout primary and high school and I felt alone and like a complete misfit, these experiences made me a bitter and very negative and sadly a judgemental person. I have had a control on my condition since about 16yrs old but my eyelashes and eyebrows have not grown back properly so even though i hide behind eyeliner and eyebrow pencil I am still treated as an outcast in alot I do.
    I have decided to BE THE CHANGE I WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD from now on. I am commiting to whole heartedly let go of my past and not judge other by their appearance because of what people that appear simalarly have done to me in the past. I will give others a chance instead of putting up a wall before i get to know them and I will forgive those who have done me wrong in the past because I am better than bitterness and anger!!!
    Thankyou those who part take in ‘Challenge day’ for inspiring me to be a better me!!

    ps. if someone can inform me on how to start and run ‘Challenge Days’ in my area I would be very appreciative!! I wish they held challenge day at my high school then maybe i would have felt more accepted and stuck around to graduate.

  294. Gennah says:

    I live in Australia and I watch ‘If You Really Knew Me’ every day, I record it on Foxtel.
    Every episode brings tears to my eyes. Watching it just makes me really think about how we should treat people. I’ve always been the ‘Outcast’ or the ‘Looser’ or the ‘Emo’ of my schools and as many times as I’ve changed schools, it’s always been the case but, when I watch this show, it just shows that people really can change and the people that made fun of me, tourmented me for the way I look, dress, wear my hair, never really meant what they said. It’s helped me get some closure, and i’m back in school now after dropping out for 6 months.
    I wish they did something like this in Australia because it really gives people hope, you guys do a great thing, showing people that they’re never alone. That there is people out there, like the men and women who make be the change, who care, who are compassionate.
    Thank you for giving me the courage to go back to school and face my fears.
    Even if you’re over the ocean.
    Thank you.

  295. Selindaa says:

    i wish i had challenge day at my school in Australia, im over everything. The rumours, fights, i wish challenge day was here in Aus, if theres an application please tell me, i think this COULD help my school.

  296. Angel says:

    Hey, This is Angel. Be the Change came to my school today and it was great. Sean was so much fun and so energetic, it was a blast. The things he said and the activities he made us do, really hit me hard. It was very emotional and other times full of laughs. It is a great progam and I’m so happy that I got to take a part in it. It was definetly worth it. I thought that it was going to be a drag, but really, I have never hugged and hi-fived so many people in my whole entire life. I have went around being a jerk to everyone, and pretty much a bully, but this program made me really think; now that I’ve honestly took a little time in thinking I’m definetly going to change my ways. It was wonderful, I may not have cried myself but it was emotional. Thankyou Sean and everyone who came out. It was WONDERFUL. -Angel, Boyne City Alternative Student, Michigan-

  297. andraya says:

    Today our board president and our head volunteer bought me a beverage that I have been craving all week! Now that is an act of change! Not to mention the the amazing cop in walnut creek, ca who let me off ticket free after making an illeagal turn! She said i don’t know why I’m doing this but I am!

  298. Eleni says:

    I had ChallengeDay two days ago and how I felt when I left my gym is a feeling I cannot put into words. Katie and Evert were the best leaders I could’ve asked for and their is no way I will ever forget this. I truly feel like I have changed and I loved the experience so much. This was the best day of my life and sooooo eye-opening. I really wish I could do this every year. I love Katie and Evert and I feel a lot closer to everyone who experienced ChallengeDay with me. The amount of Love I felt in that gymnasium was incredible! I go to Hillside Middle School and something cool was even my principal was participating in ChallengeDay. Thank you soooo much for the wonderful expreience. I love you Katie and Evert! -Eleni

  299. Doug says:

    My challenge to myself is to stop bulling in the halls of my school!! Barnstable High School! i use to be the kind of kid that would say things with people that hurt others becuase i didnt know them…and in the past 2 years i have gone including today it has changed what how i am around my friends and to make new ones!

  300. mandilla says:

    iam very happy to discover this site . i think iam lucky .i will try to be apart of it .i love u all guys

  301. Lisa Ford-Berry says:

    Yesterday was Challenge Day at Franklin High School. It was an extraordinary day, spent with exceptional young people, along with dedicated professionals, who came together with one thought in mind, and left committed to each other, their school, and I believe their larger communities. I know I left feeling exhilarated, and filled with great hope that these kids would take what they had learned, and teach it to their peers, and more importantly put the lessons to work by treating each other with more respect, more dignity, more empathy, and finally by showing each other more understanding.

    I spent a wonderful day with the Challenge Day Facilitators, along with the staff and students of Franklin High School located in Elk Grove, California. The story of how I came to be included can only be understood, if one understands the nuances of a small town that has grown to become a larger metropolitan area, because regardless of how big both Sacramento and Elk Grove become, their foundation remains that of a small town, committed to community.

    Ironically, several weeks ago I was in a meeting one morning along with other committed professionals and as we sat there going around the table sharing with one another why we felt pulled to do something that at times would not be popular and would definitely make some people defensive, one of my peers who happens to also be a mother of a special needs child, and a middle school counselor started speaking about another dedicated woman named Edith. I was asked if I knew Edith, and I replied no. It was later in this meeting when someone else said something that things started to click, and I then I realized not only did I know Edith, but she had been a VP at Mira Loma for years, you see I knew her as Mrs. Crawford, and had sat through many of her Freshman orientations on behalf of my boys. Later on that day I gave Edith a phone call, where we were able to catch up with each other. As we were chatting she mentioned a program named Challenge Day, and asked if I were familiar with it, at which I replied, “sort of”. Edith thought Challenge Day would be an excellent source of information, and something I needed to experience. Through the efforts of several people I was able to secure an invitation to join the volunteers at the Franklin High School Challenge Day.

    I thought I was prepared to be WOWED. I thought I was ready to participate. I thought I was set to understand the power of Challenge Day and why it is so successful when many other programs aren’t. I was wrong. Now, The Challenge Day web-site does a very good job of conveying information and expectations. However, it does not equip you to disseminate the emotions of the kids or one’s own self. I am still trying to wrap my arms around why this works in this format. What is it about Challenge Day that makes these kids communicate with adults, when in many other instances they don’t or wont. I also wonder what is it about Challenge Day that makes the adults that participate pay attention to the whole child, not just what is being shown above the watershed, because the sad truth is, adults do not read kids well especially teenagers. I think out of the whole day my take away centered on how important it is to be a gracious listener and what a gift we give to ourselves and our kids, peers, co-workers, actually society at large when we not only pay attention, but listen with our whole heart. If you have never been on the receiving end of this type of listening, you need to be in order to really understand the strength of being a good listener because that is the foundation of Challenge Day.

    On a very painful note, I spent a lot of time on Monday wondering if Mira Loma had invested in their students, their school; in their future by investing in a Challenge Day would my son Michael still be alive. I could not help but look at those beautiful Franklin High School kids, and see a little bit of my own child in each of them. When they ran around, I could see my own boys enjoying such an activity, when they danced I could close my eyes and see Michael moving so fluidly, I could hear his laughter, I could feel his love. I could also see my oldest son shifting uncomfortably at the thought of being so silly, and yet I could see both of my boys easily exchanging hugs as they were huggers. However, the biggest jolt of the day revolved around the exercise of “walking across the line”. I was shocked when I saw how many people had contentious and fractured relationships with their siblings, and I could not help but ponder as I splashed what I was seeing with what I knew my own children had with each other. A few days after later I am still thinking about that specific crossing the line – how do you teach people to savor, to love, to appreciate, to enjoy, to accept, to own what they so easily dismiss. The sad truth is we need to stop dismissing key relationships of our lives because we are not promised tomorrow and for many of us tomorrow will never come.

    When I think about the Challenge Day that I participated in I am left with a wish list. How I wish the MLHS officials that Michael went to would have gone through a Challenge Day because then they would have known how to listen, how to not judge the 10% above the waterline. How I wish someone would have taken the time to pay attention as my son asked for help, cried for help, begged for help, but instead they judged him based on the image that he projected to the world, and that image, and their failure to listen, along with the cyberbullying, harassment, and torment he received from his peers helped create the perfect storm resulting in his immature decision to take a permanent solution to a temporary problem. High school is so fleeting, and I wish there was a way to teach that to our kids, so they really understood it. I wish more schools had the courage to admit they have problems, I wish the kids had more courage to admit they had problems, I wish the parents had more courage to admit they had problems, and finally I wish society admitted they are part of the problem. How I wish more schools would be willing to view Challenge Days as an emotional investment worth making, instead so many live in the land of denial.

    As we were working yesterday challenging ourselves to get outside our comfort zones, I could not help but wonder again, if our students would not be better off learning social skills, common courtesies, manners, values if you will rather than being taught against a set of standardized tests, maybe we should concentrate on things that make someone a kinder, more empathetic person rather than how well they are able to do on a test. However, educational politics aside peer abuse is a rampant problem that so many refuse to address. Our class room teachers need to be completely empowered, and currently they are not. Parents need to teach their children how to behave, and they need to be held accountable when their child is part of the problem. We need to get away from justifying poor behavior. We need to have expectations for a code of behavior that teaches our children to be part of the solution, not the problem. Administrators and district politics hold complete campuses hostage by denying problems, and this needs to stop. Children are being abused by their peers and in many cases law enforcement is powerless because peer abuse in not addressed in the penal code. While Challenge Day does not address all that is wrong, it does address how to begin to be the change that you want to see.

  302. Ffyona says:

    Hi my name is Ffyona, I am 31 and I just had to say that the “If you really knew me” MTV have been showing here in the UK has created this massive change in myself. If you really knew me you would know that I was that kid that was always bullied, put down, made to feel worthless everyday of my school life, at home things were tough. I have carried the hurt and pain and never felt worthy of positive comments or love that is in my life. Only in the last few years have I become a more positive person and try and smile and keep peoples spirits up. I work with people with disabilities now and within community, getting people accepted. I will continue to smile at everyone and be respectful of others as I know that we are too used to focusing on the negatives we hear in our lives. Thank you from Bonnie Scotland for helping me let go of the past!! xx

  303. Jabari Callahan says:

    I had Challenge Day today!! At my school Atlantic Coast High School. It was such a great life changing experience. I must say I’ve learned so much about the people. Who I walk in the halls with and who don’t really open up to everyone. But when we did “Croos the line” we. Learned so much about the people who we attend school with. I truely enjoyed my Six hours being in the Gym at my school. Thanks to all the adminstration & staff!! And the leader for coming up with Challenge Day!! I loved it so much.
    Atlantic Coast High Schoool, Jacksonville Florida.

  304. andraya says:

    Today one of our Challenge Day Leaders brought in to the office a giant box of diapers. The diapers are for a friend of mine who is a single mom. We adopted her and her baby as a company over the holidays. He said he never got to do something and wanted to. Evert is the amazing leader who found the time in his very crazy life to do something so big for someone elce! Thank you Evert!

  305. Cindy Brown says:

    Hey, Hope all is well with everyone of you!! I have challenged everyone on my facebook to do one random act of kindness and post it for me. It keeps them reminded that I am always there to continue to challenge them. They know I love them all and I want to get this into every school. It has also allowed me to share my story and help teens by making them aware of the issue and they have responded with stopping or teaching other about it. Because if you really know me, you would know that my son Grant died from the CHOKING game almost 2 years ago and it devastated my world. But now I educate other about it!! :) Door shut, but a patio door opened!!

  306. Emmabay says:

    I’m going to try and possibly get a challenge day at my school..

  307. Laura says:

    Hi, my name is Laura and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I’m 16 years old, almost 17.
    Today, here in Spain, it was the premier of your program “If you really knew me” from MTV.
    This morning i’ve seen an advertisement of the program in the channel, and I have thought that it would be a different program at the others.
    Here, in Barcelona. There aren’t so many groups in the high school. There aren’t jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, emos… Well, there are, but people is more friendly. I mean, that the differences between people isn’t so radical.
    With the american high school movies, we realised that there are the group of cheerleaders, the group of nerds, the group of the band, the american football players…
    But in this TV program, i have realised that all that not only happens in movies.
    Watching this program, i have realised that despite of our appearance, we are all equal. We need to pertain to a group to feel that we are someone in this world, because we need to feel that we fit in the society. But we don’t realised that under that appearance, we are all teenagers, we have the same problems, the same feelings, but maybe we don’t want to show them because we have a social reputation. We have a tag that says for example: you’re a football player, you have to be a popular boy, you have to be cool, you have to be respected, and you have to pretend you’re happy, that you have everything you want. But our feelings doesn’t say the same. We all need to be listened, we all need to be love, and we all cry when we feel lonely.
    An emo can think that he or she is less than the others, so they dress with dark colors, but maybe, a popular girl thinks the same. Maybe she isn’t comfortable with her body, or she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents so she does what they want, not what she want.
    If we really knew each other, we could know that sometimes we hate ourselves, or we feel lonely or we don’t feel loved, we would know that sometimes we need a: How are you? or Do you want me to help you? But this simple question never comes. We all have to deal with our problems by ourselves. But this can change.
    I think that the Challenge Day it’s an incredible program that can finally put an end to these tags, and make all social groups are at the same level, and know that inside of us, we are all equal.
    This program can change this racist and differenced society.
    Thanks for your lessons, thanks for make us feeling accepted with who we are.

    P.D: Sorry for my English. I have done what I have could. I hope you’ll understand.

  308. Soph says:

    I live in the UK and have been watching If You Really Knew Me…I think that show is awesome and i would love to start doing something like that here, as i have been reading about it and we do not have a challenge day within the UK, what would be your advice to try and bring this to the UK as i would love to help people who feel like some of the teens on the show and i know a few good people who would be willing to help. Thanks :)

  309. Tanya says:

    “We did not come here to fix you, because YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!” Thank you for altering the perspectives of me and the students that I serve! Be the Change belongs in EVERY public school across the nation. The impact of the Challenge day experience is felt long after the training is complete. Thank for renewing my energy to continue teaching and for helping my students to choose to grow past their pain and/or circumstances. THANK YOU!! May God bless this movement with abundant prosperity and steady growth!

  310. Vanessa downing says:

    Hey , i’m Vanessa from helen A. Fort middle school. Chanellege day has brought a change in my life. It’s showed me people really go through it & making fun of someone doesn’t help there pain their feeling inside, it makes it worst. Putting another child down , hurts them tens times worst because they have to deal with it out and in school. The show ‘if you really knew me’ brought a change in my life too, everyone in this world is going through tought times included myself. Personially I only used to put people down , because I was never happy and I thought everyone should feel the same way I did, but I guess it wasn’t the right thing to do. I was never happy , I never felt loved , I was lonly ; but making other people that way wasn’t right. So I apologized tp the people I hurt. Instead of me putting others down , i’m going to help the ones that are being put down , and hurt ; and the ones who are making them feel this way I am going to make them feel loved to , everyone needs a friend in this world , noone should put anyone down , because everyone is not perfect , evveryone has a problem or something bothering them inside , doesn’t give anyone the right to make someone feel the same. Everyone in this world deserves to be happy. Everyone needs a crying shoulder to lean on when there days are bad and they need someone. Everyone needs someone to talk to when their down. letting everything build up inside and not letting it go , can really hurt you , it can actully kill you. I know I let everything build up and that ballooon inside me poped and I tried to take the easy way out, but now I learn talk to someone , take some weight off you shoulder. Never give up , never let no one take your pride , live life, and love life you onyl have one. Everyone deserves happiness. Everyone deserves to be loved.

  311. Robert Kelaghan says:

    Hi ….. love your work …… we do somewhat similar work here in Hawaii at our Polestar Community where young people come from all over the world to learn to develop life skills, the art of living in a co-operative community, and how to better connect in with their spirit …… my role is overseeing our Apprentice Program
    and most of the folks who come are in the teens, 20′s or 30′s ….. HOWEVER, I want to share with you that my avocation is songwriting & I wrote a song called:
    “BE THE CHANGE” …… there’s a simple version of it on YouTube.com if you’d like to check it out (type in the title & my last name, Kelaghan) ….. I think it’s an upbeat song and the CD will be out in a few days ….. Hope you like it (& hope this is not too “personal”)! Again, thanks for all you do ….. Robert Kelaghan

  312. Kobe says:

    Hi my name is Kobe, i’m in middle school. Usally challenge days have been in high school but being in 8th grade i am trying to spread the idea of being the change in my local school. My fellow student counsel and I are organizing a challenge week at all the local middle schools in Alameda, CA. We belive that challenge day shouldn’t only be in high school. Us, middle school students would like to have the chance to experience a challenge day. We’d like to thank the “Be the Change” Movement for letting us have this oppertunity. Love, Kobe XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  313. Joe Wasylyk says:

    What needs to change is to celebrate Seniors in a positive way rather than being isolated, unimportant, politically weak, socially discountable, and economically insignificant are becoming more active, creative, productive and useful members in society. My small contribution and commitment is a book entitled, Encore! Encore! Seniors (50 Plus)As Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come. Available on Lulu.com and later as a printed book on Amazon.com. We must also put pressure on all levels of government to improve the quality of life for Seniors through more opportunities for quality Lifelong Learning programs/courses; especially in the areas of Financial Education, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

  314. lynne k says:

    We can’t write on the mirror in the restroom like they do at the Challenge Day Office, so I got a posterboard and posted it in the main office for Employee Celebrations!!! Everyone is having a blast. I will change the poster board every thursday (that’s my friday).

  315. Christine says:

    i attended challenge day this week as an adult. Althuogh my career is often based around youth programming, this was a very impressionable reminder that there are a lot of kids suffering from a lot of different things. It reminded me to make extra efforts as a parent, even when I am tired, frustrated or angry. It also inspired me to continue to reach out to kids, and offering motivating progamming. Teens Rock!

  316. Heather says:

    I asked my family to stop insulting each other. We are giving more hugs.

  317. Jenny says:

    Hi my name is Jenny, I have watched If you really knew me on MTV for a few weeks now and it has really made me want to start something like that here in my community in Ireland. I am 37 and I feel that it would be such a wonderful programme for the schools here. I just wonder how would I go about it, I have some really good people I know and they would be willing to help me but I feel if we just get some help in starting up and a guide on what to do that will best help the students it would be great. Anyone any email address that I could contact to ask for some guidnce, Thank you, Slan from Ireland

  318. Malia Matthews says:

    1/10/2011-Snohomish High School Washington.
    I am currently a freshman at SHS. Today we had the Challenge day and, you know how people always say, “Today was the best day of my life” for example, when they go to Disneyland, that to me is only something that is temporary. The Challenge Day Organization has truly changed my life in a way that will stick with me forever. I encourage every school to act apon doing this and for every student to take action and participate in something that will deeply and amazingly change your life. If they had 1 Challenge Day every month, I would go to everyone for the rest of my high school career. It has made a change, not only for me, but for the people that are affected by it. I have to shout out a special thank you to Gina and Ryan i believe his name was. Thank you guys for coming out here and doing this. Mahalo :)

  319. GalaRay says:

    Wow!! What you people are doing is truely inspirational. Im South African and in my country there is an enormous need for people to start appreciating each other. Keep up the great work!!

  320. Ieva says:

    My nema is Eve and I live in Latvia. I’ve been watching If You Really Knew Me for some time now and it inspired me to make a change in myself and around myself. We don’t really have ‘clicks’ in my school, but bulling and talking behind other peoples’ backs is a very common figure. I have been bullied, laughed at, beaten up, I didn’t have any friends for some time and I even thought of commiting a suicide.
    I moved to another town in which I didn’t know anybody. I went to a guitar class and there I met my best friend. He even helped me to become a christian and I feel so blessed to have him.
    I try to give other people the best of me as my friend did. Not always it is giving a testimony. I love to be there for people and let them know, that someone cares for them. I know how hard it is to talk to someone about your problems, so I am a volunteer in an e-mail consultation centre where pople write their problems and you can help them.
    Sometimes people think too much about changing the world, that they forget to start wit themselves. We start to change, people around us start to change, then people around them start to change… in the end we all learn to love each other and ourselves as we are. As miracles.

  321. Zac says:


  322. Kaitlin says:

    BERNICE AND TONI ARE THE BEST LEADERS EVER!!!!!! Thankyou for changing the lives of everyone! Bernice your story made me one emotional wreck but im very happy you chose to share with us! Toni thankyou so much for you story because even though I do not have a desease i did get hit by a car and that made my life from now on a VERY hard experience. I LOVE YOU GUYS LIKE MY OWN FAMILIA!!!! thankyou guys once agian…….BE THE CHANGE 4 EVER

  323. Cindy Brown says:

    The change that I have chosen to take on is to make the WI PAUSE B 4 Circle of Change the best circle. I try to go to every Challenge Day in WI. Because I always try to bring someone for a diffrent school districts, or mental health professionals, so they will also see the need to bring the Challenge Days to there School districts or also offer the opinions of the transformation that they see. I live my life everyday to serve others. Because I have the belief that we ofton have to step outside of yourself to truly find your true worth. I promise to do one ramdom act of kindness everyday!!!!!!! Let’s step up more now than ever!!!! With love and respect always!!!! Cindy Brown- WI PAUSE B 4 Circle of Change leader.

  324. john buitron pacasi. says:

    hola ..soy de peru.. y les cuento mi experiencia..

    hoy vi un episodio If You Really Knew Me y me gusto mucho .. en verdad.. ,,
    y veo que aca en lima peru los chicos tienen esos mismos problemas ..tengo 7 hermanos por eso se lo que digo
    no crei que despues de mucho tiempo ver tan fuertes emociones asi..
    se que es una iniciativa que ya tiene tiempo .. y me gustaria decirel que maduren su idea
    que la apliquen a niños que recien entran a la secundaria .. no se como se dice alla la verdad
    creo que lo chicos entenderian la verdad de sus acciones
    se que es muy dura la crudeza de un insulto , de un desaire , de un rechazo. y etc pero si es encaminado por las buenas personas que son ustedes se que van a llegar aun mas lejos de lo que creen
    mirenme a mi
    estoy a mitad de mi vida .. pero creo en la solidaridad, el respeto , la union , la amistad.
    todos tenemos buenas cosas y claro malas . pero es uno quien en verdad decide el cambio..
    ojala pudiera retroceder en el tiempo,,
    y hacer lo que hacen en donde estudie ,
    lo que yo hago ahora es orientar aconsejar a mis hermanos primos amigos. algunos aprenden y reaccionan
    otros se callan y se alejan..pero ver mejorar el entorno donde uno vive y ver que las personas se sientan mejor te llena el corazon

    muchas gracias por ser ustedes … desde peru les mando todo mi respeto y admiracion..


    john buitron
    cuidense mucho

  325. Olivia says:

    After doing a Next Step this weekend, i am a big sister and a mentor for a young girl, mentor for three other girls:) and an amazing friend to so many others! i took the step to become a mentor, it feels AMAZING!

  326. Chadron Middle School says:

    We had a Pie in the Face Fundraiser for a local family what was in a car accident. Both parents were injured and neither will be able to work for a LONG while. We raised $1683, and 3 staff got a pie to the face by 3 students during half time of a Varsity Basketball Game.

  327. hannah says:

    My name is Hannah! I live in New Zealand and have just seen ‘If you really knew me’ on TV. I had never heard of challenge day. Here in nz there is no one programme like it. I am so moved and excited about what I have seen. I am passionate about anti bullying, and we have a huge issue with it here, as they do everywhere. As of now, I have a new goal/dream. I wanna get this programme to much country! Wish me luck :)

  328. DANIEL REXACH says:

    Hey well i have been doing a project to form a group project in my school but its not working sosadly i gave up. But 2 weeks ago our science teacher said we have to do a reserach project over something so i choose challenge day. I really want to make a difference in my school to show every student thats we all go through the same stuff. That we are not better then one another. People judge people by the way the look and talked and its not right . The compart image to image rather then heart to heart as challenge day putes it . But i just wish i could make a difference. so if you have any advise please look me up on facebook for chelsea dragon and my pic says if you really knew me . and add me and ill add you and just give me advise on what to do or if you just need to talk im there so thanks for giving me the time to write here bye

  329. Giavonna says:

    Hi, I have always loved this show. I have actually cried during some of the episodes, because it really amazes me that out of all the selfish people in the world, the nicest ones came out and decided to do something about bullying. Minooka Junior Highschool is anti-bullying. Our school has sold t-shirts, and candy, set up assemblies, ect. just to spread the word that Bullying is not an option. It would be an honor for If You Really Knew Me to come to Minooka Junior High, because just spreading the word wont cure the cruel things, if someone came to work with us, the school would be bullying free.Some of the students at Minooka Jr. High have planned their own “Challenge Day” but it would be even better if you could come to help and support us Thankyou (:

  330. Lauren Doligale says:

    I love the show me and my friends at school (MINOOKA JUNIOR HUGHT SCHOOL) are going to do a show just like IF you really new we but its going to be called IF you really knew Minooka. We made a bullying club and its so far really good. Me woulld love if you guys came to our school. You have no idea how muchdrama their is in our school, theirs people ettting bullied, drama, rumors, people family memebers dieing, people say they want to kill there omn selfs just because of all the Drama that goes around our school i know you guys dont know me but it would be a great Experencie to have some change our own lives please contract me at http://www.facebook.com/#!/lauren.d.peaden

  331. Olivia says:

    By the way a big shout out to Chris and Jennifer for being amazing and inspirational leaders.

  332. Olivia says:

    Challenge day has encouraged me to open up to people in a way that I never would have before. I Love what Challenge Day did/does/ and is still doing.

  333. Molly♫ says:

    Today I had Challenge Day at my school, Wolfson. Jen & Chris were so great. I think this experience really changed me and every one in the “family”. People that looked like thugs and like they were too good to do any of this really opened up and told they’re story. Teachers opened up and really made me realize that they go through hard times too. SO, thank you Jennifer and Chris for coming to Wolfson, and thank you for being the change :) I am now a Ninja or love, and my Love-O-Meter is full of love.

  334. Darlene Doskoch says:

    If you really knew me you would know that I am in awe of all of our Challenge Day volunteers from Williams Lake. What an amazing community! The support, love and commitment that all of them have for the youth in our community was evident in the hugs, love and tears that I witnessed over the past four days. Thank you so much for being there!

  335. Eric says:

    We had challenge day at our school on Wednesday. We had Pam and Schan come. Me and Schan could relate in our lives. If you really knew me you would know that my mom has Multiple Sclerosis(MS). Me and my mom get into fights sometimes before or after school. I am only 14 and I feel like I am the adult now. I have to take care of my mom sometimes, like get her a glass of water or wash clothes something like that. I go to school and people make fun of me because of the way I dress(skinny jeans, band teeshirt) some of the kids don’t like the way I dress. But that changed when Pam and Schan came to Woodbury Highschool. People actually understand me now and I understand other people.

  336. Elizabeth Russo says:

    As a result of Challenge Day last year we created a snaller committee of students at our school (Euclid High School) Euclid, ohio that meets regularly as a Stand Up AgainstnViolence anti bullying initiative. One of the student , Kevon Smith who challenged other students at Challenge Day to do something was recognized at aEuclid city council meeting and Euclid doard level for his resolution to change his community. The group creates rallies at the High school and middle school andworks with Mediation and Culture Club hand in hand. We made T shirts to sell as well. We now have a Stand Up banner hanging outside our school building.

  337. Sean says:

    Challenge Day for all the students at Southwestern Middle School was selected as one of only 1000 ideas on the Pepsi Refresheverything.com site. The winners are chosen by how many votes the project earns during the month. Pepsi funds the top 10 projects in each of the categories. Southwestern Middle School’s project is under the 25k category. People can vote for a project once a day (in effect 31 times for this project!). The link ishttp://www.refresheverything.com/smschallengeday . You can vote a second time each day by texting 104301 to the number 73774. Also, if you feel inclined to forward the link to others, I’d greatly appreciate it. The Challenge Day program promotes self esteem; reduces teasing, racism, bullying; shifts peer pressure to positive peer support and inspires students to be the change they wish to see at their school. The more people that vote on a daily basis, the greater the chances are to bring this program to Southwestern Middle School. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

  338. Jen says:

    I love you guyz!!! <3 We’ve changed me for the better!!!! I see life now as a open door to making people feel better about their own lives.

  339. Naomi Slade says:

    I have always noticed how great it feels to receive a complement so ever since my first challenge day in 2006 i have made a point to give complements daily. My friends laugh at me and say i have no filter and tend to call em embarrassing but i don’t care. Every time a thought pops into my head like the girl in front of me has a great smile or the clerk at the bank is always exceptionally helpful or maybe even the girl i’m passing on the street has a great pair of boots, i say it. i will walk boldly across a parking lot to someone i don’t know to simply give them a complement. To me there is nothing better then the smile on someones face after receiving a complement and you know what people seem to love having me a round and I’m told i always brighten peoples days so i think i must be doing something right.

  340. thomas becknauld says:

    Some times you feel self doubt
    Even though you just want to shout
    Let go, show how you feel
    So you can show them that you are the real deal
    But everyone feels that way
    Some times they don’t know what to say
    don’t know what to think
    Their mind goes blank and sinks
    So the person that you might hate will feel the same
    Even if you hate hearing their name
    Step in their shoes
    See that at one time they feel blue
    See what I see
    If you really knew me

  341. Georgia says:

    We just had challenge day today at my school. It is the most powerful thing i have experience in my life and it opened my eyes to people who are struggling more then me. Who are going through more then me and it makes my problems seem so much smaller compared to theirs. You bond over something that you never would have know if you didn’t get to know this person and you get to feeling something more powerful than human kind it’s self. It make you realize that being yourself is great. And as long as it is good enough for you then it should and has to be good enough for everyone else and they have to learn to except that.

  342. Tyra says:

    I think that this is an amazing website and i am doing a project in english class and i am sooooooooooooo, pumped about it. There are so many things that i want to change but i always think that i cant im just a kid but actually i can and this project and website shows me i can thank- you so very much to this website creator.

  343. Aurelia says:

    I just discovered what the Challenge Day did for people. It’s unbelivable…It helps so much people! I live in France and there, there is absolutly not thing like this for us. The way that people is treated, considered in France is so much more different from the USA because in France (in high school/university/firmes) the education really doesn’t care about what you feel inside you, if you are happy, feel lonely or whatever you want because the only thing that matters is the result of your work (like marks if you are at school, etc), if you are productif, and the rest is insignificant. This mentality affect a lot of people, believe me. That’s why we need this kind of organisation to help people, to make them more open-minded, and to change the french education at school which is really not based on the personality development contrary to the usa. So i would really like to do at my university the action that the Challenge Day did, but i dont know how because people would think that it’s useless and ridiculous. I would like very much that you bring your mentality, and the way that you help people in France!! So do you have advice that you could give to me to apply at my university like what the Challenge Day did ? I hope that this way of considering people will change the mentality of peaple in France.

  344. Patrick Cantin says:

    Challenge day is absolutely amazing nothing compares to it!! It is the type of inspiration everyone needs nowadays, and it is the type of inspiration I as a writer hope to spread to as many people as possible. It is right for us to get to know one another and vanquish out any and all hate. I truly believe there is good in all of us. we just have to dig deep and find it :)

  345. HelenaB says:

    My act of change is trying to be there for anyone who needs someone to listen to them because I know what it is feeling like no one in the world can understand what you’re going through. I’d like to take the risk through this website and leave my e-mail so if anyone wants someone to listen to them they can reach me even though I live far away from the US. My e-mail is: [email protected]

  346. Sharon says:

    I volunteered to participate at Terry Parker High School. WOW, what an incredible program this is and I can only hope that one day all high school students will have the opportunity to attend. This truly was a once in a lifetime experience and was something I will never forget. Keep up the awesome work.

  347. Dean Bell says:

    The way i made a change is i told everyone i hang with to cut off with there swearing and try use less inappropriate language then i told them to think of a place they wanna be and take one person the dont no there then i told them to talk to someone see if they wanna hang then i noticed our friends group was getting larger and larger

  348. Susan says:

    Challenge Day came to East Elgin Secondary School in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada and had a great impact on our students. In order to have them come back next year, we need to raise some funds. An easy way you can help is by clicking on the link http://www.refresheverything.ca/eastelginchallengeday and voting everyday from now until Dec. 31st. Thanks in advance!

  349. Angee says:

    Hey, I’m the United Kingdom,England and the other day I stumbled upon ‘If You Really Knew Me’ on MTV.
    When I was watching it, i just started crying, I wasn’t even there yet I was emotional. Hearing the stories and experiences that I have experienced too! I think just watching that alone made me change and now I try and not judge people and I try and listen to people and realised people are just the same.
    I would really love it if challenge day was in England because I think it would make a huge difference

    Thank you :) xx

  350. TVCS Associates says:

    we were inspired by the website and decided to make our own challenge day. It will be hard but we are committing to being selfless and kind to everyone here at our school. hopefully it will make a change. Thanks again, TVCS teens Clarissa Tessa and Debbie ♥

  351. kayla says:

    i am *trying my best to get if you really knew me at my high school. CHARTIERS VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL is in desperate need of a change, and this would help us to start on the path to becoming a much more healthy and pleasant place.

  352. Anthony Tate says:

    I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU TO RANDY AND KATIE FOR COMING TO MY SCHOOL(terry parker hs)TODAY,they helped me get through alott today from emotional stress to even greater aspects i never knew i would actually realize,i feel better as a person and towards myself,after leaving school today i felt more refreshed than ever and felt as if i turned over a new leaf(so to speak).i also would like to thank them for also sharing experiences that they have been through instead of just telling us to speak about things we’ve been through and just be done,there were things i was able to relate too with everyone. Thank you again and i hope to see you guys in the future as well.come back please !!!!!!!!!!!!

    randy:keep dancing,the little glide you did was tight :)

  353. Carmen Arevalo says:

    Our Country is a role model in order to make a change we must insist for peace on earth, stop war, as long as we have war, fighting, racism, discrimination,crime, dysfunctional ways of percieving life and not wanting to change, we will suffer devastating consequences. It is a difficult task to bring change but where there is hope there is a way……someday we will have world peace.

  354. Bella says:

    Schools aren’t really doing anything about bullying and it’s sad. It’s lead to many suicide attempts and suicides. I love that this program tries to change that. I wish they would come back later and show that it really did help the school/community. The only criticism that I have is that they stereotype the children on the show. Don’t put them into categories. I deem that there should be shows like this at universities and workplaces, so it can amalgamate people–instead of making them feel inferior for how they dress, talk, and act.

  355. Arlan Berglas says:

    The Pass It Forward Movement is in the process of creating 140,000 safer schools and we believe we can get corporate sponsors to help us get Challenge Day into the schools! Here is an example of a website that the kids that were involved in a Challenge Day will receive for free by a grant from We, The World to help promote safer schools – http://www.trunity.net/challenge

  356. Hannah says:

    Today, 11/10/10, was one of the most eye-opening days of my life. It truely changed my perspective. I noticed that I’m not alone in my problems. I noticed that there are harsher consequences to bulllying then i thought. I saw that many of the things in my life, were about to change. I saw almost every single one of my friends cry, and I realized, everyone has a heart, everyone CAN change. Thank you Jyoti and Schan for leading our Challenge Day. I had a blast. It was life changing.

  357. Chelsea says:

    Hi, My name’s Chelsea. And I can’t find out how too directly contact anyone of challenge day, or anything like that. My story is about my little brother. He’s 12 years old, and the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. He stays too him self, and doesn’t really bother anybody. He has bipolar,add,anziety, and A lot more. We recently moved too a new place, and he is now attending a new school. He is BULLIED severly. Kids make fun of him constanstly, they beat him up, throw him out of his own seat at lunch and say “that’s my table”. They say very hurtful things too him, something no kid at that age wants too expierence! He comes home almost everyday crying, asking why no one likes him, why they have too be so mean. He asks my mom and dad all the time, “can you please take me out of school”. It’s getting too the point where he is threatning suicide. My mom and dad have went too the school numerous times, and they haven’t done a single thing. All they can say is, “well, we’ll talk too the students.” Have they? No. Where are the parents? It’s horrible. There is so much bullying going on, it’s really bad. I think that something needs too be done, There need’s too be a stop put too this. We need to get the message out that bullying is wrong, and there is no reason for it all. Thank you for taking you’re time too hear my story.

  358. Dakota Barnett says:

    Hello, My name is Dakota and I’m a Junior at Midd-West High School. We live in a small little town but combinding several different school. Currently our school is dealing with a suicide case. He did it to stop bullying but yet it still exist. Now I am asking, more like begging for challenge day to come to my school. Often I have watch the show, If You Really Knew Me, and wonder if it would make the difference in my school.

  359. Karrin says:

    The other day, my best friend was being bullied in the hallway and I stood up for him and told the guy to take it somewhere else…I wish Challenge da would come to Central Catholic High School

  360. Sierra Schultz says:

    Challenge Day was one of the most amazing things to experiance and I am so glad I got the chance to participate in it. The leaders, Pam and Evert were truly amazing and inspirational. I am so glad they were there because their stories were so inspiring and amazing. Thank you so much Pam and Evert for a great day that will stay with me forever.

  361. LuAnn Wright says:

    Hello all! I just found this blog on the page and have been reading through the posts. Our school, Riverside High, was featured on “If You Really Knew Me” on MTV. The response in our area was unfortunately mixed and fell into two categories. One group says we are idiots for telling everyone our stories, that it is shameful. The other half thought it was wonderful. I didn’t tell any of my friends about it, and I was flooded with facebook messages and texts all week when it aired with support and love. My friends wanted to know how all the kids reacted and if it was real. It is real. It was not staged for TV. It did make a difference. As the club sponsor, we are going to start small this year with “love notes” (nice things to hand out to students) and hopefully work our way up to another Challenge Day. After participating in two myself, I honestly couldn’t ask for a better way to open hearts and minds. Keep up the great work Challenge Day! For those of you who are uncomfortable in your schools, talk to your Board of Education members, your County Superintendents, Principals, Guidance Counselors, and local businesses who may be willing to sponsor the Challenge Day experience for your school. You can get the team there, and it will make a difference.

    Best Wishes to you all!

    PS…Britney and Rachel are both active in the club and spread good things on a regular basis! They rock!

  362. Bethaney Booth says:

    I go to a little school in the middle of no where Missouri. Life out here hasn’t always been the same. This year it’ll be differnt. I’m Bethaney Booth and I’m banning bullying at Odessa High School. I’m having presentations in our homeroom class for all the class grades. High school shouldnt be like this. Students should have the bravery to look up to the world and know that there are opportunties out there for them. This will be a change! I will be the change in Odessa High School.

  363. joe says:

    I have behaved better in class and tried to pay more attention. I have also been more respectful of the people around me including teachers and students. When I am about to make a rude comment to someone I stop for a second and think about it. Most importantly I have not yelled or attempted to argue with my mother or father in s long time.

  364. Samantha says:

    My friends and I were sitting where we normally do at lunch when an old friend of ours asked if she could sit with us. Of course I said sure. Two minutes later, my friends had to go talk to a teacher about a club they wanted to start and I really wanted to go to but our friend wasn’t done her lunch. My friends insisted on us going right away but my other friend stayed up stairs. I felt so bad that after we talk to the teacher about the club I went back upstairs to see my friend as fast as I could even though my other friends went somewhere else. I then hung out with my other friend until she had to leave.

  365. logan says:

    my act of change is i have less arguments with my mother and im alot nicer at school than before my life is still on a bumpy road but atleast im straightening it out.

  366. Jacob says:

    Tomorow I’m going to help my grandfather split and stack wood. I’m glad that I’m going to help because my grandfather has a bad leg and I can pit some hours on my active living calinder for gym.

  367. mecuzimawsome says:

    this saturday, when I got up early for hockey, I started the fire in the main cabin so when my baby half brother came in it would be warm enough that he would not cry

  368. Samantha says:

    My act of change is that I made dinner twice this week and cleaned up after myself. I also cleaned the house entirely.

  369. mac says:

    This week when my sister had o goto violin I cleaned up her half of the kitchen without being asked.

  370. Ryann 8) says:

    We were making 3D objects in math class and there was scraps of paper all of over the floor. When it was time to clean up I cleaned a mess that wasnt mine.

  371. Jenine says:

    so…. we’re supposed to blog our act of change in principal’s mash up at my school, it was kindof our homework to do an act of change, and now we are supposed to blog it. so my act of change wasnt a big thing, it was actually quite a miniscule one…. but i know my parents liked it, i simply cleaned my room without being asked and without having my friends/liturature/tv/computer/phone taken away. tah dah?

  372. log says:

    I feed our 18 dogs without anyone asking

  373. sam says:

    do the dishes

  374. brendan says:

    i went around the house randomly tidying up items

  375. Kenji K. McCrae says:

    I go to a community college and I have a speech class that was assigned. The speech is a persuasive speech. I would like to inspire everyone in my class to notice, choose, and act. I would like to persuade them to make our campus a smaller place by doing some of the exercises that I see on If you really knew me.

  376. Damien says:

    i helped my mom put the kids to bed

  377. Peter says:

    Go to your local recycling center(if you don’t have one, your act should be to get one in your town/city!) Find things that you could reuse, for example I have chickens, I went to my recycling center and found some egg cartons that we now use to contain our eggs in which we sell to customers.

  378. Benj says:

    I gave a hobo or a person that didn’t look too wealthy a box of tasty fruit and a sandwich because maybe he was hungry and couldn’t afford healthy food because it is kinda expensive and cheap unhealthy stuff is cheap

  379. Karine says:

    Challenge day really opened my eyes and showed me that i wasn’t being very nice to my dad. One night after Challenge day, my Dad came back home and he was really tired so Ihelped him make supper. He was very surprised and it was worth it.

  380. SKATER BOY 237 says:

    I helped my friend with her homework

  381. Roan says:

    my act of change was when a gr. 9 made fun of my friends i told he to stop
    and he didn’t so i got a teacher

  382. Azure says:

    I helped set up a halloween party!!! I also helped clean up afterwards..There were decorations and food!!
    I aloso told my friends to stop saying”thats so gay”, to other people..

  383. Marcus says:

    I was a leader for my ski groups halloween party on saturday!
    I also helped cleaned up after the lunch.

  384. Eliza says:

    When my freinds say something like “thats so gay” i always tell them to stop and correct themselfs.

  385. Bambam says:

    i sorted out the recycling for 5 hours on the weekend

  386. samantha berryhill says:

    if you really knew me has helped to to remember that i’m not alone in this world, i have many others that have gone through the same stuff or even worse. but i just want to thank “if you really knew me” because no one really cared about what was being said about the minoritys that live this world to but with the help that this show is giving i feel a change and i am willing to “be the change” so i hope you all are willing to do the same.
    thank you so much for getting this stuff out there to show how much words really do hurt.

  387. Sky says:

    Hello, one of my acts of chnge is something that im doing with my middle school. I am actually bringing challnge day to my school. I am using my dean as one of the hosters since we could not rack up the money to actually bring the hosters to our school.

  388. lucas student says:

    we decided to make our own :) share the love :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKIspbx0YtY

  389. Jorja Oke says:

    “If you really knew me, you’d know I am a nearly-25 ear old who hasn’t been able to keep a full-time job, is terrified to move out and away from her daddy, who spends most of her free time on a bathroom floor crying and shaking, and who is slightly shamed by the fact that it seems some kids still in high school have their lives more together then I do now.”

    Tuesday, October 22nd I spent the day in a church gymnasium with over 100 grade 9 Centennial CVI students, student mentors, and adult volunteers taking part in a program I’ve grown to know and be thankful for.

    Challenge Day has always been tougher to explain to those who haven’t experienced it. It helps that now I can just tell people to go to MTV.ca and watch an episode of If You Really Knew Me, but back when I was in high school, it seemed easiest just to tell people that it’s a therapy day with tons of crying!’. I mean, it kind of is.

    More so, though, Challenge Day is about breaking down walls, stepping out of boxes, and allowing the REAL us to come out and be embraced. Challenge Day is about dismantling the things that separate us and instead discovering the honest and deep ways in which we can ALL connect.

    So I didn’t meet anyone in the group with Acute Panic Disorder who is terrified of diarrhea and is completely unable of spontaneous action. I DID however meet a whole heck of a lot of other people who are now, or used to be, scared of SOMETHING on a regular basis. I DID meet others who at one point considered that taking their own lives would be way easier then dealing with what they’ve been dealt. I even met someone who’s petrified that they may never accomplish anything great, because so much is holding them back.

    Who did I meet the most, though? Brave people.

    It’s takes a brave person, after all, to bare through a parents divorce, or depression, bullying, body image issues and self-doubt! I was surrounded by over 100 people who, despite their circumstances, were still standing.

    When I was first diagnosed with APD, I talked to the teacher at my high school who’s in charge of the Challenge Day program. By the time actual Challenge Day came around this year, I wanted to be this big, inspiring person who’d conquered her illness and moved on to great things! I wanted these grade 9 kids to see how great and successful one could be after surviving high school. However, I’m a nearly-25 ear old who hasn’t been able to keep a full-time job, is terrified to move out and away from my daddy, who spends most of her free time on a bathroom floor crying and shaking! And in fact, I was the one who became inspired.

    The most inspiring story was one that one of our Challenge Day hosts shared with us. He’d lost his mother at a very young age, his father had given up on him, and he was constantly told that he’d never make anything of himself or his passion for music. Skip a few chapters, and one day he’s producing Vanilla Ice, and TuPac calls him up.

    (FOR REALS!)

    Yes, it’s an inspiring story because I want big important and famous people to call ME up to tap my talents and potential. I mean seriously, John Mayer could make some gorgeous music out of my poetry, no?!

    Besides the Hollywood side of his story though, is the fact that he never gave up. It may not have been the Anxiety Monster bustin down his door every night, but he faced his own monsters, and now he’s 50 with a beautiful and happy family, and dreams that have come true. And now he’s flying around the world letting people like me know, if we’re brave enough to be brave, we can survive anything, and do anything.

    I have good days, and bad days. On good days I can run errands and go to work, and feel sexy with my boyfriend without ever thinking about Ativan or Gravol or Imodium or Advil. On bad days, I worry that I will never be able to get better, and never reach a point where I can venture out and make a real life for myself.

    And on those bad days, now I can think of the man who now knows Snoop Dawgg, or the boy who’s succeeding on the track team despite the lack of love he gets from his mom and stepdad, or the girl who found the courage to apologize to someone she’d hurt, even though many have hurt her. I can think of girl with the perfect eyebrows who’s smiling finally after months of teasing and exclusion, or the girl who’s clearly going to save the lives of many young school mates despite the lack of those who helped save her, or the woman raising a child even though she knows it’s what her best friend should be able to do instead.

    I always wanted this blog to find someone who was suffering like I do, and let them know they’re not alone. I’ve never gone out and looked for people to help ME feel as though I’m not alone, though. But sitting on the bathroom floor tonight, I am reminded that there ARE others, and if they can be brave then I can be brave. And if we can be brave together, there will come a day when we are all living in our own dreams, our own happiness, and our own true lives.

    See you there ;)

  390. Miranda H. says:

    ” If You Really Knew Me ” takes my breath away everytime I watch it. Before that I did take other peoples feelings and what they were going through into consideration, but not how I do now. Thank You, you have changed my life.

  391. Mathis says:

    I have made an oath that I will not used the word, “Gay,” as a substitute for the word, “Stupid,” It makes me look highly unintellegent and hurts others around me who either have a family member who is gay, or they are gay themselves. If others around me are using the word, I make sure they realize how it makes people feel and that their are plenty of other words that can use to express how they feel.

    I also would love if Challenge Day came to Clovis High School in Clovis, California. I think it would be a wonderful activity for the students of CHS to come together.

    Love, Mathis

    Be the change.

  392. Senovia Byndon says:

    My name is Senovia Byndon, I’m a Motivational Youth Speaker and Founder of A&S Youth Productions(A Child Is Waiting)…Here in Cincinnati,Oh and I have spoken to several youths of today and it is hard out there but remember that the things that you are going though is very important to your parents as well as myself as the adults in your lives….Communication is the key…Start talking with your parents, start off small and work your way to the highest mountain you will find that by doing this, this will be the greatest gift of all and the love and support you find out weights the saddness and pain….Trust me I’ve been there and feel your pain…Love yourself and GOD will show you all the love you thought didn’t exist…it will be a beautiful rainbow, and all the bright colors will shine within you……Smile

  393. cazandraX says:

    The world become worst than yesterday…we cannot all blame this world facing calamity to our leaders! to the government and rich people, If we just want to make even a little changes in our lives style if we observe that we are participating to those activities that help our mother earth more polluted, even a piece of paper or candy wrapper, by putting it in a right place or trash can, is a simple act of ,making our world change! a self discipline.. and positive response to the call of our friendly environment!

  394. nigeria bradley says:

    If you really knew me has had major impact on my life because i have thought the many things the show offers and its just mind blowing how one day can the lives of many teens omg this program should be paid for so that all the school can experience it.

  395. Cindy says:

    I feel society and media pressures telling women they need to be thin, flawless, and exposing themselves to feel worthy needs to change! I have started the “I am not perfect I am REAL Beautiful” campaign to bring awareness and healing to women of all ages. I will continue to spread my message so that change happens, healing happens and stronger women who embrace their own greatness and make the world a better place happens!

    http:[email protected]


    Keep staying REAL Beautiful!

  396. Susan Lyon says:

    Just read a great book, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, that I thought really echoed the idea of how hard things can be when no one will lower their water line. The main character barely knows herself or her closest friends. When she opens her eyes by redoing the same day, everyone’s life changes. I highly recommend it if you need a little Challenge booster shot. Challenge Days were just at Torrey Pines High School for our fourth year! Now the teens have a Be the Change club that meets once a month to keep the change going. I’ve been a parent helper 2x now and really recommend finding the time off of work to support the program in your school.

  397. Anonymous says:

    I was recently asked to volunteer for Challenge Day as an adult helper. It was an amazing experience for all. Watching all those kids commit to making changes around their families and peers inspired me to do the same. Today a woman reached out. She felt lonely, sad and lost. I sent some love and light her way and told her that nobody should ever feel alone. We all deserve to be loved and heard and I’m thankful for my day with the Challenge Day program as it gave me the courage to reach out to a stranger. It made her day and in turn made mine.

  398. Angelie Ramirez says:

    I was so inspired byt the show that i started a group at my school…Now we are approching the date of OUR own challegne…i am so excited to see how everybody will react and hopefully it is successful…

  399. tony marsh says:

    i wish mt school northern cambria highschool would have a challenge day so thAT people can live peacefull life

  400. tony marsh says:

    ever since i watched challenge day on if your really knew me. i was thinking that would be cool to have at my school. so we can all be friends with eachother at school. please! come to my school.

  401. Christian Jones says:

    Well, this isn’t really on subject of change. But, if I could… I would have a Challenge Day at my school. I contacted my principal about it, I told him that the first thing I would say would be “If you really knew me, you wouldn’t bully, tease, or push me around”

  402. Alex Gibson says:

    I have started support group with overcomebullying.org and I plan to go to all the high schools in the Charlotte, NC area and post flyers. This support group is attended outside of school hours, but could be a great supplement for a Challenge Day at a school in Charlotte, NC. We all have to unite together to make a difference regarding bullying and stereotypes at school. The issue of bullying is a huge country wide problem and if we all just change our perceptions, even just a little, we can make a huge difference nationwide for schools. Let’s all unite and stand up against bullying in schools!

  403. aimee strom says:

    if you really knew me changed my life, i would love to have this at Murrieta valley High School. we have so much going on that i think the school needs to be closer, me and other people are tired of hearing people get talked on and much more, if you have tips or whatever i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  404. symone says:

    also the leaders bereniece and kharie were cool i loved bereniece story she is really cool

  405. symone says:

    challenge day came to my school….and it was great i loved it i showed me alot about people and not to judge them also i cried but i needed it to i feel great and im glad i did it and i will never forget it

  406. Amanda Griffith says:

    I know that it cost so much in order to get this program at the school. River View high school in coshocton is the worse drama filled high schools besides the big city schools in coshocton. I am one that gets bullied and i wish that our principals would help and get this program because i think that it will help out our issues and solve problems and help our clicks seperate and not be so judgemental of people how they dress i wish that our school could afford this.please help our school!!!!please respond

  407. Willy Hensen says:

    Knowing each other leads to respecting each other. The blue ball with the international connection symbol & with several virtues paint on it. I throw the ball to people and ask: where lies your left thumb? For instance: respect. What would change in the world if everyone would show respect? What will happen? How do you show respect? Or loyalty. What will change if everyone would act with loyalty? Would be helpfull? Act with compassion? Act in justice? Etc. The blue ball brings first joy and ‘fysically’eye connection. Speaking about it brings real contact within a minute. The virtues bridges values with norms so the base of behaviour get clear and behaviour can change.

  408. Tanya says:

    Watching this show is an awesome experience! I am inspired by this!

  409. Justine says:

    What is the wost thing is we go to school to learn and go to find out that the only thing we learn is how and try to survive our years in highschool. I graduated this year as a junior mainly because I don’t like school. The drama, the hurt! But now that I’m dome with it I realize that our education is being ruind by school bullies and I think there needs to be a change! I have one example only one I will share too you.. My mom has a friend a very sweet and dependable friend who had a son I’n highschool. I knew him just a little but he was truly a sweet sweet boy. The sweetist boy I know last week found dead because he couldn’t handle the stress and hurtfull things and just terrible things a person should never go throgh just because people picked on him cause he was starting to come out. Yes I mean bisexual. now… My school never had this problem before. I had may friends bisexual and gay, but this broke not just my heart but the families and my own. How am I sapposed to have my children I have someday go to school in the world like this. It shouldn’t matter who you are.. This boy was so young but sooo talented. An artist in my eyes and he will be in my prayers forever and I hope in yours too. But mainly just to STOP! Stop the violence and bulling! Because you never know how it feels untill… Untill it happens to you! RIP to anyone who has had anything like this happen. And god bless there family and friends… Now.. Let’s all make the change i can’t do it alone.

  410. Aubrey Diesch says:

    I have never had challenge day, i ahve only seen the show. It inspired me alot. So here is my blog: What do i do for change? I try to do alot. At my school, everyone is judged and you have to be friends with someone to talk to them. I go through a whole bunch, and i never know how to show it. It’s harder then anyone could ever thing, but i never let it show. I make friends with just about everyone, and talk to just about everyone. I love to laugh and i love to talk. All i can say, is hold your head high, and never judge a book by its cover. Gooodnight challenge day. Write you soon to let you know what nice things i have done tomorrow. :)

  411. Rayshequia Wells says:

    i want to make a change at my school(EastHartford High School). i wasnt to make my school a better learning place. and have all the kids to be treated with respect and not feel diowned or rejeced.

  412. Cassandra Honour says:

    I would like to say my school Mandarin HS has many prejudices, stereotypes and i have been a victim of that everyday. Due to being in and out of a wheelchair having little or no hair being very pale and missing a lot of school. When this program came today it made me realize people just didn’t know and acted how others did in an attempt to be ‘cool’. I now know i have many supporters and people willing to be my friends and not judge me. I put a smile on everyday and be the best person i can be and i am going to improve that by making it my goal everyday to talk to two people either i don’t know or know but don’t talk to. I will BE THE CHANGE at my school. My school is already a great school but it will be even better with less or no bullying, teasing, put downs or prejudices. Thank You challenge day for helping me Notice, Choose and ACT!

  413. Meredithe Mullen says:

    I am too old to atend a Challenge Day event. I just spread the news of this wonderful organization whenever,wherever I can. I work with at least 5 people who have children who are being bullied. I have sent e mails to our local school system : Iowa City IA nearly begging them to invite CD to put on the program. Nothing yet. Nest I will send a message to the Parent Teachers Organization ! Keep spreading the good message of acceptance to all

  414. Steve Sparks says:

    “If You Really Knew Me” is one of the most inspiring reality shows on TV…because it is REAL! The compassion that students have for each other at the end of the show brings tears to my eyes. I’m 54 and still remember the teasing and taunting that made my small-town southern high school a miserable experience for me. Like some of the kids on the show, I thought it would have been easier to commit suicide than go into my senior year. One thing kids don’t realize is that for the rest of your life you will never forget how people treated you in high school. It truly has that much of an impact. It wasn’t until I left the town that I realized how much of an extravert I was (who knew), learned to love myself and let me instead of others, define who I was, and have had an incredible life since. I applaude the kids who grow from participation in the Challenge Day experience. If you let it be your new baseline, it will consistantly reward you throughout your entire life. My only wish is that more schools participate in Challenge Day.

  415. Felicia Phillips says:

    My school and I would love to just Thank you for all the things that you did. I know that it was only a day long event but what you guys did for us and talked to us, It will last a LIFETIME. And we owe it all to you! It means more to us than you know, We Will Be The Change. And we owe it all to you. THANK YOU CHRIS AND BERNICE (: THANK YOU.
    From the students of Breckinridge County High School. (:

  416. Brittle says:

    Hey BTC,
    I’m obsessed with ‘if you really knew me’. I’m 24 years old and I wish that we had a challenge day when I was in school. There were so many cliques, I feel like our senior class could’ve been so much closer if we had this expierence. I know you guys have been to my alma mater but I wanted to know how can I get involved with helping out or being a Challenge Day leader. I’m all about embracing that 90% under the water. How can I get involved.. Let me know!!

  417. Michelle Duvall says:

    Challenge day was a big thing for me because it allowed me to tackle my emotions and personal scars I had bottled up inside. The biggest message I got out of it is that it’s okay to be me and no matter what, there is always going to be that person to catch you when you fall. You’re never a bad person and you’re never alone. Thank you so much for coming to our school we are all truly thankful!!! :)

  418. Kaitlin says:

    I had challenge day at my old school..I moved to a little town and we are country..just today we had 8 fights and gangs started to “represent” and we lost more than half of our funding because of count day.. I really wish the be the be the change team would come and help is..we are very close to being shut down please come and help us…

  419. Jorge Sandoval says:

    As i watched the show last night on TV, i realized it could impact many people at my school. Personally I think that talking to everybody, listening to everybody, is really important in a community. It is really important to be close to your friends and your school, so that we can avoid any problem at school. Challenge Day, along with getting close to everybody that participates, it helps improve your school culture and it brightens up the entire atmosphere at your school. I think this day should come to our school. Los Angeles School of Global Studies in downtown los angeles is a new tech high school, that is a small school in the Miguel Contreras Complex. We are a school that needs to grow closer and i am positive that this could really be the way to do it. BRING IT TO LA!!!! BRING IT TO LA!!! i believe that in LA, especially with the majority being the minority, it can really help everybody know your strugggles and become family. BRING TO LA! BRING TO LA! All the schools in our district are important as well. Los Angeles Unified School District should be included in ChallengeDay!!! Awesome experience!!!

  420. Breonna White says:

    I’m seeking how I’m going to get this at my school, I’m not doing it to get on T.V. I just wish people at my school who say hi to me everyday in the hallways or say bad stuff about me or anyone else, knows what that person is going through. My school Of Fayetteville Terry Sanford in Fayetteville North Carolina needs this, we’re so divided, even in classrooms the African Americans sit on one side of the class and the whites on the other. I just think our school needs this really bad. I’m going to make an appointment with my principle and see what we can accomplish. :) I just hope I can make a difference.

  421. Wendy says:

    Jon and Ray Ray, Thank you for the incredible gift you brought to Red Lion! It was amazing to see kids change through out the day as they became more real. It was awesome to see the kids that came back to seek you out each morning and afternoon because what you shared through Challenge Day impacted them. Thank you and keep the energy rolling! You do amazing work! HUGS!!!!!!

  422. Celeste Shull says:

    Last year, my school got to bring challenge day to my school for the first time. It was a new thing and was absolutely life changing. I have done what I can to change all because of Vinny and Devon. Today my little sister had the chance to do challenge day also. She loved it. You have changed her life also. Thank you so much for what you do.

  423. Kassidy says:

    every day at my school i see people being picked on because of what the chose to do in life or what the were i feel like we all are people we all need to act as one. one day this girl who was pregnant was being picked on i like took a step back and thought what if i was in this situation how would i react. i promise from this day on i will not judge people for what they look like or what they do and i promise to my family that i will be the first or second person with my last name to graduate collage get out of my town to do some thing with my life and to my friends i will always love you guys for who you are and not what you were you guys are amazing

  424. Rachel Larson says:

    I’ve watched every episode of if you reall knew me. It’s such an insperational thing to see. I really think my school needs it. We’ve recently had a suicide attemp and we’re still trying to cope with this. Plus, Freshmen get treated like they’re from a different planet or something. Everyone judges people out of their outer look, but won’t try to see everything inside. It’s sad really. Challenge day is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I love it!

  425. courtney bailey says:

    wow khraee and angela!!!..i can say ur amazing nd challenge day was amazing!!!!! our school of indian lake high school really needed this!!! i hope the people that was involved with this today takes wat we learned today and uses it for other people and teaches people to speak out!!!!….i kno i will and today has impacted my life extremely!!!!!! thank you both

  426. Athea Bailey says:

    I think my school really needs challenge day. as a school we are cocstantly judging one another its like we have no privacy and every one’s innermost secrets have to be shared. on sports teams there is a constant divide we cant even work together because winning and pride gets in the way of having fun and pushing your teammates. orville platt h.s. in meriden ct needs challenge to help give us a brighter future with encouraging people.

  427. Sidney M says:

    Gina and Kekoa,
    Challenge Day has officially change my life. I now feel so much better about myself and I now have the confidence to talk to my mom about what happened. I am doing it every year from now on! I encourage everyone to do it!!!

  428. lynne says:

    I’ve been blessed to watch this organization grow and change over the last 3 and a half years and I’m amazed at what is happening for the organization. Challenge Day and all it teaches changes lives. Watching the show has reminded me of why I do what I do. I can’t wait to be working in the school system and have an easier time bringing this organization into my own community.

  429. Baylee Osenbaugh says:

    I will commit to makin my skwl a betta place to be….everytime i wlk in there i have to worry wt otha people will think or do…bt i dnt have to anymore….challenge day ws hard emotionail and fun….i ws thinkin tht people would judge me for crozzin the line or cryin to much bt thy dnt no me like tht….bt challenge day ws awsomest…..SHOUT OUT TO ANGALA AND JAKE!!!!LUV U GUYZ!!!!!!…

  430. Justin says:

    I watch this show, and I see the impact it has on the students that go through Challenge Day. I listen intently to all of their stories, all of their lives, all of their hurt, love, and hatred, and I feel for all of them. I understand how some of them feel, like one guy from Neenah High School. Not everyone is as accepting as some would like, but we have to just keep going, and not dwell on the hurtful things people say and do. It is hard at first, but after you climb that first mountain, it’s clear sailing!

    To everyone else who has cried as much as me watching this show, you see how much of a change it can make, to learn about another person, things you never knew, and it brings you closer together, and you can be there for other people.

    Next time you are in a bad mood, angry, or down, think of the people who make you smile, make you happy, and love you for you, and don’t think about anything bad, just know you always have someone there for you, someone to give you advice, talk to you, cry with you, and make you feel better!

    And to anyone who talks people down sometimes, go that extra mile to say hi, to give someone a hug, a smile, and high-five, or just a “what’s up” nod. YOU can always make a difference.

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

  431. Alondra .T. says:

    If Only you would come to our school! LWTHS. We would love to have you at our school ! Challenge day would encourage our school to be a better community. There’s so many people with different skin color,the way they dress,the way they talk is a bad example for being at school. Our school has to be a BETTER COMMUNITY. NOT being judged just cause your GAY & BLACK OR EVEN HISPANIC BEING CALLED IMMIGRANT. OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOOUR ENCOURAGEMENT TO MOVE ALONG. Hopefully ” If You Really Knew Me” would come to our city. Naples Florida

  432. sadie howell says:

    hey. me and my friends love yur show on mtv. its very moving. i just wanta know if it cost’s anything to have the show come to my school or how do i get it to come to my school, i think my school needs it. A lot. i think if challenge day came to my school everything would be sooo different, i dnt goto a really big school. theres prolly 500 people total. small. lol but i believe we NEED challenge day.

  433. Rachel Murphy says:

    Crhis and Gina-
    Challenge Day was awesome I LOVED IT!!! it was sooo much fun even if we did cry we still had a lot of laughs and i just really loved it thanks for coming to our school and helping us with our drama!! I think it will really help!! THANKS

  434. chelsea says:

    gina and chris
    challenge day was soo fun! thanks so much for comming out to our school. i think evryone had fun with it. i think it helped people.it was very emotional. i had lots of fun. thanks again!
    I love you guys!

  435. brian frail says:

    dear chris and guna thank you for coming to otsego middle school so i am wrighting to you to say thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):)::>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>thank you:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>

  436. Dylan Amos says:

    Chris and Gina. challenge day came yesterday and improved our outlook on school and our feelings. i stood up on the mic and said my mind and so far my idea is working. i know that other people stood up to and that was very courageous of them. all of the ideas that were pronounced that day are in the lane for working, but not have fully come yet.

  437. phoebe cheney says:

    Chris and Gina,I though Challenge Day was an amazing expierence. I loved how people weren’t afraid to cry and talk. I couldn’t believe the reaction of people! I think everyone could express themselves and that was great. The games were fun too and Chris and Gina were great. They helped make the whole thing what it was! I hope this makes our school better. Thanks Chris and Gina!(:

  438. Dameon Nigh says:

    Dear chris and gina,
    wow, i didnt think challenge day was gona be like that, i thought it would be kinda boring but good thing i still went cuz it turns out to be exactly the oppisite of what i thought, i cried so much, and the crossing game was really emotional for many ppl, me included, me, juan and darius were prolly the ones who cried the most, im glad we did this cuz i feel like i have more friend and are more open minded about themselves, thank you Gina and Chris for commin to our school and teaching us how to be ourselves. dameon out!

  439. kylie asmus says:

    i really loved challenged dayyy! It was a good way for all of us to express our hidden feelings. And i loved how everyone wasnt afraid to cry and express their true feelings.The hardest part was the cross the line.I think it has changed our school and brought us closer together. It was very emotional and almost everyone cried but it was funn. Thank u gina and chris soo muchhh! u guys r greattt!(:

  440. Sophabug says:

    Gina and Chris,
    I really liked that challenge day thing at school. At times it was really imotional. It was alot of fun though. the most touching part was when they said cross the line if you were a child and cross the line if you were told that you couldn’t go to college. some of my friends and people i love crossed for those two and it made me feel bad. :( I wanted to cry. Well i did cry :) that really hellped me and others alot. today we switched around our seats at lunch and we met alot of new people. I am glad that they came to our school. I loved when we played games and even ended up sitting on peoples laps on that one game. Your stories were verry touching and it made me sad. That is my paragraph about challange day. :) I <3 you all

  441. Killian Blakemore says:

    Chris and Gina,
    I liked challenge day alot because it really opened my eyes. I was crying alot when we the cross the line thing. It was so sad but its what everyone at are school needed. I really liked it when we went into the family groups i felt like i really got to know my group.

  442. samson:) :) says:

    chirs and gina heyyyy chalenge day was beastie. i love how peolpe jst expressed themselves duringthe thing. i saw alot of people jst bawl which was great. it means your strong inside. any ways challenge day was awesome. see ya later

  443. Destini Oliver says:

    challenge day was a good day i would of rather done that then school. Also i learn a lot of things like to be nice to all and that there are a lot of peopl;e in are school that have problems and it is scarey and sad to her about all these things. But it was fun and i enjoyed my self a lot! I LOVE CHALLENGE DAY LONG TIME

  444. Josie Limes:) says:

    hey Gina and Chris its me again i didnt say much in the first blog so i wanted to say a little more. Gina and Chris you guys are the coolest and nicest people i have ever met and what you guys are doing is a great thing and im so happy you got to share that with us:) i cant wait to do this again in a couple of years hopefully we get you guys again.

  445. TrentSoto says:

    Challenge Day was amazing.It was a great experience for everyone.It let everyone learn more about themselves and others. Gina and chris were so cool! I cried so much! I think ever school should have Challenge Day!!!!

  446. Haley Amos says:

    Chris and Gina, I thought Challenge Day was a good experience for everyone. It really let people express them selves, i think it really brought everyone closer to one another. I believe it could change our school for the better.

  447. Austin says:

    Chris and gina Challenge day has taught me about others and about my self.Challenge day has helped me with my life and now I know what peaple’s lives are like.I learnd that peaple have had tarible this have happioned to them and Challenge day helps.

  448. Tyler Robertson says:

    Chris and Gina,
    Yesterday, we had challenge day. Challenge day is were all of the 8th graders get together and talk about their feelings and the stuff they dont normally share. 2 people came in to talk to us about how their lives were and they helped our school alot! Their names are Gina, and Chris. Our school is going to be so much better because of them. I’m glad they came in. Thank you.

  449. Andrew says:

    Dear Chris and Gina, Ok, challenge day was amazeing. So many people cried I couldn’t believe how it touched everybody. I’m glad we got to have it and I hope we get it again.

  450. Josie Limes:) says:

    Fri, Sep 10, 2010
    josie:) said: CHRIS and GINA plus challege day= the best day of my life!! i loved how everyone wasnt afraid to show that they can cry and arent as tough as they seem. In the end i think everything turned out the way it was planned.And thankyou Chris and Gina for comming to our school.:)

  451. cheyenne cheney says:

    Gina & Chris
    alrighty challenge day was fun & tear jerking it involved alot of emotions:) i hope every1 get’s a memory out of challenge day i know i will have that memory forever i sat by people i didn’t rlly know tht well at all like one kid i didn’t even know his name. butt i got to know the people i sat by. and i plan on getting to know them better.

  452. zachary schreiber says:

    Challeng day was really cool it help me express my feelings that I kept up in my ballon. My water level has drop 25% now and im glad that Chris and Gina were are leaders through the program. Thank you.

  453. Mr. Arredondo says:

    Hey, Chris and Gina, ohhhh good old Challenge Day! It was an awesome day! Better than school anyway. It was a great time to settle everything out and make everyone realize who you are, and a few hugs here and there.:)

  454. paul cousino says:

    dear chrse we had a good and bad times at challge day yesterday . it was good i fand out i was not the ouly one who as a rafe life to.and I wood like to say thack u for all that u did to help us

  455. tyler mazey says:

    yesterday was a good experentce.It was fun in the morning it was sad to learn about peoples life.The volleyball game was fun.I ment new people.thanks chris and gina.

  456. libby sager says:

    Dear Chris and Gina, wow! i feel so alive.I feel so much better and so accepted by my school. Everyone has so many things that they don’t want people to know about but 10% of them. now i know whats really going on in their life and they know who i am and it makes me feel good that people went through the same thing as me. it’s good to know that people that i never knew have my back and now how i feel and can open up to as a family. Thank you for showing that i can open up to people and no one will knock me down or do anything to hurt my feelings. I hope everyone can get along like you helped Otsego middle school open our hearts and accept people for their 100%. Thank you thank you thank you a bunch and know i know i have hurt a bunch of people too and I can say I’m sorry and they can accept my sorry because they know I never meant to hurt anyone.

  457. trent hartley says:

    i learned alot at challenge day, i learned that we should treat all people the same and dont treat people the way you have been treated.and i became friends with people that i would not even say antthing to.

  458. Andrew Shiley says:

    Wow, yesterday was emotional.Chris, Gina, and alot of other people almost had every guy crying in the bathroom. It was good for yourself because if you are having personal problems you talked about them with about 4 or 5 other people. It made you feel good because it relieved any stress you mave have had. It also made you see that maybe your friends are going through some things that maybe you are going through yourself. If you asked me, it’s a long, planned, well thought out, well organized, therapy session. Oh, and before I forget, it was also a chance to apologize to anyone you may have picked on all your life and start all over with them. Also, you had a chance to say “If you really knew me you would know…” overall it was a very good day for everyone there.

  459. Dane Johnson says:

    hey chris and gina challange day was fun but alot of people cryed at it and i didnt so it was very sad for most of the class. The thing the got to most of my class is the line game. i think most of the class had fun when we play vollyball it was so funny but coco puffs won lol katlyn think the other team won but i dont think so cuz coco puffs won it. there are more things that people cryed over is the groups we talked about are past and it got to alot of people my group only the girls cryed then about the last time we got in the groups a few boys cryed and it was very sad. but we got to dance and it was very fun lol thats alot of fun but i really cant dance so i didnt really dance. thanks chris and gina

  460. katlyn kendall says:

    yesterday was so much fun and i open up on suff that i would never say i love the volleyball game because our team won!!!!!! i meat a lot of new people that i would of never talk to and we have a lot in common.

  461. Austin Fonseca says:

    What up Gina and Chirs, Challenge Day was fun and exciting. Like when we got to play games and lesioning to music. I enjoy you guys coming to your school. And hope to see you agian.

  462. mitchell williams says:

    dear, chris and gina
    i thought challenge day way fun. the reason why i thought challenge day was fun is we go to tell all the sad things that happen in are life. also we played games and had luch and danced with are freinds and we tryied to see how many hugs we could get in a minute. challenge day we got to hear how hard peoples life were and what there dealing with. at the end we got to write cards to the people we miss or write to the people we are sorry to that weve been mean to and to the people we love.

  463. zach schermer says:

    from otsego jr.high i’m proud to say otsego 8th graders are all change thx cris and gina

  464. Delaney says:

    Hey Chris and Gina,
    I had such a good time yesterday at Challenge Day.
    I learned so much about the people in my small family group. And of course we learned alot about poeple when we played the croos the line game, I didn’t know that I had so much in common with people that I don’t hang out with. And Chris and Gina, you two were nice and understanding. I felt like I really knew you after you told us your story. I think about the whole 8th grade cried that day. It was very emotional, but still fun at the same time. :) P.S-I loved playing volleyball with that giant beach ball!(Coco Puffs Totally won.)
    -Thanks for everything Challenge Day.

  465. zach schermer says:

    thank you cris and gina u helped alot

  466. zach schermer says:

    Dude, i didn’t realize how affective challenge day was. i didn’t know how i made others feel for now on everyone gets treated the same!!!!

  467. Deb Kelley says:

    Believe or not, watching Be The Change in action on “If You Really Knew Me” impacted me enough to completely change the focus of a preteen/teen club I was creating. http://www.whitzend.com/aboutus.html credits this program for its inspiration. My Friday/Saturday night hangout for 10-16 year old kids is now not only smoke, drug, and alcohol-free, but BULLY and LABEL-free, as well. I wish this movement would have been around when I was in high school. I am proud to be part of this incredible vision.

  468. Jennifer says:

    Ok so… yes i’m just a middle schooler… i saw the show it made me wanna me want to cry. But at the same time i wish that would happen to our school. In my school we all dont pick on people … well maybe some do.. were well tight. But its a new year students and even me want a day to show, express, and let our other class mates know whats going on with us. Basically when i want to talk to the counsler out our school she doesnt have time… never have time for mes… and there are alot of students feeling alone, and some of those students are more comfterable expressing how they feel with there friends. I think this would benifit my school.. i mean were all happy people friends and all… but we do have some things that we would like to get out of our chests. But like allways my idea’s get shot down alot by anyone and anytime. soo i dont know how im going to get my school to atlest try…

  469. Esther Westerink says:

    Im from holland and there have been one challenge day. In Amsterdam. At my school we watched it to learn from eatch other. we have 23 children in my class and almoste every one started to cry. I realy do have a lot of respect for the people who lead those days that they give themselfs away.
    You are strong and I respect you \../-

  470. Megan McGraw says:

    I am a school adjustment counselor in a high school. I am also the cheerleading coach. I am constantly fighting depression, self-esteem issues and bullying with my students. I am starting with my cheerleaders today. They are going to be given a “task’ of noticing, choosing and/or acting. We can start small…But we will be the change.

  471. Tracey Murphy says:

    Awareness in the community is the key to having the ability to change. I am committed to bringing awareness to our young adults to change the cycle of violence through education and positive influence, leading by example.

  472. Monique Richard says:

    I will stop making fun of people, I want to treat everyone with respect and equality. I will no longer hurt peoples feeling intensionally, and I refuse to listen or partake in any putting down and I also will not allow myself to hear it and not say anything! I will change, I hope that I am not the only one that is willing! Together we can make this world amazing!

  473. Angelica Rodriguez says:

    Seeing If you really knew me on tv I thought that it was another dumb show about adults trying to get kids to get along. But when I watched the first episode I balled my eyes out because most of the stories I heard from the kids sort of sounded like what im going through right now as a teenager. At my school there are drugs bullying & racism I felt that my school was much worse because we have all three. I want Challenge day to happen at my school. I feel that it will relieve all the racial tension & make everybody realize ” oh yeah well im not gonna bully them anymore, because they really do got it bad” or “oh man i never knew that hurt their feelings that much”. They really need to come to my school !

  474. Brittany Stratford says:

    I have recently watched the show “If you really Knew me” and it really touches me. I wish when I was in high school we did this because things were always hard. It was difficult to fit in. We never really had the cliques we just had a lot of people who just judged everyone for no reason. To this day my old high school is the same way. My cousin is a senior and she doesn’t even want to finish her last year of high school. It was the same way I felt. My act of change will be to get out of my comfort zone of keeping things bottled up. I have learned how not to lose my temper and to open up more. One of my biggest act of change is to make new friends and get to know them for who they are. Everyone is unique and deserves to have a friend no matter how you meet them.

  475. Destinee Nichols says:

    I have never heard of this but i was watching tv and i was crying really ad thinking this is what needs to happen in my school and i see some people have started to talk to me and they don’t know that in the past i had turned to drugs because i felt that was the only thing i was good for and i found out it wasn’t a girl came up to me and hugged me and said that i can do better with myself and that she thought i looked like a cool person ever since we have been besties

  476. James Kearney says:

    hello, there is a lot of bullying, racism and other hurtful acts at my school. The administration does not do anything to stop it and it has gotten out of control. My act is being nice to everyone and standing up for who i can. This has caused me to be bullied more intensly. I could use all the help i can get and would love it if you came to my school. It is in Hyde Park, NY and is called Franklin Delinor Roosevelt High school. It is actually in the area where F.D.R lived. please help

  477. Brees Frederick says:

    Simply put…
    I smile. I smile big. I smile strong. I smile proud. I smile when I’m happy and even when I’m sad. My goal for the day is accomplished by making just one other person smile. Because maybe that smile will spread

  478. Brooke says:

    I have noticed the need for change in my community’s schools as I watch my two jr high aged daughters strugge with bullies and cliques every day. I am committed to being the change by campaigning to bring Challenge Day to our schools. Too many tragedies have resulted from kids not opening up to their peers and getting the help and support they need. Maybe Challenge Day will open the lines of communication between students and create a safer enviornment for all of our kids.

  479. TyAnna Gibson says:

    I’m 17 myself and I got through this everyday at school. Seeing people being pushed around laughed at made fun of. And I’m one of them it can be hard I wish my school really new me

  480. Kally S says:

    My school doesn’t have this program and probably wont. It needs it though, two years ago someone got stabbed on the first day in the parking lot. People sit around and Judge each other and call each other names, and im tired of it. I Watched the show “If You Really knew me.” for the first time today, and it made me think of what they could do to my school. This Show makes me want to be a better person and to help people who are bullied and hurt by comments. It made me really think “What would i say if i were to describe who i really am?”. What came to my mind terrifies me, but im glad i saw this, because it helps to see who people really are underneath. I admire All those who participated in this.

  481. marina williams says:

    i watch this show all the time and it is one of the best shows i have ever watched. it makes me want to go to school now even tho at my school im not like the others but i have learned that its okay to be yourself but i really do think this show needs to come to our school because it would help us out alot!!!!

  482. Kate says:

    I have been watching this series (If you really knew Me) with my 12 year old daugther and she wants so bad for this program to come to her Jr. and Sr. High Schools. She starts 7th grade this year and is so not looking forward to it and it breaks my heart because she is such an awesome person and I want her to enjoy her school years and have great memories but she doesn’t and it’s just heartbreaking. I hope this program can come to our part of Pennsylvania and help our schools and kids.

  483. Meredithe Mullen says:

    I live in a fairly affluent midwestern university town. Although this community is known for its acceptance of diversity, this seems be selective acceptance of particular groups. And oh, yes, the reasons for this come flowing easily…. I have sent messages to the new Superintendent of schools making the suggestion our program be put on annually. I feel very strongly your wonderful program will help kids recognize just how much they are ALIKE. I am posting information about Challenge Day at my place of work. I do not have kids, I just care about their future, about our future. Last night I wrote a thank you to a gentleman who is a barber in town. This year for the 4th year in a row he volunteered his time and energy for an entire weekend to give haircuts to boys and girls ( at a local hair styling school) so those children might start the year off looking their best. As a poor African American boy, his Mom did not have money to get his hair cut, so he did it himself. What a good guy John Day is !!!! Change, one person at a time ! I hope and pray our school system sees the importance of your program and sees how raising the funds for your program will yield a better, broader result than focusing on reprimands. My school system is Iowa City Schools Iowa City IA Thank you for your continued work.

  484. Ashley Pierce says:

    I remember when we had challenge day at our school. It was such an amazing and heart-felt day. I’ll always remember that day. So many of my friends think that our school should actually have it for every grade or even just more then once out of the 4 years of high school. This day changed a lot of people even if they actually didnt admit it. So many of my friends thought a little more about people around them. And so many friends were made. This event will always be something to remember and something to know is real. The whole day was completly real and i think thats what scared so many but at the same time opened so many eyes.

  485. Caitlin Stevenson says:

    I’ve watched the first episode of “if you really knew me” and I broke down and cried. I’ve had a tough time through out school with teachers and peers and depression. I’ve survived verbal and emotional abuse and I want to send love out to anyone who is suffering from the same. I want to make a difference by doing what I can to love everyone whom I meet in my life, present and future. I want to be thankful for every positive experience I have had. I will commit to paying every good deed forward to a person in need!

  486. Ashley W. says:

    i have not particpate in this program but i watch it on tv everytime its on. it make me want to cry knowing that people go throgh the same thing as you do or even worst. i would love my school to be in this program eveyday you see people get bully. i think that if my school did this program that it will change!!!

  487. Kendra says:

    Wow; I love this show. It really has made me open my eyes & changed my life for the better. Watching this show makes me cry. I’ve relized that some of the problems that these teens are going through are the things that im going through. Most people don’t take the time to get to know others, they just start to judge them from the first time they see them without even meeting them. I wish this show would come to our school, I think that it would help a lot with all the bullying & the put downs on others. Yes I admit that I was always rude to people & I would say mean things to people. But ever since I’ve seen this show I’ve told everyone that I was rude to & stuff that I was sorry. The other day this girl that was my bestfriend about 4 | 5 months ago texted me & I gave her another chance to be my friend again because she relized that I was being seriouse that it was the last chance after like 2 already; but she decided to take advantage & betray our friendship all because of a boy. But now were working on being friends & maybe one day i’ll be able to forgive her. Because of this show I actually let her back into my life & Now I don’t have any problems with anybody, Except this one girl who I’ll be honste I don’t care to be her friend just because of the fact she talks to much about people. But we’re not friends cause of the same boy like with the other girl. But because of this show I don’t talk about her or anything. THis show is one of my all time favorite shows. Thank you for changing my life as well as other people that watch this show.

  488. marisa cru says:

    I hope Challenge Day comes to our school

  489. Nick Nelson says:

    I was watching the show and i was thinking what if they came to my high school i would be a mess.
    I live i issaquah washington and my high school really needs this so if they came that would take alot of prsure and what not off my chest. my friends wish they would ome because we need this!!
    My high school issaquah high school is a mess help if you really knew me then u would know i was taken away from my mom at the age of 7 and i had to live with my ant and uncle for a year and a half and 4 years later my ant died of beast cancer and i havent gotten over it!

    Please Help my School!!!

  490. jazmine says:

    hi i m only in middle school but i think also that challenge day should go to middle schoolers because even if were young you know that we still have to go through so many bad days and i would like it if challenge day came to us because in my school its if your rich which i m not really i m not poor or rich but they call me a loner i m not i m actually a big talker but no one knows i keep all my emotions bottled up just because your still only 12 years old dont mean we dont go thoruhg anything we go throuhg way more my friend told me she wanted to commit sucide but me and my one other friend talked her out but i dont know if she would ever dop it again please think about bringing challenge day to my school please please!!!!!!!!!!

  491. Chris. says:

    My school needs this program. I feel alone when i’m at school, and maybe wondering who are my real friends? I never knew this many feel the way I do. Every school should have challenge day! It’s a positive and great thing. Well, to answer the the question. Notice: I notice people being afraid to be themselves. Choose: I can be MYSELF and try to help others be themselves. Act: The friend act.. Being a friend. Loving your friends. & let them know you are there. Thank You people of challenge day! & MTV for putting on this amazing show! BRING CHALLENGE DAY TO ALL THE SCHOOLS! IT’S AMZAING! & I think Middle Schools need challenge days also!

  492. Hanneke van Ginkel says:

    Hi, I am from The Netherlands (42 years old, I was bullied in school and now my son, 8 years old, lives the same thing) and I was informed about the documentary on Challenge Day which took place in a school in Amsterdam, by someone who is also working on ‘Being The Change’. I was so touched and moved by the documentary, I could not stop crying in the end. My time at school in The Netherlands has never been really enjoyable, until we moved over to the USA for a year and a half (I was about 9 years old) and I found out that school could also be fun and mean having friends who liked me. My US school was in California, Stanford (Escondido Elementary School; it still exists!) and it was very positive minded and had a great and positive atmosphere which boosted my confidence. Now having seen the documentary and its effects, I would love to work with the concept in The Netherlands, just like Marije wrote before. I wonder if it is only for kids in High School or if it can also take place in Elementary school (maybe in an adapted form)? I think it would be great also for young(er) kids. I have been working as a personal coach for 3 years now, mostly with adults, but I am looking for a change and want to start working with kids – they are our now and future! Challenge Day would be an enormous asset for our Dutch youth, who seem to have more and more behavioral problems every day. In my opinion, this has to do with just that one thing which Challenge Day emphasizes: we need to get to know each other, feel for and reach out for each other, and see how much alike we are in what we need and search for in life – LOVE! And it is just this one thing we miss so much in our schools (and society): love for a kid as he or she is, love for that kid’s talents, capabilities – in other words: love for oneself and eachother. We want our kids too much to be like we want them to be, instead of letting them be(come) who they are and supporting them on their way, growing up. I would very much like to get contact with Marije and other people from The Netherlands who are seeking to work with this concept. Maybe we can support eachother and find out how to bring this about!
    Thank you for doing this, for taking Challenge Day to The Netherlands and having made this Documentary in one of our Dutch schools, it means a lot to me.
    Love, Hanneke

  493. rebecca montoya says:

    i am really wanting to be a part of this movement does anyone know how to do that

  494. lesley bill says:

    i really like this tv show and the whole idea in general. now, i dont know how to vote for a school or whatever but my high school could really use it. i graduated last year but i know nothing has changed. Carroll High School in fort wayne IN is FULLLL of ‘cliques’ and everyone is sooo judgemental. i would love to see you guys go there. it would be awesome!

  495. Candice Weckman says:

    I periodically give blood so that other people may have a second chance at life. Little things like this can change & save countless lives. I’m proud of the “little things” I do. :)

  496. Danielle Fuller says:

    I have not had a challenge day at my school although we desperately need one, as do all schools. I saw “If You Really Knew Me” on television and it really touched me and made me want to make a change in my school. I recently heard about someone wanting to commit suicide because she was getting teased about her weight and it really struck me hard to hear that a person made her feel so bad that she didn’t want to live anymore. I have posted a note on facebook telling everyone about how I am willing to attempt to stop the bullying in my school. I am ready to step up to the bullies and stick up for the people that are getting bullied. I really hope people in my school will help me with my mission.

  497. Aisha says:

    After seeing challenge day i actually started to cry. i have been though most of the things that the people in that show have been through which is why i choose to be nice to everyone and not judge befor i get to know them, but i would love to have challenge day at my school because i see people getting picked on everyday because of the color of their skin or because they arent rich enough to go to that school or they dress poorly and differently or because their alittle over weight and most of the kids think its a joke and that it doesnt hurt them but… if you really knew them you would see that they cry about it everyday

  498. Sydney Topa says:

    I have not participated is this program, though my high school did do something similar to it. I was a senior when my school thought that it would do some good for the students to participate in. Unfortunatly they did not have enough money left to send the seniors.I think the program would have helped, if they knew who to contact for this type of program and how to put this type of program on for us. And I personally would have like to have partake in this program.

  499. Cassie Anderson says:

    I have not been in a challenge day program but I have watched it on tv. It makes me cry to see how many kids that I don’t even know are just like me, hurting in the inside. Our school is diverse quiet a bit. After I watched the very first episode I thought, I wonder how many kids are out there in my school, kids I hang out with that are hurting everyday. I started this on facebook, as my status. I told everybody my If you really knew me story and I have 11 people like it and I have tons of people getting out their If you really knew me story. After I posted my story I had a friend of mine chat me and started talking to me about me loosing a friend to suicide. Its the hardest thing I have to go through. We talked and she told me that she lost a friend also and I never really knew how close they really were to each other. She told me she knows exactly how I feel. Lost, nobody to talk to thats how I felt in one month and now it just keeps going down hill but things are getting better. This show really, really, REALLY inspired me. :)

  500. dustin asbury says:

    I want to ask the be the change to come to the new school im going to because this is the most unsocial school i have ever be to. I think it would open eyes and hearts to show that people that you don’t hang out with might be going through the problems that you might be going through.

  501. dustin asbury says:

    i want to try to change what people think about others. the reason that I want to do this is that i’ve been bullied, abused, and worse of all i am a ghost in my family. so all I trying to do is ask people to stop judging and putting others down just because you have better things. For example looks, money, family, and the number one thing is life. Just because someone has those things don’t make them any better then the rest of their peers.

  502. Kiraah Grandberry says:

    I haven’t participated in a Challenge Day but I’ve decided to take it upon myself to organize having one at my school.I’ll get right on it as soon as it’s a decent hour to call people. I’ve been involved with some other organizations that encourage Youth Leadership so it doesn’t feel odd at all to me to be the spearhead in trying to get this to happen at my school. I’ve known since I was six that I’d never be really accepted by the majority of people that I met in life but I’ve also known that I wanted to help people wholly and genuinely. Being a teen Atheist people assume I’m a bad person but I want to prove to them but mostly to myself that I’m someone that cares for those around me despite whatever differences we may have. I want to commit my life to being a part of the solution to whatever problems we as beings in the Universe have and I think that starts by me and those around me taking action as soon as I/we can. Oh, and I love the show, though longer follow ups with the students would be nice. Maybe a Youtube page where they do it themselves? That’d be awesome.

  503. Jessi meilahn says:

    I have been watching if you really knew me a lot lately and everytime I bawl because I know that these schools are just like mine. I have heard kids at my schools problems and I’m always there for anyone it’s just I don’t know how to get people to trust me. Come to streamwood, il!

  504. Colby Landin says:

    I participated in challenge day in my high school as a junior almost three years ago. I can’t thank the crew who hosted it enough. This challenge day has affected me in a huge way. Just imagining losing a loved one without telling them how much I really love them before they leave, has given me a whole new attitude towards life. For the last two years I’ve lived to try and be the best person to my loved ones as possible. I never leave my family without saying I love you, and honestly every time I’ve gotten off the phone or left to go somewhere for the last two years I say I love you to my family. I wrote this in this blog so that whoever thought this Challenge Day up and all who participate in this, I want to tell you thank you so very much you’ve given my life such a positive outlook and if I could, I’d give you all a huge hug right now.
    Thank you so much and I love you all,
    Colby Landin

  505. Jamie says:

    Ive watched the show several times and have been brought to tears every time. It amazes me and fills me with hope that people are still capable of showing such compassion for enemies or people they don’t know well. I’m well out of high school but feel I would love to become a part of this program. does anyone know who I would contact to see about joining the team leaders of challenge day? thanks for the feedback! and keep on challenging! :D

  506. pooh says:

    in my community i want stop all the drug sell and every body around my way 2find a job and stop be on the coner all the time’s any way i want stop all the fight in my community and change the world all over but for me i want help my community and make a better places so who ever with me let me know now

  507. jessica says:

    i seriously love be the change! when you guys came to my school everything changed for the better people became nicer and realized what other people have gone threw. i love the show if you really knew me because everytime i watch it, it makes me think back to the day i had challenge day and how much better and closer our school was… I LOVE YOU GUYS

  508. Jess says:

    After seeing part of an episode of If You Really Knew Me on MTV.com, I was inspired to gather information on volunteering opportunities near me. Across my whole state, there is only one Challenge Day program on the calendar in the next YEAR and some change! It looks like I’ll be spreading the word for awhile and gathering a team who wants to have this impact in a nearby community. If as many people as possible learn about Be The Change and Challenge Day, life would be a lot easier and happier for everyone!

  509. vivian says:

    “WoW” today I watched a show on MTV named “If you only knew me” and let me just say it touched me so deeply to the very core. I am so happy to know that this is taking place and moving foward, with our youth these days it is truely needed. What a blessing to all those who are taking part in this and helping. I promise today to help make the change in what ever way I can.

  510. kristin says:

    Hello my name is kristin,I live in New York City.My parents broke up when I was a toddler.My grandmother died when I was in 4th grade.In my school we judge people.We dont have groups or anything like that.All my life I’ve been bullied.I also bullied others.I have been in a lot of fights in my life.I feel alone.Even though I hurt others I know how they feel.I would like to chage how people see others and try to bring people together.As I watch this program I see that others are like me.I would love to see how life would chage if my school knew how others live and what they’ve been through in life.If people really knew me they would see that I’m the kind of girl who wants people to get along with each other and just be friends.I’m willing to change what people view in others.

  511. Jeanine Knapp says:

    This is a note to Dennis about his song—GREAT! Loved it–I could understand the words, feel the beat, and hear the change. I am planning an event for teachers soon and would like to use songs to encourage and display the ideas that I am working with–Maybe your song will fit too.
    Thank you! Challenge Day is new to me but I am very excited about the potential.

  512. Selena Luangduangsuthidet says:

    Challenge day has got to be one of the most greatest things that can happen at a school!But usually it only lasts a week at my school and challenge day usually comes at the end of the year. So this year starting from the first day of school im going to make a change!(Make challenge day last a whole school year!) Trying to make spirit groups so teens can do activities with people they dont usually hang out with,but get get to know them better!And try to make people remember everyone has a story!And i am going to be doing a whole bunch of things to change this school! Cause even some kids are changing schools cause of all these rumors and what not! But the only thing is thats its going to be hard! 1 of me 300 of them(students)!!! Lets hope this works!

  513. Doris Mastin says:

    Incredibly moving show. This should start even before high school. What a difference this will make in so many kids lives. I was made fun of and I also made fun of people. It is one of my biggest regrets in life. I am 56 and it still haunts me.

  514. Britteny says:

    I am sitting in my bed watching “If you really knew me” on TV and I think that challenge day is one of the smartest, most positive, influential ideas I have ever heard of. I just graduated high school, but I wish that I could have still been in school in order to experience challenge day. That is the exact thing I think everybody needs during those four years of their lives. I know that for me, this could have changed my life. I think that this program breaks down walls that need to be broken down and I believe that this sort of “intervention” could improve teens lives incredibly. I was alone alot through my last years of high school and desperately needed something like this. I think the name of the show is brilliant because all I wanted in high school was for people to know the real me. I never felt like I could share that with anybody because I was afraid of what they might think. I remember a time in my sophomore year when I had to give a speech in class about how I had experienced the school year and how I wanted to change for the following year and I broke down to my class crying and yelling and just screaming everything I felt in my heart about how alone and scared and sad I was. I wish I could have had a chance to sit down and talk with my classmates about how i felt and I think challenge day would have provided that. For years I thought something was wrong with me, but after seeing this show I realize that every one feels the same way I do and that my pain is shared among others. I now, more than ever, want to give people a second chance. I want to break down my wall and help break down others as well. I will look at people and see myself in them and realize that behind every person there is a story and that I can’t really know them until they open up and tell their story to me. I hope that this movement travels to as many schools as possible and helps as many people as possible because I truly believe this is an amazing movement that will sweep the nation.

  515. Haley Marie says:

    We need you at our school. It’s not just cyber-bullying. It’s like fights 10 in two weeks. We’re a violent school. People don’t care if they hurt others. We really need you! Please help us!!! I’m so inspired by the show, I want that change for our school!

  516. Brionna Voss says:

    Finally someone is saying what needs to be said, challenging what needs to be challenged. “Saving” youth and adults alike that feel “stuck” in the patterns of their own lives and minds that they always have an option. Positive Rebellion? I made it through without a challenge day, but how many kids will not? I want and need to help! This blog is half gratitude for the inspiration/ half please start accepting applications again/and a quarter its three a.m and ‘If you really knew me’ is on back to back. Book the east coast?

  517. Erin says:

    I organized at junior high school a day dedicated to accepting yourself, preventing bullying and understanding media influences. This day impacted so many students and I want to carry this on into my new school next year. I want to help teens see we can change things, believe in themselves and move forward in their community. I can’t wait to get started.

  518. Cindy says:

    my senior year (09-10) i participated in challenge day. i was always a mean person always putting other girls down, taking away the guys they liked. i didn’t like many girls around my school and the ones i was friends with, i changed them to be like almost my personality. i would get all the guys and make people think i was the most amazing person ever. i put guys and partying before my friends and basically forced people to listen to me. challenge day taught me to be respectful of m friends and stop putting non important things before them.

  519. Friend4Lifee says:

    I was so inspired by the new television show on MTV – If You Really Knew Me… And I really wanted to help out in some way. The best way I could think of was to be a friend to everyone. I figure, everyone needs a friend, some one to talk to, or to listen to them, give them advice, tell them they’re important to the world. This is why I started this website on Myspace. To be a friend to those who want one.

    Check it out! – http://www.myspace.com/543753789

  520. shay brown says:

    If you really knew me is a really great show…I love it. I can relate how they feel. I also didnt have a really good past. I never really talk about it. But I was thinking maybe you guys should travel around the world. Make a difffences.

  521. Jansen Robinson says:

    Our school is a hard school… everyone think they are tough and when we had challenge day came, everyone who thought they were tough cryed and i couldnt believe that they had the same problems as me… I live in Hawaii the island of Oahu on the west side of the island… My schools name is Waianae High School… we have a bad reputation for our fighting… and if MTV was to come to our school and film us then they would know how come oyr reputation is and how people are changing

  522. etsil says:

    i changed my school by starting an acting group, promoting peace, and changing a community from bottom to top

  523. Sophie Johnson says:

    The change I made was one I noticed in my friend. My friend had been bullied by some girls for a while. I had heard, but I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t know these girls. One day I was walking with my friend, when one of her friends started talking about how the bullies were good people, and that even though they made fun of my friend, that she should get over it. I stood up for my friend, asking the girl why she said that. The girl did the awkward laugh, and I said that it wasn’t funny. A few weeks later my friend decided if that girl couldn’t be nice, she wasn’t gonna put herself through any pains for her. She said it was all thanks to me, I’m happy I made a change. :)

  524. Courtney Waterman says:

    My school did something just like challenge day where they put random groups of people in a classroom for the whole day together. Gave us activities to do all day and we did the activity where u open up and do the if you really knew me activity. We also participated in the cross the line activity too. During that activity our last question was if you have feel like you never had a child hood cross the line. I proceeded to cross the line, but when i looked back i stood completely alone. I started crying and all my friends that were on the other side came up to console me even people that I barely ever talk to consoled me too. That is the point i realized i wanted to give back. I knew exactly why and what i needed to do to help others who possibly felt the same way as i did. When I was younger I was sexually assaulted by a family member. Since I had experienced that I had blocked out most of my childhood memories, because it was too difficult to deal with at such a young age. When I was in high school I was a cutter and not very many people knew that about me. I also was sexually assault in high school by a guy friend. Because of these experiences I am who I am and I am a strong person now and can handle everything. So I knew after that experience i want to help others get through what they are going through to get to the point that i am at. So my senior year I went to my vice principal and our motivational speaker n told them i wanted to give an assemly i told them my story and we set up everything. We kept it a secret and surprised everyone. I walked up in front of my entire high school and gave a full speech on what I had been through in my life and how I dealt with it. I had so many people come up to me after the assembly and tell me thank you for doing that because it gave them hope for their future. I seen people crying in the audience while i was giving my speech and i know i touched my school that day and I am happy to say I want to continue to touch people for the rest of my life and help them heal.

  525. Ally says:

    please, if someone or your friends start labeling and making fun of people by there looks, tell them TO STOP!!!!!

  526. Bridget DeLong says:

    Dennis Grandt- great song!!! i wish you luck in your music! (can spell givin the heads up)
    To everyone else! I wish that i knew about this program for my high school. sadly when i go back to drop my brother off i can still see the cuiquks and can tell whos in what cliquk. but im greatfull for this program tuching other high schools. and maybe i can convice the principal of my alama marder to get invalved!!:)
    If you really knew me im a new found christion who ust to cut and be really depressed. thanks for my new and old friends and strangers on the streat im not alone. i can hold my head held high give out tones of smiles and heys to everyone. thanks to all who are helping out in and out of the program. god bless!!!

  527. Stephanie says:

    I’m currently in High School and i wish we could have this kind of program at my school or have this program come to my school. When i become an adult this is what i want to do, i want to travel around and help teens in there struggles starting from middle school becouse the choices start when you become a teen. I still have two more years of high school and i must find something to motivate me and this is helping me. I n my community the gangs and ethnicity racials need to be put to a stop! I will help out by not participating in those things and stop others when i can.

  528. Terri says:

    I watched Challenge Day at Freedom High last night on MTV… Keep in mind I am a 45 year old mom of a 26 and 22 year old. All I can say is WOW. I was brought to tears. In the 80′s school was rough enough. I experienced so many of the issues that the kids walked across the line for. But today it is so intensified. The world only seems to be getting harder to survive in. Notice I said survive…… If you are reading this I challenge you to take every experience you have and make it a challenge. Find every possible way you can to learn from it; to grow and mature. There is a reason you are going through the experience. I have always found that my reason is so that when I meet someone who might be experiencing something I can have empathy, compassion and mercy. This always allows me to not pass judgment, which is the most important gift you can give. Pass the LOVE around, pay it forward and it will return to you. You will reap what you sow……… If you sow judgment you will reap it, if you sow hate you will reap it, if you sow LOVE and kindness … You will reap that !! I have always believed and stated as an adult there is A LOT we can learn from our kids. If you are a parent it’s time to put away your self preconceived notions and listen to our next generation………… THEY ARE ALL AWESOME !!!!! We were all created with talents, gifts and a purpose. WE WERE ALL CREATED TO LOVE AND WE ALL DESERVE TO BE LOVED !!!

  529. Anonymous says:

    I have a friend who is a high school teacher in Las Vegas. I’m going to ask him to talk to his administration about bringing challenge day into his school, and hopefully he’ll be sucessful and I’ll be able to participate.

  530. Andrea flores says:

    Well, i just graduated high school i wish someone will have done a challenge day at my school… i been called lesbian, and pregnant behind my back by people i didnt really know. I have always felt inferior to my sisters, they are the pretty ones, the ones with all the boyfriends and friends. At first it was easy to ignore it but then more people start noticing it and everyone always talk about me behind my back.. i didnt know who to trust.. I was watchign today MTV’s If you really knew me.. and i wish that would have happen at my high school when i was there.. maybe everyone would have realize everythign they called me to my face or behind my back truly hurt… Im happy someone out there is making a difference in many students life… :)

  531. Hope says:

    Hey my name is hope!! I saw this show and I thought wow our school is just like that and I want to make a diffrence. And I don’t know how I can do that. I want to change this school and make my senior year the best year. I also have my own story and it’s hard and when some of those kids on that show open up like that was amazing. And I want to open up more to more people that make fun of me or that look down on me. And I wanna say to them look at me now. And I just wanna bring the program to the school and I need help with that. Thank you and have a great day

  532. Casey says:

    I thought i have been through so much in my short 16 years of life and i really have but nothing compared to some of these young kids that are my age on the tv show if you really knew me. This has really touched me beyond what anyone could possibly know. My heart feels for everyone that has gone through anything challenging in there lifes. I would really love to bring this program to my school. It would be something i know that my school could really use. I know every school could use this but i know that wouldnt be able to happen. But if you have any info on how to get this to my school or even town let me know. Thanks : )

  533. Sarah Moseley says:

    I’m a sophomore at Robinson High School in Texas and being judged is a big issue. I’m Gay and i get picked on and bullied all the time so i know how it feel. I would like to make a big change in the school by just being more open to meeting people. I would like to show people tht people are different than who they seem to be. I myself hide who I am bcuz im afraid of getting jidged and getting hurt. I just really would like to show ppl tht it hurts and tht deep inside everyone can relate to problems. its really inspiaring to me. thank you so much.

  534. Bethany says:

    I am so ready to go back to school just to change. Like usually people dread change and they avoid it. But I am so excited to change. :) This has really made my day.

  535. Kathy says:

    I just wanted to say i seen the mtv show n i love this i truly hope it keeps going … this challenge day is possibly the best thing to ever happen in high schools.. love it i wanna watch n see more maybe even be involved …. this really inspired me to do better for other people…
    [email protected]

  536. Stephanie Könings says:

    When I saw the great work Challenge Day does, I was so moved, I instantly decided I want to join the concept one way or another. And so I will be volunteering on October 15th in NY, the Bronx, making an overseas trip from the Netherlands, but it will be worth it.
    Also I like to share with you a little clip I made about smiles….because a smile makes everybody happy….


  537. Ciara Bradley says:

    Ray-Ray and Jyoti were my challange day leaders and they were amazing! They were all about love, happiness,peace, and being the change . Everyone had an positive attitude and no negitive energy, I told them how my dreams of being a tatto artist and owning my own shop, Think Ink, hopefully when I have it there I’ll see RayRay show up needing a new tattoo:] -&Thanks for bringing the bestfriend and I back together:] and mom says hi!!!! email us sometime!

  538. crystal says:

    well i still spread the good news about challenge day and i am very thankful becuase times b4 challenge day we had fights at our school people wasnt getting alone it was just wierd now at my school people feel safe and comftable and i like challenge day i did it two years straight and would love to do it again for my senior yr i wish i can get it for my church becuase we have some little kids that really need challenge day like i always try and talk to them and let them know about it or just tell them to be more positive it does not work majority of the time

  539. Chris Adkison says:

    I have not participated in this program, but I was watching T.V. the other day and it made me wanna cry, because this is so much of what I wanted to see in my high school. Now I see people making a difference and it makes me so excited inside. I personally went through so much stuff as a teen, and nothing like drugs or anything crazy or drastic reflecting on the outside, but I went through things on the inside and it was horrible. Luckly God has placed people in my life that helped me with those things and now I’m on a ministry team in Decatur, AL called Masters Commission and I have this opportunity to do this and help people and travel and its amazing. Thank you whoever started this program….. It makes me wanna do more, I love this stuff.

  540. Dennis Grandt says:

    Ray-Ray and Jennifer were my leaders for Challenge Day. They had me rap on the mic in front of everyone it was amazing. I wanted to let u guys know that im still working on my music and i wrote a song for Challenge Day called “Let Your Beat Play” here is the link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-Jim4sdNEo) Challenge Day inspired me to write this so tell me what u think.

  541. Nicki says:

    I am donating a kidney anonymously after my husbands uncle passed away while waiting. The more research I did, the more I realized that this is something that I absolutely can do without fear, full of love. I am going to be the change! I’ll have my surgery date this week. Can’t wait!

  542. Kayla Wheeler says:

    I have a challenge for all blogger:
    For a week i challenge you to give a lest 5 person you see alone a smile, and at lest 10 hugs a day.

    Go out and be the change!! i love you all!!!

  543. Kayla Wheeler says:

    I was with my mom and great-grandma in an Albertsons parking lot. All the handy cap spots were taken and my grandma couldn’t walk far and needed a close spot. Well, getting at close spot in the city is near impossible. When a little old lady started to put her bags in her car. She was in a handy-cap spot so my mom said to just get out and take her cart for her. I was more then happy to but she started have problems buckling up So a asked if she needed a hand. I never met this lady before, but the look on her face at my offer was reward enough. Her eyes lite up as she thanked me, and took my offer. After buckling her into her car she thanked me again. Smiling she drove off, and i smiling went to wave my family in, but they had already found a spot close to the doors. I laughed and ran over to them. My mom asked me why I’d nearly climbed into a strangers car, and i simply replied “I was being the change, and helping that lady buckle up.” My mom looked at me and said “Your one of a kind you know that?” Just that small act made me feel pride for myself, and let me tell you the feelings addicting. With every chance i get I’m doing something for someone else, weather it’s physically working or sitting and listening letting a friend talk, even if i have to get pulled out of class for them.

  544. Jaime says:

    I was picked as one of the people that are going to be on the show for MTV, and honestly, Challenge Day was the biggest kind of step I’ve ever taken in my life. I had no idea it was going to be this inspirational and life-changing. There are no right words to describe my situation, but after that day, the way I looked at everyone and everything has changed. So thank you, Challenge Day and everyone involved <3

  545. marije says:

    I saw the documentary about challenge in Amsterdam. it touched me in many ways, i was happy, sad and impressed. I’m also willing, als Lilianne wrote before me on this blog, to work with the concept in my own country. Right now i’m searching for people here in Holland, to form a group to get this done. Meanwhile, in my own private and proffesional life, i spread love, care en honesty, i when i don’t, i work with myself to clear my mind and get back on track.

    thank you for doing this, love, Marije

  546. Lilianne says:

    I just learned about challenge day from a television broadcast about challenge day in Amsterdam. I am really amazed and touched by the courage of all participants to open up and see one another. I hope to work with the concept in the future in my own surroundings on Iceland as a teacher. Thank you for your love and inspiration. You make a huge difference!!!

    with love Lilianne

  547. amy. says:

    I dont know how many times i crossed that line on my high school gym floor..it was almost every time… how many times i opened up..How many hugs ive given to people id never think i’d come close too. I spilled my guts. Im so glad i did.. Im so Glad i experienced everything within those two days that it was… its been like two years since then but im so happy i got the chance to experience it. it has changed everything.

  548. Steven Echtman says:

    Working on an amazing mobile app for Challenge Day!

  549. Aimee F says:

    After having our Challenge Day in Feb. the Core Team at OHS went to a local elementary school and did a mini-Challenge Day for the 5th graders, who had been having a problem with teasing & bullying. The day was incredible for all involved. The 5th graders got a life-changing experience, and the Core Team members both recconected as a group, and has an unexpectedly impactful day as well. It was so epic.

  550. Angela Gibson says:

    Join me in my effort to mobilized NYC to run to help the Women in the Congo. Visit runforcongowomen.org to learn more or email me to help with the NY effort!

  551. Elizabeth Navarro/maui hero mentor says:

    omg!i got an email frm mr.loren saying theres gonna be another challenge day on may 15 i cnt wait im so excited for that.I missed all the good timmes in challenge day i hope this challenge day is awsome!remember evry1 be the change.
    love always,lizzie

  552. Kayla says:

    i should have commented on this a very long time ago since ive been to 2 challenge days. i thought i wouldnt be as moved the second time as i was the first but low and behold i was. this day takes a HUGE load off my shoulders. each time i felt a whole lot more confortable going to school and facing people i had had troubles with. Darlene and Linette i love you guys for working so hard for bringing this program in. never hessitated to ask me to help bring it back over and over again!!!

  553. Tracy Laramore says:

    I live in a suburb an hour off of New York City. Here the community is not so diverse. Many people come to live in Monroe and find themselves isolated and feeling disconnected. I often think about the girls in my community ages 10 – 17 who may be going through identiy issues. Questioning their purpose and self worth. My goal is to provide a club for girls where they will be able to learn about themselves by serving others. I believe that true happiness happens when one serves others.

  554. Kiona Levell says:

    Well yesterday we had our challengge day and it was amzing to see everyone open and to show who they really are in the inside. Their were tears,laughs, and just a whole lot of un and dancing but, one thing I did learn is it’s ok to zjust b Kiona and I can make a change and b the change. so I just hope that everyone really took this in and didn’t just do it yesterdsy but use it in theor every day lives.I truely do believe we are some powerful young people who can really make a change. So I really have challenge day will happen again next year.

  555. morris says:

    :) :) :( :( :) ;) :) :( challenge day rocks

  556. morris says:

    challenge day has changed my life in so many ways it was fun and emotional i felt so comfertable in my small family groups and i felt like i could tell anybody what i felt like i could talk about anything i gave them what i thought about myself and my family that was the best day of my life thanks to mzima and randy p.s that sideways moon walk was awsome pss you rock mzima i want you to come back becuse you rock :)

  557. jessica schember says:

    challenge day has changed my life in so many ways it was fun and emotional i felt so comfertable in my small family groups and i felt like i could tell anybody what i felt like i could talk about anything i gave them what i thought about myself and my family that was the best day of my life thanks to mzima and randy p.s that sideways moon walk was awsome

  558. nathan park says:

    it was vary fun

  559. nathan park says:

    thank you it was vary fun

  560. nathan park says:

    no more bullying in pine river middle school

  561. nathan park says:

    no more bullying in the schools

  562. nathan park says:

    thanks for coming mzima and randy thank you alot

  563. nathan park says:

    I had fun with mzima and randy at pine river school and I would like to have another one some time.

  564. CKSP says:

    Flower Power in the Yukon
    Our Circle of Change was looking for an idea for spring. As a group, we decided to order daffodils from the Canadian Cancer Society and we gave them out to people all over Main Street in Whitehorse. We gave double the flowers, some to keep, and some to Pay It Forward to some one else. It had just snowed and the scene was beautiful…all white and yellow from the daffodils.

  565. ILWAD says:


  566. Keaton Kitchen says:

    I sent out a picture text with the I Love You sign and a note that said “I hear you. I see you. I am here for you. I LOVE YOU!” to a bunch of my family and friends!

  567. Dawnette Reagan says:

    Hey!!! its me i came to Challengeday about two months ago, and i LOVED it!! i wanted to say that it was a very emotinal exsperance for me. i had told what i was going threw and what i had been put threw . i came there with the tude “i’ve got my own problems and i don’t need to hear other peoples, its a day out of school” if it was up to me i would make it a class at school . (PENN HIGH) i never really wanted to open up to people i didnt know…but..i did. i felt so much lighter after talking about it and sometimes im in school and i think about that day and i get teary eyed …you two were the only people who would listen to me . i had thought of suicide two days befor and when that day came i had like a new meaning to live (i got three months till im 18, thats my Q to do my own life ,make something) its sad to think a 5 yr old girl had to grow up so fast never had a chance to tell my feelings ..I THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH. you are all sent from above ,Truly :) i had wrote Oprah and told her how great it really was .im waitin on a responce. i love you all ..thanks again hope to see u soon .

  568. LKF says:

    Recently moved and donated teacher, administrative filing systems to a local school as gifts for PTA raffles or silent auctions. Included the BTC card with a thank you note and 1 request: To Pay It Forward! Hopefully, this may encourage the school to find our more info on Challenge Day.

  569. felishia says:

    this be the change was amazing they came to our high school and mead every one fell like were not alone i was moved up this and love it…………….p.s lots of the mean girls at my school should have gone but was not chosen they need this to see how they are acting to other people and see how they are hurting people.

  570. Taylor Daniels says:

    I went to challenge day on tuesday march 23 2010 and i didnt really know what would go on but i had alot of fun and i relized that even though someone says im stupid that they are wrong because im a smart independent woman

  571. Aunty Nola says:

    I responded to a request to hug someone and just hold them, and rocked them as they cried.

  572. Aunty Nola says:

    A friend of mine who was grieveing at the loss of wife. They were married for 59 years and he had been gone for barely a month. He shared that he was still so sad and was crying all the time. It ws uncomfortable for other family members to see him so sad and he was trying to stop it, but the hurt was so huge. I told him that a love like that can’t be easily forgotten. I invited him to celebrate the love that he has for his wife and to write love letters to her. “Pour out to her the depths of your love and longing. Our faith compells us to believe that we will see each other again, so let’s act as if we believe it. Write to her, pour out your love. and when you two are joined together again, that journal of love letters will stand as a testiment of your great love for her, even after death.” did get a tablet and writes her letters daily. Yes, at times he cries when he writes, but the burden of having to keep it hidden is not there anymore.

  573. Kacey Smiley says:

    I am trying to help people now. after yesterday when i crossed the line that so many others didnt i looked back and seen the sign for i love you and i support you and i knew i had people that cared and i will keep it going the best i can. thank you so much

  574. Dennis Grandt says:

    challenge day changed my life it helped me realize that i love talking to people and helping then through things, yet its something people would of never guessed about me, who ever want to talk hit me up at http://www.myspace.com/DxRED

  575. Tracy Schwab says:

    We received the blessing of Rich and Yvonne for the weekend of March 12-14, 2010. The seminar filled teachers, students, and volunteers in the Houma, Louisiana area with love, acceptance, forgiveness, strength, and hope. I am grateful for Rich’s and Yvonne’s gifts, experience, and tireless efforts. I am proud to e a member of the Challenge Day and Be the Hero family!!

    Tracy Schwab

  576. South La. Circle of Change Member says:

    I had the privileged of participating in a Next Step Program in Houma, La with my 17 yr old daughter. During one of the exercises my daughter stood up and spoke about her experience of being the child of divorced parents. I was able to, with coaching from Yvonne, hear my Daughter and to communicate back to her that I heard and understood her. In that moment, I learned that I could just listen to her. That I did not have to take ownership of her pain. That moment was a changing point in our relationship. Today, my daughter, she called me to go to lunch with her. This is a first and I see this happening much more. Thanks Yvonne for teaching me this incredible tool/gift. I commit to using it on others as often as I can.

  577. Mary says:

    For the last several years I’ve been buying a small bouquet of flowers when I’m at the grocery store and presenting it to the person behind me in line (as long as it’s a woman… wouldn’t want a man to take it the wrong way). Over the years, I’ve given flowers to several hundred people and the responses have been varied and extremely rewarding. This is a “small thing” but has a huge impact on people. I’ve received comments like “you have no idea what you’ve just done…” meaning…. this was a BIG deal to that person. We can make a big difference just by reaching out and letting people know they are not invisible. We are connected! Quite a number of times, people have told me they planned on “paying it forward”. This regular act of kindness has become one of the best things I’ve done in my life and EVERY time, I feel so blessed to have gotten the idea to do it!

  578. Cindy Chandler says:

    I went into a coffee shop one morning and after ordering my food told the cashier I’d like to pay for the next person’s breakfast. I had on my ‘Be the Change’ t-shirt. She held up a gift card and said someone wearng the same shirt had come in a few minutes earlier, paid for the card, and said to give it to the next person (that person being me). She then smiled and said, “I guess you’d like to pass this on” to which I replied Yes. We’re everywhere!

  579. Aunty Nola says:

    I continue to desire to come from a place of love, connection and grace at all times. I’m successful most of the time.
    I’m being gentle with my “noticing”, choosing to “look for the gold”. I am successful most of the time.

  580. Brianna says:

    If you want something give it to someone else becausr they need it more. You will be rewarded in some way.
    If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.

  581. Sean Zeringue says:

    100% a positive, eye opening and life changing experience!!! Out facilitators were ABSOLUTELY amazing. Challenge Day is what E.D. White Catholic High School needed. Made many students realize what was going on. Teachers, students, and parents all realized where we needed improvement and made those changes!!! Thanks so much Mr. Randy and Ms. Angela, FABULOUS job. Keep it up!!!!

  582. Henny van den Berg says:

    Workshops On the Shop Floor is for more respect and a good behaviour. No roomers, no bulling, start by your own. What can you do better in your company for a better and warmer athmosphere in your company. Stop prejudice and look in the mirror. This is my instrument that i like use as Counsellor in Company’s in little teams. I ‘am a registered therapist in europe. http://www.hennyvandenberg.eu

  583. Melissa Arbaugh says:

    I’ve decided to dedicate the next year of my life to becoming the change in my community, and hopefully leading to a bigger level as I prepare to apply to become a Challenge Day leader! If I want others to be the change, I have to do it first :)

  584. Teena Ellison says:

    Simple things such as texting words of encouragement and love to young people I know this week helped me lift my spirits as well. I have a Challenge Day card full of gratitudes to send to my little brother. He won’t know what hugged him when he opens that one up.
    The Snohomish County Circle of Change is planning their Spring / Summer fund raising splash with monthly car washes and another auction.

  585. Fran Clem says:

    My vocation in life is to teach children, through their creativity, to be the change that they wish to see in the world. We participate in several service projects during art classes in my home studio. The Global Art Project for Peace matches artists and/or groups of artists with partners for an exchange of art work which has a theme of the artist’s vision of peace. Participants are from all over the world, all seven continents. We have learned about other cultures and made friends with people from Cameroon, Singapore, Taiwan, Romania and Tucson, AZ!
    The Houston Holocaust Museum will have an exhibit in 2012 of 1,500,000 butterflys created by artists of all ages and abilities. The exhibit remembers, with an artistically created butterfly, each child that died during the Holocaust. My young artists each made a butterfly for the exhibit, and one for themselves as a memento of the project. Hopefully, they will learn to stand up for what is right, and to be kind, because of this project. (A great book to read is Patricia Polacco’s “The Butterfly”)
    Our next project will be spoke guards, painted and decorated for the wheelchairs at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. This will be our third contribution to the hospital to brighten the wheelchairs for the young patients there. When we deliver the whimsical and colorful spokeguards to CCMC, I can see the pride and satisfaction in my students, who know that they have made the hospital a little brighter and happier for everyone who sees their wonderful work.

  586. chad matthews says:

    hey,im from alaska northpole high school and i just wanted to say that this program has changed my life. thank you.

  587. Darlene Doskoch says:

    You know you have made an impact on your community when:

    I had a truck following closely behind me this morning, I thought, “oh I should move over because he will want to pass” (I was in the left lane), so just as I put on my signal light, he did as well and went around me on the right hand side. I thought oh great, he’s going to be upset, because I didn’t move over in in to the right lane and let him pass. As he drove past me, I turned to look at him and he was giving me the Challenge Day I love you sign….!!!! It was awesome!!! (I have the Be The Change bumper sticker in my back window, so he must have been familiar with Challenge Day!) It felt wonderful! Then yesterday, I saw someone had written “Be the Change” on the back of van. (in the dirt on the window). I smiled all the way home.

  588. Linds Holmer says:

    I haven’t made this act of change yet, but I’m looking into speaking about suicide prevention here in Nebraska, and again in Michigan this summer when I go back home. I want all people to know their not alone, and that they can speak out and get help before its too late. I want to speak about my story and hopefully give others the courage to reach out too.

  589. Maya Brown says:

    Since I saw the clip of this movement in my Teen Health class last year, I had (literally) prayed that they would come to my school. Unfortunately I was not selected to participate in this event when it came, but I think it is amazing how many people came back so much nicer. The people who went who have judged me, stereotyped against me, and made nasty remarks about me behind my back have stopped almost completely. School is much easier without that problem. I hope it stays this way.

  590. Yukon Circle of Change says:

    Rich and Yvonne shared an idea from Stratford ON which we took and enhanced. Local stores donated shovels and windshield scrapers on which we wrote: You have just received an act of change, please pay it forward. We then got busy scraping windsheilds and shovelling driveways, leaving our tools behind, hoping that the deed would be paid forward. The local press jumped on this story and the commmunity became very excited. So many people wanted to play, that we had to go back and ask for more shovels and scrapers. The cool thing is that at this very moment, someone might be scraping or shovelling! The love never stops.

  591. bryan abraham says:

    when people crossed the line and the people that did not cross the line for that caterogry saw the people that did cross the line and they saw that everybody is not the same in many different ways and thngs that they do for different reasons and that all i have to say for now thanks a agian for everything thanks………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  592. Linds Holmer says:

    I sent all my friends and family good morning texts, with different inspirational quotes in each one. :)

  593. Rich Dot says:

    I switched to “green” bath products! All of my shampoo, conditioner, and soap are free of animal products and testing, all natural, and biodegradable.

  594. Sharon Albrecht says:

    I really wanted to do something more original, but I decided to get started by paying the toll for the person behind me for the Oakland Bay Bridge on my way to the airport. The lady toll taker was pretty much on auto pilot as I handed her the money and the card with the request. She kind of perked up and smiled as she handed me my change and I watched in the rear view mirror as the car pulled up to her and then continued. I felt such exhilaration imagining the pleasant shock the person behind me had received and it seemed to me that creating heaven on earth could be so easy if we all spent some time each day thinking about little inexpensive things we could give or do for each other!

  595. Diana says:

    I used an ‘I statement’ to ask a friend for what I truly needed from him, rather then being angry with him, resenting him, or simply holding it in. He graciously agreed and congratulated me for setting the boundary that I needed for myself.

  596. j. clayton says:

    A fellow at the mall was sitting there with jumper cables and i watched as 5 cars went around him so when it was my turn i pulled over and helped him out:)

  597. arg says:

    my act of change will be able to help some of the kids at my skl who feel alone and seeing this movie help me to realize i felt alone in my days i did some things until someone told me they were there for me now i wanna be there for other people.

  598. bryan abraham says:

    be the change is designed to inspire, peace from the inside out and to create hope while challengings individals to find their passion on for all people.

    the be the change movement inspires people to noticewhat’s happening in the world aroud them, to choose actions that create postive, change , and act as a living example of thr power of cantribution and compassion.

    i think and my friend i think challenge was amazing and always be amazing.

  599. bryan abraham says:

    during challenge day i gave almost every teacher and helper , friends huges….

  600. bryan abraham says:

    when we got those cards that we had to write on … here’s what i wrote dear mom i hope some time during this summer i will be to come and spend a couple of days with you and your husband. i miss you and love you mommy. from your bay bryan abraham

  601. Lindsey Holmer says:

    Yesterday I helped an elderly lady from my town up the stairs, into the bank, and back out to her car. She greeted me with the biggest smile, and hug telling me: “there needs to be more young ladies like you out there.” I think I made her day, and she made mine :)

  602. BRYAN ABRAHAM says:

    you gues rock and it helps

  603. BRYAN ABRAHAM says:

    my act of change is helping me and my family get along a lot better and it make life a lot eaiser for my mom and my dad, brother ,sister ,and me as well…..

  604. bryanabraham says:

    whats up peeps i think that what you talk about will change the school boone grove middle school

  605. Mylee LaVine says:

    I was in Challenge day today. And I’ll be honest with you, when I was about to go to Challenge Day, I was talking to my friend, Joan. I told him that I was NOT going to cry today, yet, odd, I criedand cried and cried every time I crossed that line. It actually made me feel great in the end of it all!

  606. Finley sparling says:

    I had a conversation with my neighbor. After that we meet up at the ski hill and went on a bunch of runs together. :D

  607. Franz says:

    I said hi to a random person at my school, who looked at me blankly before walking on.

  608. Max.L says:

    My act of change was helping my sister with her chores when she was busy with homework.

  609. Casey says:

    I cleaned the entire house without being asked :)

  610. Rich says:

    I went out of my way to ask a man who was visiting a next step training who he was and what makes him happy in life – His answer blew me away – he said seeing people love one another – He was surely in the right place

  611. Rich says:

    Today I paid for the groceries of a single mother who didn’t have enough food stamps – It was an amazing experience to see her and her child light up with appreciation

  612. darian jim says:

    heyy i help my auntie with baking and cleaning up lol hahaha funn

  613. Jeff D. says:

    My act of change is that when I went to turn the car on like I do everyday and I scraped the windshield which I don’t usually do.

  614. Crystal says:

    I have graduated and been in the working world for 8 years and I am still impacted by Challenge Day. It changed my life in the most postive way.

  615. katie. says:

    i loved when chalenge day came to my school (:

  616. Jess says:

    I’m student council vice-president at my high school, and I’ve realized that people listen to what I have to say. I’m going to organize a TADD(Teens Against Drunk Driving)rally at my high school. If I have the attention of my teachers and peers, why not tell them something that’s worth hearing. I don’t know if it’ll save lives… But if doing this means someone I love will think twice before driving inebriated or getting into a car with a drunk driver, I’ve acheived my goal.

  617. Alexa Ehlers says:

    I just want to say that Challenge Day truely helped me more than imaginable. Only 2 weeks prior to Challenge Day I had been begging my parents to allow me to home school. I thought that leaving would be the only way to feel safe at school. I was getting verbal abuse everyday, and now, I feel like I have a family standing behind me! If it wasn’t for Challenge Day at my school, I would never have known the feeling of love and compassion from my fellow classmates, that I feel now. Thank you soooo much for all that you have done for me and my school! I promised Pam and Ray Ray that I would hug anyone feeling lonely in the halls, or the class rooms, or any where! I plan to keep my promise and BE THE CHANGE!
    Once again thank you!
    LOVE always and FOR EVER,
    Argyle HS

  618. selena says:

    khayree i saw ur album! this waz a fun program! loved it. be the change!!!

  619. selena says:

    this waz soooo fun and great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thxx

  620. Ms.A says:

    Today I made a point to hug students and let them know I love them! <3

  621. Irene says:

    Today was Challenge Dayy at Mott hall V and I had a blast! Although I have been through it already last year, this year was a fantastic time too. I learned that you need to be the change of what you want the world to be. I cried this year which made me feel a lot stronger…but last year i cried the most..that i had to use a whole tissue box too! Challenge day helped me feel stronger and notice that i am not alone when something bad happens because i now know that others might have also gone through it before or even going through it right now. I have changed and now i know that to never doubt a person on the way they act because there might be a big reason y they act the way they do. Plus, after challenge day i veiwed the world differently and thought before i acted to situations. Even though I have gone through it so much i wish that i can go through it again next year because it just makes me feel live again knowing that there are people there for me always! I will pass this day on to others by telling them about it and how challenge Day has changed my life! Notice, Choose, Act!!

  622. Austin and Jillian says:

    hi, we just had challenge day at our school yesterday and it was life changing for us. some many of the students in our grade were smiling, and then at other times the were laughing, or crying, but by the end of the day we had so much more fun then we thought we would. thank you angela and chris for coming all the way to jersey to do this activity. i,austin,our classmates, and our teachers had sooo much fun thank you! BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE!

  623. Lael says:

    Every Sunday,my friends and I treat anyone who needs it,to a nice hot lunch-soup,buns and treats.
    Recently we were joined by another group of folks and, now our lunch guests get sandwiches and
    hot chocolate too!
    This all started when one woman and her daughter noticed a need in our community and decided to do something about it:)

  624. Drew says:

    i know i probally didnt stand out to them in their day to day school visits but they changed my life and i will always remember this day.

  625. Darlene Doskoch says:

    Once again, we have had an amazing Challenge Day experience here in Williams Lake! If you really knew me you would know that I LOVE CHALLLENGE DAY!!!!!

    Thanks to Randy and Angela, two beautiful, amazing and wonderful Challenge Day leaders, whose genuine love and compassion for those in our community was evident on their faces and in their hugs. Williams Lake, really is Being The Change we wish to see in the world!

  626. tamorrah jefferson says:

    i helped my mom at work today and i helped my neighbors kids with there homework :)

  627. Sylvia Norton-Sutherland says:

    My community participated in a two day “Challenge Day” event recently. We had the joy of meeting Jyoti and Rich. I was so amazed and describe what happened in my community on those two days, as a miracle. I had the opportunity to meet and “drop the waterline” with people I never would have bothered to get to know in my own community, it was such a transformative ultra-special two days. I was so tired, but energized with such hope and purpose that I am involved in organizing our first “Be the Change” group this evening, we hope to continue and nurture the movement in others and those that were involved in the two days. It is up to us to continue with the good teachings shared with us by the “Challenge Day” folks. I am so impressed by the way in which things moved on those days. Miigwech (Thank-You) Jyoti and Rich for coming to our beautiful island. We love you.

  628. Anabell says:

    When i was in challenge day i learned that im not the only with problems and at the end of the day you realize many people go through the same problems like you do.I have to say that challenge day really changed my life ,like i dont judge people anymore.Challenge day was an amazing inspiration. Thank You!!!

  629. Kate says:

    The challenge day team can to our school today to talk to the grade 10′s. I really enjoyed your program and found it empowering and inspiring. So many people are going through things and it made the world of difference to be able to talk about it. When we “crossed the line” it made me realize that we are not in this alone. There is always someone we can turn and talk to – as long as their willing to listen. Additionally, the challenges and stories put out to everyone by people were extremely eye-opening and emotional. People that I had previously made fun of or talked about, were brought into a whole new light and what they are going through is unbelievable – I should have never judged them the way I did. Thanks for coming to our school, I think you have started something that will last for a long time to come!

  630. Montreal,Brandon says:

    We will stop checking, playing, making fun of other kids,and putting each other down.

  631. D.L.S. says:

    OK, there are lots of people on facebook and myspace that might need help. My friend lives in florida and is having harding life, people pick on her alot, barly has any friends. I think You should have challenge day online because it wouldnt be just one or two places at a time, it will be global. I know this will work for lots of people, it did for me. I have opened up stuff for so long till challenge day was at my school. (note to self, im really bad at typing letters and spelling,lol) i dont know how to sent Emails that great,lol

  632. Anonymous says:

    I just recently attended a challenge day at my high school. Before I went, I had no idea what to expect and thought it was going to be “cheesy” and a waste of time. By the time I left at the end of the day, I had cried several times, just from hearing about what my friends and peers were going through – some things that I have experienced myself and know that no one should go through alone. Challenge day really made me gain a sense of community in my school, which I never felt before. I’m so thankful that our school was able to have a challenge day and give everyone the chance to share what they are feeling, and get support from their teachers and friends. I especially enjoyed the energy of our hosts Katie and Jake, who shared their life stories with us and (at least for me) really bonded with the group. I wish that all schools would get the change to take part in a challenge day, and that one day I will be able to help out others, through challenge day or another organization, the way that you guys have helped me and my friends.

  633. Regan Beal says:

    I finally told me sister that i love her.

  634. Regan beal says:

    I do not really talk to my sister. And when i do i am rude to her. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday(11/6-11/8) i went to the Next Step Worskshop. I realized what i was doing was so wrong. I was hurting my sister

  635. Rozan Holbrook says:

    Our school here in Provo, Utah released over 200 red balloons last week. As we let them go we played Challenge Day Song “Love and Remember” Each of us made a pledge as they floated off to be the change and make a difference by being drug free. We each vowed to stand for healing the pain caused by drug usage by our friends and loved ones. It was powerful.

  636. charles watson says:

    that was a great chioce for me to go to chalenge day because if i didnt go i would be a the person but i did change from that day…. thank you for coming to my school……

  637. Aunty Nola says:

    Today I called and texted several family members who live in Montana, Virginia, Kansas, Hawaii, Washington and California to tell them that I love thema and how special they are to me and to the family. Why wait to tell people that you love them? Why not spread to good stuff around more generously? ;o) I also hugged myself for being a good sister and a great cousin. ;o)

  638. Aleesha says:

    Thank you guys so much to come to our school and teache us that we all have stuff in common and we dont realese it tell people starts opening up to you and i think its great EVERY SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE CHALLENGE DAY so you can talk to people that you really never talk to in school i had challenge day yeserday and i been sitting with people that i dont really known that are sitting by there self and i talk to them and eat with them I LOVE CHALLENGE DAY THANK YOU GUYS.

  639. susanne renner says:

    I wrote a Thank you letter to the gentleman who made my most recent vacation turn out wonderful and included a gift card for Starbucks. (I was stuck in Miami with no passport and unable to board the cruise) He had gone above and beyond in giving me a sense of peace and made me feel taken care of. I also took the time to write the manager of the Inter-Continental Hotel to share my expierence and to state what a treasure they had in that employee!

  640. Pia says:

    A couple of days ago, I received a ‘homeplay’ from my teacher; do at least one act of change during the next two days. Once you get an assignment, you start to see how many things you could change. It’s easy to say hi to a stranger while walking to a optometrist, or hold the door for a heavy-burdened stranger. Telling your family you love them always cheers you up, especially if they say ‘I love you’ back. Recycling and Composting are great for the environment.

  641. Nicola says:

    I was at Star bucks garbing a hot chocolate and as I was there was a lady that had a little kid holding on to her left hand and 3 coffees in the other, so I went over and held the door for her. She smiled and left happily.

  642. Kyle says:

    I filled up the furnace room with wood with out being asked to help my dad.

  643. Meagan M. says:

    So today my sister, Christina was helping kids out for challenge day in her school. WHen she got home she told me she had fun and told me everything that happend. She said they played games and listen to what people had to say about there lives,Some not as bad as others but,everyone in her group at one time she’d a tear today. My sister said as she sat around the cirlce looking at all the younger kids that had it worse then her she couldnt help but give everyone a hug, and smile at the kids who shared there storys. When It was my sister’s Time to share her story she didnt realy talk about herself but my other sister and I. She told everyone How her father was strict when we where younger to the point we couldnt even talk to boys, then she told them about are older sister who is 19 and has a baby girl.She also talked about me having a baby on the way. I guess at the end of this whole thing they all had to write a note to someone. My sister picked me witched touched me alot. She said in this note that she could never explain to me how muchh she loves me and how much she looks up to me. She said I was the strongest person she noes.Skipping through some of it I read this”Although you are pregnant and I thought at first you were realy dumb I realized how much its affected you and has made you the sister im proud to have today” That is what hit me. She could write to anyone at all. Anyone it didnt even have to be me.But, she wrote to me. My sister today made my day alot better to live and my future to come very happy. I just hope you all know that Challenge day isnt just about istting in a circle and tlaking about your promblems with others but, making a difrence in others lifes. thanks for reading this:)

  644. jasmine price says:

    hay im glad i found this site because it helps people change there lives and me 2 love u all cus ur changein lives

  645. Carolina says:

    I wish there was a simple solution to end poverty..although indubitably it will be difficult, it CAN be done.
    let’s join together and try, try to help those communities that are struggling to put food on the table.

    let’s join forces and make change, change to benefit not only those around us, but those whom look at us, so they can know that we are the best nation because politics don’t come first, the people do.

  646. Daniel says:

    Dakota ridge has completely become a new panorama for me, Angela and Tony changed the perspective of things and gave a new point of view i’d never thought i’d see. They made even the most stubborn let a tear out, and that was strange, because in Dakota Ridge there are a lot of prejudicial people, never realizing what others have in their balloon or so called. I’m a junior in high school and I’ve gone to Challenge day all three years, I look forward to it because its like a refreshing day were i get to start anew, because my nice self gets a little rusty at the end of the year… But still I’ve learned a lot and hope to continue learning through my last year of high school next year, because those values I’m sure will never go away and have made me think i want to be part of the crew when i grow up and help even the most emotionally in need… It’s a day to never forget.

  647. Aunty Nola says:

    I was talking to a young Mom while attending a baby shower. Got to talking about spiritual things and I sensed a need for connection and family. I invited her to come to visit my church and she ewas very grateful for the invitation. She even Facebooked my daughter about it and I believe she will be attending next week.
    I’ll let you all know OK.

  648. charlandra says:

    Thank thank u thank u thank u for coming to fletcher high school it was fun exciting and very loving . in that room was how i wanted the world to be loving caring kind and funny of course. ray ray was my favorite but jenifer was real i love u both and thank u for showing me how to show my love towards people today 2 days after challenge day i’ve been giving people who need a hug a hug and getting 12 hugs a day.once again thank u and god bless u love charlandra.i would love to get emails so my email is [email protected] .

  649. Nadia ( from Brazil in CA) says:

    Yesterday as I rushed to “Panera” to grab a quick & healthy lunch before my next home visit as I parked I saw a little cat ( white with collar no #) looking scared , hungry & dirty… I started to talk to him : ” It is Ok love, it is ok… you are ok… so gently I picked him up and put him in my car. I did not know what to do. I was hungry & could only think of getting something to eat before heading to my next appointment.I called a good friend that rescue lots of cats and asked for the shelter’s# …The more I looked @ the little felow I could not bring myself to the shelter… I would not have the time to drive there. So i called another friend and she said, bring it here, go to your appointment & come back, so I did. Long story short “Marshmallow” (my daughter Gabriela named him)is an albino cat around 10 months old is was exhausted, hungry & frightened… he did not eat, or drink yesterday. Today i checked on him @ 4 am & he was eating and lay down wanting me to pat him. New addition to our family <3 <3 <3

  650. austen stephens says:

    when i went to challenge day the other day going in it thought it would be boring and pointless but when i came out of it im a way different person. challenge day mad me realize im not alone and there are many people just like me and i felt i was able to express how i feel without being judged and i was listend to for once. knowing people go through the same things i go through and the troubles i go through changed me as a person.i highly recomend if you ever have the chance to participate in challenge day. do it its saved my life and has changed me as a person. and its truley one of the best experiences of my life.

  651. christian says:

    I real like your club i hope to see you again thank you for all the love today.

  652. Jessica Kaplan says:

    I try to make a change every day of my life, whether it is by smiling at a stranger, holding a door open for another or thanking someone who doesn’t expect it. I do this to hopefully promote others to pay it forward and also for my children to learn to respect others.

    This world is scary right now and we need all those that have kind, open hearts to spread the good. The bad is taking over.

  653. Kevion Ellis says:

    Today katie and chris cam to paris high in paris texas and talked to 100 of our 8th grade and it was really emotional and i learned alot of things i didnt know about other people it really helped me to get out of my comfort zone i mean im 13 year old boy and i cried so it dosent mean since your a boy you shouldnt crie they helped me to not be scared to speak and speak from my heart and also helped me to not be so scared about whats gonna happen next i would like to thank them for that much love

  654. Chris Murphy says:

    My school had Challenge Day today, and I have to say it was the best day of my life. The excitement, the cheerful people, the tears, the hugs…everything today was absolutely amazing to me. Without doing the activities that we did today, I think it is almost impossible for us to realize what kinds of things everyone goes through every single day of their lives, kids and adults alike.

  655. Libby&Emma says:

    Emma – Challenge day was the first day to the rest of my life. I truly learned to love others as much as i love myself. its almost like the wind, you can’t see it. But you sure can feel it. And boy did i feel it that day. My future is now as bright as the sun, and as special as the kids of the future. Amen.

    Libby-Challenge day was an ahh-mazingg experince for me it showed me that everyone has problems and strugles to deal with everyday.and that everyone is the same on the inside.When i look at people i will think about them and there life befor i make it that more complicated for them.

  656. Katelynn Smith says:

    I opened up the web page and a wave of emotion immediately rushed over me as I was reminded about my own experience. I participated in a Challenge Day 6 years ago!!! and to this day it is still one of my most memorable experiences. As dramatic as it may seem, the “line crossing activity” my dad, my brother, and I participated in completely changed my life. By the end of it all three of us were in tears and unbelievably emotional, not only re-experiencing some of our own difficulties/tragedies, but watching others enduring memories and parts of their lives as well. My dad was especially moved by the experience and has brought it to multiple high schools in our suburban Michigan area. I feared that many of the kids in our surrounding high schools, even some of my own friends, would not be open and accepting to the experience, but I cannot even explain how pleased (and how proud of my dad)I was to hear my big,macho,tough guy friends tell me how amazing the experience was. As I said, its not been six years since my last challenge day and it is something I feel the need to tell so many people about. I now live in Los Angeles, California and I would love to be a part of bringing it to schools in this area. Challenge Day is amazing and I just want to thanks for being such a positive organization.

  657. Juliana Tang says:

    Keep recycling for everything.

  658. Aysia Verkerk says:

    I’m an 18 year old participant of Katimavik in New Brunswick. I’ve been here for a month, and yesterday I participated for the first time in the 4th annual Gulu Walk in Fredericton. It gave me an immense feeling of pride and happiness that I could be part of such an amazing organization. What the Gulu Walk does is raise money and awareness for/about Northern Uganda and the tragedies that have been going on there. It is in strong support of the children between the ages of 7 and 17 who are forced into being soldiers, sex slaves, spies, etc.. The majority of the population in Uganda are children to the age of 17.

    Last weekend I built my own cardboard shelter and slept in it for 12 hours in support of the homeless here in Fredericton and all over the world.

    As I mentioned, I am very proud and happy to have the opportunity to learn of such things as these and become an active “global citizen”. Thank you Katimavik.


  659. Lynne says:

    I am practicing honest, trust, and openness is EVERY relationship.

  660. Amanda W says:

    I perticipated in challenge day freshman year. It truly let me open up to others and was the begining of confidence in myself. Before i knew it, i had become a member of the Be The Change club. I’m so excited to be a part of this club and further celebrate and support our community. There is so much planned, and i can’t wait to share my happieness with everybody else. ^u^

    a thanks to challenge day,

  661. katherine williams says:

    this is katherine williams and I was a former student of everett high school and attended be the change at everett high I think there the most amazing school that has brought alot of change to there peers

  662. tyler morgan says:

    ray.ray and mzima came to lafayette jeferson high school and showed me how to starte a new life and i have iv stoped bullying in my school and i have stoped put downs….i plan on continuing this habit..thank you for changeing my life

  663. Taylar Price says:

    I had Challenge Day at my school yesterday. It was the best experience of my life. It mad me realize that it is not a good idea to bottle up all my feelings inside. Its ok to let yourself cry when you feel like it. I also had a fun time, the dancing was soo much fun. I think now my perspective of life has changed and that it is going to just keep gatting better and better. At my school people form cliques to keep things to certain people. The people with money soometimes think they run the school. Going into the gym i wasn’t sure how the day was going to go I didn’t know what to expect. the speakers introduces theirselves. Aunty Nola and Chris were quite the characters to be around. They are at my school for three days. Many tears have and are going to be shed. A lot of hugs are going around. The activities had everyone invovled. I will never forget this day.

    Thank You with all my heart,
    Taylar Price, a sophomore at Beloit Memorial High School

  664. Arman S. says:

    Challenge day was today and i assumed some things about it but i was totally wrong and i learned not to judge. Are community needs to learn to love and appreciate people not just put people down.
    I learned to speak out and let my voice be heard or else i’ll never get it out there and people won’t know what im going through. I already knew people had the same problems as me but to here them face to face was good for me to share. Challenge Day truthfully changed me. much RESPECT…

  665. Demetri says:

    I would like to say this changed my life, I just went to it today. I believe the Kids and Adults who attend this program will surly feel changed by it.

  666. fatihat johnson says:

    today my school had the first ever challenge day nd at first i didnt know what to think but when they said to go around and find sombody you dont knoe and give them a hug i was kind a scared cause i dont really talk to people that i dont know so am like uhh i dont think so but then as the day went on i felt more comfortable with my surroundings nd it turned out that i had a blast with aunty nola nd chris lol love you guys lol

  667. Tina says:

    Wow! You guys are great, Vinny and Jon came to South Huron District High School today, and they were simply amazing. What they do, is really great. And Vinny and Jon are so cute. ^^ Thanks guys for everything.
    I will be the change I want to see in the world. <3.

  668. kayla says:

    thank you for the challenge day leaders that came to our school!
    It was an amazing experience. It was the most inspirational day of my life, and i am ready to be part of the CHANGE!
    it’s exactly what our country, our WORLD needs! Change! we DO have the power to make peace. to build happiness, and love towards one another instead of putting each other down with nasty insults and accusutions. you know, why is it that we can’t be ourselves anymore? why is that so wrong? isn’t that who we are supposed to be? our selves? my middle schools leaders for the day, tony, and pam, (i think) they told us that we are like icebergs. we only let our image show above the suface. and thats only 10%. what happens to the other 90%? ITS HIDDEN. because right now, we live in fear. and fear is exactly whats holding us back from standing up for ourselves. BEING US!!!
    from now on, i am promising to make the change. and i’m pretty sure our whole school is up for it too. when grow up, i want to be exactly like the people in this foundation.
    THANK YOU! :)

  669. Rachel says:

    Pam and Tony came to my school for challenge day today, and I LOVED IT! Thank you so much for coming! I was completely changed, and I learned things about some of my closest friends that I would have never thought about before. Challenge Day completely changed my look on the school and my friends, and I am so grateful for that. Now there will be no more bullying, teasing, fighting, or gossiping. I feel like I dont have to worry about any of that anymore and that I can just be myself and not care what other people think. I feel so much closer to my friends and people that I never would have talked to before. I met new people and I am so happy that they came and did this with us. Thank you!

  670. Marcia says:

    today i actually listened to my mom and did what she told me.it feels so good to be on her good side.now no one is mad.

  671. Jalen Hunter says:

    We had it today,a nd it changed me so much i feel like a brand new person and i just wanted to hug all of my friends. I felt soo connected to my friends it was a great experience overall.:) thanx to jenn and jake

  672. Kurt Kahle says:

    For Kalida High School, for each issue that the teens go through, helping them being mature, responsible teens that they are Jeremiah 29:11 for they will have a future & Hope

  673. Erin Wortman says:

    Notice-To many youths and adults are doing drugs and parents need to get involved with the community to help these people recover and live a normal life. Choose-I have chose to help these people with their additions. Act-I will save one person at a time and will mentor them to stay clean.

  674. Loreli says:

    <3 you Bernice and Ray-Ray! It was weird because some people in my group, whose lives I thought were so perfect, really weren’t… It was an amazing chance to share my shared battles with my best friend.

  675. Mariah Adams says:

    Thank you so much to Tony and Jyoti for taking time out of your lives to come help us be the change at Perry County Middle School in Missouri on October 7th and 8th. You have really helped us out and you guys have brought the whole seventh grade together and we all have closer bonds with each other. Challenge Day for myself and others was a fun and emotional experience that I know I will remember for a long time. Tony and Jyoti, you have helped us all “drop the waterline” and get real with ourselves and others around us. If you saw the ways others are treating others now you would be proud because we have broke the forcefield around the cliques and the drama and I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your hard work at our school. I hope that you can help other schools like you have greatly helped ours.

    P.S- Tony and Jyoti, if you ever have the time i would appreciate it if you guys would comment back to me :)

  676. Kayla says:

    I went to Challenge Day last year as a Sophomore and I am so excited to go again as a student facileter this year for my school. I believe that Challenge Day brought my class closer together we are a better class because of Challenge Day. Challenge Day also brought me out of my shell and made me realize that you don’t always to worry about what people think about you. The people who care about the real you is all that matters. I hear about schools where the kids there are so rude to each other and do horrible things to people and I’m glad that my school isn’t like that the only thing I wish for my school is that kids here didn’t seperate and judge just because of what a person looks like or their beliefs. Most of this is done by girls but also done by boys, I never understood how you could belittle someone just because their different or their not the popular kid. I always try to make everyone feel comfortable and nice to them, I don’t see the point anymore of being mean to someone. I use to be the mean girl but Challenge Day changed me and made me realize that if your the mean girl your not going to get very far and you might lose your real friends because of your actions. And I think since Challenge Day people think of me differently and they don’t see the mean girl that makes fun of them anymore they see the girl that smiles at them and stops to talk to them in the hallway. Well thanks guys!

  677. Alyssa Morris says:

    I would like to thank Auntie Nola and Randy of the Challenge Day program for coming to my school to talk to my fellow 8th graders and I earlier today and showed us a different way of life and others. This program is amazing. I am a shy, not popular person at my school. When i took the time to talk to a popular person, i learned we have more in common than I thought. I had so much fun and i really showed my emotions ( I cried wayyyyyy too much).

    Thank You Auntie Nola, Randy, and the entire Challenge Day Program for helping us here in Virginia to respect one another and to have the couage to tell others of the terrible things that have happened in our lives.


    Alyssa Morris
    8th grader
    Simpson MS, Virginia
    [date of challenge day: Sept 7th, 2009]

  678. Doug says:

    Challenge day was fun but it told me that im not the only one who has issues. it was emotinal but now other people know an i that were not alone and that we could talk to more people about our issues.

  679. Emily says:

    Challenge day made me realize that there are a lot of other people who have to go through some of the same situations as i do, and that i can go and talk to any of them. I realized that I’m not alone. Challenge day also made me realize what other people are going through. It was a lot of fun, and very emotional. I think challenge day helped a lot of people, and I’m glad you came.

  680. Jack says:

    I had really fun yesterday, it made me feel really wide open when I cried a lot. Thank you and I will make a change in the world. {:-)

  681. Anonymous says:

    Challenge day changed me alot, I see many people differnet now and I shall treat them better than I used to. now if I see any act of bullying I shall attemp to stop it and not just watch.

  682. Victoria says:

    Since Challenge Day came to our school, I feel that everyone is getting along better. I feel a lot better and I made more friends.
    Thank you.

  683. Dylan shakur says:

    I love cahllenge day. It change my whole life. It is so much fun. CHALLENGE DAY ROCKS!
    I like the part were we have to run really quick to get a seat at the other side and the last person that doesn’t get a seat has say something

  684. ib Genuine says:

    What an emotional roller coaster it was to participate in Challenge Days. I’ve been in inspired to reach out to more new people within my school and also make sure I recognize the people that I admire and keep them encouraged. I hope other students take this day to heart and help in the effort of instilling change … and not going back. Big thanks to our Challenge Day Leaders, Katie and Kakoa!! We love you guys and you will always be remembered.

  685. Hassan Packir says:

    We had challenge today and as student leader the program is truly inspirational and eye opeinging to me and I know countless others.

    Thank you
    Tony and Joti

  686. Charlotte Renken says:

    I had Challenge Day come to my school today. I am so fortunate to have this come to my school. I felt like all the walls and barriers came tumbling down today. I went up to the microphone and said the following words, “Last year, I went to a school where I was not aloud to wear what I wanted, act how I wanted, be bisexual, or be myself and I am so grateful to go to a school where people ARE aloud to wear what they want and act how they want and be weird and it doesn’t matter! Thank you!” I go to an arts magnet school and I am extreamly grateful to be there. When I said those words, I got a stand ovation and people were crying and they all came forward and hugged me and said, “We love you Charlotte!”. I am so happy to have finnaly been heard and cared for, for what I think and want to say. Thank you!

    I will be the change I wish to see in the world.

  687. Nicole Fountain says:

    I think that scince the program “Challeng Day” came i have been such a change in how i feel about other people and how i treat others. I think that i can for sure give a recomendation of how other should go to the “Challenge Day”

  688. Janine says:

    I was entering a drive thru to pick up coffee and a snack and I allowed a car coming from the wrong direction in the line ahead of me. When I got to the window to pay for my order the car that I let in had already paid for it! I was amazed and it felt so good I intend to pay it forward soon!

  689. susanne renner says:

    My act of change today was to volunteer for parent patrol at the Middle School.
    It was fun connecting with and meeting new kids!

  690. bruce says:

    Challenge Day was the opportunity for me to share about my pending divorce. A girl in my small family has a father serving in Afganistan. And although she thought everything at home was “ok” without him there, I shared the pain that a father experiences not having his children close to him. The joy of doing things spontaneously, saying prayers at night, cooking or enjoying a meal, supporting his childrens’ goals, helping with homework, to wake up to their smiling faces, going to church…the list goes on of things that a father misses out on when separated from his children. Following the Power Shuffle, this girl released her tears, shared from her heart about missing her father and then eased back in her chair and looked at me saying, “This day is sooooooo bizarre.” I agreed. We connected. It was my favorite moment of Challenge Day. Thanks Ray Ray and Jennifer for sharing yourselves with us for two very powerful days.

  691. Emily Murphy says:

    today for the first time Northwood Middle school in northwood ohio had their 2009 8th graders participate in challenge day. it was a great experiance and helped everyone get to know eachother. we shared our emotions even the ones that hurt the most. it was a very toughtful and emotional day. everyone shared secrets and expressed themselfs. i would love to do challenge day again. i could say that it helped me a lot. i hope all the change will stay the same. Thankyou Katie and Sean for coming to help us with the changes in our school. everyone always remember Notice::::Choose::::Act! Three most important words. Challenge day has change my life. i learned how to be respectfull to others and most importantly MYSELF. Thankyou Kaite and Sean for your support.

  692. Gretchen says:

    I started a huge vegetable garden with a few friends. We produced so much food that we were able to give 98 pounds to the local food bank.

  693. Fuschia Keliikipi says:

    I have recently had a challenge day at my school and I am very grateful that they chose my school to enjoy this experiment. I went on September 14, 2009. The staff that was given to our school was Sela & Kekoa. And i wouldnt have wanted any other leaders to have done this challenge day for us. We had four days that were dedicated to challenge day. And on the fourth day we had a big assembly for the entire school. And although i heard the stories before and i knew what to expect everything still brought emotion to me. This experience brought so much change to our school is unbelievable. I am so thankful for what Sela & Kekoa did for our school no amount of words can even explain. They brought some children out of the dark and allowed them to speak without being afraid. I really enjoyed them at my school and I would love for them to come back. Kekoa’s story really touched my heart. Sela & Kekoa are two people in my life that i will never forget. Sela & Kekoa if you ever read this MAHALO. You have no idea what you have done for me. P.S if you guys get this comment please write back i would love to hear from you guys.Love you guys… Talk To You Guys Later.. (;

    Thank You Sela & Kekoa

    Love always,
    Waianae HI,96792

  694. Rodrigo says:

    I donated to my friend’s 3 day walk for breast cancer cause.

  695. Jen says:

    We had Challenge Day this week. I noticed when students were avoiding challenge day . . . I invited them to come again and again, and finally succeeded. The reluctant ones are my favorite. They have to most to learn and gain and I love them dearly:)

  696. keri - k.a.t. says:

    dear angela and chris,(; thank you for coming to our school evergreen junior high. me and my frineds really appreciate it everybody thaught that it was so cool what you guys(angela and chris)did. I wish that you two would come to evergreen more often than just once a year. I also wish that they had room for more than just the 150-200 people to go to the challenge day thanks for all that you guys did for me and my friends. when ever you guys had told us to write a letter to someone that we had loved or knew I had wrote it to my mom and when ever i gave it to her she had liked it and she had gave me a really big super hug. I think that was like you guys should do more than just challenge day stuff i think that yall guys should go to many schools and do many things like: have a fun day or just go there to just have a great and silly time with the other students. I had just wanted to say thank you for all you guys and mrs. amedee did for us guys at evergreen junior high school. so yeah thnx u gys(; <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 yeah!

  697. Amanda Singleton, Education Specialist says:

    I have been an adult facilitator with Fortuna Union High School Challenge Days for the past three years now and the following story shows how Challenge Days really does help ALL members of our community not just students. I was in the doctor’s office with my husband and he was wearing a Be the Change shirt that I had gotten as an adult facilitator during Challenge Days with Fortuna Union High School. One of the nurses stopped us and nearly shouted, “Where did you get that?”, we explained I had gotten it when I participated earlier that year. She proceeded to tell us a story of how her family had always been relatively tight nit and they were generally very happy, until her son became a freshman in high school. He started coming home from school very unhappy and began detaching himself, emotionally, from their family unit. They considered themselves to have strong Christian values but she said that didn’t seem to be helping. Her son attended a Challenge Day and she said one of his main tormentors had apologized and vowed to “Be the Change”. Her son was so excited when he came home that day and his life really was changed as was their entire families. This was several months after that, the bully had kept his promise, and she said her son was actually becoming friends with the boy who had previously been bullying him and he even joined our “Be the Change” team. By the end of her story she was in tears and so was I, I believed in the power of Challenge Days before this but I now see that the effects go far beyond that day and out into our community and for that I thank everyone who has helped make Challenge Days happen at our school and all over!!!!!! I hope that everyone, adult or child, gets a chance to be involved with Challenge Days at some point in their life. Please keep up the good work.

  698. Brianna says:

    I would like to thank everyone at Challenge Day. It was my first Challenge Day today and I really enjoyed it. I can’t even describe how amazing it was. It was THAT cool. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for such a wonderful program. ;D

    Houma, LA, heck yeah. We learned so much. It was the greatest experience ever. Thanks Ms. Angie and Mr. Chris. Yall have inspired me in more ways than I can express.

  699. Linda Carrozza says:

    I noticed an elderly woman searching for her car in a parking lot. I asked her if she needed some help and she told me she was disoriented. I asked her what make and model her car was and asked her for the keys and together we went up the rows until we found it. She gave me a hug and said “God bless you.”

  700. Linda Carrozza says:

    While checking out at my local grocery store I noticed that the cashier had beautiful eyes. I told her I thought her eyes were beautiful and she told me that she had been having a terrible day and I had just made it better and she really appreciated the connection. It was more about the connection than it was about the fact that I thought her eyes were beautiful.

  701. Linda Carrozza says:

    Every September 11th I take cakes decorated with flags to the local fire stations to show appreciation for all that they give to their communites and in rememberence of 9/11. They are always touched, appreciative and surprised. It feels great.

  702. Linda Carrozza says:

    I was walking into a restaurant and noticed two women exiting, one was on a walker and the other woman was trying to hold and help her. She was struggling with the heavy door. I ran to hold the door open so they could safely leave and the woman assisting the woman on the walker said “Oh, there are good people out there” and I said “yeah, and don’t ever doubt it.” It was a joy to see what nothing more than holding a door open created.

  703. Duncan's E.D.G.E. Be the Change Team says:

    After experiencing Challenge Day we have been thinking a lot about how we can change our school and be a benefit to the community. We have been putting up posters around our school and meeting with our counselor weekly with ideas on Acts of Change. We want to thank Chris and Auntie Nola for their time,effort, and their love for students. We are truly trying to make a difference.

  704. Kiara Taylor says:

    I go to East Cobb Middle School. I went to Challenge Day in the 7th grade. My leaders were Mzima and Chris. I had the time of my life. It was amazing. Through the tears and smiles. It really made you think. I may become a leader. I hope this year the 7th graders will feel the same. The effect didnt last long but while it did it was amazing. THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!!

  705. Antonia says:

    I spent eight weeks this summer volunteering in rural Nicaragua with Amigos de las Americas!

  706. michelle says:

    I partcipated in Challenge Day this week for the second time. This program has changed my life. I am overwhelmed with emotion while writing this blog. I wish every school and every student could experience this awesome program. I see so many sad, anger, and confused faces at school. I see kids getting bullied and it just breaks my heart. I truely believe after challenge Day our school will be a different place. I just WISH every young person could have the experience I did.

  707. Shelby says:

    I loved Challenge Day. It was very emotional but a great time. I just wish I could go back so I would have had enough courage to speak in front of everyone. I know what to say, but I just felt like I would mess up. I do have to say my first thoughts about the program was negative. I was thinking it was just a therapy session, but once I got there I realized it was so much more than that. I think it is one of those events that you didn’t want to end or something you can do again. Challenge Day has been one of the best experiences of my life. So if you are trying decide whether or not to go, It is great and something everyone should experience.

  708. Love Lea says:

    Only a day after I told my friend I don’t ever think that I could ever be a parent…
    and the same day of me reading a book of how to raise confident kids ( A prize that I won from the radio God only knows why…)That’s when she rang my door… a bruised and hurting teen in need of a home.
    Now I am so inspired to make a change!!! I need prayers and some huge support … with God anything is possible! P.S I would love to volenteer and bring this to Canada! Love ya all.

  709. Tracey Hightower says:

    Hello Everybody, My Name Is Tracey. Just This Week We Had Our Challenge Day. This Is My Second Year Attending. Ray Ray And Mzima, Our School Putnam City Origanal Would Like To Thank You For Coming And Getting Real And Keeping It Real With Us. It Has Not Been That Long, But Our School Is Really Turning Around.You Guys Have Made A Big Diffrence In Our School, And Touched So Many Of Our Lives. Auntie Lola, We Haven’t Forgot About You. Well Thank You Again For Your Kindness And Your Dedactaion 2 Make The World A Better Place And Our School Systems Around The World. HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!!! PCO!!!!

  710. Coach David Constant says:

    Jennifer and Chris who lead challenge day here at Vandebilt Catholic in Houma,Louisiana were absolutely AMAZING! I’ve been involved in retreats for the past ten years and have never seen kids so locked in and focused! Hearts were changed and I’m very inspired as a teacher and coach to continue to spread the message. It really has helped my students to link the message of Love through Jesus Christ and what took place yesterday! Thank you Jennifer and Chris! You were a blessing to our school!!! God Bless, Coach David Constant

  711. Shannon says:

    Im commiting to being a part of my Challenge Day leadership goup. We can’t wait for the Challenge Days and might be making warm fuzzies to pass out because, seriously, what better way to make everyone feel safe, loved, and celebrated than warm fuzzies?? Be the Change! :D

  712. Liu says:

    CD blessed our staff w/ the AMAZING gift of hanging together having fun at Discovery Kingdom last week Friday and an ACT OF CHANGE (SEVERAL) were done to me so I want to share.

    Richie Rich blessed Letalia (My Puka) w/ an electric Guitar that he (JG) won playing hoops at Discovery Kingdom. TOTAL Act of Change I didn’t even see that coming! THANKS Richie!

    ANNNNND then… not only did Letalia get an electric Guitar, MAMA E blessed Letalia once again by paying for her VERY FIRST guitar lesson. I mean DANNNG!!!! Didn’t see that coming either! Thanks Mama E…

    I LOVE the way you two LOVE and teach me how I can do it bigger and better. Thanks Mama E and Richie for believing in my baby!

  713. Rich says:

    I gifted a little boy with a toy dog

  714. Laurie Vlach says:

    I have been fortunate enough to be an adult facilitator at four Challenge Days. Each was a unique, positive, growing, cathartic experience. Perhaps, if I’m lucky enough to participate a few more times, I will get to “cross the line” rather than remain on the side of the room when asked if I’ve never had the chance to be a child. That one gets my tears gushing each and every time, and each and every time I help facilitate a Challenge Day, I get the miraculous opportunity for a “do over” and be a child for a portion of the day. THANK YOU CHALLENGE DAY!!! XOXOXOXO

  715. Ted says:

    Last night I was mildly bored and started to go through my phone after seeing all my contacts I felt I talked to most people on it enough. Though I felt there were people who I only put on my phone to ignore them later on. Still not feeling up to talking to them I talked to my friend who I usually talk to she talked to me about something bad that was going on so ?I decided the good thing to do was to keep talking to her so I canceled all my plans for the night expecting I would probably end up going to her house or talking on the phone for a long time. After calming her down she said thank you and I wished her a good night. After realizing I till had many hours to my night I decided to text a few people who I usually ignore. At first 2 of them texted me back.

    heir names were Ben and Emily. Ben told me his life wasn’t going to great he tried to commit suicide before and he was thinking of it again. Emily told me that her dog died and she was really sad. I felt this was merely coincidence that the time I decided to talk to people something bad is happening. So feeling in the mood I talked to them both and Ben decided perhaps he will get some help I heard joy in his tone so I felt I helped him. Emily left the conversation smiling and said, “thank you for the good time.”

    Ben texted me this morning that I had changed his life and he talked to his parents about help.

    Emily has already told me that things really doing good until I talked to her so I changed her summer.

    If you were wondering the other people responded and all are doing ok. ;)

  716. Rob L. says:

    Greetings to all from everyone here in Raleigh, N.C.!

    I’m just starting to post flyers for a “Be the Change” Club here at East Wake Middle School. While I feel myself getting really excited about the potential, self-doubt/uncertainty/anxiety always seem to creep up…Regardless- I’m committed to bringing a positive change to our school and community! Any advice from those of you that have started a club or circle?

    Many thanks-

    R. Lewis

  717. Lynne says:

    Am organizing a drive for hygiene products for a local battered women’s shelter for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. My circle is going to begin collecting donations to help with this effort.

  718. Lynne says:

    Took my mom’s car to get washed without telling her what I was doing or why. She was sooo excited to have a clean car. She’s been putting that off.

  719. Lynne says:

    Have been communicating with a coordinator for Challenge Day in a local school, helping her come up with fundraising ideas.

  720. Nikki Ortiz-Olson says:

    I was getting some fajitas for lunch(i was hungry). As I was ordering I say a man that looked like he was hungry too…probably alot more hungry than I was. When asked if I wanted it for here or to go, I automatically said here, but quickly changed my ansewer to go. I asked for 2 forks and extra tortillas. I walked across the street and sat next to him. At first he looked at me like he had invaded my space and that he should get up. I quickly smiled and said,” would you like to share my fajitas?” he looked at me like I was an alien. I then lifted the two forks out of the bag and said “i have an extra fork and extra tortilla’s.” he then sat down and looked at me as he pulled his hood off and said with a smile” do you have sour cream?” I said”you bettcha!” we then shared a lunch and talked about things like his love of baseball and how he could have been pro is he didn’t get injured and got addicted to pain meds. I talked about my mother and family that have struggled with sddiction and told him that for some reason everything happens for a reason, even things that seem to suck. She laughed and said “well if I was pro I probably wouldn’t be having fajitas right now.” that made me giggle.

  721. Mariela says:

    Since my mom is out of town I went over to her house and ironed all of my dads clothes. Just like he likes them. I also sent an email to my mom so she know dad is being well taken care of.

  722. Mariela says:

    While taking my afternoon walk around my neighborhood I helped my elderly neighbor carry her groceries to her house. If you really knew me… you would know that I have lived in the same building for 3 years and have attempted to befriend her a number of times with no success. Thursday, I made an extra effort to be super nice and made a friend out of it.

  723. Matthew DeRosa says:

    Our challenge Day on campus was broken into 3 days. I was on a friday right before the weekend. I thought Challenge Day would be some repeat of some councilor telling us “its ok”. But after going, my life has changed drastically. I’ve made new friends, which I see as family now. Even when I fell to my knees crying, people where all around me to help me. This for sure is one of my greatest days I’ve lived. I send a warm thank you to everyone who has helped Challenge Day become such an amazing thing.

  724. Natalie says:

    Today during my staff meeting I got very vulnerable and talked about my financial situation and had a mini session. The act of change is that I had open space to feel my feelings, to cry, to be mad, to be angry, to be ashamed and to be embarrassed about that stress.

  725. Rich Dot says:

    This morning as I was on my daily mission to fuel my inner-caffeine beast, a man asked me if I could help him out… he was trying to get a transit ticket and needed money. I smiled apologetically and said, “Sorry, I don’t have any cash” – because I didn’t (though, if I’m really being honest, that was convenient since I had a voice of ‘“NO, I don’t want to give you any money” echoing in my head).

    As I walked away he smile and said “Ok… thank you…” And then, with a look of concern on his face: “…please don’t tell on me…”

    While I’m not sure who he was worried I would tell – it really struck me.

    How many times have *I* felt like I didn’t want to be “told on” for doing something. And more so, how often have I felt like I was doing something wrong, or something to be embarrassed about, when I was asking for help?

    Inside the coffee shop, as I paid for my coffee with a “buy 5 get 1 free” stamp-card and used my debit card for my $3 muffin… I had a moment to notice how fortunate I am to be able to do just those things, and how I wished everyone was. I then remembered that in my wallet I had an unused transit ticket with $1.50 fare still on it. So, I chose to share my fortunateness.

    As I walked out, I acted and I gave the man the transit ticket. His face lit up. He thanked me and thanked me… he told me the ticket would get him to a town 2 transit stops away. He had such gratitude for what seemed like such a short distance to me as I walked across the street to get into my car.

    When I got to my car I turned back and saw him smiling in my direction. We caught eyes and he shouted “Thank you!”

  726. emily says:

    the challenge day that i attended was almost three years ago with around 98 people attending.. in my small group there were four of us, a leader and three students. one student i’d known for years and was like a brother to me, the other student i’d gone to elementary with but never had been that close. the leader was a teacher at my school and a leader of many after school programs i was involved with. when we did the “if you really knew me” part of challenge day, the girl i’d gone to elementary with talked and talked and dug deeper and deeper with every word she said, which at the time was annoying since we weren’t doing the exercise correctly, but now is amazing. this girl shared things i’d never even fathomed about her and cried her entire being out in front of us. at that moment, she became a sister to me. we always talked in the hallways and were closer than we’d ever been in the 8 or so years we’d known one another. within the next month, she was killed and this challenge day has impacted me in so SO many ways, to this day. i am so thankful for the opportunity to break down our walls from one another and reveal what life really is for us. if this moment hadn’t happened, the relationship i had with her would be completely different. challenge day worked in me in may different, positive ways, but the fact that she was in MY group on THAT day was a blessing. thank you for the opportunity. thank you for doing all that you do in so many lives every day. God bless you, thank you Chris and Berneice.

  727. mike fallon says:

    I’m a teacher. My wife and I are committed to becoming Chalenge Day facilitators. CD gives miricles to so many so quickly. Are there any in Rochester, NY area already? Who can I speak with?

  728. Aunty Nola says:

    My for Act of Change was to log in my AoC. I have been doing them, but not sharing them. I reconnected with some people that are dear to me, but whom I’ve allowed to be on the “back burner” for too long. I texted them and the conversations that followed we actuallly a gift to myself. What a nice surprise.

  729. Crystal williams a terrebonne high tiger says:

    hi once again im still the way i was after challenge day things changed for me i really am a new person once again thanks chris and jyoti i hope to see you again this year ( if wanna make the world a better place take a look at your self and make a CHANGE) R.I.P MICHEAL JACKSON

  730. Ambika says:

    The Be the change movement has really impacted my lifestyle. I’ve changed the way I behave, my attitude, etc. In fact, it has even inspired me to spread its message by making a blog about it. Please don’t hesitate to visit it, and please visit it often! Visit my blog at http://keepingup-247.blogspot.com.


  731. Elizabeth says:

    I recently decided that there was no need for hate to run through my life and that i should elliminate all of what i could. I apologized to this girl I know and learned a few lessons. I feel great now that I did and everything is just falling into place and balancing out in my life lately.

  732. Elizabeth says:

    Hi I was an 8th grade mentour at Lokelani and at the end of May the other mentours and myself went to a Challenge Day and helped Loren move the day along. It was amazing and I felt soo wonderful after the day was over. We got everybody to THAT PLACE and we just made a great change. It is one of the best memories I have now.

  733. Deb says:

    I am planning on doing a workshop for teens stress

  734. Teena Ellison says:

    I helped someone into their car outside of Target

  735. stephanie says:

    its so awesome

  736. Shawna says:

    I spent time with my son volunteering and giving at a recent silent auction to raise money for his school to have a Challenge Day. I am grateful for my job, which gives me the priviledge of working with children. I feel very lucky to have a loving family and a safe working environment.

  737. Cheryl Yates says:

    Amy and I combined to get a student down to San Fransisco twice to compete at the Calif Culinary Institute. This is a young lady that has become homeless during this school year, her senior year. She was unable to practice her recipes for the actual competition, yet came in second out of nine students and won a $5000 scholarship! My husband and I have decided to give two $100 scholarships to students that have gone the extra mile. This girl is getting one of those scholarships.

  738. Sheila Lopipero, Community Volunteer Facilitator says:

    The day I spent at Challenge Day, someone asked me how my day was….I’d like to share with you my reply: It was remarkable. I almost feel guilty for getting so much out of it,
    knowing that it was for the kids.
    Allow me to share a little with you:
    I have two grown sons. We have really, really good relationships. For
    many years as I traveled my own personal growth path I have wondered
    sometimes what my gifts are, what I am intrinsically good at…where my
    value is. Others told me that I was a great mom. The thing is…I
    didn’t know what that meant. I didn’t fully realize how big that was. I
    didn’t honor it for being as big a gift as it is. (I wished I could
    sing- go figure…)
    After being in the room that day I realized just how valuable being a
    good parent is. Not everyone’s parents listen, not everyone’s parents
    even care, not everyone’s parents love them unconditionally. In short,
    it made me realize what a huge gift my kids are to me and me to them.
    Standing in that room, with the opportunity to share ‘mother love’ to
    some who had not had much was, for me priceless. I was told, “I have
    never felt so loved” by a student I had known for only hours. Talk about
    validation. Wow. Like I said..it was remarkable. I hope you see that love flows both ways on days like that.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings with you. I feel very
    blessed to have been included in the program that day.
    Sheila Lopipero

  739. Teena Ellison says:

    I smiled and greeted all people I passed yesterday. I hugged a girl on my daughters softball team who was sad. I let my daughter stay up late to watch the UW womens softball team win the national title.

  740. Erin D. Murria says:

    I volunteered as one of the Adults for Challenge Day for two separate years. Each time I attended the event I learned something about myself and the youth of this day and age, I’m (50) so I learned young people have greater challenges but we all can help one another with LOVE & UNDERSTANDING. The change I have made is to do as many free workshops for youth on assertive and effective communication.

  741. Connie says:

    I went and spoke to my old friend, Chief Jimison, yesterday about challenge day. We are a small town with a great, community-minded chief. I am sure he will help us support the program. Besides, I wanted him to be proud that Kenston has the world’s greatest anti-bullying program!

  742. Ambika says:

    Hi! I was inspired by the Be the Change Movement to make my own blog, which I stared today! Please take a look at it. My blog is at http://keepingup-247.blogspot.com.

  743. Teasha C. says:

    We had a new neighbor move into the apartment complex and I gave her a warm welcome. She seemed pleased that someone took the time to talk to her and welcome her to her new home.

  744. Lynne says:

    I went to go and visit elderly people that I don’t know in a local nursing home. i sat with an elderly lady while she ate her lunch. We played cards and I listened her to tell me her entire life story. her story fascinated me and it felt good to be there for her so that she wasn’t so lonely.

  745. Shannon Sinclair says:

    I have been telling EVERYONE about Challenge Day and encouraging them to volunteer to be part of it–especially men. Well, I was sitting next to this guy on the way home from the Next Steps workshop and he was sharing with me about his sons and I of course shared about Next Steps and Challenge Day. He was pretty psyched about it and wanted to volunteer, so I gave him the website. We talked about him relocating to a new state because of a job and when he told me the job, I said, “oh, my best friend works in that field, but Washington is a huge state for tech jobs and she works for a small company.” He said, “just out of curiosity, what’s her name?” I told him and it turns out that he works at the same small company and he just met her last Friday AND it happened to be her birthday that day. So I passed a hug from me to her through him. It was awesome and reminded me of Yvonne saying “what if there are no accidents, and everything happens for a reason?” I am starting to believe that more and look for the possibilities!

  746. gabe brown says:

    my name is Gabe Brown challenge day at my school in chino valley i used to be a bully i am no more that person and i have never been happier in my life since that day that is the best program ever.

  747. Rich says:

    I made a donation to a young ex-gang member selling products – He was very grateful

  748. Darlene Doskoch says:

    My daughter experienced bullying at her school by her teacher just a few weeks ago. Instead of ignoring it, I went to the teachers and principal and addressed the issue with them. While I also lost my temper ( a bit!), I also could not sit on the side lines and allow this type of behaviour to continue. I noticed, chose and acted on what I felt to be right. When you see behaviour like this, it is important to bring it to the attention of those who are behaving this way, as they may not even be aware that their words hurts as much as they do. Such was the case with this particular teacher. Kudo’s to the teachers out there that actively make a postive contribution to our childrens lives!

  749. Brielle says:

    2 days ago I had challenge day at my school. Sela and Kekoa were my leaders. Through the excercises i learned many new things about myself and about the people around me. I am so grateful for this oppourtunity.

  750. micahel carner says:

    i have always beem mean to people but ever since challenge day came to whitmer high school it changed me in so many ways thank you.

  751. Jessica Witherspoon says:

    Before we had even had challenge day at our school, I knew that a change needed to be made in our community. Ever since elementary school, people have picked on me for various reasons and it became worse in middle school when I let everyone know that I was a lesbian. I was called harsh names, objects were thrown at me, I was bullied, people hit me, and even my family gave me a little of the cold shoulder. But the day that Challenge Day appeared, I knew I’d be okay. So far, I’ve changed opinions about myself and about my family and friends. And I am so grateful that I, as well as others, could enjoy this experience. One day, I’d like to be apart of the Challenge Day committe. :)

  752. Rhiannon says:

    Hi there :].
    My name is Rhiannon, and my school had a challenge day a little while ago (March 16, 2009). After completing Challenge Day, I have noticed that I’m not scared to come to school anymore, because people now say “Hello” instead of “Freak”. The change just isn’t in everyone else, but in myself as well. I had always assumed that some of the “popular” kids had everything they could have ever wanted. With the way they looked down upon me like a fungus, how could I not think such?

    We now see one another in a different light. Almost as if we have reached an understanding.

    Instead of harsh tones of voice, and terms I’d rather not say, I hear normal voices and my name being called in the hallways now. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy before. During the entire program, there was a man who had volunteered to do the Challenge Day program at my school who stood near or next to me. I would like to thank him, tell him that he made all the difference in the world, and that he saved my life. I know with the memory I have of him standing next to me during the most painful of times, I have nothing to fear.

    Thank you, Randy.
    I love you so much. Please don’t ever forget me.
    I won’t ever forget you.

  753. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    At Mount Shasta I found 60 plus ber bottles down the hill and decided to clean them up – it felt great!

  754. Heather Milczewski says:

    i had a great time at challange day… i learned alot about other people… and saw things in diffrent perspectives!!! great thing i think rv shouuld keep it!

  755. CMS Be the Change Club says:

    In its first year as a club as an club, and throughout the school year, they have helped create change in their community and in their school. In October, the club raised awareness of School Violence Awareness Week by creating posters and posting them around the school. In November, the club helped oversee MixIt Up Day. During lunches on this day, students we told to sit with those who had the same birthday as them in an effort to help people meet new people. In December, The Club helped raise awareness of Human Rights and to respect everyone’s rights.

  756. Ambika says:

    Ambika, along with some other members of teh Be The Chnage CLub passsed out flyers about Being the Change and the Founder’s Day Carnival. These ladies alerted the people of Plainsboro about our club abd helped increase awareness of the club’s message.

  757. Carmella.... says:

    Wow….is all i can say for Challenge Day…Not only did i see it on T.v but i got to experince it…..TWICE!!!! I’m From Winnipeg Manitoba And i’m 17 years old…I Go to Gordon Bell High School its an inner city school so there are alot of gangs around…Gordon Bell has over 60 languages spoken everyday in the school, we also have neer 1000 students with different cultures and backrounds…not everyone got along untill challenge day…again..WOW!! I Never Knew i could feel sooooo good about myself and not be scared…i didnt know how much me and my friends had in commom..i was evon more surprised when people who i didnt like or who didnt like me crossed the line with me in the final activity…Challenge Day Works….And One Day I’m Going To Be A Challenge Day Leader…I Want Kids To Feel As Good As I Did…Man I Cried So Much That Day…And Even The Kids That I Thought Didnt Care Cried…The Morning Of Challenge Day…I Didnt Want To Go But I Did Anyway…As Other Students Said “Screw This” i had to watch them leave and go have fun…but little did i know the adventures of challenge day…Now I Feel bad for the students who walked away from Challenge Day…They will never understand the atmosphere in Gordon Bell…and they missed out on What is the best day of my life….So Thank You To Eveyone Who Makes Challenge Day What It Is…I Hope Everyone Can One Day Live In A World Free Of Hate And Harm…Love And Tranquility is the world i one day want to live in…<3

  758. Jennifer says:

    Yesterday, for Mothers Day, my family went to the Cincinati Reds game. I was finishing up washing my hands and i was getting my paper towels. This elderly lady, with a cane was standing next to me. She didnt have the strength to pull down the lever of the paper dispensor so i did it for her. :) it made my day knowing i could help someone else.

  759. Danielle says:

    After the challenge day, it really opend my heart,eyes, and mind. I am ready to be the biger person and help my friends and family and people i do not know. Two big changes was one of the students at my school came up to me and we used to be best friends since 5th grade then stop because she was hurting me and herself. She came up and said sorry for that. Another girl I said sorry too for hurting her for few years because she hurt me by trying to get to my boyfriend who I am still with and still in love with. I said sorry to her for the harsh things I’ve said. I am ready to be more friendly person and forgive even though forgiving is a strong and hardest thing to do. Thank you Berenice Meza-Aguiar and Sean Flikke for everything you have did and thank you for giving us your time to come out here and change our thoughts and act.

  760. Teasha says:

    Recently I’ve noticed how I’ve been seeing things in negative perspectives, but I’m changing how I see things and look at everything more positivly. Over the week that I made this change, I noticed I feel much happier and like things aren’t weighing me down. I feel more energetic and connected to people now. =]

  761. Lynne says:

    I had a heart to heart conversation with someone that I really trust.

  762. Lynne says:

    I’m finishing up a total of 480 volunteer hours at an internship. 180 were completed at a local high school and the other 300 were completed in an adolescent substance abuse therapuetic community. It was more than just a learning experience for me. Every day that I went to my internship I felt like I could do something to make a difference in the lives of adolescents.

  763. Danae Hall says:

    Challenge Day is such a life changing experience. I learned how to open up to others who seem so different but are so much alike in many ways.Expecially because of the diversity in the school, It gave us a chance to bond and connect not only through our emotions but our life experiences. When I left challenge day, i felt so much better about myself and about others, I consider other peoples feelings and I am more comfortable knowing that I am not alone. Everyone deserves a chance to do this activity and it definatley changes the outlook of peoples minds. I very much appreciated it and i would love to do it again.

  764. Derrick G. says:

    Challgance Day was the Best day ever i really liked it and it seems like my school is acting better ^^

  765. kevin clark says:

    what a life changing experience this was, i was depressed for a long time and seriously considering ending my life, thankyou to sean and bernice for giving me the gift of challenge day and making me feel happy again.

  766. James McMillen says:

    Be the Change has completely turned me around and made me realize that I may not see my friends and family the next day so I have to treat them nice so that I can remember all the fun times we had together. Be the Change gave me a whole new perspective on life. Be the Change also allowed me to see that there are people out there with the same problems as I have and that makes me feel good to know that I have peers and fellow students that know exactly what I am going through. I will continue to Be the Change!!

  767. Carolee says:

    At first I was not sure that participating for a second year in a row was going to have the same value that it did last year. My Challenge Day experience this year at Rancocas Valley exceeded my expectations. Thank you to Jennifer and Chris for being the best Challenge Day People ever! I have a daughter that is a freshman at RV and I heard a lot of things from my “family” yesterday at Challenge Day that I know affect my daughter as well and I can only hope that Challenge Day is back in 2010! Our kids deserve it! Many parents could definitely benefit from it as well! Thank you for one of my best days ever! RV and Challenge Day are a perfect combination!

  768. Teasha says:

    I went on the choir and band retreat over the weekend and there was this one kid everyone was making fun of so he was by himself a lot so I stuck up for him when people were being mean. When my friend and I saw him sitting down alone, we went over and talked to him for a bit and invited him to play football with us. He opened up to us about his problems and we sat there listening to him letting him know that we cared. It totally made his weekend to know that someone does care and I was so glad we were there for him.

  769. Madison says:

    after challange day our school has made a be the change club…. lots of people came. we got t-shirts and we now have free hug days and a change wall where the students get to say what the belive,want to change and what they are thinking.challange day has been positive at our school and when i grow up i would love to work their………..BE THE CHANGE!!!

  770. ashley mills says:


  771. ashley mills says:

    TODAY YOU SHOULD BE PTOUD OF YOUR SELF YOU SHOULD NOT let anyone bring you down. so smile not frown. laugh not cry. if you have to laugh @your saelf not @ other people because thats not nice

  772. ashley mills says:


  773. ashley mills says:


  774. ashley mills says:

    If you want 2 go 2 challenge day you should go i go to jhon marshall and people always try 2 bring me down but do i let them? no i do not they make me feel good not bad they only talking about me because they is hurting in the inside and need 2 let it out some way but it okay when they do that they start crying and i always make them feel better. People always ask me why do i always try to make people feel better i do it cause they is like my family and i love them like family even if they dont love me i would still love them next year i will be in the 12th grade and i would still help people if they need me or if they just want to talk about their problems i will always help. {REMEMBER GOD LOVES YOU}

  775. ashley mills says:

    i am in the 11th went 2 challenge day all i got 2 say is i had a good time. they changed me alot and they helped me changed other people. i loved that i did a good thing to help change people i never knew i could did that but i put my mind 2 it and i did it it was hard but whan i did it i kept goning. i even changed my mother and dad. my dad just got out of jail and was about 2 go back but i changed his mind he was crying and i was 2 because he need to change his life and he need to be in my life because i miss him so much i cry every day cause i cant see him and that really hurted me alot. well thats all i can say. [good bye ] [REMEMBER]YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE just [BELIEVE] in yourself and it would happen. never say never.

  776. Rich says:

    I walked by a man hungry for food and bought him an extra sandwich, chips and a drink he was elated

  777. Ambika says:

    At our middle school in Plainsboro, NJ, we’ve started a “be the change” club. We give the students challenges every day, like giving high fives or giving hugs. Well, one of the days, we gave a challenge saying to put post-it notes on peoples lockers with nice comments. As soon as I step out of the classroom, i see a wonderful world of colored paper :) . Some said “I love you”, some said “have a nice day”, and some even boldly said “Luv yo’ hair!” Our students made us proud (*sniff*). And not only that, we even cleaned up the post its so that the custodians wouldn’t have such a big job to do! This was truly a day of positive change.

  778. Patricia says:

    I ussed to judge others. I feal really bad about that. Thanks to challenge day I will never do that agian.

  779. Babel says:

    Thanks Challenge day for everything. You really made a life changing experience for me. I learned alot mostly to appreciate what you have!
    Thank you KeaKoa and Kathie

  780. keith matherne says:

    hi there. my name is keith. i had challenge day today and it was the best day i have ever had. it was the best expierence i could ask for. it changed my whole look on life. im tired of bein told who i am and wat i am. i am me and nobody else. everyone who went learned to drop that water level and be themselves. i’d do it again in a heartbeat if i had the chance. every student should have a chance 2 expierence something like this. yea yea yea men dont cry. actually every man in that room had tears in their eyes. teachers and students had a chance to attend. everyone who went can really say that they had a great time listening 2 everyone. i for one feel alot closer to everyone in that room. challenge day is a day to go and be urself. drop the mask that everyone sees and let them see the real you. i love all of you each in ur own way.

  781. Kish Pharr says:

    I went to challenge day Wednesday at Terrebonne high in Houma La. This day was one of the most emotional, but best days of my life. I never felt so open and close to almost absolute strangers. This Day gave me courage that i never thought i had to talk about problems that i fill in to my “balloon”. Our leaders Joyti and Chris were great. I feel like after that day our school is going to try to do so much better in the sense of helping each other despite the color of their skin or the way they look. I am a witness to some of the changes that has been going on in our school since challenge day. The atmosphere is a million times better because people are trying to know each other past that water line….past that image we show on the out side. challenge day is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life….

  782. Crystal williams a terrebonne high tiger says:

    i attended challenge day on April 23 2009 i really loved it i also appreciate Chris an Jyoti coming down to my school to make a major change in my fellow peers i am gladly to thank you once again for the fun day we had an i just want to say i am going to change i notice that I’m already changing because my water level is dropping more so thanks and remember to BE THE CHANGE to anyone that’s reading this .

  783. Natasha Klingman says:

    Today, April 22, 2009, was a changing day in my life. Challenge Day was at my school, Ellender High School. It was so great. It changed my life as well as my peers’. The activities that we did and the things we talked about really helped me open up to people. It also showed me how to listen better to other people. This experience makes me want to go help people like me and other people who are hurting. I just want to thank the Challenge Day people so much, they are a big inspiration for me.

    I would love to be a part of you guys’ group and help people like you guys do.

    Love Always,
    Natasha Klingman
    Sophmore at Ellender High School.

  784. Brooke BZ says:

    I have quite a few… I bought my friend who is struggling a train ticket to come visit me. A taxi driver gave me a ride to work when I had forgotten my wallet. A drummer in a band I like put me on the guest list for his show and asked me to help out on Warped Tour… Yay!

  785. Lenette And Taryn says:

    We think that we need to have more support from schools, teachers and councilours. we think that by teaching all students the effects and causes by student bullying will open up our communitys eyes, and to show our community what this really does to our lives, and how we can stop it. although the community knows about bullying teachers never take any action or pay any attention into what there students are going through, and how much better they would be able to accomplish and move on from these things if someone would notice choose or act. we think that we could start a session for students of all ages, for them to confide to someone with experience from being bullyed in kindergaten to highschool. thank you for listening.
    Lenette Doskoch and Taryn Brown

  786. Alexa says:

    stop bullying

  787. javairia says:

    I loved challenge day Emzima and Seako were the best people I ever met. They taught me alot of things and I made the poem beneethe as a pre thing and the day was actually like that so i hope that other schools can enjoy the day like our school.. Thank you for challenge day :) . It was the best and it really made a change in me….

  788. javairia says:

    Challenge day.By javairia
    A day that we had for the first time and things you never knew that will blow your mind.
    Bullying is what it took for us to notice and racism is a part of why we go through this.
    Things that we been through that you think would soon get old, the words are switched and a new reason to start is told, gossip is treasured and is seems as worthy as gold, every thing seems noticed to you don’t judge a book by its cover, because the title is bold. Will the truth about some of our peers unfold? Will everything we have endured go to waist or be sold? Will the meanness in our hearts warm up or stay cold? Life shall be cherished each and everyday. Bullying and hate is why some kids take their own away sometimes even another! So will this kill some of the hate we have for each other? Will it just build up inside? Would you do what ever the person you fear says and ride? Will you go with the flow and let life guide. Or endure the worst? When all of what the person had inside blew up and he burst, because the last time can also be the first. So will you ever learn? Have you ever been bullied so much that inside it burned? How would you feel if it actually was your turn? If we where all treated equally respect would really be earned. Maybe we can gain respect to and bulling should be the last thing on our mind to go through. Maybe we should only raise our hands for help and not to put up a fight, because at the end of the tunnel it is always usually bright. So when we close our eyes it’s not out of freight it’s to go to sleep and actually hope to wake up the next night. Lets add a smile and make each day worth while, because your unique in your own since of style.

  789. Trevor Goforth says:

    I recently participated in a Challenge Day workshop. It opened my eyes up as and adult and parent. I will definitely treat my children better because of this. I am still thinking of ways I can better this planet. I have volunteered at my churches youth group to encourage them to Be the Change.

    Thank you
    Trevor Goforth

  790. Kayla B. says:

    This is has been by far the most amazing experience I have ever been given the opportunity to participate in. My two facilitators, Pam and Sean are some of the craziest most real people I have ever met and I reallt appreciate them for stepping up to the challenge and becoming a part of this changing movement. So many emotions are all tangled up in this program and it’s amazing to see the way people react to it. Certain activities moved people that I had no idea it would. Crossing the Line was by far the most powerful activity our school did. To watch as my “best friends” crossed the line and knowing that I never knew that about them made me helpless. So many times I wanted to run across and just squeeze them and remind them that no matter what I will always be those ears to listen and will always have a shoulder for them to cry on. It’s truly a blessing to have been given this wonderful opportunity and I thank you all for being such amazing people and believing that we can change the world!

  791. Katelyn says:

    today the challenge day program came to my school, this day changed my life! it taught me that i need to live my life 100% real because tomorrow is not a promise. this couldn’t have happen on a better day because in our freshmen class we just lost a student and it made us all realize that life is a privlage and it can be taken from you in a blink of an eye. the two people,sean and pam were our councilors and they are my new heros! thank you so much for everything!!!

  792. MICHAEL JONES says:

    Hello , i just wanted to say thanks for coming to our skool (Houma Jr. High). As you Know we really enjoyed yall. we hope you come back and vist us again. i also promise to make a change in my life. It’s because of yall , thats why i made the change , because that let me know that there are people like you that cares for us. And just to let you know our team the (Care Bears ) really won that beach ball game . i love you guys very much.

  793. Taylor says:

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Rich and Yvonne, because they work they do is just so amazing and life changing, it truly does save lives, I know it turned mine around and got me to see the light in life. So keep it up, you two are true role models of perfect human beings.

  794. Brittany says:

    Challenge Day changed my life.I attended challenge day not knowing what it was. I sort of thought it was just little gym activities. When I first realized what was happening I thought it was soo stupid during the beginging and I didn’t beleive I would leave my school gym any different. After the entire day I learned so much and have a total new outlook on life. I am 15 and I will never be the same person ever again. I have been way more kinder to peaople. The day after I went to so many people, gave them a big hug, and told them things like “i love you”, “you are an amazing person”, etc. I realized then that people saw that as weird. They asked me why I was doig this. Kindness is not a normal act. I need to work on changing my self so i can be “real” also I am going to change the way I treat others and make sure everyone knows im here to listen. I hope that maybe one less person will feel left out or hurt because they know that I care for them and belive in them and would never delibertly talk behind there back in a mean way. Change is not easy and change does take time but i wil BE THE CHANGE!! I hope every person gets to have the experience I did because it was an amazing one!

  795. laura says:

    challenge day came to your school on april 15, 16, 17th, and everyone was going wow this is dumb, but really it was the most amazing experience ever. you found out that you were not the only one and that people care, there are people you would never even think you has something in common there, but in the end you found out you did. Jon and Devon you are the best and thank you for coming to LDSS.

  796. Cooper Gould says:

    I just finished this program at my school……….WOW! This is an amazing opportunity for EVERYBODY to really change the way people act at your school. This had a huge impact on me, the way I look at people, the way I act around others, what I show about my life. In my school after 250 People did this program there was 1 negative comment….1!!! The most important activity was the “Power Shuffle” or Cross The Line If… this really showed everybody about others and even yourself! In that 30 minutes I learned so much about myself it made me cry because of what I didn’t even realize was true about my life. If your school is even thinking about this program it is SUCH a good way to spend money. I hope that I have a chance to be part of this program again soon. It has changed how everybody at my school. We had people who were the “Non-Emotional can’t change my mind I’m the best your not etc. kids apologizing to others in front of 130 on a MICROPHONE!!! Such a life changing experience I recommend it to any and everybody!!

    Cooper Gould
    Sisters Middle School, Sisters, Oregon

  797. Mary says:

    JON and DEVON came to Listowel Ontario and did an Amazing job. Challenge Day really changed my life,and i am sure eveyone that was there

  798. Eva says:

    Challenge Day changed my life be cause I no now that I’m not alone and there are people out there going throw the this in my life and I’m not one for crying but to day I cryed and it felt good and it’s true crying does make you stronger and one of there girls there Jennifer was AWESOME!!!.

  799. Danny Dollarski says:

    I took a dollar….and turned it into ten dimes…..then I changed it into 20 nickels…then 100 pennies….now THAT’S Change !!!!!

  800. teena ellison says:

    I love that CD gives me hope everyday that the world is bigger than possible it is forsure. The young peope who are living 100 % fully expressed inspire me everyday. My babies are in the most loving hands. My act of change was telling one of my agency maintenace staff “you are outstanding, I love how you take care of our residents homes”. he laughed but I know his heart smiled too.

  801. ivan says:

    The experiences I had at challenge day were fun!!! As soon as I stepped in the door I knew that I had something in me that would change forever. Before challenge day I used to judge people by the way they look, the way they dressed, the way they do things. And I thought challenge day was going to be a boring day but I learned how to judge people the right way, And not to make fun of people anymore. You never no what someone goes through at home so you shouldn’t make them feel bad!!! I remand challenge day to anyone who steps foot in middle and high school!!!!!

  802. Samantha says:

    Challenge Day has changed my life a lot. It has changed the way I act and it has also changed the way I treat people. It has made me a better person. I’ll remember everything that happened at Challenge Day, because it all opened my eyes. This experience taught me to not judge people or talk about them because you don’t know what they go through in their life. When I was at Challenge Day the part I enjoyed the most was when we got to sit around in a circle with our group and tell about our life because it helped me out a lot. From this point on im going to be a better person and stay that way.

  803. nick says:

    Challenge day on Friday march 27th was a great experience for me I talked to new people and had a lot of fun and it made me fill good about myself I was really scared at first because of all the people I don’t like to be around people at all I fear being judged or humiliated but after my experience at challenge day I fill better about myself

  804. Kasey Pile says:

    My name is Kasey pile I used to make fun of people and hit them and I was just really mean but something happen on the 27th of march the second best thing happen to me challenge it made a big impact on me I don’t cry much but challenge day change my life just listening to everyone express there feelings was very touching and emotional. The thing I will remember the most is the hugging scene. I’ve done things different like apologized to every one I was rude and mean to I aint made fun of no one since. From this point on I’m not going to make fun of anyone because I really feel changed the thing I enjoyed the most was the games well every thing I enjoyed.

  805. Kasy Pile says:

    My name is Kasey pile I used to make fun of people and hit them and I was just really mean but something happen on the 27th of march the second best thing happen to me challenge it made a big impact on me I don’t cry much but challenge day change my life just listening to everyone express there feelings was very touching and emotional. The thing I will remember the most is the hugging scene. I’ve done things different like apologized to every one I was rude and mean to I aint made fun of no one since. From this point on I’m not going to make fun of anyone because I really feel changed the thing I enjoyed the most was the games well every thing I enjoyed.

  806. jimmy wardrip says:

    Hi my name is Jimmy Wardrip before I went to challenge day I had a lot of enemy’s from were I’ve heard people talking s***. Now that I went to challenge day I went and apologize to my enemy’s so that I won’t have to watch my back or if one dies then I don’t have to put my self down from not saying “I’m sorry “or smiling now I know that I don’t have to worry about putting my self down.

  807. Cody M says:

    I attended Challenge day on March 27. Challenge day helped me not to be mean to other people. On Challenge day there was a lot of emotions. From this point in I’m going to be a nicer person. At Challenge day I enjoyed all the games we played. It was really a good experience for me.

  808. Cody says:

    I attended Challenge day on March 27. Challenge day helped me not to be mean to other people. On Challenge day there was a lot of emotions. From this point in I’m going to be a nicer person. At Challenge day I enjoyed all the games we played. It was really a good experience for me.

  809. Courtney says:

    I went to Challenge day it changed my life. I was sick as a dog with a 104 temp. But I wouldn’t change anything in the world. That day meant the world to me. I started changing by going up to the group of girls that bullied me all year. And told them sorry 4 calling them names be hide there backs and I ask them if we could start over. And they said yea.. So now my school life is good. It isn’t as hard as it was at the beginning of the year. I LOVE CHALLENGE DAY.

  810. Haley C. says:

    The thing that I’ll remember the most is the line game.Because just seeing your really close friends crossing the line.You did’nt had no clue that happen to them.And seeing other people cross the line with you.I thought I was all alone.But when I saw people cross with me.I knew then I was’nt alone and thers other people going through worse things then I’am.What I really got out of it was that you should never judge people how they dress and the color of their skin.

  811. Matt says:

    After my challenge day experience, I started changing the way I acted towards people, if I saw someone who looked weird or wore something stupid or was part of a cliché I would take about them and judge them before knowing them. At challenge day I saw people I didn’t like and it was awkward when sitting by them in the little groups but after I listened to their stories I felt bad for them, I also hated myself for making fun of them because I only added on the pain they were feeling. Now im not one to cry in public I mostly hold my feelings in but during challenge day while doing the power line I was trying to hold in crying but then everyone kept patting my back and then someone told me it was ok to cry and then I started crying a little. When we first arrived at the center I never expected anyone to cheer for us it was a weird feeling because I’ve never had anyone cheer for me and it was new thing for me. There was a lot of weird stuff that happened like hugging random people and then sitting on like 5 peoples laps but it was all fun. Ever since that day I haven’t made fun of anyone, judged anyone, I’ve talked to anyone I seen in the halls, even hug and wave to random people even take the chance to get to know someone I’ve never met. I want to make a change and I challenge anyone who goes to challenge day to try and make a change as well and if you haven’t been to it go.

  812. shelby says:

    I wouldn’t say that Challenge day was the best day of my life but it was a huge eye opener. The line game made me realize things that were going on and I didn’t think happened that much in our school. I didn’t say that much but so many kids had some pretty sad stories that made me think about how much harder their childhood was they were beaten and abused as children and they really didn’t have a childhood now there made fun of because of it. The color of their skin or how they look. I’ve said thing that I shouldn’t told people. Very body’s a human they all need a friend so I going to be that friend.

  813. tammy says:

    Challenge Day was an amazing experience for me. It showed me I was not alone in life, school, and homes everyday challenges, and how things can and will change. The thing I remember most was crossing the line and having my friends and classmates right by my side, not knowing until that moment that they have some of the same or similar experiences as me. And looking across the line at some of the other participants showing you respect for who you are and knowing that these people actually cared, really changed my perspective on life. I’ve learned to not be fake and drop your water line and let people see the real you. You don’t need to judge people by the clothes they wear or the color of the skin, you should look at them for who they are and proudly choose to be.

  814. jt says:

    What I will remember most about challenge day would be the time when we where just dancing and having fun because I am not a very social person its not that I don’t want to be social its just I don’t know how and going to challenge day really helped that out. The second thing is the line game because I got a chance to see that I am not alone in my struggles and that other people care and the third thing was the family groups because I was able to talk and just be myself .I don’t know how well it changed everyone else but I know it had a real impact in my life. I know id like to do it again

  815. Kevin Stocton says:

    My experience at challenge day was very exciting I enjoyed it very much and I believe everyone that went also enjoyed it. I think that everyone in this school and everyone in all the schools around the US should experience challenge day. Challenge day was a very special day to me and I wish my life could be like that every day and I believe that everyone would say the same thing.
    As im typing this to you I am remembering the deep and heavy emotion that everyone one experienced. I also remember some f the simple activities that lead us all to expressing our emotion and dropping our waterline.

    Kevin Stocton

  816. Dexter Glasscock says:

    Challenge Day had just come to our school. I just thought it was a day out of school. When I first walked in and saw that everybody standing up and yelling, I thought, “What am I getting myself into?” After we had to start crossing the line, that’s when it started to get to me, some people in here are just like me. I though I had a rough life and then everybody started sharing their stories about being beaten, just stuff I didn’t know about other people and my friends. Challenge Day really changed my life.

  817. Kelsey Nash says:

    March 27,2009

    I walked into the room and people that I didn’t know were screaming and yelling and giving us high fives as we walked in the room to sit down. I thought that I was going to regret this but then once we started playing games and getting into our groups when we started discussing our feelings I learned more about people that I never dreamed would happen to them. I became closer to people that I knew and didn’t know. It was amazing everyone started crying and they apologized to people that they had hurt in the past. I learned a lot of things at challenge day like not to make first impressions on some that you have never met. And that if someone tries to put me down to keep my head held high and not let them bother me. It has changed my life so much and that I know that I shouldn’t talk about people behind their back and that if I do that to them then it might happen to me. I wish that everyone that went to challenge day would at least try to change the way everyone looked at people, bullying, teasing, and the groups of people that talk about everyone. I really enjoyed challenge day and I will never forget it in my life. If I ever get the chance to do this activity again I will take it in a heartbeat. And I hope that in the future when we have challenge day it will change more people. Our leaders were amazing they were Angela Aguitar and Chris Foster. They were amazing leaders at our challenge day.

  818. Jack Rogers says:

    Challenge day has affected my life. How I look at people, how I look at myself, and how people look at me. My most remembered was when we plated “Cross the line if…” because they have touched a lot of people that had problems in there life. We should care for them. The part I enjoyed the most would be all the games we played. Challenge day has made a huge impact on my life and I wish I could so this again.

  819. Alissa Doan says:

    To me challenge day had a huge impact. It was a wonderful experience and a great day of my life. What I will remember the most is that by the end of the day I felt like I could go up to anyone in that room and tell them about m, like just my problems and what I’ve been through, and they would actually care. And to think walking in challenge day I hardly knew half the people.
    What I have tried to do differently is to be more positive and fun to be around. I don’t want to judge or talk bad about people whether I know or don’t know them, since challenge day. Because you really don’t know them or they’re life and the things they’ve been through. Now, walking down the hall I don’t try to avoid contact, but instead I give smiles to the people walking by. Because I know it makes me feel good when someone smiles at me for no reason. It just makes my day a little better. From this point on my goal is to stop judging completely! No criticizing or going by first impressions. I know this would make me a better person if I could do this.
    I enjoyed the entire day, but mostly the end of the day, when people got extremely real with each other. The stories of what people have been through really got to me. I didn’t realize that there were actually people that I know and go to school with that have all these problems you wouldn’t ever expect. It was amazing.

  820. Abigail says:

    I’m Abigail Willett from Breckinridge County High School. My Class went to challenge day March 27th 2009, Challenge Day was the best day of my life. Challenge Day impacted me by giving me a better outlook on things like think before I talk, watch my attitude, and treat others the way I would want to be treated. And the most awesomeness thing that I remembered was when Ms. Angela (The Leader) called my name saying I was a sweetheart and I came out of my shell quickly. Which at home I don’t hear that. And things I have done differently were I showed people that I will be there if they need me and have more confidence. I haven’t made any changes yet but I would like to. And from this point on I’m going to respect people and listen when people need to talk. And I want to say Thank You for the experience to Mrs. Heather Rogers, Angela & Chris for making this happen for me. Because they are the best people and I can trust them for anything, and I enjoyed being there with people I didn’t even know and became good friends with them. So Thank You.

  821. brandon says:

    Challenge day showed me that people at school are going through the same thing that I am. And it showed me that I’m not alone. Since challenge day I’ve shared myself more. Before I keep it all in because I was afraid so when challenge day came it was a good time to share what was being held in.

  822. Laura says:

    It had an impact on me when we done the cross the line game because it let me see some of my friend and what they had to go thought in their life time that I did not have to go through in my life and it also helped me because I am not as mean to my sister as I use to be. The thing I will rember most is to keep a smile on my face and try to let my friends know that if they need to talk to me if they need to talk to me because I’m easy to talk to. I have told my sister I love her lot more also I have not been as mean to her as I use to be. My friends now know that they can talk to me at any time they need to. I tell my sister I love her a lot more than I use to do. From this point on I am going to walk down the hall way with a smile on my face, also tell my family I love them a lot more because my mom and dad are still together. I enjoyed the games and the family groups because you could express your emotions more than you normally would just by playing games.:) Rember…….. Be The Change

  823. john brock says:

    challenge day was great but after it was all over i wondered. would it still be the same would everybody go backto there own clicks and most did. but for me i layed low from my click and i’m glad that they understand why i left for a while and i thank them for being there for being there for me were like one big familyand that will never change. but when i saw all those people that gone thourgh what i have it made me sad to see that.but that is life people go thourgh that every day. challenge day made me a stronger kid and to give me the chance to stand up for my self and say i hane had enough of this crap. in my life time i have gone thourgh some harcore crap and at challenge i got the chances to do that. i thank all my freinds for being there for me and i thank god above for getting me thourgh the terrible hell i gone thourgh in my past.

  824. Kayla lovee says:

    Challenge day was the best day of my life.I feel inspired to do more in my community and notice whats going on and choose what I want to do to help a person or people. and last but not least act,a commitment where i have to hold my ground and not care what anybody else says.This is how I want to live the rest of my life. thank you,Aunty Nola and Jake for coming to red bluff high.thank you,for bringing in a challenge.

    p.s. I met a really cute guy at challenge day and wev’e been going out for like 2 weeks:]

  825. Alyssa Crampton says:

    Last week the challenge da team came to our school. Everyone at our school was not too happy about the though that people were comming in to try and change our lifes. I, for one, had never even hurd about anything like it before so i was kind of curious. When it started, we met the leaders and noone showed any excitment. They started out by playing so games and that got us kind of evcited, then they started the real thing where you got into you “families” and told about your life. That part really helped me realize that i could tell people about my life and not be made fun of about it. i think the most touching part was the line game. it really helped me to see all the people that have gone throught the same things i have and it gave me someone to talk to. i believe that challenge day did help my school and i have seen so many changes sence then. thank you challenge day crew for helping ou school just when we needed it most!! much love from north baltimore high school, Ohio.

  826. Bethany says:

    I recently had a Challenge Day at my school, hosted by Chris & Devon. Both were wonderful teachers, and more importantly, they were wonderful friends. I loved all the games and activities. If any school out there has not had a Challenge, I recommend one greatly. The students love it, the teachers love, the parents love it. What more could be asked for? I love my family group. <3. Love all you out there reading this, too! <3

  827. justin says:

    Yesterday during lunch I was sitting with my friends, and my friend in the wheelchair came over to my table and asked me if I could bring her up to her class, and I helped her get there faster by pushing her like she asked.

  828. Noah Hartman says:

    On Wednesday I got the experience of Challenge Day. I go to Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio. I went into it thinking it was stupid and a waste of my time. When i walked out of Challenge Day it was the best experience of my life. It was a day that i got to open up and express all my feelings and emotions. It has made me and many other kids at our school different people. I just want to say thank you to Vinny Ferraro and Jon Gordon for coming to Whitmer and talking to us and help us be better people. It was the best day of my life.

  829. Katlyn says:

    I found out telling someone you love that you want more time with them is hard but I faced it. Not long ago and hearing my big sister cry and read the letter it broke my heart and now she knows how I feel about it and we can change thing if we do it now. We can do thing other people may think we cant but we can and we will if we make the change. All you have to do it lower that waterline.

  830. Gregory Ward says:

    I learned at challenge day that you should not pick on anybody or tease them. I also learned that alot of people have the same problems.

  831. Patricia Pile says:

    When i went to challenge day it wasnt my first time but when i went i new what was going on and everything.
    And i new that it was going to be good. But to see people that you new and that where your friends crying that made me feel really bad inside. And i have never new that they had it so bad because you thought you new everything about them but really you didnt know everything. And there was people there that i saw gettin picked on at school and it made me feel really bad because know i wish i could go back and stop those people from picking on them but i didnt. And what got me was there was people there that had the same problems as i did. And i thought i was the only one going threw that but i found out that i wasnt. but im really glad i got to go the second time because the second time was even better then going the first and i hope i get to go more because its a good thing to go to so you can learn not to hurt people and to stop people from picking on others.

  832. Cassie Brown says:

    Challenge day was one of the best days of my life. When I first heard about challenge day i wasn’t going to go. I am glade that Whent because if i did not go then things would still had been the same. During challenge day I saw people cry that i never thought would cry, I cryed myself. I enjoyed hearing everyone’s life storyies even though they were emotional. From this point on I will care abot pepole more than i did befor challenge day.

  833. dylan horsley says:

    i was lucky to go to challengeday. i learned a lot of stuff about people. i us to make fun of people but now i dont.

  834. Bobbi Pendleton says:

    When Mrs. Rodgers gave me the letter to go to challenge day, i did not want to go cause i heard that when you go you have to tell about your life story. So i just went to get out of class. I did not know that what was in store for me could change my life forever. When we first got there, there were a lot of people screaming and yelling for us it was crazy. When we got into our small groups all my emotions started pouring out it wasn’t funny. i just felt like i couldn’t control my feelingd anymore. The one thing that really got to me was the line thing. I felt like i was the only one who was facing problems in this school. When i seen that more than 1 or2 people had the same problems i had i started balling. I highly encourage to challenge day it changed my life forever.

  835. Patti Smith says:

    At the begging of 9th grade i felt like o loser a nobody. I use to dread waking up every morning to see the same people that make fun of me. Then my teacher and friends mentioned this day called challenge day. When i got on the bus and headed to the FFA camp the first thing i thought was oh yeah a day out of school. I was clueless about challenge day and the different people there. When all of us got in there i looked around thinking this is goiogto be boringhow would anyone have fun at this thing. There was activities that was fun and exciting, then things changed on me and everyone around me. Everyone seperated into families of four to six peopleand we shared past experiences. Not only me but every other single person cried like a baby. After the day had realized that how i was treating people was wrong, really wrong. No single huan in this world deserves any of the horrible stuff their going through. When i got home i made sure i called every person that i’ve did wrong and told them i was sorry and why i said most of the things i did. As a student of breckinridge county high school i plan on trying to make a difference starting with the source, me. Challenge day i feel noe only affected me but everyone that took the time to go.

  836. Megan Dowell says:

    challenge day had a Big impact on me because I really didnt know what was going to happen untill i went. I would remember the line game because you really get to know more people better that way. and the more you learn about them the more you care about whats going on. From this point on im going to try really hard to do my best to be the change. the thing i really enjoyed the most was when we got into groups why because i got to know about someone that i thought i know alot about and i would be rude and mean to him untill i know the truth. And i said i was sorry and i meant it.

  837. Chelsea Kirkwood says:

    The impact that Challenge Day had on me was that I learned not to make fun of other people because it hurts them on the inside.You see how it affects other people when they get teased or made fun of. I would of never thought that Challenge Day would of affected me as much as it did. I realized that i wasn’t the only one with the problems, there were other ones to. The family group I was in made me feel loved and they cared for me. I hope everyone gets the chance to go to Challenge Day because it was amazing and changed my life so much. Yes, I admit I use to judge people by the way they dressed and now I know that I was wrong. The things i enjoyed was the games and being in my family group. I also liked meeting new people that I never talked to before. The one thing that really caught my eye was the line crossing game. This game is what made me realize that I wasn’t alone with the problems I am facing or have faced. I hope everyone has the chance to go to Challenge Day because it will change your life. Challenge Day was amazing.

  838. amber johnston says:

    I heared about challenge day from alot of my friends and they said that you cryed and tryed to get you to change and different stuff. And I thought that there is no way they will change me but I was wroug. I got they and was like and was like what is going on then I started to get into it. Then we did family group and I find out that people that I thought were mean had alot of problems, going out in their life and people who I never knew had problems in their life. Challenge Day did change me I think before I said something that will most likely hurt someone feelings. also another thing I like abut Challenge Day was the line cross because you got to see what people go through every day and what all has happened in their life.

  839. Jodi Priest says:

    I got on the school bus not knowing what I was getting myself into. I told myself that I wasn’t going to talk abut anything or do anything. But then the small group activity came along. sitting there lsitening to the other people adn their stories made me think, their not any bette ror any worse than us. Their stories amazed me, I didn’t know half the stuff I do now. How much it hurts people when you talk about them. I’m not perfect and yes I have talked abotu people, and judged people. Buth after Challenge Day I will no long judge or talk about anyone. Seeing some of the strongest looking people cross that line made me realize, that maybe they have the same problems at me, or maybe their life isn’t so perfect. From this point on, I’m changing the way I talk to people, look at people, everything. It makes you want to be a better person. I can’t even put into words what Challenge Day has done for me, you will just have to experience it yourself.

  840. Abby Adkins says:

    I recently had the opportunity to go to Challenge Day. It was the best day of my life. The impact that Challenge Day had on me was that I feel that everyone that I know or now know has some of the same problems as I do, and knowing that I’m not the only person in this school to be felt left out. The thing that really will remember the most is when we had to sit in a circle and say “If you really knew me…” I think it gave us a chance to open up and express ourselves. The thing that I’ve done differently is try not to stay in the same group of people. Some changes that I’ve made is trying my hardest to be nice to people I know and people I don’t know. From this point on I will be the best person I can be because knowing that all those people went through so many events and then come to school and act like nothing ever happened. That’s a really big shocker for me. The thing I enjoyed the most was the whole day. At first you are energetic and then you become very serious and actually express yourself. Not just because you are in a group and are supposed to be talking, it’s because people around you are actually listening, and some people can relate to you. If I could go back to that special day I my life I would. If I could do it everyday, I would. It has been the best experience I have ever had and I hope other people come back from Challenge Day as I did and actually feel as I felt.

  841. brad marr says:

    Challenge day was one of the best days of my life. After my challenge day experience it has inspired me to be a better person. I have also stopped making fun of other people and not to judge people. Challenge day is one of those days when you can just be yourself and be able to express your emotions while everyone is around.Challenge day has also inspired me to Be The Change and accept people by who they are and not what the wear or what they do. I encourage everyone to go to challenge day because it will really change your life… in a good way.If you get a chance to go to challenge day you’ll know what im talking about.

  842. bethany stevenson says:

    I was so lucky to go to challenge day. I think this is something the Breckinridge County school system should od more often. Before I went to challenge day I really didn’t care what people said to other people or what I even said, but after challenge day I realize how much it hurt the other people. People say things amd they never really mean to hurt somebody, but it actually does. Something that I’ll remember the most, well I’ll remember everything, but the one thing I will most definitly remember is the line game. To see other people that you really didn’t talk to and people who you thought were better than you cross the line on the toughest questions was really suprising. We tend to judge people by their outsides, but we never know the pain and suffering that they are going through. I’ve tended to talk about people, but after challenge day I’ve stopped because I know how they feel now. From this point on I’m going to think before I speak, I really enjoyed getting to know all different kinds of people. Challenge day had a major impact on me.

  843. timothy says:

    Hey, my name is Timothy Bassett. I’m a freshmen at Breckinridge County High School. Before I went to challenge day I use to pick on other people. When I got there, I thought this was a waste of time. After I got there and people where talking about their problems, I realized there are people in my school just like me. I decided to make the change after all the things I learned that day. The biggest change I have made is that I don’t pick on people or tease anyone anymore.

  844. breanna turner says:

    Hi my name is BreAnna Turner and I want to challenge day on March 27 2009 it was the best day in my life and the best birthday I every had. What made challenging day be come the best day every is when we talked to people that we didn’t like or we never new before. Then talked about are life and people was crying and hugging people change and made new friend .that is why challenge day is the best thing in the world every people should go to challenging day because the world would be a better places to live.

  845. cody says:

    challenge day was fun but a sad day. I’ll remember thing’s people said from now on. i will not judge people it someone is being picked on im gonna tell that person to stop. what i liked the most it the games we got to play. BE THE CHANGE

  846. Michael Amsden says:

    Attending challlege day was again one of the best experiences of my life. I have been once before and it was amazing, but i thing going again was even better. I was more open, i had more will power to do things that i didn’t before. I would also have to say no matter if you go once and that’s all it will be an amazing experiences, and i believe that you will want to go back. FROM THIS POINT ON, i will judge people by who they are not what they are.

    P.S. Thanks challenge day and to all who helped

  847. Beth Armes says:

    I am a student breckcounty high school. Going to challenge day changed my life my life. Going to challenge showed me that people go through the same things i do. At challenge day i renawed a long lost friend ship. The line game realt showed my that closest friends havve gone through the harf times that ive been through. It also showed me that people are the same no matter the race, aig, fat, skinny, or gay, because “you are beautful no matter what you say and words cant bring me down”. So for now on i will not, talk crap abough other people, or bring some one down, i will tack the challenge and be the change. So that my acts will change tha world one day at a time!!!

  848. walter king says:

    challenge day has change my life a lot, my waterling is dropping every day. It can’t change just over night it take action and change day can help you relax and fell safe so you open up and show much much more than an image. But the olny way you can drop your waterline is to step outside of your comfort zone. people can only see your image when your are in the comfort zone, and they see you, but not who you raelly are. people jugde by the name, condition, and the the way the book looks. but after challenge day they are going to change how thing look everyday. what I enjoyed was making new friends and coming closer to old friends.

  849. Dakota says:

    Thank you guys so much for changing the way I see my freinds, other people I see at school and people I see in the community. Before I went to challenge day, I thought that I knew every little aspect of my friends, but after I returned to the bus to go back to school, I figured out that I did’nt know as much as I thought I did about them. And during the “line game”, i figured that I am not alone. I figured that there is more to see than just useing your eyes. Thank you guys so much for changing the way I see things, remember, “be the change”!

  850. Leonard Brown says:

    On march 27th my school took 100 students on a trip to challenge day. I did not think that i was going to like it but i throught wrong it turned out to be one of the best days of my life. i opened up to so many people that i have never seen or talked to be for i droped my water line so much that day. And when we played the line game it go to emotional i have neever cryin n front of my friends but that day i did not care what they said or thought turned out they was crying to but every time they said something seems like i crossed the line every time i told my self that i should say over there. like all theres years i have been to this school i thouhgt no one has been throw that ive been throw but alot of been have when i cross the line there was always there with me on when i been throw so i kno that im not alon. and from the time i was there i meet so many people that i never talked to that are so cool and fun to hang with.

  851. paige says:

    Challenge Day had to be one of the best experiences i’ve ever been through. Being able to see people open up and tell their life stories they would of never told anyone, was amazing. The cross the line game, seeing everyone cross the line for certain categories was pretty cool yet sad just seeing all the people that just cross the line for one category. Even the people you would of never imagined in certain categories ended up in some of the most emotional ones. I would of never thought you could learn so much about some stranger in less than a day. Opening up helps alot and talking to complete strangers you’ve never talked to before was kindof weird, but you ended up telling them more than you would even your friends. The day got very emotional at times for everyone. I don’t think anyone would ever forget this day. From this point I plan to be the change. I want to change by starting to say hi to people i don’t even know and show them I really do care and they are never alone through things.

  852. devin gill says:

    on march 27,breckinridge county high schoolwent to challengeday and i went into challengeday thinkin it was just a day outta school but i didnt kno it was goin to have such a hugh inpact on the way i act and look at other people and things aroung me. the one thing i’m suer i’ll never forget about that day is no matter how bad things are or may get your never alone that thier is always someone else in the same place u r …

  853. Alicia says:


    I just wanted to drop a little note and state how challenge day has really changed my aspects on life. Before challenge day I didn’t really want to know what to expect and I didn’t really want to participate. But as the day progressed I learned more and more about myself and my peers. I really enjoyed to experience and day with challenge day and I hope next year we can experience this same thing again.

  854. Adina Ba says:

    I started a blog to inspire others to create change in their communities and the world. Please visit me at http://adinaba.wordpress.com and let me know of someone you’d like to nominate for me to spotlight. Thanks!

  855. Jenn Gregio says:

    i went to challenge day in feb. and not only did i find myself, but i made a lot of new friends. i’m still good friends with all the people i met there and we talk daily. i’m in a serious relationship with one of them. it’s great because we share something special that i don’t share with many other people: and thats the experience we had at challenge day. in august, my principal and three other students are going to mentor each class. i’m looking forward to seeing the results that pay off after hard work and determination. Challenge Day is my platform for a pageant i’m in this summer; i can’t wait to spread the word with the judges & girls i’m running with. :) thanks for such a great experience. ps. i recommend reading the Be the Hero book that the founders wrote: it’s touching. <3

  856. Abby Adkins says:

    i just wanted to say thank you fro coming to Breckinridge County FFA Camp grounds…because i learned so much and now i am a better person than i was befoere i went…

  857. Niko Santos says:

    TODAY!!!! i had Challenge Day and OMG it was truly AMAZING i LOVEd it alot… it really showed me alot of things. I learned alot. At first i didn’t really know what it was or just went along with what we were doing. but, after a while i just began to have alot of fun and i now feel closer with people and i know that i can now talk to people and don’t have to worry about being alone or scared because i know its people that now will listen to me and understand what i have to say. so i THANK THE 2 PEOPLE BERNICE&TONY for coming out and doing Challenge Day with FHS in MICHIGAN!!!! =’] you guys was really great!!! will aways remember you guys your the best.

  858. Monica says:

    After dinner at a local restaurant, as I walked out into the parking lot, a man was asking for change…I asked if he was hungry, and gave him my leftover dinner when he replied “Yes.”

  859. Cindy Siefert says:

    I feel that the cafetiria is the spot to communicate and meet others…. I had an idea that the cafeteria should be set up as a family table. have everyone asociate with everyone, instead of the tables being so apart and having different “clicks”.

  860. Teasha says:

    My friend was really upset tonight so I stayed up and talked with him making sure he was okay and just being there for him before I headed off to bed.

  861. Ambika Nair, CMS be the change club says:

    Our club just had one of our most successful challenges!
    The challenge we gave to the 6th grade students in our school was to leave some anonymous, positive notes on random lockers. And, boy, was this challenge successful! All over the school, there were notes that said, “You rock!” and “I love you” and “LUV your hair!” (there was an unusual amount of positive comments on hair…) Not only did a lot of people put up notes, but we also helped clean them up! You know, to show appreciation for the janitors. Yes, that day was truly a day of change. Keep on being the change, CMS!

  862. Kasandra Vital says:

    I was recently at challenge day at my school and it was amazing. I believe that this day changed lives. I felt closer to my peers and my teachers, more than ever. I got to see how we all can be different yet have alot of us have the same problems. The emotions i felt in that room were unbearable. I don’t like to cry but it came out and i felt happier after i did. I feel as if my balloon is less full today than it was yesterday. I want to thank the adult leaders for encouraging us and for all the love in the room. It really made a difference to me. Lastly i want to thank Kekoa and Mzima for leading us all in the right direction. What you both helped me teach myself will stick with me for a long time. I am sure of that, and i am grateful. Challenge day is a great program and every student in every school should be able to experience just one challenge day. Maybe this will help us challenge ourselves in our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters of the world.

  863. Chase Corry says:

    I went to a challenge day at Red Bluff Union High School in Red Bluff CA. It touched me very much. I hope that it makes our school closer and gets rid of the racism,sexism and many onther bad things.
    This is a great organization.

    Keep It Going!!!


  864. robbie says:

    i set and talked with a kid who looked lonely sitting at a lunch table all by himself, and after a minute or two of me introducing myself and him just saying “yea’s” and “no’s” and “okay’s”, he really opened up and started talking

    when the lunch bell rang he was smiling and i felt good because i felt like i had really made his day

  865. Caleb says:

    hi..this is Caleb i go to Francis Howell Middle School.and this was the best program I’ve ever been in. I’ve made so many no friends and to get to know my friends better.doing all these activities are pretty fun. I just want to thanks for changing my whole life!!! I’ve been seeing more kids in my school getting better and better it just makes me really proud because Ive been dealing with stuff that was out of this world and to tell people who i really am. <{-_-}.

  866. Jesse Dotson says:

    I recentely had challenge day at W.J. Keenan High School, and it was great… The experience was one of the best in my entire life, The cross-the-line activity most definately stood out to me, I was able to see how many others were in the same boat as I am in, and there were many emotions. I never cry in public, but that day everybody got to get things off of their chests and show serious emotion… I recommend Challenge Day to all high schools.

  867. Darlene Doskoch says:

    Wow. That is such a small word for such an amazing change in our community. Our high school students are trying hard to Be The Change in our community. Love signs are happening everywhere and kids are smiling! Thank you Jyoti and Sean for helping us learn to create such a positive and loving atmosphere in our schools. We can’t wait until our next Challenge Days in December!

  868. Lynne says:

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate each person who is blogging about their acts of change. I get tons of ideas by reading the blogs. So thank you to each of you for supporting Challenge Day and the “Be the Change” Movement. You all are amazing!!!

    P.S. This message was one of my acts of change for today!!!

  869. Robbie says:

    Challenge Day has got to be one of the best days that i have ever had in my life. I opened up more than i thought i ever would. Everyone was opening their hearts up fully so it wasn’t awkward the least bit. I told my group things that i NEVER would have told anyone else in my life. Who would have ever thought that i’d be telling my deepest darkest secrets to complete stranger. I told them about all the pills i have to take so i don’t go crazy, about how i have no relationship at all with my parents. But the biggest opener i let go would have to be about my little boy. A 15 year old with a 3 year old little kid. The average person would have shunned a person of that criteria and thought negatively of them….but not my group, and most importantly of all, DEFINITELY NOT CHALLENGE DAY! They just gave open hearts and arms.

    thanks for saving my life….

  870. Shasta Hagge says:

    I go to Jackson High School and I have been trying to get more people to expand. To not stick to one group of friends and so far I have exanded and I have been talking to my friends and telling them that even though they have me and a few others, you need lots of love so why stick with just us. Say hi to a random person and try to be friends. It has worked with my so far. :)

  871. Damien says:

    Thank you all i had a good time i have a lot lot of friends.I am so happy cause i have a good time with my boyfriend.You guys got use together.I love you all and thank you.I hope that all the people that are there.
    I love you peace

  872. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I paid for the tolls of sevral people behind me on the bridge

  873. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    Yvonne and I donated a Challenge day for the Peace Alliance Conference in Washinton DC

  874. Ming Thor says:

    I was walking to a friend’s house and I saw a woman picking and throwing garbage from a bin into a larger one. I walked up to her and greeted her with an honest smile and asked her if she needed help. I picked up the bin and dumped it out for her.

  875. Teena Ellison says:

    I wrote an article in our local paper about Notice Choose Act as a formula for change.
    I picked up trash outside of a local store.

  876. Carmen says:

    I bought banana bread for a homeless man. He was very grateful and his smile said it all!

  877. justin says:

    i held the door open for someone behind me.

  878. Mikey says:

    I bought lunch for a homeless man outside a Safeway store in Carmel. It is such a great feeling to do something for someone and have them get excited and say “God Bless You!” I was proud to have my kids see me doing an act of change!

  879. Aunty Nola says:

    Justin… I have been reading your Acts of Change. You are awesome and you are doing it!! You ar Being the Change!! I am so proud of you and I hope you are proud of yourself too!!!.;o) WOW…;o)

  880. Aunty Nola says:

    I was at the airport headed home after some great Challenge Days in Utah. I visited the Ladies room to change into my travelling clothes and while I was in the stall, I heard another woman in another stall sneeze. “God Bless You” I said. “Thank you” was the reply. “You’re Very Welcome”. She said, “It’s nice to know that there are still nice people around”. I replied, “There are nice people all over the place. It’s just sometimes it takes a minute for us to see them.” She was silent for a moment. Then she said, “My husband is dying.” I had finished changing my clothes and stepped out of the stall and I turned to her and opened my arms to her. Silently, she stepped into them and let me hold her. After a long getle hug, she shared that she was flying to take a stuffed animal to her grandchild that was going to be the last gift from “Papa”. Her husband requested that she make this trip, so that he could talk to his grandchld knowing that thier grandchild was holding this gift from “Papa”. She whispered that she hopes she will make it back in time to be with her husband while he makes that phone call, but she was afraid that she might not. I stayed with her until it was time to catch the plane and prayed for her husband, Shannon, and for a beautiful transition from this life to the next. I also prayed for for her that her travel be easy and swift and that she get to be with him when they make that phone call.

  881. mikey says:

    challenge day helped our school out a lot we had it yesterday(3/19/09) and already today we could see the change in people and it felt good to walk into the new school environment all of the bullies who went to the program have stopped their old ways thank you

  882. Mai says:

    i loved challenge day. it deifnately made me a better person walking out, than i was i walking in.
    thank you everyone who came.
    you have truly made a difference

  883. Chantal Ryan says:

    On Tuesday, March 17, 2009, I had the honor of being involved in Challenge Day at Jefferson High School. The two people who came to Lafayette were two of the most unique individuals I have ever had the joy of meeting. They made me feel safe, and for one whole day, I wasn’t judged. Nobody laughed at me because I have a girlfriend, and it felt empowering. When I stood in front of everyone and said that I was an amazing chef, everyone told me that I really was amazing, and that feeling will leave an impression on me that I will never forget. Seeing everyone cry at their own pain was one thing, but to feel the pain of eveyone around you, and to know that people care, that people cry for you, that their tears are not selfish, is eye-opening. I know that I took away from Challenge Day what made me feel like it truly was the best day of my life. Honestly I can say that Challenge Day was the best experience I have ever had. I challenge myself and everyone else to forget first impressions, forget people’s backgrounds and forget everything about people. Just treat them how you want to be treated, treat them like they are special. Judge people by who they are, not what they are. I challenge everyone to take a stand and be the change.♥

  884. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    This is about an act of change someone did for me: Today I waiting at the bus to go to an appointment, and this taxi driver comes up to me and offers me a ride. At first, I politely decline, not wanting to get in the car with a stranger. He talks me into it, and while driving he explains that every day he gives someone in my situation a free taxi ride because it makes him feel good and helps to spread happiness in the world. As i got of the taxi, I told him how grateful I was and promised to do an act of change. It totally made my day!

  885. Brianna Lancaster says:

    i had challenge day for the first time on 3/17/09 and it had inspired me to make a change in the school and start up a S.A.G.A. club that our school so desparatly needs it helped me see how to help situations and it really cleared my head. ive always been an inclusive person but i really needed this to express things that were bottled and have people see the real me.

  886. Jeff Gabrielson says:

    1 – I noticed that the police car in front of me rear tire was going flat, so I drove up next to him and told him.

    2 – I held open a door for a women who had a arm full of boxes at Kinkos.

  887. Carol says:

    March 16 – Challenge day came to our school today coming at the perfect time in my life. A week ago i found out that my boyfriend of over a year had cheated on me with my old best friend. Me and her had gone our separate ways when I started dating him because of jealousy issues. It completely destroyed me to hear what he had done. I had not forgiven him or her until experiencing Challenge Day. While my ex was not in it, my old best friend was, and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to handle being in the same room as her, but I stuck it out through the whole day. At the end of the day, we were asked to apologize to someone we’ve hurt before or tell someone we appreciate them. My old best friend approached me and started crying. She apologized for everything that happened between us over the past year and for hurting me by getting with my boyfriend. It touched me so much that I am now taking the first steps toward forgiving her and my ex and moving forward from this. I can’t even begin to say how much Challenge Day has done for me and how grateful I am to have been a part of it.

  888. Kirsten Kelly says:

    We had our first Challenge Day at WDHS today and I was very moved by how our students responded to it. I want you all to know that I am there for you. You will see the “hand signal” on my door in room 211. Any time you need to talk…I will listen. Mrs. Kelly

  889. Rich Dot says:

    I decorated my co-worker’s desk for her birthday

  890. teacher wwp JL says:

    Grover Middle School just had it’s Challenge Days, and the students and teachers alike have had WONDERFUL comments about Challenge Day. Some students have told me: “It changed my life” and “It was one of the best days of my life”. What more could we ask for but to continue to Be the Change! Thank you to our principal for making these days possible, and thank you to our presenters Berenice and Randy for the amazing people that you are each and every day!

  891. teena ellison says:

    My blog is about receiving an act of change. Today my sons Isaac and Isaiah turn 7. We drove 1.5 hours to have lunch with my mom for their birthday. We met half way between Everett WA and BC Canada in Bellingham washington. Red Robin was the place to be. The manager Blake and his staff, knew we were coming because my mom called to say we were coming and could they put balloon at the table. Not only did they do that, they went out and bought a cake in the shape of a burger and fries, all the staff signed a card and the manager bought the cake, the boys lunch and our appetizer. All the staff came by to say hello to the boys. It was amazing. My mom was so moved by such love. i think the acts of change Bellis Fair RR did gifted my mom too. We tipped the server extra generously. I blogged on the RR website about their generosity.

  892. Peyton Pruce says:

    wel i had challenge day for the first time on 3/11/09. i though tthat it would just be a chance to get out of class and miss the work. but when i got there, it was sooooooo not what i had expected. i learened so much about my friends that i never would have kown if it wasnt for that day. i had second thoughts before i went lnike did i really want to do this? well in the ned i did.at first it was cool when we played the games and just had fun with our friends. thats when we let out all of your energy. after that it got all serious. htats when all of the things i never kew happened and could happen did. all of the popular people actuall have a side that most people dont know about. this was a great time to let it all out. i wish we had this more often so we could know the other side of people before we judge them. i just wanna say thanks to our staff people Berenice and Randy. thanks for making this one of the best days of my life. Thomas Grover Middle School 7th graders really appreciated you.

  893. Mackenzie says:

    So today is the first day,we had a mini version, but it was the most moving thing i have ever done. Just the way the kids let down and let other people around them truly get to know them. I never knew the kids in my class all well as i do now.And for anybody that reads this be open to getting to know kids who you dont hang out with there is alot to them that you would never realize inless you had this challenge.And it really is a challenge to be able to trust your self and let other get to know what is going on with you.

    So thank you for every one else and especially a guy who came in and told us his story without knowing us.

    Thanks for this day!!!!!!!

  894. justin says:

    i got a teacher a birthday card to honor his 80th birthday.
    a teacher dropped her notebook and i picked it up for her.

  895. GMS Be the Change Club says:

    Our Be the Change Club just hosted a Diversity Fair. We ate all kinds of international food, played cultural games from around the world, experienced different types of learning/life styles, made crafts, ate ice cream, and pied some teachers. We celebrated how diverse Grover Middle School is and was able to kick off Challenge Day. We can’t wait for it to come to our school this week!

  896. justin says:

    i held the door open for someone that had her hands full.

  897. justin says:

    i brought boxes for the athletic director to the storage room.

  898. James R. Ilku says:

    my school, flornce river front, had challenge day a couple months ago nd it was the change my school needed bcuse b4 we were the worst 2 each other. tht day i swear between every1 in the room we could have filled a pool wit all the tears, we have learned 2 appreiate each other, my school has made a team of students wit the help of our giuidence councler 2 carry on the be the change message. im on the team, nd we just gave out nd collected a survey 2 find out problems in other grades bcuse there r 4 other grades. but igot say on a personal note i love chris and pam 2 death, i hope i see them again some day, there the greatest
    P.S. chrish look like j-roll (jimmy rollins)

  899. justin says:

    i just talked to someone that was feeling down about something that happened today, im not friends with the person, i just talk to her sometimes on facebook, and glad i could talk to her about it and feel appreciated from her.

  900. justin says:

    yesterday i offered to help the guidance secretary, because she was all alone in a room doing something.

  901. justin says:

    one of my friends told me today that someone is making fun of her and being sexist and harassing her and she told me what he was saying, and later on i sent him a message asking him nicely to stop it.

  902. justin says:

    today i helped a teacher bring a few boxes to another teachers room, as well as yesterday.

  903. justin says:

    today i helped someone i know at my high school that is in a wheel chair get from one place to another, she kept thanking me, and it made me feel good about myself.

  904. Brooks Mershon says:

    I just had the moving and life changing experience of my first Challenge Day through Pennsbury High School. The love and understanding that occured in the Mosonic Lodge that the meeting was held in was incredible, and made me want to just go out into the world and “Be the change that I want to see in the world”! I want to be less judgemental and more accepting of everyone in my school, church, Boy Scout troop, and most of all, my family. This day of love and compassion, tears and hugging, has truly become the happiest day of my life. Thank you for your excellent guidance Jyoti and Jon.

  905. rebekah mchenry says:

    no joke this program opened my eyes in such a way i cryed so much but i think it was ready to come out and i had the love of the leaders there devon and rhaytion they were so loving and caring no i know how people feel and there life isnt perfect i jsut wanna thank you guys for changing my life seriously THANK YOU for opening my eyes to all the issues of the world and how the need to change

  906. Lynne says:

    This week, I have a different focus on the formula for change. I spend so much of my time helping other people since I’m in a helping profession. So this week, I decided to apply the formula and random acts of change to myself so that I can more effectively help other people.

    Notice: What needs to change within myself? Choosing a negative behavior.
    Choose: What can i do to better the situation? Allow people to support me, and ask myself the hard questions.
    Act: What will I commit to doing? I commit to keeping my priorities in check so that I am well balanced.

    Random acts of change for me: Took a nap in the middle of the day. Treated myself to a healthy dinner out with some of my closest girl friends. Reminded other people of the importance of self-care.

  907. Lynne says:

    I came up with a really creative idea and am working on something that has the potential to change thousands of lives. It is definitely a work in progress. i will post more about it as I am able to.

  908. A. Paulsey says:

    I called a former co-worker that I have not connected with for a few years. We were very close when we worked together and she has been on my mind. We talked on the phone for an hour, she recently changed jobs and is having financial difficulties. She told me it was great to talk again. I was glad that I took the step to contact her.

  909. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a maui hero as an 8th grader and today we went to Iao Valley and cut down a whole bunch of trees and pulled out weeds so that the water could flow into the stream again, we made ALOT of progress. I’m a little scratched up and kinda sore and it took a while but it was totally worth it! I feel soo good to have helped our Aina

  910. CMS Be the Change Club says:

    Alina helped to teach her younger sister how to read.
    Ambika read stories to the children in her younger sister’s school.
    Kaivalya cheered up her friend.
    Alina S. greeted the school nurse. (A random act of kindness)
    Ebria helped a student learn spanish.
    Krystal gave her brother a dollar for no reason whatsoever.
    Priyanka talked to the school nurse randomly.
    Matt made his sister feel better when she was down.
    We made posters celebrating women’s history month which is in March.
    We are planning to run a Challenge Day for the 7th graders in our school. This will be a day of sharing feelings and emotions and making our school a better place.
    So far, we’ve done skits for the 6th graders based on bullying effects, how to react, and what actions we can take to make our school a better place. We signed a poster that made us promise to be kind. It will be hanging over our lockers in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. For the rest of our MIDDLE SCHOOL YEARS!

  911. Jenna Kruscavage says:

    Hey Jyoti and Jon,
    Today I had my challenge day and I just want to thank you for this amazing program! I had such a rewarding experience today and it is something I will always remember. I really hope that I can carry out this vision of change and spread it in our everyday lives especialy at my school. Thank you so much for everything you do I had a lot of fun.
    Love, Jenna

  912. Al Lozano says:

    I just wanted to say again I wish I had gone to a Challenge when I was in High school It was so Powerfull and I want to say Chris and Bernice were GREAT !! I went with my daughter and I did not know what to expect as a parent being a single father I had a big eye opener and want to say Thank you so Much !!
    Please keep up the good work and again THANK YOU SO MUCH !!and Thanks CAT
    Your DAD :)

  913. Riley Lambertsen says:

    Hi we just had another great challenge day. I’m a peer mediator at my school and was a team leader for both days. I would like to thank Chris and Berenice for coming and sharing the experience with us. We sure had a CD for the history books! When Berenice asked if anyone would like to take the step towards ending oppression and speak with the mic. Usually most kids stay standing and a couple sit down. This time EVERY person in that room STOOD up on their chair! People were crying and Chris and Berenice were totally speechless. I have never seen a CD like it. The whole school is different, so come and visit us again. We’ll let you guys watch spongebob! lol. Thanks,
    Yosemite High School in Oakhurst, Ca

  914. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I took my community service club to our annual regional service project at the SF Food Bank. 20 schools, 175 students, one day, one vision to stamp out hunger. In 3.5 hours, we sorted twenty thousand pounds of apples and oranges!

  915. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I was driving with my community service club to a project in the city and I started telling them about Acts of Change. Then our teacher chaperone ended up paying for the bridge toll for the car behind us.

  916. Elizabeth "liz" says:

    i am praying for family friends and a person i really don’t understand

  917. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I dropped the waterline with my science class lab partner, a girl I had never really talked to before besides saying the usual “Hi.” She started telling me everything she’s going through right now and how grateful she was that I was willing to listen.

  918. Melanie Pressley says:

    I go to Lower Lake High School in Lower Lake CA, to me that is the best school that I will say that is fit for high school students. The reason I say this is because my high school is being the change we wish to see in the world. People are treating each other with respect more now then ever this year. The school violence has gone down 12% this year. Which is amazing. The enviorment that my team and I(Be the Change Team) as well as other clubs is really taking its toll on changing. So I want to tell everyone that now matter what you hear about schools or communities, you really have to be there to really understand if people you hear things from are really telling the truth. I want to thank Lower Lake High School and all the people in it for being the change we wish to see in the world. Good luck to everyone.
    Melanie Pressley

  919. Melanie Pressley says:

    Today I had prayed for a freind who was really going through a hard time in thier life.I had felt that I had a breakthrough for my friend. My freind said “Thank You Very Much”. For me just doing something so simple as praying for someone can really make a difference in peoples’ live. So I challenge people to go out and really do something for someone you know or don’t know because you want to not have to. As you do that you will begin to realize whatever you do to help someonelse, make a difference in those peoples’ lives. So go out and be the change you wish to see in the world.
    Melanie Pressley

  920. Amanda says:

    Challenge Day came to my school on Feburary 3rd and I attended. It changed my life forever. One of the things we did really showed me that I’m not the only one who has had a really hard life but it also showed me that I’m not the only one who knows and wants to make a change. At the end of the session I stood up and told the 125 some people that I was tired of being judged for what people say about me and what they see,and I was really tired of feeling like I don’t want to come to school because of all the taunt and torment. But after that day I haven’t been judged or teased by anyone that was there, in fact I have made new friends that I hope will last a lifetime because of Challenge Day.

  921. teena ellison says:

    Today at starbucks (again) i gave the manager a stack of Pay it Forward cards and asked her to offer them t those customers who receive an act of change like a free coffee from other customers. She is thrille. We love you Sabrina Graham at the Everett Starbucks. She is an angel being the change. I think the book should be a Starbucks book. How do we manifest that one???

    I texted love messages to some of my next step family.

  922. Teasha says:

    The other day a girl at my school dropped a bunch of her stuff so I asked if she needed some help and helped her gather her stuff together.

  923. Barbara says:

    I am so excited! I have been reading my signed copy “-) of “Be the Hero”, and decided to really try it! In the last 2 days at work, I was asked to see 3 different students who came into the office complaining of “not feeling well”….I am the nurse and that’s my job! After making sure that they didn’t have a fever or worse, I just took the time to really listen, and then asked the question “what else”? And I waited and listened. And then I asked “what else”? All 3 just started emptying their balloons, sharing their sadness and what was really hurting. All 3 conversations ended with hugs and a few tears and a promise that we would talk again soon. One of them, who had been doubled over with a stomach ache, told me that nobody had ever asked before!!! I feel so empowered. I am grateful for Challenge Day, and Rich and Yvonne and everyone who is part of this. Thank you for sharing the tools and your love.

  924. kelly-kate says:

    I gave a friend some much needed support. She’s going through a hard time and expected to vent. I sent her a message with how wonderful SHE was…it made me feel like a million bucks. Made her feel like a trillion…

  925. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    On Saturday night, a bunch of us from my Next Step group went out to dinner. Before we ordered our food, I asked our waiter to do an “If you really knew me…” Then when our food came, I asked everyone to go around the table and say one thing they are grateful for. Before we left the restaurant, we clapped for our waitress and left an extra nice tip.

  926. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I wrote a letter to my friend who is away at college telling her how grateful I am to have her in my life and enclosed the Pay It Forward card.

  927. Teena Ellison says:

    Today i was in Starbucks picking up the daily donations they give my organization. I was telling the folks that know me at the store (3 have done CD) that I fell in love all over again with my hubby after this weekends Next Step. A lady was waiting for a large order of coffees for her office. She was carrying 2 of the 3 trays she ordered. I offered to take the 3rd tray for her. She was so pleased. She had overheard me speaking of my renewed love and she asked me more about it. Then said “there is a reason i met you today, thanks” i simply said “pay it forward and have a blessed day”

  928. Dennis Grandt says:

    After Challenge Day my school (Stillman High) has made a group called Free Your Self it is helping students in a big way. We meet for about 40mins once a week, and ive learned alot about people i would have never thought. We talk about anything from friends to problems at home. It is a big positive impact on my school and i am hoping other schools will do the same

  929. Vicki Leisses says:

    WOW! I just returned from the next step workshop…amazing. I’m still on a beautiful, natural high from this weekend with all my new friends! Thank you to everyone at Challendge Day, Be the Change, you have changed my life, forever. I am looking forward to being a volunteer at the Challenge Day in Pacifica, CA this coming Friday. As part of the pay it forward, (thank you Linda for the great CD!) I am sending an annomous Safeway gift card to a family member who is out of work and struggling to feed their family. It feels really good to help others!

  930. Rodrigo says:

    To CHANGED, who posted a question. The best place to find out how to get in touch with your small group leader (ie: adult volunteer) is to find the person at your school who coordinated the Challenge Day. If you don’t know who that is, ask the school secretary or any teacher or administrator who was at the Challenge Day. Different schools have different policies about this, so this is why checking with your school coordinator is the best thing to do. I’m glad to hear she had a positive impact! – Rodrigo, Challenge Day IT Manager

    PS – I’ll take this opportunity to blog that my roommate did an act of change for me, he drove me to my doctor’s appointment the other day out of the goodness of his heart! I returned the act of change by buying him lunch :-)

  931. Cal Howard says:

    Change can be made by getting involved in others lives in the community you live in. A good friend of many in the community has been stricen with leukemia and has been getting major doses of chemotherepy at University of Michigan. We have rallied around him since he lost his job that supported his family. His medical coversge only lasted a month. On Feb.28 their will be a hugh benefit for him and his family. This will hopefully raise enough funds to keep their heads above water. Their will be a wonderful chicken dinner with all the fixings. We have gone throughtout the community to collect donations and items for the chinese raffle that will be held. When we can make a difference in each others lives I believe we have a better chance as a society to care for one another and build esch other up with hope, love and unity.

  932. Marie Dudek says:

    On Valentine’s Day morning, members of the Central Florida Be The Change Club came out to Lake Baldwin in Orlando, Florida, to give hugs to over 400 walkers in the 2nd Annual Out of the Darkness Walk. The walk takes place to bring awareness to mental health conditions and suicide as well as bringing together those affected by the death of a loved one. What a difference those hugs made for so many! Thank you!

  933. James Stocking says:

    when i herd we wer doing challange day in my school i herd the upper class men talking about it how we wer guna cry well wen i walked into that gym i tho it was a day outa class but it was much more then that we had fun for about 20 mins then bernice and sean started teling us about there lives and y they do what they do and we go into groups and to b honest i was the first to break down in tears and when we did the activety where you chose wich side of the line you wer on it was so hard but it wasnt at the same time i had frends i didnt even know about standing be side me with there hand on my shoulder it made it so much easyer that i had ppl there that where goin threw simalir problems.

    thank you
    sean and bernice i aprecate you coming to my school
    james stocking at west valley high skool fairbanks ak

  934. Kayla says:

    I will change how hateful I am for the Emotional baggage i keep…(my balloon) and I’m going to be more open and loving to people; alot better than I have been. Thank you Tony and Jennifer!

  935. Loren Lapow says:

    I bought a radiator for my friends’ car so they could take their kids to school…loren Maui Hero Project/ Circle of Change

  936. Spalding says:

    I made a “FABULOUS” princess crown for my buddy, Natalie to show her how fabulous I thought she was the way she orchestrated the Challenge Day Fundraiser!

  937. Elizabeth says:

    maui heroes
    we cleaned our teachers’ class rooms and scraped soo much gum.

  938. Liam says:

    The challenge day crew came to my school today and it was the best day of my life! I first sat down thinking why am i sitting in a room with my friends and people i don’t even know very well. But by doing the activities and hearing others stories i really felt like i knew everyone there. And when we had to cross the line it really hit me that my life really isn’t bad compared to what some of my friends hve to go through every day. And i feel like my school and class are going to be better people. And the be a man box and the lady flower one of the people stood up and said “girls pick off the petals of the lady flower” and a bunch of girls rippen apart the flower and he also said “let’s get rid of this box!” and we tore it down. it was a day i will never forget.

  939. Darlene Doskoch says:

    Well it is only one week away from our first Challenge Day and I have to say everyone one involved is making positve changes every where they go. Our community is wonderful and my act of kindness is to publicly declare that I am proud to be a part of such a magnificent community as Williams Lake, British Columbia.

  940. CHANGED says:

    I’m not sure excatly where to ask this so I’ll just throw this out here-

    Does anyone know if there’s a way I’ll be able to get in touch with my “family”/group leader?

    She was sooooo fabulous and Challenge Day was more than a month ago at our schol and I’m glad to say that I’m still seeing people reach out to others and be supportive. I think I owe some major thanks to her.

    Challenge day has seriously changed my ife! <3

  941. michael says:

    i love challange day.and it help my family.thank you

  942. jarrod patzschke says:

    i invited somone to sit next to me in class who always sat alone

  943. Ben Page says:

    I sat with someone at lunch who always sits alone.

  944. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I sent inspirational text messages to my friends. It was fun to see their reactions.

  945. Natalie says:

    I had an amazing crew of people help me at this weekends fundraiser. I am forever grateful for the adult, teen and staff volunteers who dedicated their Valentine’s Day to Challenge Day. I couldn’t have done my job without your help and I feel SOOOO grateful for each and every one of you!!!
    You are all walking acts of change!

  946. Cal Howard says:

    When it came to my attention that two sisters that were African/Americans had been bullied at school. I went to the suoerintendent of the school and suggested we put a program in place called “UNITY”, which would have a mission statement that read,” The mision of UNITY is to raise the awareness of the world school community, concerning intolerance and replace intolerance with respect and an appreciation for the worth and dignity for all mankind”. A DIVERSITY CLUB was created in the high school and a new found challenge has been birthed to change the atmosphere of the school and make a positive impact on the world.

  947. Ashley Chenevert says:

    Hi, im Ashley C., a student that is attending Houma Jr. High School in Houma,La. Our scool are apart of the Be The Change Movement.This will be something very new and hopefully a learning experience.I think that because when I think of change I think of change for the better not the worst.
    Ashley C.

  948. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I took my dad to the fundraiser for this amazing organization, so he could learn more about the work that has had such a profound impact on my life. I also read Rich and Yvonne’s new book, “Be the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For” and started practicing some of the tools explained in it. Thanks to the book, I now have a vision board hanging on my wall by my bed. Be the change!

  949. Kristen Cladek says:

    The challenge day people came to my school in Jackson, New Jerseylast week on (Feb. 10 & 11, 2009) it was absolutely amazing!! Everyone had so much fun and I cried more than I ever had in front of people I don’t know!! It was a great experience. I haven’t seen much of a change in the people in my school but I’ve definitely seen a change in me. Thanks for coming to Jackson Memorial High School!! Thanks Katie and Kekoa, you guys rock!!!

    Kristen Cladek

  950. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I cut my hair and donated it to “Locks of Love” to help make wigs for kids with cancer.

  951. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I volunteered to serve food at a homeless shelter, and made an extra effort to sit down and connect deeply to some of the visitors.

  952. Tiease says:

    I had the best time and learned alot about myself and others. More people should know about Challenge Day and Chris(a.k.a. My BFF) and Aunty Nola were SOO AWSOME!!

  953. Alison Martin says:

    This day had brought my school so much closer, and i just wanted to say the whole day changed my out look on a lot of things. Life basically, i’ve learned you really dont know what people are going through, and i would just like to say, i am the change, and many things have been going better for me, and i hope to keep it alive through my next two years of high school & through life. I cannot wait to have this again my senior year,thank you!

  954. Joel says:

    Hi I go 2 olympia high school,
    I went to challenge day again. 4 the second year in a row. this year i learned that i’m loved by a lot more people then i thought! I’d like 2 thank Ray Ray 4 being an awesome leader! i love this program i’m never going 2 forget about this for the rest of my life! thanks ya’ll
    Joel H. Olympia,WA

  955. Cortney Howell says:

    Hi Challengers,
    I just came back from Challenge Day at my high school (in Middleton, WI) and I would like to thank Berenice and Tony for forever changing my life. You’ve made me open my eyes and realize I am not alone. You have saved me from drowning in my fears and disrespects. I can honestly tell you that I love you. Thank you for changing me. Thank you for saving my life.

    P.S. You asked us what we wanted to be and my answer then was an English teacher. I’ve changed my mind. I want to save the generations by becoming a Challenge Leader. You’ve inspired a whole new life for me.
    I am so grateful.

  956. Kathy says:

    Really looking at people before trying to make a judgment. Appreciating everyone’s differences. Realizing that everyone has some pain.

  957. Conrad says:

    Notice: More love for everybody
    Change: Showing more love to everybody
    Act: Giving more love to everybody by writing a few poems

    I love to live a challenge day
    I love to give a challenge day
    Challenge day is giving others life

    Life is life
    Life is beautiful
    Life is about giving
    Life is about loving
    Life is about safety
    Life is a celebration when you are sharing love and safety
    Live your life and make sure that other can live their lives.

    Life is to celebrate
    Life is to feel save
    Life it to feel love
    Living is a celebration if you feel loved and safe
    Life is all about celebrating love and safety

    Huge Hugs

  958. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I was a small group facilatator on the sophomore retreat at my school today… helping to show these kids that I can be the mentor I never had.

  959. Lynne says:

    I love reading all of these acts of change. It is truly inspiring. :) I am currently planning a very special Valentine’s party for some teenagers who are currently in a drug rehab. I’m planning some special activities for them, and I’m going to bring some special snacks and drinks and valentine’s decorations so that V-Day is fun for them even though they are in rehab. :)

  960. Loren Lapow says:

    Aloha Again!

    Gee, we are gettin’ busy around here!! Kalama School’s counselor Dede, asked us to help her with the staff development day for the school. A bunch of our mentors showed up on their day off to hang with their teachers!! Dede began with an intro and some ice breakers and games from the Project Adventure bag of tricks. The the mentors brought out the 6′ -Earthball and, I kid you not, the ground started to quake!

    We tried to paint a picture of what Challenge Day brought out of the students earlier in the year for those teachers who did not attend. Then we challenged the teachers to break out of their old habits and reach out to one another as people. We encouraged everyone to remember that we all have difficulties in our lives that cause us to behave in different ways.

    By the end they were sitting in their Teacher Teams and sharing, “If you really knew me you would know that I am grateful to work with young people because…” After a speak out, we finished with a tribute to teachers while “The World’s Greatest” blared in the background. They all held hands in a circle and some had tears in their eyes. We didn’t move into hugs this time, but some couldn’t resist the feeling and reached out on their own. Mahalo for letting us share…loren, Maui Hero Project/Circle of Change

  961. sanjana says:

    hi i am sanjana
    i am an a 7th grade in mi
    and when i had challenge day (today) it was very fun and exciting and there was times where people gets very sad. this experience really made me look at people a different way
    i would like to thank meads mills middle school to let us have this experience that make u see people in a way that they are not different from us…

    i would like to thank Angela and Jon (i hope that i spelled that right). an ways BE THE CHANGE… MAKE IT HAPPEN… BE THE PERSON

  962. Aunty Nola says:

    I was in Ohio (-12 degrees…freezing), returning from doing Challenge Days at Kenston Middle School. Tony and I were retuning our rental car at Budget and the girl checking in our car, out in the parking lot didn’t have any gloves in the freezing cold weather, so I gave her mine. She was very grateful.

    I also fixed the carpet in front of the sliding glass doors that was a little messed up, so that people wouldn’t trip on it.

    I helped some passengers get thier luggage into the overhead space and put thier extra bag near my feet, since that area was clear and I wasn’t going to use that space anyway.

    I encouraged another passenger with my “If you really knew me”. He was a man who was raised amid gangs, prison and drug culture, who had joined the Marines and now was an airline pilot, husand and father. I encouraged him to continue to look for ways to share his story and to pursue sharing strength and hope. I will continue to pray for Captain Gabe.

    I am letting my “little girl” out to play more often and had a nice evening singing karaoke with friends. And yes, I sang!!!!

  963. riley:) says:

    Challenge Day made a huge impact on my life. It made me realize all the little things I took for granted. It also made me see, that all the bad stuff I’ve been through; I didn’t go through it alone. Thank youuu :)

  964. Susan Barry says:

    Pam and Jake came to Clearview Regional High School this week and helped a lot of people get in touch with themsleves and their schoolmates. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and compassion. For my part, I will continue to notice, choose, and act every single day.

  965. veronica renner says:

    Me and my friends went around giving everybody hugs at school today.

  966. yvonne says:

    I told my husband Rich EVERYTHING I loved about him. I turned off the TV, looked in his eyes, and let my love and appreciation be felt by me and HIM.

  967. misi/mauihero says:

    What i like about houk that it was fun because some of the children was funny and all of them like it because i made them learn mauihero.

  968. Elizabeth N. says:

    The challege day experience during hoku was very fun.Talking to the 7th graders was fun cuz we were teaching them a certain subject like I got the subject “IMAGE”.At first the 7th graders were quiet they wouldn’t answer the questions but when we moved to the other groups and they started answering.I enjoyed the challenge day hoku alot cuz I like sharing what I learned cuz it helps others learn.

  969. Tiana says:

    The challenge day exprerince for me was something new i never experiecnced it in my life. The ohter day we had a booster rally with the 7th graders and i thought that it was super cool seeing all my friends changing it really surprised me me in a big way. This makes me feel that if they can change and have confidence in themselves then i can do it also.
    Tiana-Maui Hero

  970. Tita says:

    Hi iam Tita and iam a Maui Hero at Lokelani school. Well a couple days before we had a booster rally with our 7th graders and it was fun. So i am hoping to have another one with more people.
    love, Tita

  971. Tele says:

    hi there im part of the maui hero . two days ago we had a little mini booster rally with few seventh graders . there is about 11 mentors in our class , we all had a part . my script was The Be The Man Box . We had partners , as you can see that be the man box is basically about guys. i was asigned to do this because this made the guys really show there feelings and i was there to show how the girls have feelings too . we had about 4 students in a group, us the mentors rotated . this was a really good experience because in our world today there is many things that needs to be changed, like bullying, gossip and stuff like that. so yeahh this experience was really good cause the students showed us at the end that they really learned something . it was really fun . im really excited for the next booster rally we have !
    Maui Hero, Tele =)

  972. Pele says:

    I am a Maui Hero, as an 8th grader. There are 11 of us as i have informed you before. (all the way down in september) Well, I call them my second family. We all still follow through trying to get the message across to the other 7th graders, as well as the 6th graders. Two days ago (Feb. 4, 2009) we had an activity with certain 7th graders picked by they’re challenge day leaders, from challege day. Us mentor’s had different things we had to share with the 7th graders. My topic was Habits & Cliques. Well, we had rotations so we made sure that everyone got covered with everyones topic. At the end the 7th graders had a sheet to fill out asking certain questions about the activity. All of they’re responses were amazing. It showed that we moved them in a way. I didnt even expect to teach them THAT much. I felt that our activity was powerfull. We have something called a Booster Rally for our 8th graders in a couple weeks. Im really excited to open up to them. I miss Kekoa&Sela. Me & my fellow Maui Hero’s arent giving up. Were following through with this. <3

    Love always,

    A Proud Maui Hero, Pele.

  973. asilika/maui hero says:

    what i thought about challenge day was very awsome everyone trusted us to keep there secret ……………. challenge day help me with me with my stress and problem that no one ever know about me………

    a.k.a. lika

  974. Alex says:

    I attended Challenge Day last year at Westerville Central and had the opportunity to help start a Be The Change club at my high school, Westerville North. This year, February 2-5, Challenge Day came to my school, I went February 4th and absolutley loved it all over again. It felt so much more effective this year since I got to go with students I attend school with, it just meant alot more to me. I am forever grateful. <3

  975. fadumaa says:

    Challenge Day has completely changed the way I look at myself and others. Now that I know that I am not alone and that there are other people in the same situations as myself, I feel more comfortable talking to them about it. Challenge day has opened my eyes and i opened up to others. Challenge day was the best day of my life. I’am so thank full for the people who started challenge day and who are involved in challenge day.

  976. Rich says:

    I bought lunch for a homeless person and paid the tolls for two people behind me on the bridge

  977. paula says:

    I have bought coffee for the person behind me each time I have gone through the drive thru at Tim Horton’s this week….cashier recognized me this morning and said she has loved being my middleman….I love it too…

  978. Kelsea says:

    I know that probably everyone says this that challenge day truly changed them. But, honestly it really changed my perspective on life. Now as I walk down the halls of my high school, I can feel a major difference. I have seen the troubles that everyone has experienced in their life and now it is the most amazing feeling watching everyone experience everything together as a whole school. The relationships I mended and created on challenge day have helped me to become closer with each and every person in my school. I know I will never forget challenge day! P.S. thank you Devon and Sean for changing my life and my school!

  979. justin says:

    yesterday i helped someone in my school that is in a wheelcheer get from one place in the school to another.

  980. Loren Lapow says:

    I just read all 500-Blog entries!!!! Wow, I am inspired and deeply humbled by everyone’s commitment to Being the Change. Now I have lots of good ideas!!

  981. Loren Lapow says:

    We held a follow up activity today led by our Be the Change/Maui Hero teen mentors. They wrote and rehearsed scripts based on Challenge Day concepts, such as comfort zone, habits, be a man/lady flower and image all focused around the theme of cliques. Our Hero/ines met with 35-students identified as needing more support through our Sept 2008 Challenge Days. Each mentor team of 2-8th graders rehearsed their piece and presented it to a group of 7-7th graders for six minutes. Then all the mentors rotated groups until every 7th grader heard all the presentations, so each team presented 5-times. It was amazing to witness! Some mentors even dressed up like a lady flower or a be a man (no icebergs here on Maui though)!! The counselors and I just sat back and watched the process unfold. After the mentor teams presented their piece about three times, we took the scripts from them…much to their surprise!! We were all a bit anxious for a minute and then something truly magical happened. The mentors began to reach out beyond the script with their eyes and their arms and their hearts and make real connections with the younger students. They began speaking from their own experience about their topics. Dialogues began and we saw our mentors mature right in front of our very eyes. By the end, that Challenge Day “feeling” was back again. That “look” was in everyone’s eyes. We were all way stoked! Thanks for giving us a place to share our experience. Aloha from Maui…The Maui Hero Project- Circle of Change

  982. CM says:

    I really appreciated the challenge day today at my school. i just want to thank you so much for having me let my feelings out about my biggest problem i have been holding back from everyone. ever since i was 8 my mom and dad split up and it was really hard for me to go to school and think about what’s goin to happen when i get home. why it’s my fault they split up and my fault that they are fighting.. my dad and step dad beat me everyday. im 15 years old and am growing stronger each time i say i can make it through this. i have hope in my life that i will make it through everything. i watch over my little sister who has to suffer from a.d.d/a.h.d/ people at school couselors told my mom that she was stupid, retarded. and it hurt my mom so much. i know that shes not. i love her to death. shes the angel in my eyes that keeps me from thinking of commiting suicide. ♥shes my world.♥

  983. Jannelle says:

    Yesterday a young man called my office. As I listened to him, I noticed I felt it would be better for him if we were talking in person, so I asked him if he was available to come in to talk instead of have the conversation over the telephone. He was, he came in, and appreciated the invitation.

  984. Courtney says:

    This changed my life. Before this I used to go around judging people on how they look and what they wear instead of actually getting to know them. After this I will never do that again. I plan to apologize to anyone who I have ever put down or made feel bad about themselves. This also made me realize that I’m not the only one dealing with the problems I’m dealing with. There are other people going through the same things as me. Before this I felt that I shouldn’t be around and that everyone would be better off without me. I even thought about suicide. This program made me realize I am accepted and I am loved by the people around me, and for that I can’t be greatful enough for. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making a differene in my life and a difference in other peoples lives!

  985. Darlene Doskoch says:

    We have been very busy here in Williams Lake. I must say, I am overwhelmed with the way that our community has embraced Challenge Day. Just recently, our local newspaper agreed to put the Acts of Kindness/Change Certificates in the local newspaper with instructions on how the certificates work. They are making them a cut out and are urging residents to perform positve acts of change in our own community. Not only that, but they are also creating a “blog” on their website, so community members can blog their acts of change. Then, the newspaper will put some of these acts in the newspaper. Very cool. Also, we have started teaching the Challenge Day curriculum in both of our highschools. We are having our first Challenge Day this month and some of the kids who were not picked to attend were very dissappointed. They are going to our school counsellors and asking to be put on the list for the Challenge Days we are holding in December. They don’t want to miss it! My daughter and I just completed an article for the Canadian Mental Health magazine called Visions Journal, recounting our own experiences with bullying. It was an amazing journey writing that article. When we were done, I emailed my contact there and told her about what we were doing as a pro-active solution (Challenge Day), and now it looks like they may include a side bar to our article, talking a bit about Challenge Day and providing contact and website information so other communities can learn about it. I also read about a very bad incident of bullying in White Horse, so I wrote a letter to the editor letting them know about Challenge Day and how it could positively affect their community as well. They phoned me and are putting my letter in their newspaper and giving them my contact information in case any one is interested in the program! AND CBC Radio-BC Almanac have contacted me regarding Challenge Day, they were impressed that so many Challenge Days were happening around the province of British Columbia. So, they will be contacting me near the end of the month to find out more about Challenge Day. I just can’t stop talking about this program!

  986. Sarah Rutty says:


  987. Sarah Rutty says:

    I go to BMS in hyannis,MA. I went to challenge day and it was great. I let so many emotions out. Not that much people get teased orbullied now. I stop it if i can theres been a BIG change. I’m actually in Be the change. We have onme in my school. If they have one at your school, you should definately join it!

  988. Jennifer Amedee says:

    Evergreen Junior High School just had 2 Challenge Days. I was the coordinator. I never thought that it would be such a powerful experience for all. Students, faculty, and community members were so excepting of each other. Everyone is longing for more. Some of the CD participants met today to make plans to keep Challenge Day alive. I feel like every time I mention something about Challenge Day, I want to do more. I wear a ring that says, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” It has become my motto. My commitment to the Be the Change movement is to continue to spread acts of change and make positive connections with the people around me.

  989. kaytlyn aucoin says:

    I enjoyed challenge day when it arrived at H.L.Bourgeois for the first time. i was nervous at first, but many of the students opened up very well. I learned more about my friends and my community. i hope that there will be more challenge days at bourgeois to come and i just want to say thanks to Bereniece and Khayree as they helped HL Bourgeois change for the better.

  990. Kayla says:

    Challenge Day has completely changed the way I look at myself and others. Now that I know that I am not alone and that there are other people in the same situations as myself, I feel more comfortable talking to them about it. It is also nice to know that complete strangers are nice enough to come comfort me with a hug when I am crying. And I love that there is a teacher that I can now feel comfortable talking to if I need them. I loved Challenge Day and I would do it again in a heart beat.
    Thank you guys so much,

  991. Rich says:

    I bought lunch for a homeless person standing outside Taco Bell

  992. susanne renner says:

    I made little thank you goodie bags and included a handwritten thank you card with a personal message of gratitude for 6 facilitators of an upcoming Challenge Day at Diablo View

  993. Debby Murillo says:

    I paid for the parking for a few people behind me at college. The attendant didn’t know what to do and I had to explain a few times to just tell the people behind me their parking is paid and give them the pay it forward card.

  994. Spalding says:

    Yesterday I decorated my special friends’ house for an Oprah viewing party. (The episode featuring the Challenge Day founders helping teens struggling with obesity). I thought it was such a small thing, but they appreciated it SO much! Just goes to show you that it’s often the little things we do that can make a big difference to others!

  995. Brooke Pullin says:

    i went to challenge day today,
    it was crazy, i never thought that our school could get this connected, some of the people that said what they said really amazed me, at first i thought it was just going to be all crying and whatnot, but it turned out to be one of the best days of my life, i wouldn’t trade it for any other day.

  996. Jenn says:

    Today CK McClatchy High was invited to go see two people from the Be The Change program (Jake & Sela) and I am still in shock as to what happend. Honestly, that was the most moving thing to ever happen in my life and I’m sure many kids feel the same. Trust is a big issue for me and to tell complete strangers my life stroy was a big improvment for me. People who literally hated each other apologized to one another and kids who felt like no one understood them had 50 kids going through the same thing. I did NOT expect this when I got the permission slip, but what I got in return is just insane. Now I have the upmost respect for everyone and that just feels right. I wanna thank Jake and Sela for doing this for us and I’m completely grateful for the Be The Change program. <3

  997. Kayla says:

    After watching the 2 broadcasts on Oprah, I immediately shared and asked similiar questions to my children, nieces and nephews. I know it made a difference in my life as well as theirs. I would love to start something similar in my community to help teens as well. I also posted the question ” If you really knew me… on my facebook challenging my friends to release whatever is inside to share. Thanks for this awesome program

  998. Chelsea says:

    Challenge day came to my high school (H.L.Bourgeois High School Houma Louisiana) yesterday and today. I was apart of the Be The Change here and we helped get our peers pumped up for Challenge Day. I can not explain how amazing the program is. I have never experienced such a life changing event and I am so greatful that my school had this event. It helped open my eyes to so many things that were going on in others lives and it truely amazed me today to see everyone that particpated in Challenge Day to take what they learned and to apply it to our other peers who had not signed up for the change. It was an amazing experience and one that i will never forget. Thanks for bringing this together and showing us that we can make a difference. We are changing the world, one step at a time.

  999. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I watched this amazing organization on Oprah, and had an anger session with one of my mentors following the show.

  1000. jennifer gregio says:

    i just went to a challenge day yesterday; and i walked in open minded and ready for anything. this was a life changing experience. i’d love to be more involved. and i hope we can get more kids to go through the process. it gave me a whole new look on life. :) i love you jyotie and sean

  1001. Rich says:

    I bought flowers for my partner

  1002. Catherine says:

    Jyoti & Sean — What an AWESOME day. How interesting to watch teens let the wall down. hopefully it was powerful enough to keep them thinking beyond the day. hopefully they have the tools necessary to be the change.

  1003. Naomi says:

    Every time I’m tempted to leave the empty toilet paper roll for the next person to take care of, I think “Be the change, Naomi…” and I change it. :)

  1004. Brittney Courteaux says:

    I told my friend sorry for not understand how he used his time :) !

  1005. susanne renner says:

    Friday, 2pm as I drove home I noticed a kid sitting on the corner. I thought ” he must be waiting for some friends” At 3:30 I drove down the hill and he was still sitting on the corner. It had begun to lightly rain. I made a u-turn and asked if he was OK? He was waiting for his ride, they should be coming. At 5pm, he is still there and I stop and ask “Are you sure your friends are on thier way? It has been 3 hours” He’s pretty sure they are. 7:20, raining and cold, I drive down the hill to dinner and he is sitting under an awning to keep dry and warm. (His pants soaked from the rain) I stop and say “Do you realize you have been sitting here for 5 hours? What happened to your friends? Do you have a phone to call them? Can I lend you my phone? I ask him to get into the car and out of the rain. He asks if I could just drive him to the nearest gas station so he can use a telephone book. Long story short, great conversation, He was from Hoover (Birmingham) Alabama with a group of young adults who were selling magazines in the neighbohrhood. He was 5 minutes late getting to his pick up spot because he had spent time talking to the person who placed his last order. He assumed since he wasnt there, the van went to pick up the other kids who were scattered in different towns. He did not have a cell phone or a phone number contact for the “lead” gal. Only assumed they would eventually come back to get him. He knew the name of his hotel and he knew the street it was on, but did not know what city it was located in. ( turns out in Santa Clara) He shared his story willingly and asked I not judge him in doing so…I told him he was in the right car! He got connect to the magazine sales out of desperation for a job. He was a recovering alcoholic who was 22 (he looked like 17!) Had been sober since July. He wanted so much to stay on path as difficult as it was. I took him to the gas station and told him there were many warm places with food here and said he should probably stay indoors until he can make his connection (he was going to call the hotel to get the number of the gal) and get something warm to eat…he said where would be the best place to go with $7? I pulled out a $20 and said he should eat well, and he could use the remainder in case he needed a taxi somewhere. I also gave him my number in case things didnt work out and he was stuck, I would be happy to help him further. He thanked me for being nice to him. I told him this town is full of nice people and he agreed he had met some this day…he also said “there are some however, who just dont like magazines” a kind way I thought of stating the obvious! I worried a bit about him after the fact, but my daughter, bless her soul said “Mom, you did a nice thing, and you dont need to worry about him anymore because if he is still lost, someone else will be there to help him the rest of the way…..tears filled my eyes…..He DID reach his destination and did so with a full tummy and a chance for his clothes to dry.

  1006. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I did all the dishes in the kitchen sink without being asked to. It put a big smile on my mom’s face!

  1007. Hailey Gardenr says:

    Hey Ray Ray and Deven Thank you sooo much for coming to my school[parkland middle school} you taught me sooooo much its not even funny. I realized things about other prople that I did not relize before I found the other side of people that I have been looking for. I can not thank you enough but I think it is great that you could come I will NEVER forget you and i am so excided to be able to do it again. PLEASE come back. I Love You I got your back and I support you

    Love you both Hailey

  1008. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I wrote appreciation notes to my favorite middle school teachers telling them how grateful I am for their support and engaging classes during those formative years.

  1009. Elisabeth Wilder says:

    2008 was the most difficult year of my life, thus far. I spent it dwelling on the pain, hurt, and mistakes. I have been staying with a great friend for the last few weeks (whom I met through Challenge Day) and she has been showing me and reminding me everyday of what am amazing person I am and also what amazing people I am surrounded by. Thanks Amb!!
    All my love~Iz~

  1010. YoUr_MoM says:

    PAM and TONY you two made me realize that differences don’t matter, especially with friends, and that we should focus on the things we have in common with each other. My teacher has a poster of Ghandi that says “be the change you want to see in the world” but it never seemed possible or ever meant anything to me until you said it at challenge day. So I’m going to work on myself and BE the change, I’m GOING to drop my water line one step at a time so I can be more honest with myself and others. THANK YOU!! Thanks for coming to Provo, Utah. GO INDEPENDENCE HIGH!! woop woop.

  1011. maria says:

    i never want to lose the inspiration i took from challenge day… reading all of these acts of change reminds me of it at times when i have forgotten it

  1012. Tyler Tavano says:

    we had challenge day yesterday and everyone was emotional and it was very touching and it made a
    hhhhhhuuuuuuuggggggeeeeee change at our school which is lansing middle school!!!!!!!

  1013. Loren says:

    We bought dinner for a homeless person at Buger King – He seemed very grateful!

  1014. Raymond Brown says:

    DELSEA Middle school Franklinville, N.J 1/15/09-As I told Angela that day ‘You changed my life and I know will help me be a better father to all my children. Vinnie you are the best and I thank you both .I have been asked to speak to our school board on behalf of “the program” and will be shortly to hope to help to have this every year. I can’t think of a single thing thta would be more important then have every student involed in it. Again thanks, Sincerly Raymond brown

  1015. Caleb Crotser says:

    I am excited I am in Lindale High School In East Texas By Tyler and Lufkin and we’re moved here from The Colony and Dallas of North Texas we’re moved to the old house in Lindale and move to the new house on July 2007

    I got good day

  1016. Andrea Crawley says:

    I love my school Lindale high school i went to challenge day and all the sophmores made a packed to stick together and be the change in our class and have each others back through
    anything and it was just amazing how our class can go from having nothing in common to having a lot. It’s just such amazing thing and we are going to keep the sprit that we have and the love for each other that we had at challenge day with us all in our hearts and we have sela and kekoa to thank for that!!2

  1017. Nadia says:

    I am ALLOWING LOVE in my life. :-)

  1018. teach wwp says:

    Go Fisher Middle School!
    Kudos to Elisa and all of the staff and students for continuing to Be the Change!
    I attended Fisher’s Challenge Day and will always remember that amazing, eye-opening, wonderful experience! THANK YOU!

  1019. FH Collins Be the Change Team says:

    We had a free hugs week which included: a return of the hug demonstration, free hug booth, getting and giving as many hugs as possible daily, hug t-shirt making booth, Yukon’s biggest group hug in beach attire. It reakky o8ucjed everyone up before exams and after the -40 temperatures!

  1020. Audrey says:

    I made an effort to notice who was sitting by herself at my daughter’s hockey game and we ended up having a very nice conversation. I have also been making an effort to look (and really see) people as I talk to them – especially my own family. I offer hugs more frequently and it isn’t as scary as I thought!!!

  1021. Jordan says:

    Challenge day was just awesome. It made me realize that I don’t appreciate and love my younger brother as I should. When I got home that day I gave him the biggest hug ever! I also started taking my dog for daily walks to make her life that much more enjoyable!

  1022. Elisa says:

    I am so proud of our school! Fisher Middle School has started a food pantry and a program called, “Send Hunger Packing.” Students volunteered to fill the food backpacks for other students to take home. WAY TO BE THE CHANGE FISHER!!!

  1023. Sierra says:

    oh my gosh i realized how many people r like me … everybudy got inti depth and 87 out of 90 kids were crying cristi..b and jake were great ……….. there stories made me cry
    ive made many mistakes but i said sorry and it felt great i got closer to my friends and teachers ! it was the best expiereience of my life

  1024. Cye says:

    Today I went into all of my homeroom classes and asked the kids to sign a contract to commit to continue to be the change. We’re going to post the contracts in our rooms to remind us. If we do this it’s going to be one of the best years!

  1025. Bick says:

    challenge day changed my life. it changed me. thank you so much. Pam and Chris are awesome. I had such a great time and realized so much. i had one amazing day, at pemberton township high school. Pam you were so cool and awesome. Chris nice hugs hahhaa. thanks guys. i will remeber that day forver

  1026. Delsea!! says:

    Thanks so much for visting our school. this exprience was:
    -and so much more
    Vinny and Angela were great. they made you feel as if they were your best friend since kindergarden.. i felt that i knew them and they knew me too.
    Thankyou so much…
    “you cannot change the world, unless you chanfe yourself”
    be the change

  1027. doug says:

    hiiiiiii i love pam and chris

  1028. CHANGED says:

    Challenge day was such a success at my school! I have been having a lot of trouble keeping my head up lately and it felt so good to be able to get things off my chest and talk to other people who are like me. I just want to say that this has helped me so much and I am eternally grateful. I know that I speak for everyone who went to challenge dya when I say that this was an AAAAAAmazing day!

  1029. Katie says:

    I went to challenge day december 3rd at my school Dennis Yarmouth Regional. I remeber walking into the gym thinking it was just a day to get out of classes. I honestly didn’t think it would get so emotional. I love the music they played during our family groups, Auntie Nola and RayRay were amazing. They really helped pull classmates and teachers together for the three days they were here. They made us laugh and feel like we were all family. They opened up and let us in and were always there to give you a hug if you needed one. They made us feel like a big family. I’m definitely doing it again next year.

  1030. Rich Dutra-St john says:

    I went out of my way to pick up some bottle I found in the bushes and recycled them

  1031. CMS Be the Change Club says:

    The CMS Be the Change Club is always working to do something for others….
    Jonathan complimented his dad for his knoledge of random facts.
    Ebria gave her sister gum.
    Alina complimented her mom for a meal.
    Elysia gave 5 compliments.
    Subham told a friend, “nice shirt.”
    Brian complimented his mom’s scrambled eggs!
    Rashika held the door for a boy with a lot of books.
    Mrs Scibienski wrote a note thanking a friend for her great friendship.

  1032. Paula says:

    Today I purposely went to Starbucks to bring my coworker a Carmel Apple Spice because I know how much she loves them but never splurges on them herself. She was so appreciative (even though she already had her own coffee). HUGE SMILE!!!!!

  1033. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I told the public bus driver in my neighborhood “Thank You” for being such a good driver. People hardly ever interact with the bus drivers around here, so I could see by the smile on his face that he really appreciated it.

  1034. Melissa Drake says:

    Today was my first challenge day, and I must admit it was AMAZING.
    I was told it was going to be a little ‘cry fest’ and I figured I would just get the day out of class. :/
    Well, after today I sat down and thought over everything I have said or done that I think I should change, and now I am going to try to put it into motion.
    I really feel that this challenge day was my motivation. :]

  1035. Teasha says:

    I took the time to help my little sister with her ipod that she’s been asking me to do forever. Evereytime she had asked me I was busy. Today I was busy also, but I decided to take time out and show her how to do it.

  1036. Pat says:

    One of the angel-participants at our Next Step Workshop made and wrapped cookies for us all to take home with us. I gave mine to the lady behind the hotel counter when we checked out. She gave me the biggest smile and asked me three times “are you sure these are for me?” I assured her they were and thanked her for the job she does. Who knew that a couple of cookies could be such a big deal! I’m gonna do more of this!

  1037. Karen says:

    For the first time in a long time I actually had enough money to get Xmas gifts for all my family members. When I was leaving Wal-mart the salvation santa was outside and I thought about how much I had spent inside and then just as if I was tipping a wait person I multiplied how much I had spent on my family by 20% and put that much into his container. I decided then and there that when ever I see a homeless person or donation booth set up I will do the same for them. What ever I spent I will tip them 20%.

  1038. Liu says:

    My nephew was having some serious issues @ home & needed a place to stay, to be loved up, to find himself SOOOO I took him in!!! Now I have 2 17 year olds living with me… I’m thankful that they looked towards me & my family as a place to run to in such an important time in their lives.

  1039. melanie says:

    In the last two days i have been a completly different person. i have been helping people out all over town. I have been saying please and thank you. I havent made fun of anyone. i have realized that everyone is the same we all have the same problems. i respect my mom and the rest of my family more for what they give to me and what they do for me then what i ever have before. i feel like a completely different person from the inside. i normaly hate to give hugs to people but i have been giving about 100 hug a day which is really good. today i seen someone making fun of someone else i could not figure out why he was doing it. i walked up to them and ask him why he was making fun of josh and all he could say was because josh was different. i had to ask him what was so different about josh then your self? he couldnt answer my question. i told hom to leave the kid olone and he did i gave josh a big hug when the other kid left and i told him that it was ok and he did nothing wrong to deserve that. it was not his failt and one day he would learn not to make fun of people. I told him that if he ever needed to talk that i would be here and if he ever needed to cry that i would be a sholder for him to cry on. i told him that anything you tell me will be confidential and that i would not tell anyone. i made him a promise. After i walked away from him it made me feel really good about my self to have changed and to be there when he needed me. I fell alot better know that i can hekp anyone that i want to.

  1040. Christine says:

    Today, in the staffroom, I sat down with a teacher who I don’t often interact with. I avoid him as he is a bit grumpy and often negative about kids. I looked for something to talk about that we have in common. Our sons are the same age and go to school together so I started in on that. I listened to lots of negative, but without judging or even trying to change the subject. I just kept listening as he had lots to say. To my surprise, he emptied his balloon and made a u-turn into the positive. If I really knew him, I would have known this side of him. Now I do.

  1041. Spalding says:

    Today when I went to the grocery store there was a couple outside collecting money for a homeless shelter. I am very intentional about my giving and always research the organizations I give to, so I didn’t give them any money, but I talked to them and told them to have a great day. They were so appreciative that someone took the time to chat with them even though I didn’t give. It was a good feeling not to brush by them in a hurry and to share a smile!

  1042. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I used the new acts of change cards and paid the toll of the person behind me. It was fun to see the toll keepers reaction to the cards and the gesture

  1043. Kate says:

    Yesterday I made a sincere effort to connect with every cashier or working person that we ran across. I know what it’s like to work retail during the Christmas season, and I can’t imagine that it’s been a lot of fun for them to come to work and hear so much bad news about sales (and see it, too). It felt really good to chat with people. At one store, I asked a woman (cashier) how she was doing and she turned to her co-worker and said, “I really love it when customers ask *us* that!” Then we chatted for a few more minutes. It felt great.

  1044. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I worked with my family to create Good news celebrastions! Rich

  1045. Bryana says:

    Today was my birthday, and for a present all i asked for was a kitten. At first my mom thought about it, but she didn’t quite give back a reply. Well, because of health issues in my household, to get a kitten, was not exactly an option. For me, a kitten was more of a friend. Someone i was garrenteed to be there for me. So, for my birthday, she got me the same exact kitten i asked for, but in stuffed animal form. I opened it and just bursted into tears, i don’t quite know why i got emotional about it, but i just ran down to my room .. and my mom took it offensively. But i came back upstairs, apologized, and told her he was wonderful. I knew that I could have stayed in my room, and just went to bed, without even saying goodnight .. but i also knew that if something happened to her, and i would have never seen her again, i would have not been able to live with myself for that. I would not have been able to live with the fact that i didn’t say thank you, or i love you before i went to bed. Thank you Challenge Day, for making me realize, that everyday, can mean a lifetime.

  1046. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I bought lunch for a friend who didn’t have any money on her after we spent four hours doing a gift wrapping fundraiser at Borders. She insisted on paying me back, but I happily resisted!

  1047. Ian says:

    my name is ian and i go to Franklin high school in elk grove CA and at the moment i am a leader in
    the be the change group at my school and so far ive been to three challenge days and i no that each
    one has changed my life in more then one way, my first challenge day i went in with a poor attitude
    bc i really didnt want to be there but as the day went on and i began telling my story and heard the
    lives of the others in my group, i began to relize that im not much different then everyone i thought
    was. i admit that i had some bad habits, i was never out going, i never talked to anyone, i even was
    hurting myself, but after my first challenge day it all changed, i let it out. i cried so hard that i
    didnt even know who i was anymore i was really a changed person and now i feel like my life is just
    better. i hope that every kid gets some kind of chance to see challenge day for themselves.

  1048. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I went out of my way to share more than 10 intentional true compliments today. It was fun to see people’s reactions.

  1049. Kate says:

    Last week my students brought so much food to our end-of-semester party, that we couldn’t get through it all. One chocolate cake was left completely untouched. My students have to take the bus and didn’t want to bring it with them, and so they gave it to me. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, either–how would I polish off an entire double layer chocolate cake? Then I thought of the photocopying dept at my school. They process so many photocopy orders and they largely hear nothing but complaints because the machines, which are old, break down often. (This is, of course, a budget issue–not their fault!). So I enlisted the help of a custodian and set it up so that they would have the chocolate cake with a note from me in the morning. I felt like a Secret Santa! They appreciated it.

  1050. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I went out last night around the city of San Francisco and since I didn’t have much to offer out of my pockets, when I saw homeless people, I gave them hugs. I even sat down with 2 homeless people after dancing last night around 2am and listened to their stories and them held onto them real tight when we hugged goodbye.

  1051. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    Today while I was shopping at the mall a guy in line behind me at Chipolte came up and gave me a coupon for a free burrito. There’s a saying: “You get what you give.” Maybe all my little acts of change that I’ve done for people are suddenly coming back to me.

  1052. Danielle says:

    challenge day is awesome. highland highschool will be changed for the better and i want to thank jon & katie for being the amazing people they are! yous have the biggest hearts in this world and yous are awesome thank you for coming to my school!

  1053. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I gave a listening ear to a friend in need, even when I should’ve been studying for finals. I stepped it up and supported her in a way I didn’t even think I was capable of. I’m proud!

  1054. Ruthie says:

    I brought my religion teacher a present and a card today telling her how schools and students like me need more teachers like her, how she has engaged me so much in her class and in education in general. I dropped the water line and gave her my full appreciation, I can’t wait to hear her reaction; she deserved it :)

  1055. Aunty Nola says:

    I didn’t make my son feel bad when he wasn’t able to attend an event that I had been looking forward to for months, even though I was disappointed. I told him I loved him and I understood, and look forward to being able to share his company real soon. I’m glad that I made it easier for my son to live his own life, without nagging or throwing guilt around. I must say, I’m a great Mom.;o)

  1056. Aunty Nola says:

    One of the things I love about being a Challenge Day Leader is that I get to see the students in the rooms find thier voice, let go of the stories that have held them back, and walk in thier power with love and humility. It is so awesome. To see them apologise for some of the things they may have said to hurt others and to make these heartfelt commitments to do it different from now on, just warms my heart and inspires me to continue doing this work, no matter where it takes me. Thank you Rich and Yvonne for being the first stone and creating a beautiful ripple that is ever growing and spreading love all over the world. I love you and I am so glad that you are my playmates in this beautiful sandbox called Challenge Day.

  1057. Natalie Puljiz says:

    I feel honored to be part of the St.John family.
    Thank you Auntie Kim for including me in your prayers.
    Love you,

  1058. Natalie Puljiz says:

    I am waking up with delight everyday. That’s an act of change for the people around me.
    Also, because I know my roommate likes when I do nice things for her, last night I cleaned the house. I straightened up, cleaned the bathroom, did all the dishes, put them away, and swept. I kept the Christmas lights on this morning so when she gets in this afternoon she will be filled with light, love and the Christmas spirit. I really love her and like that I get to do these types of things for her.

  1059. Gabrielle says:

    Yesterday at Hammonton High in New Jersey I went to challenge day thinking I would not cry and it would be dumb. Turns out I was the dumb one. It was amazing and I cried so much. I have never felt so many people for no more or less then the others around them and now know I’m not so alone. I blieve it may hve even saved my life. Thank ken and Ray Ray. I will try to be the change and won’t forget what I have learned. <3 Smile and hugs everyday =]

  1060. Haylei says:

    A couple of month ago i was the same old haylei i walked around the school with my head held high. And thats good to alot of people. but not for me. I walk around and i judge i look at what they look like and what there wearing before i get to know them. I gossip and i tease. A few months ago challenge day came to our school. I was involved. I walked in the gym and judged i looked around and i was ready to walk back out. I was thinking “oh wow what did i get myself into, what did i agree to” thorough out the day i hugged people who i couldn’t even tell you the names of. people i look at in the hallway and the first thing i do is judge. When i walked out of that gym at the end of the day my head was pounding from all the crying. the day was intense. and as hard as it was for me i can now say i am different. I am willing to be the change. to make a difference and stand out. I want to thank everyone at challenge day. you changed my life forever. i don’t look at people the same. I sit down at tables with people i have never talked to before. I smile at people in the hallway who i use to make fun of. Thank you . and i hope i get an experience like that again.

  1061. Betsy Shaltry says:

    Wow! Northern High School in Greensboro, NC, just finished the last of 4 days of CD. What an unbelievable experience for the student body. We are a new high school of just 1 1/2 years. Juniors, sophomores and freshman make up our student body. The parents and PTSA that helped bring this to the school have been working on it for almost 2 years. The students were amazing, the adults were fabulous and the CD instructors were phenomenal. The students cannot wait for CD to come back, especially those that were not able to attend. Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later. What an exciting time in the short history of this new high school. I believe that this
    school “can be the change we wish to see in the world”. Thanks to everyone that was a part of this wonderful experience.

  1062. Uzoma June Uzo says:

    thats all i can say!!!
    we held a Challange Day at Northern Guilford High school
    I would go all over again…..

  1063. amanda says:

    my school has had challenge day come here for 3 years now and all three years i went.every year my eyes open to something else.every year so far iv met up with old friends that i used to be tight with that i have gone separate ways with and now are friends with them again.its REALLY opened my eyes to everyones hurt.challenge day has taught me how to confort people when they most need it and what to look for if someone is down and they try to hide it.sence challenge day came into my life im more open with my feelings,and im more real.my school just had a challenge day recently and my girlfriend and i were in a fight.it helped us calm down and clear our minds and talk it out.im sooo thankful for this like you have no idea.its inspired me and encouraged me to not settle being the victim in my life anymore and to take control of my life.

  1064. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I volunteered to lead thre programs for a very active Circle of Change. It felt great to support them

  1065. Lynne Kaska says:

    I am making extra special time to spend with my birthmother for Christmas this year. This will be the first Christmas since our reunion.

  1066. Lynne Kaska says:

    I wrapped ALL of our Christmas presents this year to save my mom and my sister time. :) I had a blast doing so.

  1067. Lynne Kaska says:

    David P., witnessed my car accident on Friday Dec. 12. He said that his daughter was in an accident about 6 months ago and no one stopped. He made a promise to himself that no matter what….if he ever witness a car accident, he would stop. Although he was running late to his business meeting, he still stopped for me. Thanks David. You are awesome!!!!!

  1068. Ryan D. Briggs says:

    challege day was so amazing.can’t wait for next year’s challenge day.made new friends and became a better friend.i told most of my friend that didn’t do it so they would try it next time around. =]

  1069. Courtney Conklin says:

    On December 16th, 2008, I was apart of challenge day at Fisher Middle School. Ill admit, when we first walked in, and everyone was cheering and jumping, i thought it was going to be something stupid and something just to get us out of class. In the beginning, we played games and everyone was just crazy but then when it came to breaking into groups and talking about our past, i felt i little weird. then once it came to that line. The first couple catergories weren’t that bad but once they got pretty serious, the tears began to flow. I witnessed so many people crying that i never would have been able to imagine. I never thought so many people around me had gone through just as much as me, and maybe even more. I hugged people and comforted people that ive never even talked to before. And i have to say thank you. Thank you for coming to our school and putting us through this new experience. When i do look back on my life, this is one moment i know im always going to remember. Challenge Day changed my life completely and changed how my outlook on everything and everyone around me. I hope this has effected everyone thats ever been through it because it is definitely something miraculous.

    Love always,
    Courtney from the 8th grade at Fisher Middle School.

  1070. Darlene Doskoch says:

    Last Friday I was in the Drive Thru line at Tim Hortons, getting a tea. I was thinking about different acts of kindness that I could do, and being as it is getting close to Christmas, I thought I would buy a gift card and give it to the car behind me. Well, as it turned out I think the cashier at the drive thru line was more exicted! I handed him back the gift card and the Pay it forward card and explained what I wanted him to do, (give the gift card and the pay if forward card to the car behind me), he got so excited about what I was doing and asked me how it worked and thought it was very “cool”. He was thrilled that he was going to get to be a part of this movement! I have no idea how the card behind me felt, I am hoping that they enjoyed my little gift as much as I enjoyed giving it. My gift was seeing the cashier get as excited as me in doing these acts of change!

  1071. Natalie Puljiz says:

    The other night, my friend wanted me to come to her house and meet a potential roommate, so I did. She said that I could use her computer to do some work that I needed to get done. As the night progressed the potential roommate didn’t show. She asked me to go to dinner with her which I declined because eating out isn’t in my budget, so she offered to pay for my dinner. We went to get some dinner at a Mexican place up the road, so good, and after paying for everything, we forgot that we didn’t get our other friend her burrito. We looked at the clerk with concerned faces because it was closing time. We asked if they had a BCR back there… while they were putting together our burrito we had a really great conversation with the lady at the counter. She ended up giving us the burrito for free. Look, one act of change leads to many more.

  1072. Kimberly sue St.John/Kelm says:

    I called Mine and Yvonnies mother to day just to tell her how wounderful she is for taking such great care of our father and that I will always be here for her. I send prayers to my my sister Bonnie,Richy Dray , Loli, Rock, Natily and the rest of my family at challengeday!!!I love you all…KimSue : )

  1073. Nadia :-) says:

    baked 6 of my special ” Indo, German, Hawaiian, Brazilian coconut FLAN & delivered ( with a pay forward card) to dear unsuspecting friends. YUMMY :-)
    Nadia :-)

  1074. Carmen says:

    Since attending my third challenge day, I have written cards to some of my “family” members and intend to write to each one yet. I also pledged to write a card/note to someone special in my life at least once a week! It makes me feel better at the same time – yay!!

  1075. Spalding says:

    The other day I had the best day! Everywhere I went I was positive and loving my life! I had great conversations with store clerks, and I even made some grumpy ones smile. That’s the BEST! I came home so grateful and feeling my blessings 100%. And knowing that I didn’t keep it all to myself, but rather shared it with everyone I ran across made it even “more better.”

  1076. Spalding says:

    Friday I stopped by a construction site down the street that I drive by every day. All the neighbors have really appreciated how they have kept the site so clean and organized and created very little traffic disruption. I told the guys locking up what a great job they’ve been doing, and that I want to tell the boss how grateful we are. They were so excited that they ran after me to give me a company card. Today I spoke to the president of the company to pass all of this along, and he was so delighted and said that I made his day! I wrote a letter to the company saying all of this (so they’d have it “in writing”!), and wrote a side note telling the president about the Be the Change movement. I told him that this act of change was really EASY for me and I was excited that he said it made his day. I sent him a Pay It Forward card and told him to check out our website!

  1077. Eric Heilbronner says:

    Volunteered for Challenge Day at Dewey Academy in Oakland! Amazing, inspiring, and humbling experience today.
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
    It was an honor to hold space for the students today, hear their hearts speak, and see them come together :)

  1078. Joan says:

    When I first saw the Challenge Day episode on Oprah I was very moved by the experience emotionally even if it was through the television. Despite being out of high school for almost nine years, I may suggest we have our own Challenge Day at our 10 year reunion.

  1079. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I “adopted” a needy child from a shelter for Christmas and went to Toys R’ Us to buy some toys from their wishlist.

  1080. miss gina says:

    on december 10th i was prevlioused to attend challenge day in upperlake calif. it was the most reward
    ingexperience an adult or child could possible have i loved it it was an emotional roller coaster all day
    day i would do it again in a heartbeat i highly recommend you to check it out

  1081. Katelyn says:

    I went to Challenge Day yesterday at Warwick Vets and it was one of the best days of my life. Pam, Vinny, you guys are so inspiring and you truly moved me. I wasn’t happy with who i was or who i was going to be, but now i am because of Challenge Day. It opened my eyes to see that every person deserves a chance and no one deserves to be judged. I did so many things I was afriad of at Challenge Day, I hugged a person I’ve never talked to, I sat on my teacher’s lap! I can barley put in words how much power I feel and how much I want to do now. Challenge Day saved me. Thank you so much, I will remember it for as long as I live.

  1082. Darlene Doskoch says:

    Yesterday I printed out a huge amount of the Be The Change Movement Cards and put them in all of our staffs mail slots. I then sent around an email letting them all know what the cards were and what I asked them to do. Already, our staff is giving them out to their friends and other staff members, once they complete an act of change. I had one co-worker come up to me and tell me that she got one in her mail slot from another co-worker, just letting her know how much she was admired. Very cool. In addition, I talked to a complete stranger in the grocery store line yesterday and ended up giving her a card. I explained what they were for and the message behind them. She was very moved and then she shocked me by asking me if I would give her a hug. Well of course I did! You should have seen the faces of everyone else in the line. It was awesome. The cashier asked me for one as well! Isn’t it wonderful to see acts of change all across the world!

  1083. michelle says:

    challege day was so amazing. i wish they can have it agian in a few months. i go to warwick vets memorial high shool, vinnie, pam u guys are amazing. thank you. much love.

  1084. Debbie Rivera-Collins says:

    Yesterday I attended Challenge Day at Upper Lake High School. Wow! I feel blessed to have been part of it and grateful to have witnessed the amazing changes that took place. It was a day filled with laughter and tears, but most important it was a day filled with hope, kindness and compassion. It was day filled with love and everyone in that room became aware of one very important thing; that we are all connected equally and are more alike than we are different. It was a beautiful day that gave me reason to hope again when everything in the world feels so hopeless and the best part is that our kids, our future, really understand that now. I am so proud of everyone who attended and took part, even those that had a difficult time are sure to take all the love that filled that room and put it in their hearts. They too now know that the future is so bright we gotta wear shades. They too now know that they are never alone in this long and difficult journey called life. Thank you for all you do and a special shout out to Auntie Nola and Randy for being the most positive, loving and awesome facilitators and being vulnerable enough to share their stories.

    My love to you all,
    Debbie Rivera-Collins

  1085. Maria says:

    Challenge Day was a beautiful, amazing experience. I stepped into it shaking out of fear that I could not do the challenge, which was to open up and share who I am to complete strangers. I proved that fear wrong by just making the choice to be a part of it. I walked out of challenge day with more love and appreciation for myself and life. I want to help others as much as I can!

  1086. Karissa Ginaitt says:

    I also forgot to say that Challenge Day was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE !

  1087. Karissa Ginaitt says:

    Today I had Challenge Day come to my school in Warwick, RI USA. It was a lifechanging experience for me. Me and my old worst enemy are now friends! Isnt that crazy. Vinny and Pam were the head of Challenge Day Today. And i would like to thank them with my whole heart thank you so much. I Love You! And I will start being nicer to people starting today. This has changed my life. Thanks so much!

    Karissa Ginaitt
    Warwick, RI 02889

  1088. Anonymous says:

    Today I simply smiled at someone because I’ve learned that one smile can save a persons life.

  1089. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    My mom and I sat down and talked about all things we want to do together. The first two:
    1. Look each other in the eyes for one uninterrupted minute every night.
    2. Start reading a book out loud together for 15 minutes every night like we did when I was little. What a great way to let my inner child out to play!

  1090. Julia Franchy says:

    i participated in challenge day today at my school, and i have got to say that it was one of the best days of my life. it was a fantastic experience, and i wish i didn’t have to wait until next year to do it again. i loved everything we did and got to say, and i felt comfortable talking about me and “lowing my water level” which really surprised me because i have always had trouble with that stuff. i was so proud of myself and everyone else there, it was something that i will always remember, but never be able to fully explain! i would like to thank everyone who made it possible, and who was there with me today. i would also love to thank the girl i got the apology from today, because you had hurt me a lot over the years, and although it stopped bugging me years ago, you still hurt me, and it was a really great thing to hear you apologize today, so thank you. i really hope all of the thank yous and apologies given today were sincere b/c they meant a lot to a lot of people.

  1091. Mrs Scibienski says:

    I left a packet of hot cocoa on my co-worker’s desk because I know she loves it!

    Go CMS Be the Change! The Change is GOOD!

  1092. Melanie Pressley says:

    Today I went to a Challenge Day for the 3 time this year. I had made a appriciation speach to someone who help make me the person I am today. I aslo challenged my high school fellow student to do the same because it means alot to people mor than we think. I felt really good today because of Challenge Day.

  1093. Stephanie trout says:

    Hi my name is stephanie and i go to lowerlake highschool and my act of change is that when i walked
    out of that room i had resepct for other people and i made new friends even though i was to afriad before
    Iam here to thank each and evryone of you cause this day today has been the greatest day of my life
    and i will be the change i wish to see in this worls sicereley always stephanie trout

  1094. Natalie Puljiz says:

    Today Andraya, my best friend and co-worker did all of the dishes in the Challenge Day kitchen sink. She hates doing them and she did them so I wouldn’t have to (cuz I usually do them :) )
    Thanks so much Draya… you are the best in the world!

  1095. Rachel Bacon says:

    Oops I forgot to tell you what act of of change I did today. I came to my work place where no one hugs and hugged everyone I came into contact with this morning. A couple of people even said that it made their day!

  1096. Rachel Bacon says:

    WOW what a life changing experience that had this weekend. I miss all of you already. I never understood how difficult it would be to come back to the real world after this but it has been quite a shock. But I just keep repeating to myself, “BE the Change, Be the change, Be the change.” Love and miss all of my friends from Challenge Day Dec. 5, 6 & 7.

  1097. katie boyle says:

    I have jumped up and helped people when they needed some one to be there

  1098. Tara-Lynn says:

    Challenge Day was simply the best day of my life. I went in there thinking oh man what did I get my self in to I dont wanna be here. I changed my opinion real quick. I didnt know why I was sad they helped me figure out what really botherd me and helped me open up to peole and see that I am not the only one has the same problems as me. Thank you Chriss and katie.

  1099. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    It’s the first day of Next Step in Oregon and took the opportunity to once again practice what I preached. I left $5.00 extra to pay for some of the groceries of a couple in line behind me – I left the pay it forward card and both the checker and the couple beamed with appreciation and promised to do the same some time! This stuff works!

  1100. Zach Donaldson says:

    Challengeday was a great experience And i challenged everyone to go meet new friends and basically start over

  1101. jasmine buckley says:

    I have picked up trash to help our planet stay safe for others

  1102. jasmine buckley says:

    I have let people know its ok to be yous self and enjoy life

  1103. Kate Swoboda says:

    I decided to celebrate my birthday by giving back a bit–I made some Courageous Cards, little cards with affirmations on them. They said things like, “You are Enough” and “The World Needs your gifts” and “You give the world more than you think.” I spent 45 minutes passing out these cards during rush hour at the Powell Street BART (I wore a little sign around my neck saying what I was doing). Several people HUGGED me, which was amazing and such a great gesture. Others took their affirmation and then came back and thanked me. Lots of people wished me a happy birthday. Several seemed genuinely touched. It really felt more like a gift to me than to them, because I felt connected to others in the world.

  1104. Kate Swoboda says:

    On my way out of my classroom last night, the janitor smiled big and said good evening. It occurred to me that he does that every week when my class is out at 9:30, and that when he does this, I always feel energized and happy even if I’m really tired. So I went over to him and acknowledged him. We introduced ourselves and it was a great, connected conversation. Then I gave him a cookie leftover from a bevy of cookies a student had brought in!

  1105. Oriana says:

    challenge day really changed my life. in language class, we are writing a “stop the hate” essay, and i included challenge day.
    i had a huge fight with my friend for doing something mean to her (i dont know what), and i was nice to her today.
    i luv you, aunty nola! :)

  1106. BurnTheOil says:

    I just arrived home from a challenge day at my school. it was the best day of my life. so much love, so much support, so much support, so. much. change. i would recomend anyone thinking about booking a challenge day to go for it. its worth it.


  1107. Kate Swoboda says:

    I’ve been looking people in the eye, wherever I go. I notice that when we first make eye contact, their eyes kind of dart away and then they check back to see if I’m still looking. Then I smile. Then they smile. It’s really this nice moment of connection between myself and another human being, and it feels like giving something and receiving something all at the same time, even though it’s just this tiny little thing.

  1108. Steve Olson says:

    I have encouraged my Mom to volunteer as an Adult Facilitator at a Challenge Day in WI. And a friend and I are going to Jersey next month to volunteer for at least one day, maybe two!

  1109. Brian Miller says:

    I coordinated a Challenge Day yesterday and i called each adult facilitator last night to say thank you and how much i appreciated them attending the day.

  1110. CMS Be the Change Club says:

    We are doing many kind acts here at CMS Be The Change Club, espicially during Thanksgiving.
    There are many students that stepped up and became the change.
    Ambika made ThanksGiving cards to her parents.
    Ayushi made Thanksgiving cards for her grandparents and helped make part of her Thanksgiving dinner.
    Alina thanked her mom for being a great mom.
    Jonathan thanked his parents for making a fabulous thanksgiving dinner.
    Mikhaela thanked her mom for buying her wanted items and listening to her.
    By the way,our club’s new slogan is: “Be the Change, The change is good!”

  1111. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I babysat my five year-old brother so my parents could enjoy their date night and not have to hire a babysitter. My parents never go on dates anymore so it was a win win situation… I made my parents happy and they got to spend time together.

  1112. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I went out of my way to make sure I called and celebrated a few people for their birthday’s this week – I knew how good it felt to me and I returned the favor!

  1113. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I went shopping with Yvonne and bought dinner for the entire family!

  1114. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I baby sat my grand son so our kids could clean up their house from a flood – Another win win what can I say?

  1115. Rich says:

    I played Star Wars for hours with my godson – We both had a great time!

  1116. Ruthie says:

    I called my best friend and told her how amazing she is, she was busy and had to go, but I didn’t let the critters come and she called back in an hour saying how much that call had meant to her.

  1117. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    Today my dad, little brother and I went to visit some homebound elders at a nursing home in the city who have no one to spend thanksgiving with. We brought them each a turkey dinner, and the organization that we were working with had some extra dinners so we took two more. We brought the two extras home with us and stopped at People’s Park in Berkeley and gave them to some homeless guys. The smiles on their faces were so big because they were so grateful.

  1118. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    Last night was me and my best friend’s birthday (how rare, right?) and we went out to dinner with this big boquet of balloons in tow. Turns out that there were two younger girls ages four and five also celebrating their birthday’s in the same restaurant, so at the end of the night my friend and I gave each of them a balloon from us. Loved sharing the birthday spirit.

  1119. Austin bowersock says:

    sometimes ive been a bully but ive really changed in that

  1120. Aunty Nola says:

    I said a quick prayer for the stranger inside, as the ambulance passed me on the road.

  1121. Aunty Nola says:

    My Challenge Day family called me and sang me a Happy Birthday song. I love this community!!!

  1122. Aunty Nola says:

    My Act of Change for my family this Thanksgiving is to make Hawaiian Food for them instead of the traditional turkey.
    One of the hardest things to get for our Hawaiian meal is poi. I remembered an Oriental Food store that sometimes has it frozen, which is the next best thing, so after breakfast, I went to the store. I was grateful that it was still there and when I went it, I noticed that their van was unloading food items flown in from Hawaii. And you guessed it, he had 3 bags of FRESH POI, straight off the plane from Hawaii and now all 3 bags are sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to join the Kalua Pork, Raw fish, Chicken Luau, Mac salad, Chicken Long Rice, Lomi lomi salmon and sweet potatoes that wil be part of our Celebration of Gratitude. Wahooo!!! Ummm ummmm good!!!

  1123. Aunty Nola says:

    On a recent trip to Orlando Florida (and being led by God,) I asked a young woman if she would allow me to hold her in my lap for a few minutes. As soon as she sat in my lap she just put her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder and cried and cried. I just rocked her for a few more minutes and told her that in her young life she has to be strong for everyone (Dad in jail, Mom in Hospital, siblings in foster care) and she’s doing an excellent job of dealing with it all… but just for a few minutes, she can just be a little girl again because I’ve got her. She said that she hadn’t been rocked like that since her grandma died, and it really felt safe and loving and she hugged me really tight and said Thank You.

  1124. Aunty Nola says:

    I had breakfast with a girlfriend today. We share the same birthdate and so for her birthday, I wrote her a “What I Love about you letter. She loved it and cried. We spent the rest of the morning listening and loving.

  1125. jasmine buckley says:

    I am sjowing people that its ok to be your self and you don’t have to be someone your not.

  1126. Cheryl Yates says:

    Last week, I delivered a package to a teacher that I am not close to. It was something she had ordered and it had been in the teachers’ room all week. When I delivered it to her, she broke down unexpectedly, saying she was having trouble at home. I offered her a hug, which she accepted. Later that day, she sent me a card and a little gift.

  1127. Cheryl Yates says:

    I have kept really busy at work, volunteering for the Be The Change group, chaperoning the prom and homecoming dances, various other things. Friday at work, my friend and co-worker gave me a thank you card and a cute little gift of paperclips shaped liked the number 1, thanking me for all I do for the students and the school.

  1128. Cheryl Yates says:

    I got my hair done tonight. My stylist is in her 40′s but has health issues. She has been feeling poorly for several days now. When her boyfriend called, I raised my head to the phone and told him he needed to take her to the doctor. Then I asked if she had walked to work. She lives a few blocks away from the salon. I was her last appointment, so insisted in driving her home. She did not argue. In all that, I forgot to pay her, so called and left a message for her at her station.
    I do hope she gets to the doctor, but was glad I could help her in some small way.

  1129. Cheryl says:

    I received a thank you note in the mail today. Never think your acts of kindness are not worthwhile!

    As you know, Amy and I planned to pay the toll for the car behind us. This we did, and he stayed behind us for quite awhile. When he passed us, he waved and smiled. The end, right? Read the below.

    “Ms. —–,

    Imagine my surprise and pleasure when coming up to the toll booth, preparing to pay the $4 toll, and being told my toll was paid by the driver in front of me. Police officers deal with horrendous situations weekly and become hardened and cynical over time. I am no exception to this. I wanted to take the time to tell you that your one seemingly random act of kindness had a distinct mental and emotional impact on me. It is heartening to know that there are people out there like you who do things out of the kindness of their heart just to make someone’s life easier and happier. THANK YOU.

    If you ever drive through Scotts Valley, please give me a call so I can take you to coffee. In the meanwhile, please accept this Starbucks card as a token of my appreciation for your thoughtful and caring gesture. The world needs more people like you.


    John W.”

    Enclosed was his business card, showing he was lieutenant for the Scotts Valley Police, and a Starbucks gift card. Wow, huh? You should have seen how excited I was as I read the note to my husband and son!

    Keep sharing the love. It works!

  1130. Cheryl Yates says:

    Amy and I lead a BE The Change group at our high school, Lower Lake HS in Lake County. The students came up with a logo to represent Peace, Love, and Equality. We have a teacher on staff that silk screens t-shirts. He took the design and now we have t-shirts for the group. Amy and I wore them to Next-Step and since they liked them so much, we are sending Rich and Yvonne one each.

  1131. liu says:

    I made the varsity football team (Fremont HS) dinner after work and took it down to them and served as well. Paid for it and all.

  1132. Elisa says:

    Recently my partner was diagnosed with a recurrence of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The hospital where she’s being treated is always so supportive, to both of us. Wednesday I am taking cookies for all of the doctors, nurses, secretaries in the oncology department to let them know – they are angels on earth.

  1133. Kate Swoboda says:

    I told two new friends about Challenge DAy when they came over for dinner last night…and then showed them the 15 minute Be the Change video! They were so touched. The male friend was crying and Andy did a great “Act of Change” by admitting that he was crying, first to create some safety and get those guys out of that “Be a Man!” box. xoxo Love you guys!

  1134. Nadia says:

    @ the Pleasant Hill Park today my son found a cell phone on the floor. It belonged to a gentlemen that asked my son to play with his son. We did not know him. He had left and had completely forgotten about his cell phone. We waited & waited to see if he would come back. finally I picked up the phone & started calling till we talked the his wife and she said they were new to the area. I got her address and drove to deliver her husband’s cell phone <3 :-)

  1135. Yvonne says:

    It has been a long beautiful week. We finished leading Challenge Days in Lake Tahoe than came home to work on our book. Rich was so tired at one point his head started nodding as his eyes closed, falling asleep sitting up. I pulled him on my lap and rubbed his back and told him all the things I loved about him. I am so lucky to be his wife.

  1136. Rich says:

    I paid the toll of the unsuspecting car behind me on the bridge and left a Be the Change Pay it Forward card which inspired the toll taker as well

  1137. RubiM says:

    I just want to say thank you to Aunty Nola and Vinny for coming to Fairmont. It has changed my life and is slowly changing the school. I have not been as judgemental since Challenge Day. I am being nicer to people. The shocking thing is that the person I thought was the annoying jock is one of the coolest people I have ever met. THANKYOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1138. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I picked up a bag of spilled groceries for a woman holding a baby

  1139. shaina aquino says:

    challenge day was very inspiring and memorable.I will never forget what you guys did that helped me soo much.I saw at school today that kids were actually changing a little bit. Thank you!!

  1140. Mandy says:

    I bought a gift card for $5 and had the cashier give it to the person behind me anonymously along with a pay it forward card.

  1141. bethechange says:

    After going though challenge day I learned a lot more about people then they were showing. For once I was happy to see that people were finally letting everything go and feeling better. I think it’s better to be yourself because people know more of who you are and they respect you more. I thank challenge day for letting me see the other side of people.

  1142. Stephanie Lane says:

    My godson has to have a heart transplant and he is only 5months old. And since my best friend has been at the hospital every single moment,and has been eating SO much fastfood, Im going to go and spend a few hours at the hospital with my godson so she can go to her familys house for Thanksgiving for some real food!

  1143. Anonymous says:

    I e-mailed friends asking them to donate blood @ the blood drive @ NAIA GELATERIA in WALNUT CREEK this coming Sat the 22nd.
    ONE PINCH of BLOOD = 1 PINCH of GELATO. I also shared this idea with COCO’S SWRILL in Pleasant hill and turns out the honor loved the idea (he also donates blood every 3months and saves 3 lives every time he donates) :-) So what about you ?!

  1144. Steve Olson says:

    I said thank you to, (and hugged!) my boss today.

  1145. Mariah Watkins says:

    i was at the mall at foot locker and this lady with a baby were walking through and they dropped the baies bottle the baby started crying a little bit and she couldnt find the bottle and i picked it up and gave the bottle to them and they said thank you

  1146. Emily says:

    I found a pair of car keys out side El Zarape when I went to eat there. I took them into a
    worker at the restruant and they said, ” Thank you, a guy said he lost some yesterday.” When I got
    done eating I asked the worker if they found the owner and he said, “Yes.”

  1147. DeAndra Anderson says:

    My friends were getting in a fight and I helped them come to a resolution!

  1148. Alesha Owens says:

    my dad gave me 20 dallers for keeping my room clean and at the end of the day i earned money for

    baby sitting so i gave the money back to my dad

  1149. Eric Mckissick says:

    I am going to start stoping the fights that go on at school and out in public.

  1150. dawn taylor says:

    My name is Arie and I cleaned my teacher’s desk for him and left a Pay it Forward card for him!

  1151. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I found a organizer with someone’s credit cards and cash – I turned it in to the hotel office in Tahoe – I sure I made someones’s day

  1152. Spalding Ashley says:

    I bought my son a gingerbread house kit and kept him company while he put it together! It was a warm-up for when his aunt comes over to show him how to make a “real” one!

  1153. Kinsey Stuart says:

    Challenge Day was probably one of the best, if not the best, day of my life. I learned so much about all of my friends and even people I don’t know. Friendships were repaired and strengthened. I’m so glad that Challenge Day came to my school. I never thought it would actually work, but now everyone wears their shirts, we have a club (which I am proud to be a part of), and people are giving hugs left and right. Thank you so much Challenge day team. Hugs!

  1154. sammie says:

    i made an effort to help stop people who bully

  1155. sammie says:

    Challenge Day was so Amazing. I loved it. It was just so amazing to see how many of my friends go through rough times to. My mom died when i was 9 i didnt know any of my friends mom have died but i found out so know i can be a help. i love and care for everyone now. I say hi to people all the time and most of all i come out of my COMFORT ZONE how awesome is that.

  1156. Mark Hansen says:

    I usually like to get off the phone and end my conversations with my father as quickly as possible to deny him of his nagging or save myself of the chance the conversation might turn ackward. When I started to actually listen, his nagging turned into what I heard as a father conserned for his son’s well being and an attempt to being included into my life. So I let him in, we started talking, it was a long time since we talked for over 20 minutes! And it felt great to let him give me his gift of carring.

  1157. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday at work the District Mangaer was at our store and the tension with my co-workers was really high since our Store Mangaer just got fired and everyone was feeling like they were next… There’s this one sale’s associate who feels like she is in direct competition against me in sales that said she was having a hard time catching her breath. I talked and breathed with her until her panic attack passed. I remeber how embarrassed I had been from panic attacks, so I shared some of my experiences with her of my past panic attacks. She thanked me, and we continued working… She was much nicer to me for the rest of that day then she ever had been before.

  1158. Randy Fortes says:

    Today while getting gas a man asked me for money. I gave him a 20 and he looked at me in disbelief. Then he said ” you are going to be blessed”. For the rest of the day I thought to myself all the ways I already am. I figure we reminded eachother….

  1159. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I went out of my way to spend special time with my god kids! It was a great adventure!

  1160. shayla says:

    challenge day i can say made a positive infulence in my life. I learned so much.
    thank you

  1161. Anonymous says:

    My boss got fired yesterday. He has a girlfreind, who he is madly in love with and is expecting his first child with her in less than a month. I called him on my lunch break. Before I had time to speak, he was already appologizing to me about how sorry he was thta he couldn’t be there to finish my training, to help and watch me become a great sucess at work and that he had faith that I still will even with out him, but he was still so sorry that he couldn’t be there for me now. I remember how I felt when I got fired, and told him something like “I’ve never told you this before but I was meant to met you and you’ve done far more than just train me at this new job, but you have inspired me by being the man that you are. Your courage to love your girlfreind as much as you do, and by just being around and allowing me to witness your love for her has inspired me in ways that I cannot describe. You are a huge man, with a huge heart. You are still that man even if you are no longer my boss, you are not any less of a man just because you got fired.” He cried on the other side of the phone and said “Thank you so much, that means so much to me.”

  1162. Sintia Jiemenez says:

    I collected money for Hoops for Heart, I earned $55

  1163. Anonymous says:

    i saw someone in the hall being bullied so i haelped them she was very happy and she gave me a hug
    and walked way

  1164. Alex Perez says:

    BE THE CHANGE”:) Today we played a game called “Guess Who?” You put a blank peice paper on each
    person’s back then you write a nice thing on each of their backs. LMS BE THE CHANGE ROCKS!!!!

  1165. LUPITA ARREOLA says:

    i helped clean an elderly neighbors yard

  1166. Alex Perez says:

    BE THE CHANGE”:) Today we played a game called “Guess Who?” YUo put a balnk peice paper on each
    person’s back then you write a nice thing on each of their backs. LMS BE THE CHANGE ROCKS!!!! :)

  1167. Miss J says:

    Today my students each had a paper taped to their back. They went around the room and wrote a positive comment on everyone’s paper! They came up with some great messages. My favorite was “You have a beautiful soul!” Good job LMS 5th grade!

  1168. maria fg says:

    one time i was walking down the hallway and i saw someone being bulled. i went over there and asked
    what was going on and they said that they were going to beat she or he up. i asked what she did and
    they said that she had done nothing ,and i said why

  1169. rashel vanatta says:

    i cut 18 inches off of my hair and sent it to locks of love AND MADE THEM WIGS.

  1170. Sintia Jimenez says:

    I earned “prizes” for being the change:->

  1171. Claudia says:

    Please stop bullying at school! If I see someone bullying, I’m going to tell them to stop!

  1172. Ashley Cole says:

    My friends fight a lot at lunch and I’m going to start telling them to stop fighting and think of nice things to say.

  1173. Rashel Vanatta says:

    I wrote nice stuff on other peeps back in the classroom and they wrote nice stuff back. :) :):):):):):):):)::):):):)

  1174. Jenna Fontenot says:

    I have wrote complements about people today!!!!!!!!!!

  1175. Elizabeth "Liz" says:

    I don’t know if my act of change is really relevant to another person but it is to me. My mother’s brother is in town. For a long time til probably this moment i feel he could really careless for me. I also feel that we have no connection whatsoever except in blood. I can remember a time when i admired him and was glad to have an uncle. Then there was a fallout and it seems since then that there is no uncle in him for me. Well i still feel that BUT, i could hear my aunty Nola in my heart. so, he is here in hawaii visiting and I went to go see him. Now here on this island 30-40 miles is far. Anyway i went out to the other side of the island to say hi. Exactly what i thought would happen, he said hi, i said hi, he asked how i was and vice versa then we said bye. All of 3 mins. Now here is the change….. before i would never go. I would think why go there? he doesn’t care? He talks to the other cousins more… yada yada just downing myself. Not this time no downing on Elizabeth. I went and for 3 mins it was ok. Nothing extravagant just ok. I am good with ok. I was the change for me. Something that is sometimes harder than making a change in someone elses life. I hope the minutes get longer next time.

  1176. Spalding Ashley says:

    We started a Be the Change Club at my son’s school today!

  1177. Spalding Ashley says:

    I was feeling really tired and a little down today, so I bought myself some flowers! When I got home, I realized that my bright yellow, happy daisies had sparkles on them – BONUS!

  1178. Steve Olson says:

    I saw a word war on the doors at work today, one person’s door said “Fat” under the name. The other said “Stupid”. When nobody was around I crossed them both out and re-wrote them to say,”Perfect” and “Brilliant”.

  1179. April Welch says:

    I just gor home from the Be the Change workshop and I gave my parents the card I wrote for them at the workshop and I bouhgt my mother flowers. I have never been close with my parents or told them how much I appreciate them and love them and I finally DID IT!!!!!! And I FEEL FABULOUS ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Yvonne, Rich and everyone at the workshop in Concord.

  1180. Mark Hansen says:

    Rich, you deserve your birthday wish. 5000 Acts of Change blogged on this page, comming right up! ARE YOU READY?!! GET READY!!! Because here they come!!!

  1181. Kate Swoboda says:

    I was standing in line to get dinner, and struck up a conversation with the woman in line behind me. I offered to buy her dinner. She was completely surprised, flabbergasted–and thankful. She didn’t quite know what to say. I paid and we stood chatting, waiting for our food. Then she said, “You know, it’s kind of amazing that I would be standing in line behind you tonight. You see, I’m gay and my partner and I got married a few months ago. We’ve been pretty heartbroken and sort of ‘down on’ humanity since Proposition 8 was passed. I don’t understand why there would be so much hatred in the world; that people would hate me just for being gay.” We talked for awhile longer. I felt convinced that it was no accident (there are no accidents!) that I would be standing in line next to someone who needed that little reminder that there are people in the world who are about love, love, love.

  1182. Thomas Y says:

    Challenge Day is awesome, ^__^!

    These guys come to my high school just about every year, and it was awesome. I wish I was still in high school. HPHS, Class of ’08

    Keep it real people, ^__^! Be down with the real you and always show respect, =)!!

  1183. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    When my two best friends and I went out to dinner last night, we wrote a note to our waiter saying how he was so accomodating,and just appreciated what he does on a daily basis. Right before we left, we tucked the note in with our tip.

  1184. Samantha says:

    hey guys ! to whoever reads this, I am a senior in a school in Long Island, NY. we have a class called “Lead” and it is basically a class full of leaders and people who are willing to change something in society for the better. we tackle important issues through doing skits, and today we were brainstorming, and we LOVED the idea of Challenge Day. We are thinking of putting it in our own perspective to change it up a bit, but we really think it is going to be ground breaking. I just am typing away because I think it’s amazing you guys are stepping up in the world. We need people like you<3

  1185. Elizabeth "Liz" says:

    So many wonderful changes here is a few….. I live in a home with my sister and parents. We are all adults and we have assigned chore days. Normally i get upset when i have to pick up the slack. Well, i did dishes without being asked on a day that was not mine…. I have this neighbor who i really did not like, or so i thought. Well, long story short we were both waiting downstairs at the apartment building for our rides, she asked me how my daughter was. I said fine. Like i said i at the time did not like her. Anyhow, i for some reason smiled at her and decided to continue the conversation. 10 mins. later we were laughing. In 10 Mins I made a person i thought was a “Meanie” a friend. I say hi to her everytime we run into each other.

  1186. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I intentionally stopped looked my wife in the eyes and told her how much I love her and how incrediably beautiful I think she is.

  1187. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I played tag with my GodSon even though I really didn’t have time

  1188. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I took my daughter to dinner and just listened and loved

  1189. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I collected toilet paper and paper towel rolls for a co-workers daughter who was building log cabins at school

  1190. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I made an extra effort to stop and really listen to co-workers

  1191. Rich says:

    I smiled and acknowledged everyone I passed for a full day – It felt great!

  1192. Rich says:

    Today I picked up glass that was dangerously close to a nother persons tire

  1193. Elisabeth Wilder says:

    I have had the blessing of being a part of the Challenge Day Community for almost 10 years now. I was inspired by my first Challenge Day, and then I went to my first Next Step Training and I realized that my passion in life was to improve the world for young people. The last ten years have been bumpy but the passion I found in Challenge Day stays with me. I recently had a complete stranger, a 16 year old girl, find me on Facebook when I asked her if I knew her she said, “No, but I saw you in the Challenge Day group so I knew you gad to be great!” I had forgotten the influence and affect that Challenge Day can have on your life. Challenge Day truly was the first Community that I ever found that I fit into perfectly.

    R&Y, thank you for your passion, love, dedication, and support over the years.

    To My Challenge Day Community…thank you for showing a 14 year old girl at the time what her passion in life would be. I have been working with kids ever since, and am currently getting ready to get my Masters in Education.

    Much love to all~Iz~

  1194. Kimberly Sue says:

    Today my sister Yvonne(bonnie) sent me a email thanking me for making sure that our Mother finished some very inportant papers that hade to get done. Thank you Bonnie that made me feel very supported. This weekend my husband James and I are taking our oldest granddaughter so to give her mother a break. Thank you again Yvonne and we love and miss you bunches!!!!Kim and James..Hi Rich we love you too!!!!!!!!!!

  1195. Merisa-Kaa'e says:

    I brought my freind over to use my washer and dryer.

  1196. Nadia says:

    You know when it is around 5:30 pm and you loading your groceries in your car and that same homeless person comes to ask you for $$$ ? We are always in choice. Being busy and getting on with our lives or stopping taking the time to do an act of kindness. That’s just what I did today. I took him to the Burger king just in front of the Safeway I was shopping & treated him (whatever he wanted). He had that kid @ a Candie store look… He might be 50, 55. I left him and he said : ” God bless you ” To what I answered: ” He just did “. :-)

  1197. Melissa K says:

    Challenge day was a great experienced. I was able to tell my peers and my teachers about how hard my life is. I was able to let everything out because i hold in everything. I absolutely loved challenge day. It was an awesome experience and it challenged me to make changes around my school. Ken and Jay Jay were awesome.

  1198. Ashley says:

    I learned so much from Katie and Randy they made me think long and hard about some of the things i have done and the things i want to do. I think every teenager should experince this program. I never new what students my age have gone through and have to go through every day. I will take this with me the rest of my life and i thank god that i am healty and have time to change the person i have been and be the young lady i want to be. Thank you so much katie and randy and all of the team that take there time and go school to school and do this.

    Love, Peace, & Happiness to everyone all around the world.

    Mott High School
    waterford, Michigan

  1199. Diana says:

    I took my first ever “mental health day” off from work. I slept, read the Bible, read a book, and made some over due doctor appointments. Now I can go back to serving the children I love.

  1200. liu says:

    After my moms birthday party my BIG BRO and my BIL. washed ALL the dishes and cleaned the kitchen! It was a party for over 100 people. :0)

  1201. liu says:

    My cousin is struggling and trying to get back on her feet and she needed a place for her son to live. So my husband and I offered to house him so he didn’t have to transfer schools. YUP he lives with me now.

  1202. liu says:

    My baby brother GEE bought dinner for a homeless guy who was asking for a dollar to get him something to eat. Instead of my baby bro. giving him just the dollar he actually took the guy to the taco truck and bought him how ever many he wanted. WHAT AN AWESOME BABY BRO.!!!

  1203. Rodrigo says:

    I was on my bicycle on roadway when my back rack disconnected, spilling out my backpack and the bag I carry my rainsuit in. The stuff fell to the side of the road, away from traffic, but still the car behind me slowed down to a stop, stopping traffic behind him so that I could safely I retrieved my things. As I finished, cars stated to slowly go and another one slowed down. The driver leaned over and said, “I think there’s something else back there.” I checked and there wasn’t, but I am thankful for him beind kind. Dear drivers, I don’t know you, but thank you!

  1204. CMS Be The Change Club says:

    We are doing many kind acts here at CMS Be The Change Club.
    We are celebrating Mix It Up Day this Thursday, November 13th.
    Ambika held the door for 4 members of the staff and read stories to preschoolers.
    Rashika helped a student peer edit their work.
    Alina comforted an upset classmate.
    Kaivalya helped someone pick up their books.
    Mrs.Scibienski picked up trash that she saw.
    Kristal spread the word about Be The Change and made sure her friends did the daily challenges.

  1205. Mallory says:

    This experience has taught me that life throws many problems at you just to see how you can overcome them. When people of many different situations come together and help eachother and just sit and listen, someones life can be changed. Today, i changed into a more understanding and non-judgemental person. I know i can be who i want to be and not have to please everyone else. I learned that expressing feelings need to be a part in each of our lives and that there is always someone who will listen to your story. Thank you challenge day team, thank you.

  1206. Christine Klaassen-St Pierre says:

    In my Challenge Day follow-up class my students write in their learning journals at the end of class. One young boy wrote that he had cold feet and needed new shoes. Nothing fancy. I realized how blessed I was to live a life where my kids always have warm feet, so I went shopping and bought shoes for my student.

  1207. Natalie Puljiz says:

    I have bought lunch for a few of my co-workers more than once this past week.
    I paid for someone’s toll on the bay brige twice and I got my step-mom a gift for no reason. She really liked it.

    Then because I work on the weekends at night I often have to find a place to sleep thats not too far from my work because I get off so late. Well there have been 3 people who are making me keys to their house so I can crash on their couch or guest bedroom if I need to. I think that that’s the nicest thing EVER.

  1208. Nadia says:

    Donated a lot of beautiful clothes from Brazil. Yes ! I am 43 and it is time to dress accordingly. Making room for the new me and the NEW in my life :-)

  1209. Nadia says:

    After my surgery on Thursday I had to drive to a pharmacy to get prescribed meds. It was rush hour & I was a little tired and driving fast (not a good combination). I “cut” another driver on the traffic light(I really did not see him). It turns out that he was also going to the same pharmacy. I apologized to him & gave him my place in line even though I was in pain. :-)

  1210. nick r says:

    challenge day at VMS ROCKS!!!!

  1211. Nicole says:

    I saw someone being bullied in the hallway and stood up for that person. They thanked me with a hug and said I was a great person. It felt awesome! (:

  1212. Nicole says:

    I saw that someone in my class was struggling with the assignment the teacher had given. I asked him if he’d like me to help him, in the end he said I was a really great person and friend, its felt really good! (:

  1213. vicki! says:

    i let someone go before me at the grocery store – she was really grateful.

  1214. Nadia says:

    To You SHIANELE from England… The best of luck and support. We start a journey taking one step… you Just did it !
    Connect with the Challenge Day office and ask for ideas in how to bring your dream to fruition.
    Nadia from Brazil, living 15 minutes from the Challenge Day office aka ” HUG CENTER ” :-)

  1215. Cassie says:

    I just got back from school where Challenge Day was held. It really made me realize how much people can hurt, and no matter how ‘popular’ or ‘cool’ they are, deep down inside they could be hurting very badly. During challenge day, I let out all of my feelings, and cried very much. It’s ok to cry though. There are times when you’re NOT able to cry, which holds in it, and can hurt you emotionally and physically. We spent a quanity of time in family groups. Groups of 5 or 6. We then each shared each emotion and feeling amongst our group. But Challenge Day is not all about crying and sadness. It’s also fun. We played games and got to know the people we normally don’t talk to, which is a really great feeling. There was alot of hugging, and as for me, hugging is not a daily thing, so this sort of felt akward at first, but later, i got so used to it i almost want to hug my friends whenever i see them. Challenge Day is a great experience, and i can tell you right now that it has already made the change.

  1216. susan says:

    Two challenge days back to back was an awesome thing. I spent so much of the first one crying and left with a terrific headache. Yeah not enough water. for me the tears began with Aunty Nola’s talk about her life. and they hardly stopped all day. I made the decision to change my habit of talking badly about people I don’t agree with when my friend stood up and spoke at the second day and made his decision to come clean with his sister after 40 yrs. It hurts knowing how long she went without her brother’s love. He is a great guy and I learned so much about him. He is a good listener and a great friend. Thank you Aunty Nola, Sean, Jon and Chris and of course Amanda and Cathy the two school contacts for allowing us to serve the youth as adult facilitators… I do think we learned as much if not more than the youth. BE THE CHANGE…hey guys are we ready to play another GAME?
    You guys ROCK! Aloha Aunty Nola. thank you

  1217. CMS Be The Change Club says:

    We are doing many kind acts here at CMS Be The Change Club.
    We are celebrating Mix It Up Day on November 13th.
    Ayushi held doors for people out of the act of kindness, not for recognition.
    Priyanka held doors for several people, helped her friend with her homework, and talked to her friend’s teacher because her friend was shy.
    Mikhaela said thank you to her bus driver, said nice things to people in between classes, gave random people high-fives, and held doors for people.
    Ambika held a door for an elderly lady, nine children, and an elevator door for an elderly man.
    Ciara helped pick up someone’s books when they dropped them.
    Julia held the door for someone with a walker and helped make PB&J sandwiches for kids.
    Alina held doors, and helped a teacher get up that had slipped on a puddle.
    Rashika held a door for someone who was carrying a lot of boxes and helped her friend carry her books.
    Ebria heald doors for peple at the fire drill and said thank you to her bus driver,helped peple pick up there books.
    Shiv held doors for kids during fire drill.
    Jonathan held doors for lots of people.

  1218. Shianele A says:

    I’m from England, and in the UK, unfortunately there are no Challenge Days like in America, so I am willing to talk to my teachers about it, and hopefully be the first School in our county or, even better, the country to do something like this. Being inspired by Oprah’s show on Challenge Day made me think that if it worked in Monroe High School, and so many others, then why wouldn’t it work for my school?

    So soon I’m hoping that our school does make a change.
    Wish me Luck! :)

  1219. Aunty Nola says:

    I voted!!! Yeah!!

  1220. Aunty Nola says:

    I am so proud of my niece Elizabeth (Liz) from Hawaii and for her Act of Change. Huuuiiii!!! Aloha!!
    My cheeks are hurting ’cause I am smiling so BIG!!! I love you all.
    Blessings on everyone who are creating Acts of Change and especially on those who take the time to share it here with others.
    Aunty Nola

  1221. Dennis Cornell says:

    At the middle school in Yoder, WY on 31 October Jon gave me the microphone and I told the kids that 40 years ago I had a fight with my middle sister and have not talked with her since. I found out a couple days earlier that she was in the hospital in Illinois with a problem with her heart and had a 50-50 chance of making it out alive. I told them that I was going to call and make things right between us which I did on the following day. She accepted and told me that when I had my motorcycle accident in Arizona that she was with me in the operating room watching the surgery and that when I came out of recovery the first thing I asked my father was “Where was my sister, Pat”? He said she was not here but when he called her in IL. she told him that she was there watching me in spirit. That was spooky. I am glad I did this and my Commander of the Squadron has also said that she will treat the Wing Commander with more respect from now on and will ask our cadets to do the same. We are changed people now. Still with our baloons but working on deflating them and coming out of the box a little more often. Thanks to Chris and Jon.

  1222. Tamia G says:

    My aunty lost her car keys and I found them and put them in her purse with a Pay it Forward Card!

  1223. Tamia G says:

    My school counselor gave me Pay it Forward cards and challenged me to do random acts of kindness. I helped my next door neighbor fix her bed and left her a Pay it Forward card on it. When she went to lay down in her bed she said “it feels so much better!” and found her Pay it Forward card. I felt happy for helping my neighbor.

  1224. Nadia says:

    Elizabeth “Liz” from Hawaii, you made me cry with hope & Joy.
    Take care care
    spread ALOHA :-)

  1225. Rodrigo says:

    I gave my comfy seat at a coffe shop to an older woman so she could be comfortable. It made me feel GREAT!

  1226. Mike Morhardt says:

    We started a Be the Change Team at the high school where I teach. We showed the video from the website and got over 120 students signed up to come to the first meeting!! I can’t wait to get started! We have been spreading the word and now it is time for ACTION!

  1227. Elizabeth "Liz" says:

    Aloha, I am from Oahu, Hawaii. I had attended a challenge day with my ohana. It was really nice and to me started an awakening that took some time to blossom. It planted a seed. If you thought you knew who i was i was a troubled child. But if you really knew me, today I want to step outside the box even though i may get lazy. I believe in a higher power(hp) greater than myself and with my new seed blossoming and my hp this is my act of change: Here in Hawaii the weather has been really junk so on Mon oct. 20th, I bought a nice DC jacket, i recently gave my niece my old one when she came to visit in July, on Sat. oct 25th i went out in the rain to get some things for my nephew. His birthday party was that afternoon. Any way there was a homeless man in chinatown who was getting poured on, i noticed him. I then heard something inside to give my jacket to him. Now at the time i was like “your kidding right.” However the more i looked at the guy i seen he must be in his late 20′s, too young to be homeless right. Then i remembered my seed growing in me… i had a choice. So what did i choose i chose to give this man my new jacket. I have others at home. I have a home. These thoughts raced. I acted… I gave him my jacket. At first the man would not accepted it, i insisted. He finally took it and i made my way home. I was cold and wet but warm inside. I noticed, chose and acted. Yes, i was hard and i was at first like your joking but i stepped out of the box and remembered an act of kindness can really help someone in a way you may not understand. I have not seen that man since. I am back to wearing my old walmart blue sweater jacket. I am warm today in it. And i hope he is warm in his jacket.

  1228. Michael McGee says:

    for the past couple of week i have hung out with diffrent people and when my friends start to make fun of some one i tell them to please stop saying stuff like that and then i go say hi to the person that they were making fun of

  1229. Lael says:

    I am going to one of the teachers that organize the events that go on in my school and try to bring the challenge day to my fellow classmates and peers.

  1230. Nadia says:

    Posted NEXT STEP info (flyers) @ Borders, PANERA, Jamba Juice , @ the Gym, and talked to other “soccer & Karate moms” about it. :-)

  1231. Aunty Nola says:

    I recieved a phone call from my niece who was having a particularly stress-filled moment. I gave her the gift of listening and validated her for reaching out. She is an amazing young woman and a very loving mama for Krystal. I’m so glad that she called ME and allowed me to encourage her and lift her up. She shared a story with me of an Act of Change that she did and I encouraged her to log it in here. We ended the phone call both smiling from the heart.

  1232. Yvonne says:

    Yesterday was our daughters best friends birthday. I believe some of the best acts of change happen when they seem impossible to do. Our weekend was totally full, and we had our weekly datenight, but we knew how much it would mean for our daughter and her friend to have the entire night together to celebrate. So Rich and I took our grandson for a sleep over. We got very little sleep, yet felt good inside to give that gift.

  1233. Brittany says:

    I attend Swartz Creek schools, there is a lot of name calling, bullying and teasing going on. When i heard about Challenge Day I knew it was something i wanted to be involved in. It deffinitly got me out of my comfort zone. I am a very social person, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m in one of those groups who used to tease people. After having Kyrie and Auntie come to our school, I never will judge anyone again. It was a life changing event, and i wish eveyrone could experience it. What they do is amazing, and its good to meet knew people and find out that maybe your not the only one going through something! Keep doing what your doing, your really changing peoples lives! :) We love you all.

  1234. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    Yvonne and I moved our date night so we could take care of our grandson. Not only was it a gift to our daughter and her friend Natalie who was celebrating her birthday, it was also a gift to ourselves

  1235. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I went out of may way to intentionally call and appreciate my family members – It felt great to hear their reactions.

  1236. Aunty Nola says:

    I treated myself to a candlelit bubble-bath and a long hot soak after completeing 3 Challenge Days andd a 4 hour drive home. It was delicious and so extravagant… and I’m so worth it. ;o)

  1237. Antonia DeMichiel says:

    I just signed up for the Next Step to Being the Change workshop, after participating in two challenge days. I’m SO SO SO excited to go to this, and possibly learn more about myself, and how I relate to the world around me. I’m truly looking forward to taking all of this new knowledge and bringing it back to my school community to show them how Challenge Day could really help us change some of the issues on campus. And undoubtedly, missing a day of school to gather with like minded people for the weekend will be great!

  1238. Dallon Martinez says:

    My change is to help change the world.i want violence,crime,racism,bulling,drugs,drinking,and a whole lot more to be stopped.For me to accomplish this i will do all in my power and pass on the word.Ill make speechs to make communitys understand that we are in the state of being that this world is out of control!! We all need to act now and help take back control.A world without any wrong is safe world help me make it that way.Its for the greater good of this world to make it better place for everyone.

  1239. Patti says:

    One of my daughter’s high school teachers sent an email to the class parents notifying them of a Challenge Day next week. I have been looking for a way to give back to the community, particularly kids/teens. Her AOC was a gift to me! I have signed up to be part of the Challenge Day and will encourage my friends to join me as well.

  1240. Mike says:

    Challenge was one of the best days of my life! I was so lucky to be able to participate in this great program. I was changed for the better and i know most of the school was too. The days and weeks after the event was strange, but it was strange because people had changed and it was out of manys comfort zone. That day I thought was going to be dumb full of people telling us to change with no reasons why. I was wrong and i beleive i wasn’t the only one. The emotion that i felt was felt by the people i had hurt and the ones who hurt me and that day almost felt like i was getting a fresh new start and thats what i have done since that day. No longer will you see me putting someone down and no longer will you see me doing the things that make someone question the reason they are here with us. I am a changed person i I give all that to the Challenge Day program. Thank you PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS!

  1241. Nicole Davidson says:

    Although I’m in between jobs right now, I gave a homeless man all the change I had so that he could get himself something to eat. It felt good.

  1242. Jacqueline says:

    im very happy that challenge day came to our school it really made me realize just how much each of us have in common i hope now that i can be a better person to everyone in my life love you auntie nola and rayray

  1243. Malia says:

    I thought that challenge day would be dumb, but when i was finished i came out as a new person. I look at people differently and i just wanna say thank you. The people that came to my school (Kalaheo High School) were awesome. They were Sean and Pam. They really are just good people.

  1244. Georgia says:

    My act of change is honoring diversity. Starting a trend of honoring people will help our community.

  1245. Lisa says:

    I have been teased like many of you have been. I have been through tough times and I am putting a stop to it. I challenge you guys to be a friend to one another. To not be afraid to talk and show emotion… to know you’re not alone. Challenge day was a great experience and I think it is just what our schools need. You see things from a different perspective, it is a breath of fresh air. And it is true that tears don’t mean a person is weak, it shows that we are all humans. You realize that you have more in common with people that you have never really gotten the chance to know. And like they say it is all about… Notice, Choose, and Act. (: Love and Peace!

  1246. Ana Rubio says:

    I let a little boy have some money so that he could cover his meal at McDonalds.

  1247. Trisha Lolli says:

    We had our second Be The Change Team meeting today and started planning our first big AOC for our school. Everyone is so excited!

  1248. Nadia says:

    I payed dinner for a co worker and was present listening to her worries and doubts. She is decided to take the NEXT STEP :-)

  1249. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I stopped and helped a couple take a photo so they can both be in the picture – they were very happy

  1250. Tia =) says:

    I just wanted to say thank you and i’m really glad Challenge Day happened to me because it was one of the most positive and greatest days of my life. It really opend up my eyes and changed my life. I’ve come to realise how much we all have in common and that in this life,i’m not alone even if i’ve believed so for a long time. I was always afraid to cry or open up before and i just let all the pain of everyday life get trapped inside me. At challenge day i let it all out and it felt amazing! From feeling lonely and left out,from feeling like an outcast i went to feeling loved for a change. And i want to give that feeling BACK! I’ll do anything to stop the teasing,violence and so on. I’ll d anything to stop the tears because i know how bad it is to deal with horrible things and not have any friends to be there and support you through it. I don’t want anybody to feel what i felt and i’ll do my best to help others in any way they need me too.

  1251. Rachael says:

    I just wanted to Say That Challenge Day Changed My Outlook On Life. I never looked at People The way I will From now On. I experienced Compassion from People I didnt even think would give me a second look. Come to find out Many of The People That Expressed themselves Are going through similar things. I just wanted to Say Thank You to John and Katie.. They came to Stoney Creek High school ( Rochester Michigan)and Made a huge HUGE mark On the Students Who participated in challenge day.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rachael Peace…. lOVE…Happiness.

  1252. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    After watching a woman struggle with her bags and baby – I helped her roll her baby stroller and carry bags at the airport

  1253. Mike Morhardt says:

    I was on the way to the high school where I teach to volunteer at an evening event when I was approached by a man on his broken-down motorcycle. My children and I were at the drive thru at McDonald’s and he was in need of a tow to a nearby garage. His coverage would not allow the mileage to reach the garage and he had no money. He was clearly distraught and at the point of tears. He was a proud man and did not want anyone seeing him like this. Fortunately, I happened to have some money with me and I gave him what I had and he wanted to give me his license and credit card as collateral. I just knew it was an opportunity for me to help another person that I would most likely never see again but would make his day better and could help my children see that there is more than simply making our own lives better each day.

  1254. Aunty Nola says:

    Khayree and I validated our waitress in Michigan for being so sweet and pleasant and we both surprised her with 50% tip instead of the usual 15 to 20%!!!

  1255. Spalding says:

    I wrote a letter to the producer of the Teen Files video to thank him for giving us that wonderful tool that we can use to share Challenge Day with the world!

  1256. Spalding says:

    I stole Rich’s idea and gave my housekeeper & her husband $100 and told them to pay it forward. Fun!

  1257. Natalie Puljiz says:

    My friend Peter is noctorious for loosing his house key. I told him that I would go get a new one for him. He insisted that he do it… so I paid for it. :)

  1258. Natalie Puljiz says:

    I got a new refidgerator donated to Challenge Day. My dad was kind enough to let us have it. Thanks DAD! You are the best… I guess it’s more of his act of change than mine.

  1259. Natalie Puljiz says:

    My friend was in Maui for 10 days. I told her that I would feed, water, and make sure her cats box was clean. In addition to that, I cleaned her bathrooms, swept the floor, straightened her room, did her laundry, and wrote her a really nice note on her bathroom mirror. She is an incredibe friend and I wanted her to know how much she means to me. She also did an act of change by letting me stay there on the weekends so when I get off of work, really early in the morning, I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Oakland. Thanks Linds.

  1260. Natalie Puljiz says:

    On Monday I watched my godson with last minute notice so his mom could get some “personal” time in. I washed all the dishes in the sink and straightened up the kitchen just to make her life that much easier.

  1261. Tom says:

    Our coaching staff and area coaches donated all our baseball camp proceeds to our our high school Challenge Day (Defiance, OH). We were able to donate over $1500.

  1262. dawn taylor says:

    When I walked into the Teacher’s lounge this morning there was a gentleman who has just put his only dollar into the pop machine only to lose it. He was sooo bummed and said it “ruined his day.” No worries! I snuck off into my office and found $1 in change in my purse, tried it (in the same machine) and it worked! When I walked into his classroom and handed him the pop, he said “You’re awesome!!! Now I’m not depressed!” How easy was that?!

  1263. Jaime Polson says:

    It is DV Awareness month and we held a Domestic Violence Awareness Training at the Challenge Day Office today. Let’s create a safe world for everyone.

  1264. Jaime Polson says:

    I opened the door for an elderly woman yesterday and when she saw that I was pregnant, she then opened the door for me. Then I saw a woman with a stroller and opened the door for her and her partner then opened the door for someone else. It was a sweet exchange of Acts of Change that left everyone smiling.

  1265. Anonymous says:

    A co-worker in my office was selling cookies for her child’s schooling, so I bought four and gave them to people in the office.

  1266. Ahley Parkinson says:

    I saw that Adam from challenge day had no where to sit at lunch today, so I invited him to come sit with me and my friends. He is a really nice guy and I plan to have lunch with him in the future.

  1267. Machele Hamman says:

    I said to my little brother I love him. I stop calling people names, starting rumors, and have a better relationship with my mom now that i have been in Challenge Day.
    It is really helpful for everyone. They show you that you are not the only one that suffers.

  1268. Yvonne says:

    I went out of my way to give my housemates an emotional release session

  1269. Rich Dutra-St John says:

    I brought a shopping cart all across the lot to help the staff at the local grocery store

  1270. Marla says:

    I am inplementing to 5th graders to make the change because they can comprehend and are aware of the judgements and prejudice daily in elementary school. So, my daughter being a part of student council is aware ot the teachings of Challenge Day and will start this and share with her friends at an earlier age to promote understanding at an age that may prevent the torture ot torment from ever occuring later in the future grades and this act of change is necessary as some children do not have the necessary teachings that will prevent the acts. Hugs are necessary and should be honored but already are misunderstood. Thanks for listening to our attempt to make a change…All it takes is a day and a group of people to change this world!!! We are ready to do it!

  1271. C. Leyva says:

    I let students hang out in my classroom during their lunch hour/my prep hour because they don’t want to get in trouble. I’ve given them food items and money for lunch when they didn’t have any.

  1272. Victoria Romes says:

    Acts of Change
    Change is hard to do
    It’s something new
    Most work toward it
    Yet others throw a fit
    I learned to show all of myself

    I’m a person who likes to love
    And doesn’t like to shove
    But I wouldn’t show it
    I would just be invisible and sit
    In my little dark corner; invisible
    Trying my hardest to act civil
    Ignoring all the put-downs
    And all of the frowns
    Now I’m just myself

    I am now a living being
    Everyone’s opening their eyes and are seeing
    All the hurt they put on us
    And that we wouldn’t even fuss
    We take it and move on
    But no longer
    Now there’s no reason to hurt
    No reason to hate
    Nothing but love
    And change
    by Victoria Romes Challenge Day 14 of October

  1273. CMS Be the Change Club says:

    Community Middle School stdents are doing good deeds everyday to help others.
    Stanford has dedicated more than 60 hours of community service at Mercer County Community College.
    Jonathan helped his younger brother with difficult homework.
    Alina helped her sister out when she was sick.
    Shiv helped his friend open his locker.
    Jey saw someone in the hallway who was depressed so he decided to hug her to make her feel better.
    Ciara babysat a little baby for 6 hours and gave half of the money she earned to charity.
    Matt played American Girl dolls with his younger sister despite the fact that he was busy.
    Colin helped his mom take in the groceries.
    These are just some of the hundreds of phenomenal things students are doing.

  1274. dawn taylor says:

    I’m a school counselor and had lunch with a student that no one would let sit with them.

  1275. james hasbrook says:

    we had a challenge day at our school today and honestly it was a self motivating activitie
    this activity really broudend my eyes to relize others have problems such as i do and i feel bad for those who dont have people to go to talk to … but right after i was dont with the challenge day i text my cousin telling him thanks for everything he has done for me and when i got home i gave my mom a hug and thanked her